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Sometimes Imperfect is Enough

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Summary: What starts out as Angel's jealous spitefulness turns into something *quite* different... B/S/A *explicit sex*

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > Romance > Threesomes - Mixed(Current Donor)DeepBlueJoyFR1817,1624122,19026 Oct 1126 Oct 11Yes

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Disclaimer: Angel and Buffy do not belong to me. Alas.

Warning: There be sex here. There be kink here. There be bisexuality. You have been warned. Since this is my story, it's not just about sex, but there is a lot of sex in this story. This story is aimed at adults.

Note: This is a story told mostly from Angel's point of view. Nevertheless, it is a Spuffy story.

That is all.

Fabulous illustration by Christytrekkie

Angel couldn’t take it anymore. Ever since Spike had suddenly become corporeal, he and Buffy had been going at it like two starving refugees at a banquet. Even in his elevator coming up from the office level, he could hear them, smell them, and hardest of all, he could sense the intensity of Spike’s passion combined with raw emotion coming through the familial connection so powerfully, he could almost taste what Spike was feeling.

Usually, Angel didn’t really sense much of anything through the connection. He was, after all, only Spike’s grand sire, and he’d gone out of his way to keep all connection with Spike to a minimum for the better part of a hundred years. Even when they had been bedding their two vampires side by side, he really hadn’t felt much through their connection. Since he’d regained his soul, he’d tried to shut out all connections to any of his vampiric family, even his sire.

About the only times Angel had felt Spike in the past had been when he’d taken Drusilla, either with passion or violence, with the express desire to humiliate the upstart little prick who had managed to steal too much of his Dru’s attention. Spike had always believed that Dru was his, but the truth was, for reasons Angelus hadn’t understood then, and Angel still didn’t fully understand, Dru had been Angelus’ most precious creation. He’d spent years slowly tearing her down and owning her, until she was a quivering, mewling creature, so broken he knew he permeated her every cell.

What Dru had felt for him had been almost a form of worship, with an undertone of unadulterated rage that surfaced as malice and cruelty. Still and all, that core of purity had never truly died within Dru. That was what had made Angelus love her, and hate her, and need her. She had been Angelus’ perfect drug, and he had been hers. It was the same core of purity that had drawn Dru to William. They’d been too similar, and Angel had been furious, but he’d known, even early on, that if he had killed Spike, his Dru would be gone for good.

His only recourse had been to try to devastate Spike, to make him leave, or at least, to put him in his place. Only, it hadn’t really worked that way. Instead, William had gotten under his skin, both as an irritant, and as something else, indefinable, but in his way as connected to Angelus as Dru was. William had been an adept pupil, eager to feel like a ‘real’ man, and he’d learned the lessons he wanted to learn very quickly – how to hunt, how to fight, how to be a loud braggart, but Angel had never been successful in completely breaking him or tearing the humanity from him.

Spike had been a thorn in Angel’s side from the very beginning. Still, Angel was sure that Spike had never known just how jealous he had been. He’d successfully broken Spike’s heart by showing him just who Dru really belonged to by taking Dru wherever and whenever he wanted to, and making her scream his name or whimper it – in both passion and pain, but it hadn’t been enough. He’d shown him who was master too, by taking Spike, and making him beg both for Angelus to stop and later on, beg to be taken. None of it had been enough to break him.

Angelus couldn’t drive Spike off either. Spike loved Dru. Instead of running, Spike had became stronger, more violent, and utterly dogged at doing whatever it took to keep ‘his’ Dru, even to the point of challenging Angelus repeatedly, though he’d never truly ‘won’, not until this last time with the fake cup of torment. Angel’s soul had been the final blow. Now Angel was truly damned.

At first, he hadn’t wanted to separate from his little family, but Darla had been truly torturous, forcing him to violate everything his soul told him was right, to the point where he could no longer do her bidding. Finally, Darla had rejected him as weak, but the truth was he had already become repulsed by Darla in every way except sexually, and he’d become utterly ashamed of what he had done to Dru. For the next century, Angelus’ torture of Dru would torture Angel’s soul more than any other single act of depravity he’d committed. Still, he hadn’t been able to break away on his own.

