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A Little Inspiration

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Summary: A little girl has a vision and learn what strength means to her.

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Literature > ClassicslittlenutFR715790253229 Oct 1129 Oct 11Yes
BTVS belongs to Mutant Enemy, Heidi is by Johanna Spyri. Heidi's speech is taken directly from Spyri's novel.

Switzerland, 1880

Klara Sesemann felt good. Since coming to visit Heidi and the Alm-Uncle in the Alps, her appetite had increased. She felt more energetic each day and slept deeply each night. She felt good, and she was happy.

That morning, her wheelchair had disappeared. Heidi feared that the wind had blown it all the way to Dorfli. The Alm-Uncle had carried her to the goat's pasture; Peter the goatherd had sullenly said that he hadn't seen the wheelchair. Klara gave it up as an unfortunate incident, but if the Alm-Uncle would carry her, she needn't go home to Frankfurt just yet. Heidi had left her for a moment, to go look at some flowers growing a bit further on. Klara didn't mind. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

The mountain faded away.

Behind her eyes, she saw in a room a pretty young woman with yellow hair. The woman was talking to other girls and women, and looked very serious. Klara looked hard at the group that the woman was addressing. She saw their strange clothing, their faces and bodies so much unlike the people she'd seen in Frankfurt or on the mountain. She saw their eyes, and gasped, realizing that these girls were prepared to fight, fight in unladylike ways and harder than any boy she knew. That they jumped into trouble to save others from it. As she gasped, the image behind her eyes faded. Just before it did, the yellow-haired woman urgently asked:

"Are you ready to be strong?"

Klara opened her eyes and thought hard. The yellow-haired woman had spoken in another language, but Klara had understood her. The fighting girls were in the past, or maybe in the future, if it was real at all. Was it a dream? A prophetic vision, like some of the funny old ladies in Frankfurt always discussed? She wasn't sure what she had seen, but felt sad for the fighting girls and yet envious of them. To be strong like that! What would it be like? Why, she could run up and down the mountain, jumping rocks as easily as the goats. Maybe she could even beat Peter at a race! The thought made her giggle.

Suddenly, sunny little Heidi was back at her side, smiling and panting. "Oh, you must come, it is more beautiful than you can imagine, and perhaps this evening it may not be so lovely. I believe I could carry you, don't you think I could?"

Klara shook her head, telling Heidi instead that she wished she could walk. Heidi got another idea in her little head, and ran off for Peter.

Later, while Klara took her first painful steps while leaning on the other two children, she thought: I do not fight. I do not have peril and trouble. If fighting girls like that do exist... I am not one of them. I do not have their strength.

But, thought Klara, there are other kinds of strength. I will not be an invalid. Perhaps I never truly was one. I am Klara Sesemann, and I am ready to be strong.

AN: This is the end result of my initial thought: "What if somebody with a physical disability was Called? Would she just have average physical abilities?" Obviously, Klara is not Called, she just gets a little inspiration...

The End

You have reached the end of "A Little Inspiration". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking