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This story is No. 2 in the series "Closer Than They Appear". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Buffy never planned for minions. Sue Sylvester had different ideas. These are their stories.

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Lucy In The Sky

Disclaimer: This is a derivative (aka transformative) work. All BtVS characters belong to or were created by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and the suits at Fox. Not sure who owns Glee - Ryan Murphy created it and Fox broadcasts it. The estate of Louis L'Amour owns all things Sacketts.
Ficlet Series Summary: Buffy's minions had lives of their own.
Ficlet Summary: Lucy Q. knew appearances were deceiving.
Spoilers: All 144 episodes of BtVS (Not comic book Season 8 compliant). Glee - Season 1 but AU after that (Some backstory borrowed from Season 2. Nothing(!) from Season 3+) .
Author's Note [1]: 1 ficlet for each of Buffy's Gleek minions. And very exposition and inner-thought heavy as we fill in the cracks of their lives while the main story goes on. OOC-ness very possible as I bend and twist them to fit into the overall story/plot. Vaguely in chronological order.
Author's Note [2]: Reminder - Glee Season 2+ AU. Expect actual plot and continuity, unlike the canon seasons.
A Note on Pairings: They won't be the primary focus of these ficlets. But definitely Brittany/Santana. I'm a Faberry shipper but it won't happen here. And might not get past UST, if that, for the entire series of stories. I'm not going to force them together.
Word Count: 1,445 (1 of 5)

In high school, Quinn never thought about Lucy. Unless she was forced to. Lucy had been her caterpillar stage. Different hair, slightly different face, clumsy. Her pre swan form. She'd moved on. Except when she hadn't, when she was forced back into the protective mental shell Lucy wore, in self preservation, during the long nomadic months of her pregnancy.

Her sister was always so much better at disguises. At parental misdirection. Quinn had always suspected that perfect, Prom Queen Frannie was just an illusion but, born six years apart, they'd never been close enough for her to find out. Aloof Frannie had seemed so far above Lucy, so distant, in her frat girl glory. For years she never questioned why Frannie stopped coming home for holidays.

Never questioned the brittleness in her father's voice when he talked about her sister. Never wondered why her father, the man who'd taught her to ride a bike, who'd seemed so proud when she was made head Cheerio, who liked to brag about her to his friends, had reacted so violently, so cruelly, when Finn had let it slip about her pregnancy. Never connected his behavior to her sister.

Some of the camouflage was removed when Frannie unexpectedly showed up at the hospital the morning after Beth was born. For the first time in her life, that she could remember, someone was there for her. No personal agenda. Nothing in play. Not trying to impress. Just there for her, Lucy Quinn Fabray.

And Frannie was the only one who stayed, for the two days the hospital gave her to recover from the most terrifying, most wonderful thing that had ever happened to her. Not even Mercedes, the only person at school she still considered a friend, the only person willing to give her a place to stay those last few months, was there for her the way she needed. Like Frannie was.

Frannie, who shielded her from their mother trying to overrule her about the adoption, and dragging her back to that cold show piece of a house before she was ready. Shielded her from Puck and his unrealistic plans for her and Beth.

She couldn't imagine the disaster the adoption would have been if Frannie, in all her corporate lawyerly glory hadn't guided her, and Puck, through it. All it had taken, really, was a brief mention of Berry, what little Quinn knew about that fiasco, whispered in Frannie's ear, and Shelby folded, agreeing to Quinn's few conditions.

Quinn agreed, and Puck conceded, to give Shelby time to bond with Beth before becoming a part of their lives. Sitting in that hospital bed, waiting for her doctor to let her go, five years had seemed like a lot of time to wait before she could see more than photos of her little girl. But she knew herself. Quinn knew that it would hurt but she needed that time also. Time to devote to herself, to turn herself into someone who deserved to know her daughter. And time to get used to the idea that Beth wasn't hers. Time to get that possessive Fabray streak under control before it ruined her daughter's future.