Eventually, however, Darla didn’t want him at all, and it had sickened Angel that he needed her as much as he always had, but he didn’t belong with them any more and with so many tensions it was easy for the foursome to break and break it did. Darla was soon back in the New World, hanging onto the Master’s coattails. Spike had earned the trio’s respect by killing his first slayer by this time and neither he nor Dru had ever had any real connection with the Master, so Spike and Dru went one way and Darla went another. All alone, Angel had eventually found himself in New York, almost starving, neither demon enough to live in the vampire world, nor human enough to belong in the mortal one.

Now, all he’d built, all the effort he’d put into being good, becoming a real man, a person, and Spike had yet again stolen what he’d considered his. Even though he’d fallen in love with Cordy, fathered a child with Darla, and finally slept with Nina; in the deepest recesses where a part of Angel still had hopes to be a good man, to be as close to human as possible, he considered Buffy ‘his’ and a part of his soul would always belong to her. Yet, she’d chosen another demon… one who had made no bones about loving his demonic side, even as he paradoxically embraced the side of light. Spike reveled in the power of being a vampire, the raw energy that even Angel found himself responding to – and hating.

Angel had worked so hard to be a man, to be worthy, but Buffy no longer even really looked at him when Spike was in the room, though in the days right after Spike’s death, he’d been aware that their attraction was still there, as powerful as ever. Buffy had made no move to act on it; however, even encouraging him to go out with Nina before the others had even realized Angel was attracted to her.

No, Buffy gave Spike all those secret smiles that promised passion, eternity. Everything and Spike returned them without hesitation, his eyes and face full of naked adoration… and joy and playfulness too. It was all very hard to bear. Right after she’d arrived in Los Angeles, days after Sunnydale had fallen, Buffy had told Angel that she’d been ashamed of her relationship with Spike at one point – that had been before Spike had died, however. Buffy had confessed this to Angel one night – how badly she’d treated Spike, both before and after he’d gotten his soul – how much regret she had that he hadn’t known just how much she’d cared. Angel had played the kind friend that night, swallowing his own regret and drowning his sorrows in booze long after she’d fallen asleep, warm against him. What else could he do? He’d known he could never be with her – not with the curse – and even without it, he just could never give her a normal life.

Now, it seemed, she didn’t care about a normal life… That night he’d had his heart broken again, but he’d sat there and let her cry as she drank too much of his scotch directly from the bottle and cried on his shoulder, and eventually, fell asleep on his lap. She’d been closer to him than she’d been in years. In some ways, closer than they’d been when they’d been together, or even on that one perfect day – because it was the most honest she’d ever been with him and the most adult he’d ever been with her – accepting who she was, and how she felt without trying to control it or manipulate it or discourage it.

He’d known then that she’d never want to be with him again, never see him the way she once had. Even though Spike had been dead, her heart belonged to Spike. Angel had known then that whatever she’d said to him in Sunnydale, Buffy was ‘done baking’, even if she hadn’t realized it before Spike died. That night, a part of Angel had even wished Spike were alive so she wouldn’t hurt so much. Yet, once it actually happened, he’d been jealous and angry. Even before he’d become corporeal four days ago, Spike had turned the tables on him, making him exquisitely aware of just whose affections mattered to Buffy.

Angel had poured that pain into his sexual encounter with Nina, and Nina had poured her fear and pain over becoming a werewolf into their couplings that one night, making for a frenetic, almost frightening passion. Still, it didn’t touch what he could feel from the apartment at the other end of the hall, though now; Angel wondered just what Buffy had heard that night, when she still couldn’t touch Spike, and whether it had hurt. It wasn’t the apartment next door – Buffy had insisted on that from the beginning, telling him that she valued his privacy, even before noticing that Nina had caught his eye. The walls were very well insulated. But Angel was still a vampire and Spike and Buffy were not making any attempt to be quiet.

What Angel knew was that he had to get some sleep, and short of getting a hotel room somewhere, or going back to the Hyperion, he had to get them to at least keep it down. He knocked on the door, knowing it was the wrong thing to do, that he should just leave them alone. Surely, after a couple more days at most, they’d emerge, ready to interact with the rest of the world, and maybe find a place of their own. Buffy had never liked staying at Wolfram and Hart anyway, she’d only gotten into the habit when incorporeal Spike had seemed tied to the building. Now Spike was corporeal, Angel was sure they’d leave the building, even if they didn’t head off to Europe. Buffy was still burned by her friends’ behavior and from Spike’s attitude, it was clear they both felt happier being with him in L.A., despite all their issues, than with Dawn, Giles and the Scoobies. She’d come to him, after all, even though she’d been grieving another man. The only person from the entire gang she seemed to want anything to do with these days was Faith.

