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Summary: A new slayer has 2 surprise visitors arrive at same time - Colonel Samantha Carter and Doctor Willow Rosenberg.

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own BtVS (Twentieth Century Fox owns it; created by Joss Whedon & Mutant Enemy) nor Stargate SG1 (MGM owns this; created by Brad Wright & Robert Cooper)
A couple of paragraphs from transcript of SG1 movie (owned by Canal+, Centropolis Film Productions, Carolco Pictures; created by Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin) are used (with minor alterations), as also some similarly altered lines from BtVS episodes.


YEAR: 2006

SETTING: After BtVS season 7, and during Stargate SG1 season 10.


Character Bashing: None

Wednesday 12th July 2006 Sacramento, California

Selena the slayer was in the fight for her life, but that did not stop her quipping in the manner of her favourite slayer role model, Buffy.
"Hey, tentacle-freak, are you always this grabby with beautiful girls. You should star in a hentai movie. Oh wait," she said as she sliced with her sword in a mortal blow to its head, "you won't be alive to do that."
Selena was right in that she did manage to kill her demonic opponent. Unfortunately it managed to crush her throat with one of its tentacles in a dying effort that slipped through her defences. She died, and a new slayer was called.

Selena emulated Buffy in another way - she died; but was brought back within minutes by a fast arriving back-up reinforcement group that included a medic with appropriate equipment. But that's another tale.

The SAI (the organization replacing the old Watchers Council; created post Sunnydale's destruction) had through experience determined that when a slayer dies, a newly arisen potential will activate as a replacement slayer (though may be only a small pool of potentials to draw from, so can not afford mass slayer deaths - even apart from the personal tragedy of such an event).

Boulder, Colorado About 10AM [1000 hours] Sunday16th July 2006

Sidra Pavani was a true genius, and since she had been a small child had had an interest in everything related to astrosciences, which as she matured had focused on astrophysics (and, to a lesser extent, astrobiology), obtaining a MSc at age of 19. She had recently turned 20, and was still doing ongoing university studies, working on her doctorate, whilst also acting as a part-time tutor in astrosciences at the University of Colorado in Boulder.
She was now on her summer break, considering her future options.

Sidra had also recently experienced something strange happening to her - she had become stronger, much stronger, and become enhanced in other ways - her reflexes and senses notably. This made her nervous and yet also exhilarated. She had not told any of her close friends yet, and hadn't decided if she would. Also, she had been having some strange dreams, that she only vaguely recalled, of girls fighting humanoid monsters, many of which turned to dust when stabbed, like movie vampires.

Colonel Samantha Carter, who usually went by the name of Sam, had been visiting a Colorado University professor, an old colleague, to obtain some data she needed for her current research project, and had decided whilst she was here in Colorado that she may as well check on a potential recruit for SGC's science division. She had been intending to phone to arrange an appointment for the next day, but her meeting with the professor had, to mutual satisfaction, ended more quickly than she expected, and she decided she might as well, on the chance Sidra was home, drop by so that she might be able to finish her business on the same day. She drove up in her silver 2004 Volvo S40 T5 sedan, and parked at her destination address.

Willow Rosenberg, newly entitled to call herself Doctor Rosenberg, had been in the city to deliver some special magic supplies to a local witch, when she had received location confirmation details of the new slayer that her slayer detecting senses indicated had activated as a result of the reported (fortunately very temporary) demise of Selena; news of which she had gotten a few days previously.

Their methods for detecting newly chosen slayers had improved vastly during the previous few years, and so when she was informed that the new slayer was also in Boulder, she decided that she could personally visit the new slayer the next day. When by using some of her own magic to lead her to an exact location, she determined that the new slayer was extremely close to where she was now, she decided she might as well check her out immediately.

She drove her galaxy gray 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid to a nearby street, and then proceeded, driving slowly and using her improvised 'slayer detector', to lead her directly to the new girl's position.
Once she arrived, she checked on her laptop, using a reverse phone directory, who was the named resident for the location - a Sidra Pavani.

