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This story is No. 2 in the series "Buffy's Gift". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Second in a Series. Sequel to Dance of Death--- The Valar save him from insane mortal girls and equally insane brothers.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-CenteredHananeELmokkademFR1389,52636425,57125 Oct 1117 Aug 12Yes


Great East Road. August 25, 2996, Third Age.

"So how do you propose we do this?" Elladan whispered softly.

"I think we should spread out and attack from all sides, by the time they realize they are being attacked, we will have killed most of them," Elrohir replied thoughtfully.

Elladan nodded. "That sounds good, what do you think, Buffy?" he asked the golden haired warrior crouching on his left. "Buffy?" he asked again after receiving no answer. He turned to see why his friend did not answer and frowned when he found she was not there.

"Buffy?" he hissed looking around.

"I do not think she liked my plan very much," Elrohir said dryly.

"What?" Elladan asked confused still searching for his friend.

His brother elbowed him and pointed towards the orcs they were planning to attack. His heart stopped when he saw Buffy strolling towards them without a care in the world. "Ai! What in Elbereth's name is she doing?"

"I told you she was insane, but did you believe me? No. 'She is not insane, she's just different'," he mocked. "Different? Ha! Well there my brother is your proof. Do you believe me now?"

Elladan ignored his twin's 'I told you so', and focused on the spectacle before him. Elrohir joined him and they watched with bated breath as their insane friend caught the orcs' attention.

"Now lookie here boys, it looks like diner is served," one of the orcs growled gleefully, salivating at the thought of having such a pretty morsel at his mercy.

"God," Buffy said looking towards the sky as if to say, why me? "Don't you guys have any new material? I mean seriously, if I got a dolar for every time I heard a bad guy use that line, I'd be like freakin' Richie Rich by now. "Really, I work hard on my punning, would it be too much to ask for an enemy that takes a little pride in theirs? It's days like these that make me appreciate Spike in his 'before he got neutered days'--by his soul I mean, not when he got the chip, 'cause he was actually even funnier after he got the chip," she said reminiscently, wearing a fond smile. "Now that guy knew a thing or two about humor."

"Why, look at the little girl, insulting orcs without fear. I don't think she understands what's gonna happen to her, boys," the orc taunted. "After me and my boys are done playing with you," he said leering at her in such a way it made Elladan's skin crawl. "We're gonna eat ya. I'm gonna enjoy sucking the meat of your bones."

Elladan cringed thinking about what his dear naneth must have gone through, and how lucky they were for managing to save her before they started eating her. The mere thought of not making it in time to save their naneth caused a white-hot blinding rage He was going to kill every last one of these filthy beasts. He would make sure they never did to anyone what they did to his naneth, least of all to Buffy. They would never get a chance to touch his friend, he'd make sure of that.

Buffy gagged. "Ew! I know I haven't been on a date for a while, but I'm not that desperate."

The orc grinned evilly at her disgust showing his rotting teeth.

"Wow, seriously dude, dental hygiene, big plus on the dating scene."

The orcs started taunting Buffy by telling her what they intended to do with her in detail, turning Elrohir and Elladan's stomach in the process. The orc that threatened Buffy earlier stepped forward intending to grab Buffy, but was halted when his head was parted from his body in one clean sweep. Silence reigned while the orcs gaped at Buffy holding a red Scythe stained with black blood.

Buffy grinned wickedly. "Didn't see that one coming, now did you?" she taunted before attacking the remaining still shocked orcs.

Elladan turned to Elrohir with a grin. "I like her kind of madness, keeps things interesting," he said before joining their friend in the fight.

"By the Valar, he is just as insane as she is," he muttered before he joined Buffy and his twin in battle.

A/N: Hope you like it. Let me know what you think? I want to do a couple of stories about their friendship, the adventures they have along the way, and the impact it has on others, and then a multi-chapter story about Buffy, and her reason for being in middle earth. What do you think?
For my Gimli's sisters fans; I'm working on it. Somehow, I just can't seem to write Buffy and Faith's asses out of LothloriƩn. Suggestions will be appreciated. I'm trying though, so stick with me. Writing these little stories help me stay in the LotR fandom.
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