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Threshkreen Harris

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Summary: The ’Zeppo’ helps out but ends up somewhere he never expected

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Literature > Sci-Fi > Author: Jim BaenOlBearFR183097,05434268167,15929 Oct 1115 Mar 14No

Chapter One

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own these characters and never will. BtVS belongs to Joss Whedon and Legacy of the Altendata belongs to John Ringo. I can only claim ideas that come from sleep deprivation and overdosing on caffeine and nicotine.

Xander Harris snarled as he triggered a three round burst into the attacking vampire from his MAC-10. The two .45 hollow points knocked the vampire back while the tracer round caused it to burst into flames. He was glad he had taken the machine pistol from the National Guard armory when The Scooby Gang had liberated the rocket launcher to use against ‘The Judge’.

Next to him lay Giles, the high school librarian and Watcher to the current Slayer. He had been tortured by Angelus and his minions. Giles was in a bad way, if he didn’t get medical help soon he might die. Xander himself wasn’t much better. His left arm was broken as well as three ribs. A minion had clawed his chest and stabbed him in the thigh. The only thing that stopped him from bleeding to death was a crude field dressing made from his shirt.

The clash of blades brought his attention to the center of the room where Angelus and Buffy fought in front of the statue of the demon Acathla. Buffy was pushing Angelus hard but Xander knew that all Angelus had to do was keep her occupied till Acathla awoke and he would win.

When Xander saw the statue’s eyes light up he knew he had to do something to get Angelus away from the demonic statue. With a shaking hand he raised the now heavy gun, aimed at the master vampire and squeezed the trigger. The weapon fired two rounds then clicked empty. Cursing with frustration Xander fumbled with his last magazine and started to reload.

Angelus faced Buffy with a sword in his hands. Soon Acathla would awake and this entire world would be sucked into Hell. He looked forward to taking the Slayer and her friends and spending an eternity torturing them. He was surprised when the impact of two bullets almost knocked him to the ground. Over in the corner next to the Watcher he saw the ‘Zeppo’ trying to reload his weapon. He snarled at the temerity of someone like Xander shooting him when he heard a shrieking groan. Buffy had taken advantage of the distraction to drive her sword into the statue.

Bellowing with rage Angelus backhanded Buffy, knocking her to the floor in a daze. Reaching for the sword now embedded in the statue he grasped the hilt to draw it out. Then he shuddered and froze.

Across town in The Sunnydale Hospital Willow Rosenberg, now possessed by the soul of Jenna Kalderash completed the curse. As the soul of the Gypsy Mage left the young girl she looked over to the young man sitting next to her and said in a weak voice. “I did it Oz!” and promptly fainted.

Finally Xander reloaded. Looking across he saw Buffy on the ground, her sword in the statue, Angelus frozen in shock and a vortex forming behind them. With awe in his voice he said. “Willow, she did it, she returned the soul.”

Beside him he heard Giles stir and mumble in a weak voice. “Close the portal, only Angel’s blood can close the portal.” Before he choked and coughed. Xander blinked and then nodded. Ignoring the pain he pushed himself to his feet and staggered towards Angel.

“Angel,” he said “you have to close the portal. Only your blood can close the portal.” He whimpered in pain and put his hand on the statue to stay upright.

Angel looked at the blood covered youth next to him, then the slowly expanding vortex and finally at the petite blonde on the floor and made a decision. He wiped his sword across the bullet wounds in his side, covering the blade with his blood. Pushing the sword into the teenager’s arms he grabbed him and with a voice loaded with contempt said.

“Looks like you’re good for something after all Harris.” Then he threw Xander into the vortex.

The last thing Xander heard as he passed through the portal was the scream from Buffy.

“Angel NO!”


“That was unexpected Sister.” A glowing figure remarked.

“Indeed Brother,” came the reply. “But does the action of our champion affect the plan?”

There was a pause. “Only slightly, Liam will go to the City of Angels. We must insure that he continues his quest for redemption and humanity. Our agents must not allow him to wallow in despair.” The first being spoke.

“They will be dispatched immediately. But what of ‘HIM’. HE will not be pleased to find that an innocent has been cast into Hell. Especially by one who is being groomed to be one of HIS champions.” There was a note of apprehension in the second voice.

The first being made a decision. “What’s done is done and cannot be undone and it was only a lower being, one of billions. We must begin preparations. The Seer must be readied to work with Liam and aid him in his quest. Once Liam has embraced his destiny and become our champion, then we will be able to maintain the balance.”

“As it should be Brother.”

“As it must be Sister.”

Barwhon, Earth year 2000 AD

Himmit scout Rintos was bored. Watching Posleen never gave good stories. All they did was eat, screw and fight. So he was as surprised as the pair of alien centaurs he was following when a dimensional wormhole opened up in front of them and deposited a blood covered human bearing a sword and pistol.

At first the two Posleen were shocked but quickly recovered. Drawing heavy blades they moved closer to what they thought was fresh meat. They were even more surprised when the Thresh in front of them pointed a weapon at them and opened fire with a scream of rage and fear.

Xander landed on the ground with a thud. His abused body let him know that falling on broken ribs was not a good idea. Rolling over with a groan he looked up to see two demons of a breed he’d never seen before with blades in their hands and a look of hunger in their yellow eyes.

Instinctively he raised the machine pistol and pulled the trigger. Thirty .45 caliber bullets raked the creatures. He sobbed as the weapon clicked empty then realized that both creatures were dead. A rustle next to him made him turn his head and come face to face with a purple, three eyed giant frog like creature.

“Greetings,” the being said, as Xander felt a needle sink into his flesh. “I am Himmit Rintos. Do you know any stories?” then nothing.

Rintos hefted the human youth and gathered the weapons that had been dropped. The dose of Hiberzine would keep the human alive. He had already given Rintos one story and the Himmit was sure that there was many more. Moving silently the alien headed back to its ship. A report to the Queens was in order. Could the wormhole that this human had come through mean that the Hedran were already on their way? Perhaps this youth had information that the Empire could use.

End chapter 1.
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