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Unusual Flashes.

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Summary: What happens when a Flash doesn't make sense?

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Television > Chuck
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LetomoFR1372,05102111,10524 Oct 112 Dec 11No

Agent Archangel.

A/N: Had this image go through my head when I was watching an episode of Chuck while reading some of the stories on here. So, I decided to spread the insanity! And, I don't own any of the characters in this story. Others do. I'm just a college student, so no money.

Chuck was in the backseat (as usual), while Casey drove and Sarah sat in the passenger seat. It was going to take another 45 minutes to get to the hotel, and he had already been warned not to talk if it wasn't mission related. Which left him bored. So, he was scenery watching.

It was when he saw the pedestrian walking, well, running, down the street that he had another flash.


"What?!" Casey nearly shouted.

"Had a flash on a pedestrian. Weird one. Old. Like, World War 2 old."

"And this guy triggered it? Is he a Nazi war criminal?" Casey's voice sounded interested now. Sarah had twisted around to look at him.

"No, he was too young. In fact, he looked like it might have been about his Granddad, who was in the war. This guy just looked just like him. I mean, scarily like him."

"Anything we need to know about?"

"I doubt it. Had something to do with a submarine, and it being captured and brought back here, in the early forties. Like I said, must have been the guy's Granddad."

"Huh." Casey turned all his attention back to the road, as did Sarah.

The rest of the trip was in silence.

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