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Second Verse, weirder than First

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Summary: “I’m Dawn,” Raven’s little sister grinned a wide smile, two of her front missing teeth not marring its perfect happiness, “Dawn Darkholme,” and Raven knew that they were staying with Charles Xavier in his creepy mansion, with his absent parents.XMFC cross

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Marvel Universe > X-MenShulikFR1524,2390123,26824 Oct 1120 Nov 11No

Chapter One


Marvel owns the rights to the X-men franchise and Kuzui Enterprises own the rights to Buffy. I own nothing except for my nifty new PoTC throw.

Author's Note

There will be slash pairings in this, probably femslash too. The one decided pairing that I've already picked is Charles/Erik and that's only because their love is so canon it's not even funny.
If slash offends you, please don't read. If femslash offends you, please don't read.

I'm going to be working with the X-Men: First Class movie as source material and picking and choosing canon details from the comics as it suits me. If you're a stickler for accuracy, then this definitely is not the story for you.

Other than that, on to the show!

Reviews are very much appreciated.


The first time Erik saw them, he was fifteen years old- huddled into a too thin jacket that had long stopped letting any warmth cling to his body, shivering beneath Shmidt’s false paternal embrace- the both of them staring at the glass covered enclosure of the maternal ward.

Magda was inside, sitting beside them. Stooped after the ordeal she had just been through she only had a thin shawl covering her back and a grey nightgown covering any modesty they still had to cling to. She sat on a small wooden chair, huddled over their cribs- head hung low, hair obscuring almost all of her face.

From where he stood, Erik could see her urgently mouthing something, murmuring, murmuring to the two swaddled,small bodies laying side by side in a crib that seemed much too big for them.

Shmidt pressed the intercom button, a jovial smile on his wolf-like face. “Come on Magda, it’s time to say goodbye,” he prompted and inside the ward, Erik saw Magda’s back stiffen, like a thousand volts of electricity had been passed through it.

She nodded, getting up slowly but surely and running one last final touch over each of the babies’ faces.

When she walked out of the room, limping painfully- she looked nothing like the girl Erik had grown up inside the camps with. Though she was still stooped over, a light of defiance shown in her eyes and her entire body screamed with pride- she looked beaten.

She looked much, much older than fourteen. She looked like a woman now, one that had gone through hell and back.

Erik supposed that she was a woman now. He hated himself for the role he had to play in that.

“I’m ready,” she said evenly, not looking at Shmidt at all, even as he clapped his hands twice like an excited child about to be shown a marvelous trick.

“You were always such a smart girl Magda,” Shmidt said delightedly and beckoned for her to follow, “come now, we must complete the rest of your procedures.”

He began walking down the hallway, confident that Magda would follow him.

Why wouldn’t she, after all?

There was nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide.

“I-“ Erik stared at her, tongue frozen to the roof of his mouth like a scared child. He couldn’t meet her eyes.

“Promise me Erik,” her dark brown eyes burned with feverish intensity as she grabbed onto his arm, squeezing the thin bones beneath her skin with the strength of a madwoman. “Now, promise me now- name them Amanah and Daniyyel and get yourselves out of here, as fast as you can,” she implored and Erik winced, feeling the grinding of his bones beneath the flesh of his hand.

“I will,” he swallowed and stayed still. “I promise you.”

“Do what you have to do, Erik-“ Magda’s eyes flickered to where Shmidt was waiting at the end of the hallway. From where they stood, Erik could see that his patience was wearing thin and though Magda had just given birth to the first mutant children bred in captivity- there was a limit to Shmidt’s lenience and they were fast coming across it.

“Do what you have to do to save yourselves,” Magda continued and tugged him closer, dragging him down to her eye level. “And remember that only God will judge you in the end.” She leaned forward, hot breath sour on his face as she whispered into his ear, “have faith, Erik. Save my children.”

He had been in the camps for five years and in that time he had learned never to make promises he couldn’t keep, but staring at fourteen year old Magda Asimova- he knew he would do whatever it took to make his next words come true.

“I promise, I'll save them” his voice broke, a hot, salty tear sliding down his cheek as Magda exhaled in relief.

Her eyes, when she looked at him again, were serene once more and she nodded, swallowing harshly- “alright, alright.”

Erik took a deep breath, looking at her slight frame and remembering those nights he spent listening to her screams, feeling shame and revulsion about the things he had been forced to do. “I’m sorry,” he croaked out, shivering violently in the drafty hallway.

There was no answer. Magda was already walking away from him, head held as high as she could, straight into Shmidt’s waiting arms. Following him for her ‘procedures’.