The door opened under the light pressure of Angel’s attempted knock. The expensive mechanism hadn’t been properly engaged, and it was completely silent as the door swung open about forty-five degrees. Enough so he could see directly into the bedroom, and see Spike’s cock slide easily in and out of Buffy as she arched her rear into his every thrust. Angel made a sound inside his throat that was almost a moan, and adjusted himself without thinking of it. He wanted so much to stride over to that bed, to join them, to take whichever one of them would have him. Spike’s eyes were closed; his face was a picture of bliss, even though he was in game face. Angel gritted his teeth. He’d never let himself go like that with Buffy! Angel had wanted to be as normal as possible. He’d been ashamed of his other face, what most vampires thought of as their ‘true’ face. Yet, there she was, arching her beautiful body, and almost dancing on the end of Spike’s cock. He could smell her musk, and see how slick Spike was from her juices.

Angel found he couldn’t resist touching himself. He knew he should not be watching them, shouldn’t be here at all. Either of them could look up and see him at any moment, standing there just inside the doorway, his hands pressing hard against his cock through the thin material of his trousers. Every light in the apartment was on. Apparently, they’d started out in the kitchen, because one of Buffy’s shoes was on the counter. Her panties were on the candelabra on the small, but elegant dining table, just adjacent to the small kitchen area. A trail of clothing led toward the bedroom, but both of Spike’s boots were by the bedroom door, as if they’d stopped there… There were smudges on the wall there. Angel squeezed himself harder. What was he doing!? He should leave; head back to his own apartment and wank off again, as he had done so many times in the past twenty-four hours. He was going to have to take himself out soon. The front of his pants was wet with precum.

Spike pulled Buffy’s arse a little higher, and she moaned as he increased his speed and intensity. Buffy also opened her eyes for a moment, and even though her head was resting on the mattress, she looked straight at Angel as Spike slammed into her. Angel wasn’t sure if she hadn’t seen him, or if she simply hadn’t cared. Her eyes never left his, as Spike drove into her, but they slowly closed, and her moans turned into grunts and then guttural, ecstatic cries.

“Yes………………..” Spike screamed.

“Oh God…..ahhhhhhh,” Buffy wailed.

Then the two collapsed in a heap, just barely on the bed, leaving Angel furiously working his cock as he came in a spurt that fountained straight up in the air in front of him. He was too far gone to even realize what he was doing. His eyes were closed, but Buffy was watching him and she began to squirm underneath Spike, her walls clenching Spike’s cock, that was somehow still partly inside her.

“Already?” Spike moaned, as he pressed deeper into to her.

“Something about having an audience,” she whispered, but of course, even in his near fog, Angel heard her.

Spike looked up, seeing Angel’s guilty expression.

“See something you like?” he asked lazily.

Angel just stared at the two of them, both of whom were now sitting up in bed, staring at him. Spike was hard already, and Buffy… her lips were swollen, and her legs casually spread, so he could see the glistening wetness between her engorged labia. Angel started to push his semi hard cock back into the folds of his pants.

“What, you get to watch us and make a mess of our floor, but we can’t even get a teeny little look?” asked Buffy, licking her lips wantonly. Spike chuckled, his hand caressing her thigh unconsciously.

Angel was stunned. The Buffy he’d known would never have said something like that! Well, the truth was, he realized with shock, this wasn’t the Buffy he’d known. Had he really known her at all or had she simply grown up? She stared at him without shyness, though she was naked and he was (mostly) clothed. He’d managed to manhandle his cock back into his pants, but it insisted on tenting the front of the well cut slacks obviously and painfully.

“I think he wants to join us, luv,” said Spike.

“Should we let him?” asked Buffy, knowing a lot more about Spike’s history with Angel, than Angel would ever have suspected. The truth was that Buffy knew everything about Spike’s experiences with Angel and his other two traveling companions and none of it shocked her even a little any more. “Or maybe we should just punish him.”

For some reason, Buffy’s words made Angel even harder.