Sidra was sitting on her couch, reading a textbook, when she heard the sounds of two cars pulling-up outside her residence. Two car doors opened and closed, and two sets of footsteps approached her front door. Sidra stood, flicking a strand of her black hair back, and moved to her door, and as she reached it, could tell two people stood just outside the door. She opened it, and observed two women - the older, blonde one was in an USAF uniform, with colonel rank markings and several medals and ribbons. The younger redhead was dressed in a chic blue wool businesswoman's suit. Each had a briefcase and no handbag.

The younger gestured for the older one to talk. "Hello, Ms Pavani, I am Colonel Samantha Carter, USAF, and have something of a private nature relating to your future career prospects to discuss with you."
Willow then stated, "Hi Sidra, I am Doctor Willow Rosenberg, call me Willow, and I am here for similar purpose."

"Do you two know each other?" Sidra asked. They both shook their heads. "So, people don't make appointments nowadays," she mockingly stated.
They simultaneously replied, "I was in the neighbourhood." All three then laughed.
Sidra said, "I suppose you better come in, as it doesn't seem we should be talking on the doorstep."

The two strangers, one taller and one shorter than Sidra, entered, and Sidra requested that they sit, and asked if they wished anything to drink - both demurred on the drink, but each sat in a loungechair. As Willow passed her, she whispered, "I can explain your new abilities;" too low for her other guest to hear. Sidra did not verbally respond, but simply gave a slight nod of acknowledgement.

"So, I think I should talk to you separately in my study. How long do each of you think you will take to tell me what you are here for?" Sidra asked.
Carter replied, "I think I will need only about 20 minutes."
Sidra looked towards Willow, who said, "I think I may need longer; in fact, I'm sure of it."

Sidra then said, "Okay, I will speak to Colonel Carter first; will you be alright to wait, or do you want to arrange to come back at another time? "
Willow responded that she would sit and wait. Willow then sat, and opened her own laptop computer, then gazed around the room, noticing the small statue on the mantelpiece representing Ganesh the Hindu elephant headed god.

Sidra led Carter into her study, and closed the door, and then invited her to sit at one of the two chairs she had at her desk. Carter thanked her as she sat; putting her briefcase, that she then proceeded to open, on the desk.
"Ms Pavani, before I proceed to detail why I am here, I will need you to read and sign this non-disclosure form."
"Call me Sidra," she answered, raising her eyebrow slightly at the Colonel's request.
"You can call me Sam," Carter responded.
Nevertheless, Sidra started reading the form, and as it seemed to be in order, signed.

Carter then said, "As well as being a colonel in the American air force, I am also a scientist, specifically an astrophysicist like you. I work in a top secret government project of international scope, which employs both military personnel of many different branches, and civilian personnel, and some of these personnel are of foreign nationality.

"I aspire to get you into this program, and hope you will be interested in it. Naturally, you will need data on which to base your decision, and so I will start with a story of how this project started.

"In 1928, archaeologist Professor Langford discovered a massive stone ring in the sands of Giza, Egypt. In 1994, Langford's daughter Catherine offered Egyptologist Daniel Jackson, a linguistics professor, the chance to translate ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that may prove his controversial theory regarding the Pyramid of Khufu, that they were landing platforms for alien spaceships, that first arrived on Earth 10,000 years ago.

"Daniel accepted and was taken to a US Air Force installation inside Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. Daniel translated the hieroglyphs on the stone ring's coverstones, which read: 'A million years into the sky is Ra. Sealed and buried for all time, his Stargate.' Air Force Special Forces Colonel, Jack O'Neill, arrived to take command of the project and declared all information regarding it as now classified."

Sam paused to see Sidra's reaction to what she had heard so far, but Sidra simply gestured for her to continue her account.

