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The Slayer of The Walking Dead

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Summary: Livvie is far from home, and can never go back. She thought she could be happy here. Build a life. Then The Walkers came. The only thing left to do is survive. And kill as many of those Walker bastards as possible. Daryl/ OFC *Computer dead. On hold.*

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Chapter One: There is No One Left to Hear You.

     Disclaimer: I do not own The Walking Dead or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I am making no money off of this story. I do not mean anything religious with this chapter. I am using a fictional interpretation of  ‘God’ etc, as is done in Buffy. I do not mean any offense to anyone. I also do not own Rambo.

    Additional Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author.  The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise.  No copyright infringement is intended.       I like this one because it thoroughly covers my ass.


    Time line: Post Chosen for Buffy, and near the end of the first episode of Season 2 for The Walking Dead.

    A/N: My character in this story is an OC Slayer from the Buffy verse, thrown into the Walking Dead verse. There will be no other Buffy characters, except in flashbacks.

    Rating: FR21- there will be violence, language, death, and mayhap a little romance later ;)




    Rick Grimes had just finished giving his desperate plea to the statue in the church. He was begging for a sign, begging for answers, begging for validation.

     Livvie thought he was a fool. He should be keeping his faith in his family and friends, because she knew for a fact:

     “He won’t answer you, you know.” She said loudly into the silence. Rick spun around and aimed his gun at the intruder. Shane jumped up, and keeping Carl behind him, entered the church at the noise of another voice. Livvie stood and walked slowly closer to Rick. “He can’t,” she said with conviction.

     “Yeah, well, how the hell do you know that?” Shane snarled. Rick was close enough to the edge as it was, and he didn’t need some random chick spouting off some Aeithiest shit to take away his last grasp at sanity.

     Livvie looked over at Shane with a condescending smirk on her face. “Because this world has been forsaken. No Gods or Goddesses can interfere or even communicate with this world anymore. The borders have been closed.” She waited a beat for dramatic effect. “Permanently.” She crossed her arms. “We’re on our own here. Live. Die. Right. Wrong. Good. Evil. That is all on us now.”

     Shane lowered his big gage slightly and looked at Rick out of the corner of his eye. Rick had the same cautious mean about him now. They had both dealt with crazy people before, and it was a delicate operation.

 Rick sheathed his gun, and raised his left hand in supplication. “Hey, now,” he said softly. Cautiously. “It’s alright. Let’s just calm down here and talk this out.”

     Livvie snorted. “I’m not the one waving guns around at people, and praying to a hunk of ceramic. Look to thine own self first,” she said sarcastically. She looked down at herself briefly. She had a gun with a silencer attached holstered at her right hip, several large knives strapped to her waist and thighs, a katana strapped to her back, and a pair of Sai’s strapped over the top of her boots. Okay, so she might seem a bit threatening to strangers. “If I wanted to kill you, you’d already be dead. I don’t kill the living.” She tilted her head to the side thoughtfully. “Well, at least not the living who deserve to live. I killed a couple rapists last month.” She changed her stance so her hands were on her hips with her feet spread shoulder width apart. “I don’t take well to men who prey on women and children.” Her eyes sparked dangerously at them.

     Shane finished lowering his weapon in consternation. She was just a kid! How the hell did she even find those weapons, let alone use them? “How old are you?! What are you doin’ running around strapped up like Rambo, and all by yourself?!”

     Livvie glared at the man-pig. “How old I am is none of your business.” She turned back to Rick. “I’m here doing you a favor. JC can’t hear you, don’t go looking for signs out there based on some desperate belief that God is listening.”

     Rick glanced at his son briefly before huffing out an angry breath. “How would you know? How do you know for certain that he isn’t there? Just ‘cause you don’t believe doesn’t mean you’re right and other folks are wrong.”

     “Oh he’s ‘there’ alright. Just not ‘here,’” she replied shortly. These men were getting on her nerves even more than they were before. “Like I said: He can’t hear you. This world is closed now to all higher beings. Quarantined. No communication. Nobody in or out. Both sides agreed, and shut down the dimensional walls together. There is no way he or any other God or Goddess, good or bad, can hear you.” She softened her stance a bit. “You are better off keeping your faith in your family and friends. There isn’t anyone else that can do anything for you.”

     This girl seemed so certain. Like there was no question in her mind about this. Rick wasn’t sure what to make of her. The girl sighed, and walked forward slowly, with her right hand stretched out towards Rick.

     “I’m Olivia McKinley,” she said, looking him straight in the eye. They shook hands firmly. “Call me Livvie.” A little too firmly if the grimace on Rick’s face was anything to go by.

    “Sherriff’s Deputy Rick Grimes,” he said.

    “Huh. Oops. Didn’t mean to squeeze that hard.” Said Livvie apologetically.

    “No, no. It’s fine,’ said Rick trying to preserve some of his masculinity. “This is Shane, and my son Carl.”