“He is a very bad man,” said Spike, kissing Buffy, and caressing her breast so she arched into the kiss, moaning in obvious pleasure. Spike’s hand traveled slowly lower, making a slow circle in the wetness that was her folds. Buffy ground herself against his hand, seeming to have forgotten Angel completely. Angel couldn’t make his feet work.

Suddenly, Spike was beside Angel, and Buffy, who had moved almost as fast, was behind him. Angel heard the door lock, then the deadbolt slide into place. A shiver passed through him and he wasn’t sure if it was fear or anticipation.

“What are we going to do with him?” said Buffy softly. Her hands were on Angel’s hips, pulling him back against her bare, hot body.

“We should have our way with him,” said Spike, softly, touching himself, and giving Angel almost taunting leers, turning Angel’s mind to complete mush. For the first time Angel could remember, he was in a sexual situation that didn’t involve Darla over which he had absolutely no control.

“Who’s gonna have him first?” asked Buffy, though she already knew what the answer had to be. There was just too much history between the two men for it to be any other way.

“I think I’ll let you watch this time,” said Spike.

“Darn, I guess I’ll have to let you do all the hard work again… It was supposed to be my turn next,” said Buffy with a smirk in her voice. “Guess, I’ll just have to help with the easy part.”

“Anything you like, luv,” said Spike, slowly rubbing his thumb over the glans of his own now fully erect cock. He stood just far enough away that Angel couldn’t reach out and touch him.

Angel stood transfixed, staring at Spike’s body. Spike’s tongue did interesting things as he watched Angel watching him slowly touch himself. Spike was laughing at Angel, yet Angel couldn’t bring himself to react with anger. He was utterly lost.

Suddenly, Angel’s slacks were in a puddle at his feet. Somehow, as Buffy had pressed her hot breasts against his back and caressed his rigid nipples softly while she eased his shirt off his shoulders, driving him within an inch of his sanity, Buffy had managed to unfasten his belt, his zipper, and finally to undo the top button. He felt her heat pressed against his naked rear, as her hands flowed over his body, making him so hard, he thought his cock would burst.

Then Spike was kissing him fiercely and skillfully, and Angel found himself responding like a horny teenage virgin. He couldn’t remember Spike ever kissing him before… probably because in all their encounters, it had been about domination, even when it had also been about pleasure… and Angelus had never been big on kissing Spike… biting yes, kissing, seldom, and never as more than as a way of establishing just who was in control. Right now, Spike was definitely in control. This was about domination, but it was about so much more. Spike was reveling in being able to feel his body again – which was part of what the last few days had been about – that and consummating his renewed relationship with Buffy; but now, Angel had put himself into the middle of this, and whatever wavelength Buffy and Spike were on, it was clear they were having fun making him lose his mind.

For the first time since that final night he’d spent with Darla, Angel surrendered himself utterly to the experience. One thing was for sure, no matter how good it felt, there would be no perfect happiness. Even if Spike and Buffy allowed him to have sex with Buffy – and he was in no doubt that it would be ‘allow’, there was no question whose she was and whose she wanted to be. Nothing they could make him feel would change that, and so Angel knew he couldn’t lose his soul. Even more so than with Nina, who he was slowly growing to care about deeply, that perfect moment would elude him… Passion wasn’t what had done it the first time. Whatever this was, wherever it led, there was one thing that wouldn’t result. Pure joy.

While Spike kissed him like no one had ever kissed him that he could remember, Buffy was doing something with his feet… his shoes… Then warm hands were sliding up his legs and between the cheeks of his arse, touching his cock, his balls, caressing his perineum and sliding back between his butt cheeks with exquisite gentleness. Then she bit him. Hard. On his left butt cheek.

“Ohh!” he yelped and moaned.

Slick hot fingers were working his cock… coating him with her own wetness! Oh god, oh god, that felt good. They were leading him back to the bed. Was Spike really going to take him? He’d never allowed that before. He’d only been taken that one night, by one of the Master’s senior acolytes… as punishment. Jonas had been a big man – in every way, with a thick, long phallus that had made even Angelus afraid and left him almost unable to walk the next day… Physically, Jonas had been as large as Luke had been, and older than Darla… The Master must have had a fixation with large men – large men who could subjugate the rest of the master’s court by sheer force of mass… Large men and tiny, almost fragile seeming female vampires – both with immense strength and a capacity for serious cruelty and the ability to exact discipline on any one insane enough to defy the Master.