"Daniel noticed that the symbols were star constellations that were coordinates for a location within space. The sequence was entered into the stargate, which created a wormhole to a location in another stellar system. After Jack lead a team through the stargate, they found themselves inside a pyramid in the middle of vast sand dunes. Daniel revealed that they couldn't dial home because the Stargate coordinates to go back to Earth were missing. Some team members stayed at the pyramid while Daniel, Jack, and others got out and discovered a mining village inhabited by humans who assumed them to be gods sent by Ra.

"Soon they encountered Ra himself, who was a member of a parasitic race called Goa'uld who steal human bodies. Their natural form is as a small snakelike creature. They have serving them human warriors called Jaffa, who also act as incubators for immature Goa'uld that are placed in a cavity in their abdomen. They defeated Ra, blowing up his ship.

"However, a year later a Goa'uld and his Jaffa came through the until then dormant stargate, and abducted a female airman. A new team, led by Jack O'Neill, and including myself was dispatched to Abydos. To make a long story short, we ended up having to go to another world to face another Goa'uld lord called Apophis, and his highest ranking Jaffa, called a Prime, defected to us. His name is Teal'c, and he became a member of Stargate Command's premier team, SG-1, which for many years consisted of Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Teal'c and myself."

Sidra was amazed by this tale, and yet also excited by the possibilities it laid open to her. She asked Carter for some explicatory detail, and after a few more minutes of discussion she was sure she had enough information to make a decision in regard to Carter's offer to her to join SGC, which included being able to complete her doctoral work. However , before she gave an acceptance to Sam, she first needed to hear what Willow had to say, as she obviously knew something about Sidra that she didn't know herself, and that was a factor that could affect her final decision.

Before she had Sam and Willow exchange locations, she asked Sam what prompted her to simply drop by, and Sam told her what had happened with her visit to Boulder. She then asked Sam to send Willow in, so Sam departed the study and asked Willow to go on in to see Sidra.

Before Carter sat down so as to make some notes about her discussion with Sidra and her initial impressions and evaluation (including some queries about the mysterious Willow Rosenberg), she noticed that there was a mantel above a small fireplace containing one of those gas heaters with the fake wood logs, on which among other items was an astronaut doll. She mentally reminisced for a minute about when she was a young girl, who played with her Major Matt Mason astronaut doll, which included the cool accessory, a little backpack that made him fly. It had been an inspiration for her to her own career that included flying F-16s, culminating in her logging over 100 air hours in the Gulf War.

Willow decided that she would commence the complicated story of the supernatural world with her own early history.

"In early 1996 I was a student at Sunnydale High School near Los Angeles in California. I was an outsider like my best friend since kindergarten, Xander Harris. Then one day a new girl arrived from LA; she was beautiful, perky, a cheerleader type, and therefore a natural to hang out with the in-crowd, yet she chose to hang with Xander and I. Her name was Buffy Summers. That night, I was at the local club, the Bronze, and was picked up by a young man, Thomas, who took me on a walk that ended up at one of Sunnydale's many cemeteries. Also there was a woman named Darla, a friend of Thomas's, who had brought my and Xander's friend Jesse from the Bronze.

"Buffy and Xander arrived, and Buffy taunted Darla, and then Thomas attacked Buffy. Buffy pulled out a wooden chairleg and stabbed Thomas in the chest, and he turned into dust. The rest of us were shocked. You see, vampires are real, that's what Darla and Thomas were, and Buffy, she is like you - strong, fast, tough, superior senses - because like her you are a vampire slayer."

Sidra wasn't as disbelieving as she thought she should be; after all she had accepted Colonel Carter's unearthly story. Plus what Willow depicted matched the substance of her dreams.

Willow went on to tell the story of the origin of the slayer and the chain of slayers, some of Buffy's background history, such as her first watcher Merrick, and various incidents culminating in how they changed the whole slayer line. She also explained about the PTB and what it means for Sidra that she was activated, but that now unlike in previous centuries, a slayer has a chance to even survive death because there is now a large support network. This included some detail of how the Council (now the SAI) had developed since the fall of Sunnydale. Willow also mentioned why she had suddenly dropped-in on Sidra.

"The slayer Selena, whose death activated you, we were able to revive. You can meet each other some day soon."