     She nodded shortly to them. “Do you guys always come crashing into places like you own them? Like you know what’s best, and to hell with everyone else?”

     The males all looked confused. “What? You own this church, or somethin’?” scoffed Shane.

     “Uh, no,” said Livvie caustically. “But I have been working for the last twelve hours on a Walker trap, that you and your people ruined.”

     “Why the hell would you want to trap Walkers?” said Carl. It was the first time he had spoken, and Livvie thought it showed his intelligence that he waited to talk until it was important.

     “Carl!” snapped Rick and Shane together.

     “If your mother hears you talk like that she will wash your mouth out with soap! I don’t want to hear language like that again!” lectured Rick.

     “To kill them of course!” said Livvie. “I kill all I can so that one day the population will be low enough for us to rebuild.” She was talking directly to Carl. He had shown initiative, and she was willing to respect him by speaking to him instead of addressing her answer to his father. “I have to burn them when I’m done, of course. The whole point is to lessen the environmental impact of Walkers, so there will be clean soil and water in the future. So we can live in peace again.”

    She turned back to the men. “I hauled a generator, and 30 gallons of siphoned fuel all the way out here to get that bell working! And you lot just barge in and destroy it! What the hell?!” she cried angrily.

     “We didn’t know,” Rick started conciliatorily.

     “Well, no shit you didn’t know! You didn’t care to know either! You need to be more careful, perform some recon, or you’re going to mess something up for someone a hell of a lot less forgiving than I am!” she argued.

     “Look, Ms. McKinley,” said Rick.

     “Livvie!” she cut in.

     “Livvie,” said Rick reluctantly. His mother would have killed him for addressing a lady he didn’t know so informally. But somehow he didn’t think annoying this girl anymore than she was would end well. “We’re sorry we ruined your trap. Come back to our group with us, and we’ll try to make it up to you. We have a bit of food, and fresh water. And some of us can even make good conversation.”

     “Hell!” said Shane. “You bring that generator, and fuel with you. Cut back on some of yer crazy talk, and you’d be more than welcome to come with us!”

     “If you help us find Sophia, all the girls in our group would love you! And I’d be really grateful too!” added Carl.

     Livvie laughed softly. “It’s both horrible, and encouraging to see one so young acting so old. Would that it didn’t have to be that way, but you’ll live a lot longer the faster you grow up.” She ruffled his hair affectionately. “Who’s Sophia?” she asked him.

     “Sophia’s my friend!” said Carl hurriedly. He liked being treated like what he said mattered. Lately he had been feeling invisible, even when he did something really helpful. Like finding that roll of tools. That was a valuable find; He knew it was. But no one seemed to be grateful, or acknowledge his role in finding them at all. “We were hiding under cars on the freeway when a herd of Walkers came by! When most of them were gone past us, Sophia tried to get out, but there were still two Walkers near her. She got scared and ran, and they followed her into the woods. My dad went after her, and killed the Walkers, but she ran off when she should have stayed put, and we’ve been looking for her ever since!” he reported succinctly.

     “How old is Sophia?” asked Livvie.

     “About 11?” asked Shane looking at Carl. Carl nodded.

     “How long has she been out there?” Livvie continued.

     “Almost 36 hours now,” said Rick.

     “Where was she last seen?” she asked. Rick was beginning to feel as if she were a cop, and he was the witness.

     “By a river about five miles from here. I had her hide under a tree on the bank, so that I could kill the Walkers without her getting hurt. She was gone when I came back. We tracked her to about halfway back to the freeway, but then we lost her.” He said. He figured he may as well answer her questions. It couldn’t hurt.

     “Good plan,” said Livvie. Rick looked surprised and vaguely pleased at the praise. “After you find her, you need to teach both her and Carl what to do in those kinds of situations. In the moment fear and adrenalin can make it hard to think, so it helps to make up plans for different scenarios so they know what to do. And you knowing what they would do, will help you keep them safe.” She finished.

     “Let’s head out and find her,” decided Livvie. “Then I can come back for the fuel and the generator. You have vehicles, I’m guessing?” she asked.

     “Yeah, and there are plenty on the freeway if you need your own.” Said Rick.

     “I do need a new one. My last one had the under carriage torn up on my way out of a city on a supply run.” She recalled. “It was a cheap little thing, like a tin can, got all crumpled up on Walker bones,” she sighed sadly.

     The boys grimaced. “It had great mileage though,” she reminisced. “I just gotta find one that’s tough, and light on fuel.” Her head tilted to the side thoughtfully. “Maybe take an old steal frame, and put in a Hybrid or electric engine? Put some Solar cells on the roof, run some cables to some battery storage cells? Damn, where’s a mechanical engineer when you need one?” she turned and picked up her long leather jacket. “Well, lets head out boys.” She swung her coat on and headed for the door.



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