This was a very different situation, and Angel had no idea what to expect. He knew Spike would never violate him, not with his soul and with how he knew Spike felt about Buffy – something he’d slowly come to accept in the weeks Spike had been incorporeal. Further than that, however, Angel had no idea. He would not have believed that they would invite him to their bed, but here they were… all three of them, naked together. He couldn’t believe that he was feeling Buffy’s warm skin against his again, but it was real. All he had to do was look at the hands on his cock… hers and Spike’s… caressing him, and somehow intertwining fingers with each other too.

Then Buffy was leaning in. At first, he’d thought she was leaning in to take him in her mouth, but she’d leaned past him, and instead swallowed Spike’s very erect cock, while her hand still worked Angel’s cock. Angel had been passive to this point, allowing himself to be swept along on the tide. Now, he allowed himself to be bold, sliding his fingers between her legs, slowly caressing her, until he tentatively began to caress her wet slickness, making her arch into his touch, even as she moaned around Spike’s cock and Spike’s fangs descended, nipping at Angel’s lips and tasting his blood. Buffy was writhing and grunting, her motions mostly instinctive, as he stimulated her, and she sucked Spike’s cock. Even without a whole lot of direct stimulation, the pressure of Buffy’s writhing body on his, the vampiric kiss he was exchanging with Spike that went on and on since neither needed to breathe; Angel found he was close to coming again. He’d finally given in, and vamped out as well, ratcheting up the intensity of every feeling to near boiling point.

Buffy’s strong hand clamped down on Angel’s cock as his fingers filled her to the hilt and she began to come… not the one big orgasm he’d given her the first time they’d been together, before he’d ever been inside her; but a long spasmodic series of orgasms where her tight, hot pussy milked his thick fingers and her entire body went rigid, then began to shudder and jerk. Then Spike’s kiss slackened as he cried out, his hand tangled in Buffy’s hair as he came, his hips arching off the bed violently. Angel joined them yet again, his cum spurting against Buffy’s warm skin. His instinct was to stop moving and savor his own orgasm, but Buffy’s hips still convulsed and he could still feel the flutter of her continuing orgasm around his fingers. She made a small sound that might have been ‘don’t stop’, but he couldn’t tell. Then she was kissing him, and he was tasting Spike’s cum, even as he kept stirring her G spot the way he remembered she’d loved it that first night, and she was coming even harder. Even as he had turned to face Buffy, he felt Spike pressing against his back. Spike’s hands were on his cock again. My god, didn’t these two ever get tired?

Spike’s fingers were caressing his ass now, even as Buffy continued to kiss him, and to dance against his fingers, moaning into his mouth and making him focus almost entirely on her, and not on whatever Spike was doing. Spike’s fingers were on his balls, and pushing behind them, rubbing at his opening… Was he really going to let this happen? He found that he wanted it to, and that was disconcerting to say the least. He’d never thought of himself as bisexual… He was a vampire… and he’d done what he’d done to Spike, to James, to Penn, and a few others because he’d felt a need to dominate them, and on a more subtle level he’d never let himself look at too deeply, to make them feel connected to him.

Angel hadn’t consciously considered it sexual. He’d done to them what Jonas had done to him, largely because Jonas had done it to him and opened that door. Then over years with Dru, Darla and Spike, as the whole relationship between the four of them had become immensely complex, he’d taken all three of them, and they’d all had sex with each other in just about every permutation possible. Except, he’d never let Spike take him and Spike had never really tried, though he’d touched Spike often enough, and Spike had sometimes touched him back. Most of Spike’s attempts to rebel had involved more straightforward violence, or luring Dru away for longer and longer periods, making it clearer and clearer that Dru wanted to be with him, though never exclusively, to Spike’s dismay.

Now, Spike’s fingers were inside him and he couldn’t remember it feeling this good with Jonas, though he did now remember, that after the entire night of being fucked hard by Jonas and left in serious pain, he’d somehow come at the end of the whole exercise. He’d never forgotten that, of course, because he never really forgot anything, but he’d never let himself think about it then and afterwards, he’d seldom thought about that experience other than as an excuse to perpetrate dominance on other men within his clan.