"Willow, don't you find it suspicious that both you and the Colonel suddenly decided to drop-in and see me to tell me a very important story, and also at same time?"
"Well yes, it is strange," replied Willow.
"It seems to me that these PTB of yours may have had a hand in this. I think you and Sam need to talk to each other, as I think it may have been meant to happen. Her story is almost as fantastic as yours."

"Before I talk to the Colonel, I will need to know what she had to say."
"Sorry, Willow, but I had to sign a non-disclosure form, but I do really think you should talk to each other."
"You know that if I talk to her, it's not just about my secrets but yours also, as a slayer?"
"Yeah, I know that - in fact I can demonstrate to her before you give your spiel, to put her in a more receptive mind state."

Willow pondered for half-a minute, this really needed discussion with other council members, but then she was a senior executive, meant to make the tough decisions independently, so decided she would go ahead off her own bat. "Alright, I 'll speak to her." Sidra went, "Yay, great."

They both returned to where Carter was sitting, and Sidra asked in a faux casual manner, "Say, Sam, you got another one of those NDF thingies?"
Willow privately thought, 'thingies? She's already adopting Buffy-speak!'

"As a possible inducement I should mention that Willow is a doctor of computers and robotics, so you may even be interested in her as a possible recruit for your project in the future."
Willow wasn't that enthusiastic about THAT idea - 'she already had a job, thank you very much!' but she kept her thought to herself. She made a slight, unnoticed grimace.

Sam was mildly startled by the question, but realized Sidra must have had good reason to ask, and so proceeded to sift through her still open briefcase and removed another NDF, that she wrote some details in, which she then tendered to Willow. Willow studied the document, and then asked about possibility to have several other people she knew to be included in the near future.

Sam said, "That would rely on the result of our discussion. I would have to meet these people in person and I also need higher authority, as I am already stretching the limits of my own decision making autonomy by getting you,Willow, involved in the usually 'need to know' remit."

Willow responded that she understood, and with a flourish, signed the document and handed it to Sam.
Sam said, "By the way, you know I'm Air Force, but what is your organization?" Willow replied, "The answer to that is a bit complicated and I think it would be better if I tell why I am interested in Sidra as a lead-up to that." Sam reluctantly accepted this, and nodded in response.

Sam then gave the same story she had given to Sidra. Willow was unflustered by the story, and even made some (mysterious to Sam) remarks about it explaining some of the old records that the Council had.

Sam then said: "It's your turn now - do you have a form you want me to sign?" Willow replied, "No form, but it may be something my organization may have to consider for the future. As with you, I have a well worn account of historical events to impart, but will start with Sidra first as she is now involved with my world as it seems she will be with yours. Ready for your demonstration Sidra?"

"Yes," Sidra said, "And I think for Sam I will start with some of the sensory stuff."
Turning to Sam she said, "Sam, I am a normal human girl, but then something happened to me recently, which is why Willow decided to do her impromptu visit to me, as she knew what it was and had a way of detecting that it happened to me. Before I proceed, you have to remember, human here, not Goa'uld." Sidra didn't know about Sam's ability to detect Goa'uld.

Sidra then moved to the other side of the room so that she would be several yards (metres) from Sam. "Sam, whisper something to Willow." Sam hesitated at the request, but then whispered to Willow, "You have lovely hair." Sidra then repeated, "I agree. You have lovely hair, Willow." Willow blushed slightly. Then Sidra said to Sam, as she turned her back, "Write something on a piece of paper in your normal size handwriting." Sam grabbed a spare piece of paper and wrote, "I suppose you can read this?!" Sam then said, "Done." Sidra turned around and Sam held up the piece of paper, and Sidra said, "You suppose correctly Sam - I can read that."