Puck had been disappointed but she had given him very little choice. From watching him with his sister, Quinn knew he had the potential to be a good father, but not with her and not for Beth. Lucy might have agreed with him, she was a romantic at heart, but not Quinn. Quinn knew that, to succeed at this, until she finished high school she needed to think of herself first, and not give in to the urge to nest.

Thoughts of Beth were a constant presence in her heart. Every day she had to remind herself it was all for Beth. That she had to stay that cold, unfeeling Quinn everyone thought she was to stop herself from reacting to Coach, Santana, and the other Cheerios when they tore at her, looking for any weakness.

She was sure she knew Coach's new assistant from somewhere. It must have been during the summer away from Lima, because if the tiny blonde, who made Santana look huge, had been in Lima before the summer Puck would have been all over her, or at least tried to be, she conceded, since the assistant seemed to have a girlfriend.

Listening with one ear as Coach rambled on, Quinn reviewed the events of the summer. As soon as she'd been released from the hospital and handed Beth over to Shelby, Frannie had barely given her a chance to say goodbye to Mercedes before dragging her off to New York. Quinn had been happy to have a place to recover, a summer away from Lima and her guilt ridden mother. Not having to deal with her so called friends, and a clingy Berry was an extra bonus.

She'd also been really curious to meet the mythical husband, only known to her as Mike. In the three years since the surprise wedding announcement, her parents had never shown her any pictures of Frannie and Mike. Quinn always assumed it had been because they'd gotten married without telling anyone. Until she actually met Mike.

Quinn wasn't sure what shocked her more when they were met at LaGuardia by a soft-spoken, serene woman covered in religious tattoos. Finding out her sister was a lesbian, or finding out she lived with an artist, one she met at an art gallery while she was going to Columbia. Some day she planned to ask her mother what had upset her father the most, her sister living with an artist or being a lesbian. Personally, Quinn found the artist amusing, and after spending the summer with her sister and Mike, lesbians were the least frightening thing in her new world.

Quinn didn't find out that Mike had been a nun until almost the end of her stay but by that time it was a drop in the bucket. Her world-view had already been knocked so far off course she didn't think she'd ever recover.

Quinn tuned back into her surroundings just as Coach Sylvester stalked off. She hoped Coach changed her mind about this extra training. Her days were long enough without starting them off with an extra dose of Berry-manic. She didn't hate the girl but something about her set Quinn's teeth on edge.

Kurt? Kurt was okay. They usually just ignored each other except for Glee. Brittany disappeared into what ever cloud she lived on when Santana wasn't around and seemed to ignore anyone else when she was. Santana was another one she'd rather avoid, though that was impossible with them both being Cheerios. Santana hadn't been a real friend since she'd gotten the head cheerleader spot the first time and this year things didn't look any better with Coach pitting them against each other for the top spot.

Quinn thought it was amusing how Summers seemed to be able to shut Berry down with little effort. Quinn wondered if she could teach that to Mr. Schuester. Berry tended to overwhelm him, his only power being control over who would get solos. Even if the fashion refugee was better than anyone she'd ever heard, Quinn really wished that Berry wouldn't keep forgetting that Glee wasn't just a showcase for her talent.

Watching Summers' girlfriend walk away, Quinn started to have an inkling of an idea. She'd first met a few girls who moved like that in New York at the gym her sister used. They'd moved with a hypnotic controlled smoothness, just like the girlfriend. To find out later that they, and others she met at a picnic at the end of the summer, were super powered women who fought real monsters, had been the final reality check she needed to get her act together. Meeting a real witch at that picnic had been almost anticlimactic.

For the next hour, until she let them go, Quinn tried to watch Coach Summers without being too obvious. And every so often, there would be an echo of the same smoothness in her movements. Santana seemed to be overly interested also. Quinn frowned, wondering about that.

She also wondered what was going on to bring two of THEM to Lima, one undercover as an assistant coach. Unfortunately, she couldn't call her sister until tonight and ask her. Her mother had plans for a little mother-daughter bonding session for the rest of the day. But if something was going on in Lima, she really needed to know. She wasn't sure what she could do but if there was a threat to Beth she would do something.
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