Now… Spike’s fingers were slick, and they slipped inside Angel almost easily. Spike must have done this to someone else… Was it Buffy, or had Spike been with other men? Had he and Dru turned other men? He couldn’t really imagine it. In the years after Angel had regained his soul, he’d kept track of them as much as he could without really interacting with them. Dru and Spike had always seemed like a tight unit with very little space for anyone else. Even when Spike had minions, they were mostly vampires easily led, rather than fledges turned by Spike. In all the time he’d known Spike, he’d only known him to turn one person; his own mother. After that debacle, Spike had never seemed to have any interest in turning another soul.

If he had for some reason turned someone or simply needed to prove his authority to other men, would Spike have exercised his own dominance as Angel had? Angel couldn’t imagine it. He also couldn’t imagine dominance sex involving lubricant of any kind, beyond enough saliva to prevent penile pain. He certainly couldn’t imagine anything like the gentleness that Spike was showing him. Oh god, this felt good. Buffy’s leg was thrown over him, and she was still whimpering as he continued to caress her, though she seemed more focused on pleasuring him instead of being pleasured. He looked into those green-hazel eyes that were somehow full of laughter and an almost drunken kind of passion.

Who was this woman? She was so much more than the shy virgin he’d made love to so tenderly that night. He seldom allowed himself to think of that night, though he’d thought many times of that one day they’d spent together when he was human. One day he’d have to tell her the truth about that. The person he had come to realize she was would want to know; would be angry for him keeping it a secret, for hiding anything from her for her own good. Would she forgive him? She’d been right to choose someone else. He wasn’t worthy of her.

“What’s wrong, Ange?” she said, caressing his face gently.

“It’s… nothing… Oh Buffy, you’re so… lovely,” he whispered, leaning in to kiss her, a kiss she tenderly returned.

“Not gonna get you out of talking, you know,” she kissed his nose, and snuggled in close to him, so he could feel her heat against his cock.

God, how much he wanted to be inside her!

“Be patient,” she said, as if she read his mind. She pressed even closer, so he was almost in position to slip in, but not quite. Her slickness was driving him to the edge of madness.

“Good things come to those who wait,” she whispered.

Angel found himself pushing back against Spike, as Spike’s fingers found an locus of exquisite feeling.

“Nnnnnugggh,” was all Angel could manage, sandwiched between his most disobedient family member and the woman he’d dreamt of for the last seven years, though none of his dreams had ever been quite like this!

Buffy pressed up against him, hot and slick; and Spike had latched onto his throat, his fangs sliding almost gently into Angel’s shoulder, even as he pushed his cock slowly into Angel. Spike took almost no blood, just enough to make Angel’s body sing with pleasure. Angel felt as if he’d explode. Only the fact of having come twice in quick succession prevented him from coming immediately again. Then Spike was pulling him up, still inside him, and bending him over the bed. Buffy had followed and slowly wriggled herself into place so her head was lying directly below Angel’s cock, and as Spike thrust into him, she took him into her mouth, moaning as if the feel of him had her on the edge of ecstasy. Who knew, maybe it did? Her reaction certainly had one hell of an effect on Angel’s excitement.

Angel wanted to take her into his mouth, to taste her and lose himself in her warmth, something he’d never gotten around to that one short, but amazing night. He couldn’t quite manage it in their current arrangement, however, so he made do with his fingers, planting kisses and even small bites all over Buffy’s body, not with fangs, but with his human teeth. She made it quite obvious she liked that quite a lot. She was taking him even deeper, swallowing around his cock, the way only Dru had ever managed, but her mouth was warm and the sensation was orders of magnitude more intense – and of course, this was Buffy who was swallowing him with such utter abandon. Spike was fucking him deeper too… He’d expected Spike to piston into him the way he’d done with Buffy, but Spike was taking his time with long, deep strokes, twisting his hips and making pleasure flash like fire through Angel’s body. Someone was howling with pleasure… moaning, screaming, animal sounds… Angel realized it was him. He was almost hoarse as he came, feeling his orgasm surge through his whole body like lightning. The whole thing was so intense, it felt as if everything went white and his whole being had become feeling.

The next thing Angel was aware of was a warm tongue, licking his cock very gently, then somehow he, Buffy and Spike had fallen asleep in a pile of intertwined limbs, with Spike’s face against his neck and Buffy cocooned in his arms. At some point, Buffy had turned around so she was facing away from him, and his arms were around her. Spike was still inside him, and still – or once again – semi-hard, even in sleep, he pushed up into Angel and Angel was surprised that he instinctively pushed back so Spike was buried deep inside him. Angel remembered that Spike had always been as insatiable as Angel himself, and that he’d always recovered just a little faster.