Sidra then said, "That wasn't too amazing; now for the good part." She moved over, and grabbed the metal chair Willow was sitting on and lifted it in the air several feet, held it still for several seconds, and then gently lowered it. She then did a one-handed handstand, then cartwheeled towards the kitchen door, entered through the door and grabbed a large kitchen knife that she gave to Willow, then moved to half a dozen paces from her. Willow suddenly stood up and threw the knife at her, and she easily caught it. Sidra then placed the knife on the table in front of Sam, who was slightly startled but not much by what had just occurred, as she had had similar experiences with SGC.

"There is an explanation for my enhanced sensory and physical abilities, but Willow will provide the explanation to you as she did to me barely more than half an hour ago."

Willow then went into the Watchers' speech, "This world is older than any of you know. Contrary to popular mythology, it did not begin as a paradise. For untold eons demons walked the Earth. They made it their home, their hell. But in time, they lost their purchase on this reality. The way was made for mortal animals, for man. All that remains of the Old Ones are vestiges, certain magicks, certain creatures. The books tell that the last demon to leave this reality fed off a human, mixed their blood. He was a human form possessed and infected by the demon's soul.

"A trio of Shamans created a means to defend humans, the Chosen One; by gifting a girl with superhuman powers, so that she would have the strength and skill to defeat the vampires and demons, and when she died, passing on her power to another girl. She is the Slayer."

Sam was stunned by Willow's calmly made claims, but decided to test the waters as to this story; she would treat it as real and see how well Willow could hold up to her questioning. She was sure she could detect when Willow couldn't maintain the solidity of her account. Although Sidra's abilities did seem unusual; hmmm, that could be a good place to start the questioning.
"So, Sidra is this slayer?"

Sam was surprised when Willow responded, "No. She is a slayer. We changed the rules, and now there are a large number of slayers."
"How many?" "That's classified for now, but I can say that it's more than thirty." [Of course, it is much more, but Willow doesn't want to give Sam even a ballpark figure].

"Then what details can you give me - how about the name of your organization?" asked Sam.
"I am able to tell you quite a lot more. How much time have you got? I think we should take a break to have something to eat and drink," replied Willow.
"Good idea Willow. How about I order something in; do you both like Chinese?" said Sidra.
"Yes, that's fine," responded Sam. "I'm all for that as well," agreed Willow.

"I have a menu here from the local Chinese restaurant; how about you both pick what you like and I'll get something for us to drink; do you want something cold or hot and/or alcoholic?" said Sidra.
"A coffee would be great," said Willow.
"That suits me as well," said Sam.
They both told Sidra how they liked their coffee; so she then grabbed the menu from the top of a nearby bookcase passing it to Sam, and then proceeded to the kitchen.

Sam and Willow then studied the menu and quickly made their choices, which they told Sidra when she soon returned with their drinks. She then phoned the restaurant which would be delivering the meals in half an hour.
Sidra said, "How about we do some girl talk, and we can get back to the serious stuff after we've eaten?" It took some persuasion but she soon had both Sam and Willow, who were both private people, recounting some amusing incidents from their lives - both love and everyday.

Sam and Sidra both laughed when Willow recounted the story of when Buffy became a cavegirl, and Sam related the similar tale of when Jack became a savage. Willow then told the Halloween tale of how Buffy was a noble woman who thought cars were demons, but balanced this story told at Buffy's expense with details of her own meeting of Vamp Willow. In response Sam mentioned some of SG1's humorous (at least after the event) encounters such as that with Urgo. Also about the time she thought her and Jack were on an ice-planet, when they were actually in Antarctica.

They now resumed the discussion of serious matters, and Willow said, "Sam, to answer your previous question, the organization that I represent is known as the Sentinel Argus Integration, and we are a worldwide body created under the mandate of both the President of the United States and the United Nations Security Council ... "

Their discussion eventually wrapped up, and they decided to continue on another day.

"When shall we three meet again?" the red witch asked. After suitable agreed arrangement, Sam and Willow departed on their separate ways. Each had much to ponder.
For Sidra it had been a truly remarkable day, and she didn't know exactly what her future would bring, but it was sure to be glorious!

The End

You have reached the end of "THE DROP-INS". This story is complete.

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