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Making a home

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Finding your way". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: It seems that things are starting to look up for Sheppard. The seige is over and his wife Buffy has returned from the dead. Will the couple have a restful time? Sequel to 'Finding your back home' and 'making a mark'

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: John SheppardhellbellsFR1534,4171289,09822 Oct 1121 Jan 12No

Return to Earth

Disclaimer I do not own the rights to BtVS or Stargate Atlantis, I only own the rights to my twisted imagination.

Authors note Okay so Finding your back home has been nominated for an award at the sunnydale memorial awards. It made so happy, I though I would add more to the series.

There was no choice but to go back to Earth for the debriefing. Buffy could see though that the closer to Earth they got the antsier John got. Buffy knew that John was nervous, because he was disliked by most of the upper-brass.

She was currently sitting in the guest quarters they had been assigned. She watched as John put on his dress blues. He wore it as if it was physical armour. Buffy was a woman and when her very hot husband got dressed in his dress uniform, her mind wondered. She slid up behind him and snuck into his embrace, nuzzling his neck, “We’ll go back and if they play power games you can come be my pilot.”

“What are you going to do about the Scooby’s?” He asked.

Buffy was a little lost about that, she was unsure. The last time she had died, they had taken it so badly and she was happy that this time, they had left her in peace. She was unsure whether she had the right to disturb their life after they were finally moving on. In addition, it would not be fair to announce that she was once again in the realm of the living only then to waltz back to Atlantis.

Whether the Brass wanted it, or not, it was going to happen.

The meeting was not going well. It seemed the base commander had a problem with John. He was canny though; Landry only alluded to a problem, never out right saying anything.

The General was all smiles and charm, “The Major has done a great job but surely you see that you need someone who is more experienced.”

Dr Weir raised an eyebrow, “With all due respect General. The Major is the only one with the necessary experience. No one else has managed to survive living in the Pegasus Galaxy. To be frank no one at the SGC would have the experience.”

“Come now Dr Weir, be reasonable.” He tried to cajole.

Buffy finally spoke up, Landry and Caldwell did not know what to make of their second guest. The records indicated she was legally dead, when questioned she had shrugged it off with a flippant comment, “Maybe the fifth time will stick.”

Of course, that was not strictly true. Buffy had the knowledge of ascension, which could not be lost. When she died, she would once again ascend. It was something along the lines of once a power, always a power.

It was clear that the General wanted to marginalise, her but she had already stopped that. He had been on the phone with the President; when Hayes had heard Buffy ask a question loudly. Landry could only sit back and watch as all his plans unravelled; the President had ordered him to disclose everything.


Hayes had frowned, “What do you mean you have an unexpected guest?”

Buffy saw that the men were unsure what to say, so spoke herself, “Hey Henry. I’m back it seems John couldn’t keep out of trouble without me.”

Hayes was joyous, “I’m glad, you’ve been sorely missed Buffy. You should know John did not handle it well, he asked to go Antarctica.”

Buffy smiled sadly, “He made me a promise and knew his limits Henry.”

Landry and Caldwell had plotted but Buffy and Elizabeth had already planned for the eventuality. Buffy shrugged off Landry‘s statement and smirked, “Well if Sheppard is to be reassigned. He’ll go back to being the liaison with the IWC.”

Landry frowned not liking where this was going, “Now hang on. Major Sheppard has a valuable gene.”

Elizabeth wanted to speak but Buffy beat her, “You know I respect duty but my husband is more than a gene and talking about him any other way is wrong.”

Elizabeth smirked, she saw both soldiers flush unable to answer her. Buffy wasn’t finished, “You said it yourself, and if there is to be a new commander then John needs to be reassigned. After all, any new Commander will not be able to gain the respect of the soldiers. The soldiers have spent the last year living and dying with their current CO.”

Elizabeth could have kissed Buffy for the opening, “Actually gentleman this conversation is over. Atlantis has a commander and does not need a new one. If you don’t like it then promote him.”

Landry tried placating Elizabeth, “Dr Weir there are rules.”

Elizabeth shook her head refusing to listen to anything further, “No I have the backing of the Allies and the IOA. There is no possible reason to deny the Major a promotion.”

The frustrating thing was that Landry knew the Atlantis leader was right. The power play had failed and nothing could be done. More frustratingly, once debriefs had taken place, the senior staff had been whisked away.

Landry hadn’t realised how spoiled he had become since being assigned to the programme. He did not like that he couldn’t find out what the IWC did. He also found it unnerving that one of his senior officers had a higher clearance than he did.

Landry tried one last power play, “Well what about Mrs Sheppard? There is no reason for her to return.”

Elizabeth smiled, “Buffy was a part of the group who policed the Ancients. On top of this, Buffy has International contacts that I could only dream about. Plus, she has fighting skills that would be invaluable on the expedition.”

She liked the shell-shocked look on their faces. She was now truly enjoying herself, as she informed them, “In fact, I’ve asked Buffy to be my Deputy.”

If anything, Elizabeth would want to keep Buffy close, in order, to limit Sheppard’s hero streak. She wondered if the second year on Atlantis would be calmer.

She shook her head. She had given up on optimism long ago. Still she was sure that it would be an interesting year of that she was sure.
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