In actuality, Angel had no real idea how much time had passed. He felt as if he’d slept an entire night, and yet he felt aches in places he hadn’t felt them in a very long time. As he slowly came to full wakefulness, he realized he was rigid against Buffy’s back, and his hand cupped one of her breasts possessively. Since he’d had his soul, he’d seldom had sex that was quite so wanton.

The few human women he’d dared to sleep with in the years he’d lived on society’s periphery had not had the physical strength or stamina to tolerate the kind of sexual congress he’d had with other vampires. He’d had sex with exactly one vampire since he’d had his soul. Sleeping with Darla that night had been intense, at times almost to the point of violence, but it had been nothing like this. For one thing, it had been completely shame filled and full of rage. Whatever was happening with Spike and Buffy, shame had no part in it. Unlike his initial suspicion, Spike had done nothing to shame him, and Buffy had treated him almost lovingly, while making it clear without a doubt that whatever they did together, she still belonged unreservedly to Spike.

Spike and Buffy were both awake again. It seemed as though his wakefulness had roused them, and Spike began to move slowly inside him, his arm around Angel possessively. Then somehow Buffy had positioned herself so he was between her legs, and the head of his cock brushed against her slickness. She arched back against him, frotting herself against his length until the head of his cock was positioned just where she could use her fingers to angle him up into her. Now Spike was buried inside his ass, and he was pushing into Buffy’s hot pussy, her ass pressed against him. Very slowly they moved in concert, while Angel was the meat in a very special sandwich. He moaned loudly.

“I think he likes it,” said Spike.

“So it would seem,” said Buffy.

“You two are gonna be the death of me,” said Angel raggedly.

“As if,” said Buffy, pushing back against him so his cock went even deeper into her heat. She squeezed him with her powerful muscles, making him moan even more.

“Too late for that,” said Spike into his ear. “But that’s half the fun, i’nt it? You couldn’t do this if you were a regular boy.”

“You don’t hear me complaining,” said Buffy.

“Mr. Has to Brood’s always gotta see the dark cloud behind the silver linin’.”

“Hey… Ugggh…”

Angel grunted as Spike thrust into him, and Buffy pushed back onto him, causing cascading waves of pleasure to compete with each other.

“Next time’s my turn,” said Buffy, pulling Angel’s hand down to touch her swollen clit as she angled her self forward, so her pussy made even better contact, and twisted her hips, driving his cock deep inside her.

“Next time I wanna be the middle of the love sandwich,” she purred.

That thought was too much for Angel, who felt himself ready to come, yet again. Their three-way dance became wild and out of control as all three came in quick succession. Then Buffy was turning to face him, kissing him, and kissing Spike, as both sprawled across him, kissing both him and each other.

The next time they woke up, Buffy took charge.

“OK, I’m much too sticky. Anyone want to join me in the shower?”

“What time is it?” asked Angel.

“It’s three fifteen in the afternoon,” said Buffy from the doorway.

“It’s Saturday,” said Spike, as he got out of bed. “Are you comin’?”

Angel followed the two into the ample bathroom. Buffy was talking on the phone for some reason. She hung up the handset on the wall as he came in.

“It’s warm already,” she said, opening the glass door.

Angel found himself hanging back. Now he wasn’t actually in bed with the two lovers, a measure of sanity had returned and he was wondering whether he should really be here. A part of him was feeling a profound sense of unreality, born mostly of shock. Still, his animal brain reminded him, he was covered with all their juices, some of which had dried and were beginning to feel itchy. He really did need to take a shower. Maybe then, he’d leave; or, maybe they’d invite him to be part of another few hours of unbridled passion… He didn’t know it, but the thought of leaving had made him frown.

“You think too much, Peaches,” said Spike, smacking him on the butt.

“Maybe we need to take his mind off his brooding,” said Buffy.

“I’m not…” said Angel

“Uh huh,” said Buffy. “So are you gonna help me with my hair, dear?”