Erik knew that he would never see her again. She had fulfilled her purpose after all, there was nothing left that Magda could give to the cause.

Fifteen year old Erik stood alone in the hallway and felt prepared to kill everyone in the building in order to escape. There was no other choice.

Behind the partition, he could feel that one of the nurses had forgotten to take out a hair clip before her shift- she was busily organizing a bottle for Amanah and her brother and Erik flexed his fingers, feeling the slight vibration and the pure potential in that little slip of metal that they had forgotten about.

He would get them out. Because now, it wasn’t only his life that depended on it- but his children’s lives did too.

The nurse cooed at the twins, smiling gently as she pulled back Daniyyel’s blue bonnet, revealing a shock of russet colored hair.

It was too bad, Erik thought. She looked like a nice enough woman.


“Who are you?” the boy in front of her cocked his head, anger and distrust radiating from every inch of him.

Raven swallowed the sick feeling of fear in her stomach and thought desperately about her options.

There were none. She’d just have to play along, or at least until she could sufficiently distract him and get herself and-

“I know you’re not my mother,” the boy interrupted her thoughts, continuing to walk towards her. “She would never offer to make me hot chocolate. So I’ll ask again,” and this time, his voice sounded in her head- like a thousand ringing bells, chiming at the same time with alarm. “Who are you?”

She stiffened in alarm. He was speaking into her head and she took a step back.

She could hear the rustling behind the curtains and she glanced back, wild eyed and terrified.

“I won’t hurt you,” the boy’s eyes had followed the movement of Raven’s head and she cursed within, taking another step closer to the currents, ready to run if the need presented itself.

“I need you to trust me,” he said it again, in that internal voice of his and Raven stopped. Held her breath. Because the curtains stopped moving and a small shape, smaller than her- was coming out.

Her sister, tiny and elf-like with huge, luminous blue eyes and a curtain of dark brunette hair, now tangled into a wild mess- she was smiling at the unknown boy as she left the hiding place where Raven had deposited her before she began foraging for food for the two of them.

“Hello,” the boy smiled tentatively and took a step forward.

Raven instinctively stepped in front of her sister, a snarl peeling her lips back as she prepared to defend the smaller girl.

“I,” the boy stopped, chewing his lips as he considered, “I’m sorry, I mean you no harm you know.”

Raven felt a tugging on her arm and turned, looking at her little sister’s sweet smile.

“It’s okay Rae,” she whispered softly, an old habit of hers that she hadn’t been able to break even as she had gotten older.

Raven refused to think about when it started, when her sister became more comfortable whispering than she did talking.

“He’s one of us, he’s not going to hurt us,” she continued and Raven stiffened, before relaxing.

“Are you sure?” she patted her sister’s hair, smoothing away some of the dirt and twigs from where they had gotten tangled in the tresses.

“Trust me Rae,” her sister wrinkled her nose and smiled, sweet and impish and innocent- “he’s going to be good for us.”

Raven exhaled, watching the boy in front of them with a wary gaze before she made a decision. She took a step forward, still in full protection mode, but slowly, inch by inch- she let his mother’s skin slip away until she was in her natural, blue state.

The boy stayed silent until she was done and then a grin of utter delight stole across his features. “That is absolutely smashing,” he breathed reaching out subconsciously even as Raven twitched with the aborted urge to pull back.

He swallowed, “I’m Charles, Charles Xavier and I never knew that there were others like me out there.” His grin was blinding as he offered them his hand.

Raven stared at it, wanting desperately to trust him even as the conflicting fear and loneliness battled in her soul.

For so long it had only been the two of them, for so long she had to watch out for her little sister, make sure that nothing bad happened to her, especially because of her gift, that it was almost impossible to start trusting someone now.

As always, her decision had been made for her before she even finished thinking about it.

“That’s Raven, she's my big sister,” the little girl grinned impishly, practically bouncing on her feet as she shook Charles’s hand. She nodded at Raven, looking like a fluttering fairy in her excitement, all big eyes and too much hair on a skinny little body.

“And do you have a name, little one?” Charles’s voice was gentle when he spoke to her, even though he was probably around eleven to Raven’s eight and her sister’s five. Hardly much of an age difference.

“I’m Dawn,” Raven’s little sister grinned a wide smile, two of her front missing teeth not marring its perfect happiness, “Dawn Darkholme,” and Raven knew that they were staying.


Daniyyel: The Ancient Hebrew version of the name- Daniel, meaning 'God is my judge'.

Amanah:Old Testament Hebrew version of the word- Faith.
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