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Making a home

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Finding your way". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It seems that things are starting to look up for Sheppard. The seige is over and his wife Buffy has returned from the dead. Will the couple have a restful time? Sequel to 'Finding your back home' and 'making a mark'

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: John SheppardhellbellsFR1534,4171289,09822 Oct 1121 Jan 12No

Forgive and forget

Lorne was not looking forward to his next duty. He did not care what anyone said Air Force Major or not. He really did not want to have to tell Buffy, his teammate, that her husband, his CO, was being held captive. It was odd because he couldn’t tell how Buffy would react. She could want to kick the Colonel’s ass just as much as she could want to kick his kidnapper’s ass. Lorne did not care how big this ‘runner’ was; his money was on Buffy.

Buffy needed to be told though so he manned up and went to deliver the news to his teammate. He was a good XO and when he made it clear he wasn’t an IOA plant; he had been accepted. However, at times like these, he really wished that he had a crystal ball.

Buffy had been sparring with Cadman. He was well aware that the men would probably be drooling if they didn’t think that both women would beat them up.

Buffy understood something was wrong with just one look and rolled her eyes. Lorne sighed and figured that in such cases the best case was complete honesty. He heard her mutter something about, “not even Tuesday.”

“We are heading back to the planet in ten.” He informed his team-mates.

They nodded, she said goodbye to Laura and went to change. Buffy operated much like Teyla and refused to wear military clothing. The last captain who insisted that she should wear the uniform ‘as a member of this expedition’ was still to this day mocked about his crying.

Planet side Sheppard was trying to discover how the runner was being tracked. The voice in his head made him wince. He supposed they were downsides to Buffy being on Lorne’s team after all.

“John, you better have a good reason for playing good captive.”

John was glad that he had been added into the communication spell that the core Scooby’s used. Buffy always asked sensible questions but hearing the annoyance in her tone he couldn’t help but wince.

“The Wraith are hunting him for sport.” It was clear how he felt about the situation.

“So you let him take you captive?” the incredulous tone did not bode well for him.

“I’m trying to gain an ‘in’ and get Becket to take the tracker out.” He replied as if it explained everything. Buffy loved John she really did but sometimes he just frustrated the hell out of her.

Buffy sighed, confusing the other teams that were with them. Her team were the only ones aware of her special abilities and Lorne didn’t have time to hold their hands. Lorne bit back a sigh but asked, “What does the Colonel say?”

The soldiers knew that Buffy and their CO were married but they didn’t understand how he could be communicating.

Buffy rolled her eyes, “he wants Becket to come here.”

Lorne could tell that this ‘rescue’ had just become infinitely more complicated, “Edwards sort back to the gate and relay those orders.” He looked at his team, “just how do we separate the runner from Col Sheppard?”

“I can knock him out.” Buffy’s smile and tone implied that she would be doing that anyway.

Lorne sighed, not seeing any other suggestion, “is it the best solution?”

Buffy pouted, “I’ve always found extreme violence to be the answer.”

Lorne shook his head but gave the order. The new soldiers would soon get use to the way things rolled in the Pegasus galaxy.

Buffy grinned; this would be fun. Although she was still undecided whether to kick John’s ass or the runners. She realised that she was a little more as she was going to wait and find out the full situation.

Buffy saw the cave and decided the best way to play this was the ‘red riding hood scenario.’

Buffy sent a mental message to John, “I’m coming, look surprised.”

She could almost sense John’s frustration but he knew better than to say anything. They had been married long enough to know that he shouldn’t say anything. She had managed to train him that much but no more.

Ronan watched a tiny-blonde stumble into this place. She stopped short seeing the situation she had come upon. She backed up, to what would be a safe distance for anyone who was not a slayer.

“I’m sorry I really don’t want any trouble.” She pretended to be sacred and stumble over a few of the words.

“Then leave.” He was wary but he seemed to ignore his initial instinct.

Mentally Buffy rolled her eyes. It seemed the new guy was a talker. “Okay but I have a problem.” Buffy added.
Ronan finally looked properly at her; the gun was still trained on John though.

“What is that?” He all but sneered.

Buffy grinned, guys really needed to stop giving her such openings. “You have a gun pointed at my husband.”

Ronan’s focus switched; his reactions were razor sharp but not quite quick enough. Buffy’s kick swept his feet from under him and she punched him hard enough to knock him out but not cause permanent damage. Buffy remembered to pull her strength at the last moment, she figured that was all the niceness he was due.

The minute she engaged him, the others moved to free Teyla and John. The sneak attack was over in less than a minute; her team still couldn’t believe how she could do it. The only good thing was that they had stopped asking her how she did it.

Buffy stood upright with a bright grin, sweeping her hair back in place, “one patient ready to go.”

Cadman snickered, “I’m not sure that Carson would like that anaesthetic.”

Lorne knew better than to get involved in their puns. He signalled that it was now safe for Beckett to enter the area. Beckett bustled in, “Aye lass I’d rather be the one administering the sedative.”

Buffy did not look amused, “Doc he’d never accept the drug. Plus he took John hostage.”

Beckett looked in horror at the scar, “Good god he’s tried to cut this out himself.”

John sighed, “Doc it’s how the Wraith track him. I’d try and cut it out myself.”

The level of barbarity involved in this was higher than Beckett could comprehend and he’d seen a lot. He would do all that
he could, his oath demanded nothing less. He looked to Sheppard, “Will you let me treat him on Atlantis?”

Sheppard was adamant, “I have no objection once the tracker is removed.”

The soldiers blinked but they could see the calculating gleam in their CO’s eyes. It was the type of gleam that usually meant that they were selectively blind or deaf when Dr Weir asked. She would always ask them how highly trained assets could be unobservant.

Lorne actually voiced his opinion, “Sir, Dr Weir is not going to be happy.”

John grinned, “Well I was one of the ones that he took hostage. If I can forgive and forget then so can she.”

Buffy almost giggled at her husband’s flippant tone. After all, she had let Spike babysit Dawn; she really couldn’t throw stones. “Relax Major. The big guy would be a valuable ally to have in this area.”

Sheppard grinned, “Exactly and he can fight too. He doesn’t think much of the marines’ skills.” He added as an afterthought.

Buffy snickered but said nothing, the marines had gotten used to the fact that the CO’s tiny wife could beat them in a fight. While they had gotten used to it; it did not mean that they accepted the situation gracefully all the time.

Buffy watched as the person who would no doubt be added to her husband’s team was brought upon a cot ready for transport. Well this was going to be fun. She had no doubt that John and she could get Elizabeth to agree but then would come the battle with the IOA.

She mentally shrugged, she hadn’t toyed with them in a while. She was honest enough to admit to herself that she would enjoy it.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Making a home" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 21 Jan 12.

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