Which was how Angel found himself shampooing, then conditioning Buffy’s silky hair, as she slowly slid her slick body against his and Spike’s bodies, tenderly applying soap to every intimate crevice and using her entire body to spread soap and arousal freely as she moved between both men. Then as they rinsed the last of the soap, Buffy leaned over, tonguing the head of Angel’s cock, which came fully to attention, then she pulled Spike closer, until she could rub the heads of both cocks together as she licked them. Angel’s knees felt weak. Spike leaned in and kissed him tenderly, startling him slightly as his eyes had been closed in bliss.

Angel didn’t even notice that the room had been tidied, the bed freshly made and clean clothing for Angel had been left folded neatly on the buttery soft leather sofa in the bedroom along with his shoes and fresh socks. The reason he didn’t notice was that he was too busy being kissed by Buffy and touched by Spike, as they somehow had managed to make their way from the shower back into the bedroom. Angel hadn’t known that toweling could be an erotic activity before this.

Buffy’s warm hands traced his body, as her tongue explored his mouth. The beautiful girl he’d made love to all those years ago, had become an amazingly talented lover. He’d never really understood the expression ‘made his blood sing’, even on that wonderful night – and that night had become tainted for him anyway. Buffy was astride him, but though he could feel her heat, she hovered just above his cock, brushing against him as she kissed him very gently, yet, simultaneously with a fierce passion that he really couldn’t remember having experienced together before. He was almost ready to come again before he entered her. He willed himself to last. Spike’s knuckles gently brushed his skin as Spike caressed Buffy’s body. It could have been accidental, but Angel knew it was quite deliberate.

“Don’t you two ever get tired?”

“Of each other? Never,” said Spike, pausing to kiss Buffy’s ear and trace his tongue along her neck.

“The first time Spike and I were together, we made a building collapse,” said Buffy softly, with laughter in her voice. “Only took us half the night.”

“Oh,” said Angel.

“We’ve gotten better,” said Spike. “Lots of practice.”

“If you want us to stop…” teased Buffy.

“Please don’t,” he said, pulling Buffy’s head down for a kiss, caressing her face tenderly.

Buffy groaned into Angel’s mouth, as Spike’s caresses became more intimate. She ground herself against Angel, and Angel felt a hand pulling his cock upright and guiding him into Buffy’s heat, but it wasn’t Buffy’s hand. Something about that, made Angel that much harder. Group sex with Dru and Darla had been as much a competition as anything. This was a much more intimate, cooperative experience. Something about it touched Angel deeply.

Even as he savored the feel of Buffy surrounding him, he felt an added pressure. Spike was above and behind Buffy and whatever he was doing, it was causing Buffy to twist and clench around him. He looked up into her face, but her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open. Her head was thrown back in obvious bliss. Behind her, Spike’s eyes met his and held his gaze. He felt the pressure as Spike pushed inside Buffy. With only a thin membrane separating them, Angel felt both Buffy’s heat and the pressure of Spike’s cock. Intense was an insufficient word for the feeling that filled Angel – both sexually and emotionally.

“Oh God,” said Angel.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” asked Spike, allowing his fingertips to drift from Buffy’s breast, to Angel’s chest and back again.

“Yes,” whispered Angel, reaching one hand up to touch Spike, so now he was deliberately caressing them both.

Very slowly Spike began to move inside of Buffy. Below, Angel carefully mirrored his motions. Buffy’s moan became one almost constant sound as she began to come and both men moved within her and tried to hold on to what vestige of control they had. Even as Angel came, he remained mostly hard, and the continued friction meant he soon found himself completely rigid again, now able to move more energetically inside Buffy’s hot slick sweetness. It seemed as if the intensity was just building in one continuous spiral of passion. The final explosion swept them all away, leaving three spent bodies beyond normal consciousness.

Angel had no idea how long he’d slept this time, but through the window he could see the lights of the night city. Buffy and Spike were intertwined in sleep and Angel just lay there watching them. Even in sleep, they were wound tightly around each other, with Spike cradling Buffy against his body, and Buffy’s head thrown back so Spike's face was pillowed in her hair. Buffy’s fingers intertwined with Spike’s, holding him tightly against her. Their togetherness no longer left Angel feeling threatened. Instead, he found himself feeling a sense of profound gratitude that for some reason, they’d allowed him a place, for however brief a time, within that togetherness.

It couldn’t be called joy, but what he felt definitely could be called… contentment.

The End

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