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Willow La Fey

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Summary: When Snyder orders the gang to wear costumes from mythology, nobody knows the tragedy it will cause. WARNING: Eventual character death(s).

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Miscellaneous > Myths & Legends(Current Donor)mmoochFR1534,5890174,62931 Oct 1122 Aug 12Yes

Chapter 2: The Takeover

Chapter 2: The Takeover
Challenge: personal request from Harry, who has faithfully R&R a lot of my stories.
Warning: ehh, probably not for Willow fans.
Thanks to my betas: none this time.
Disclaimer: BtVS and AtS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. Don’t own Camelot characters either, but don’t have the slightest clue who does since I’m not using a particular book or movie about them. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission.

The next day…

‘Willow, my dear, you shouldn’t tell any of your friends about our arrangement just yet,’ Morgana purred in Willow’s mind the next morning.

‘But why?’ Willow asked. ‘They’d be so happy to learn I could do magick!’

‘Except you can’t…not yet anyway,’ Morgana reminded her vessel. ‘Wait until I’ve trained you, so you can prove what an asset you can be to the Slayer.’

Willow thought about it for a few minutes, then agreed, ‘I guess that makes sense.’

Not that Morgana had any intention of letting Willow spill the beans. And being as good at seduction as she was, the ancient sorceress was always able to come up with ‘just one more reason’ why they should wait a little bit longer every time Willow mentioned it.

Over the following months…

Her training started out small.

To whet Willow’s appetite for magick, Morgana showed her how to levitate small objects such as pencils. With the wood in them, the seemingly harmless writing utensils were turned into deadly weapons when piercing the undead hearts of vampires.

After a while, Morgana had managed to get her vessel to perform some small selfish magick which had nothing to do with slaying, so she moved forward in her training program.

The first time she helped Willow cast a fire spell to immolate a vampire, Morgana knew that the girl was hooked on the power. It was only a matter of time before she relied so much on Morgana’s help that she would cede total control – even if only for a minute or two, and that’s all Morgana needed.

But first, the ancient sorcereress needed to have a firmer hold on the young girl. And that meant exploiting her greatest weaknesses…one of which was her love for Xander Harris. If manipulated correctly, love could be turned into obsession, and obsession made somebody very easy to corrupt.

‘Did you see how Buffy glared at Xander when he paid attention to Kendra? She gets jealous when there’s another powerful female around – especially one who could be interested in Xander. Saving her life last spring might have made her re-evaluate her feelings for him. I don’t think her claim that he’s ‘one of the girls’ is really how she sees him…at least not anymore,’ Morgana whispered in Willow’s mind.

It wasn’t hard to convince Willow that her greatest fear was coming true. ‘What can I do about it if she does like him?’ she pleaded with her witchy mentor.

Fighting the headache she felt from dealing with teen angst, Morgana ordered, ‘Divert her attention! Remind her how romantic her relationship with Angel is – like Romeo and Juliet.’

‘But that ended in tragedy,’ Willow reminded the ancient sorcereress.

Morgana growled at the girl’s stubbornness, ‘Fine! They’re a modern-day Romeo and Juliet, but with a happy ending. Their love is the kind of love that will become legendary. All they need is a little…encouragement.’

Willow liked the idea of a happy Romeo and Juliet. ‘What do you mean?’

‘A clarification spell; it will help ease any doubts they may have about being together. Don’t worry, it doesn’t affect their free will at all. If they don’t love each other, nothing will happen,’ Morgana explained convincingly. Of course, ‘love’ had many meanings – including pure physical attraction like the Slayer and the ensouled vampire was at the moment.

‘What do I have to do?’

Just like that, the hook into Willow’s body was dangling for Morgana to start controlling her on a more direct level. All she needed was for Willow to take the bait…and the body would be hers.

It wasn’t until Buffy’s birthday, though, that Willow finally acted on Morgana’s advice. Up until then, Willow simply pushed Buffy in Angel’s direction with her words, spouting about how romantic their forbidden love was. And it wasn’t as if she were making Buffy fall in love or anything. At least that’s what she told herself whenever she felt guilty.

She was sorta dating Oz by that point, but it was mostly to make Xander jealous – and when she showed up at the Bronze with the guitarist, Xander certainly didn’t seem happy. Willow – helped by Morgana’s persuasion – figured it was a win-win situation for her. Either she would get the guy of her dreams, or she’d end up with a nice guy who liked her even though she wasn’t some superhero girl.

But with Angel leaving town with the Judge’s arm, Willow knew that she had to do something quick to keep Xander away from Buffy and vice versa. So as the doomed pair left together, she cast a slow-building lust spell on her best friend. It would take at least an hour to reach its full strength, but nothing would happen until they had some privacy to act on her feelings. Willow only hoped that Angel wouldn’t be able to turn down a sex-crazed Slayer when the time came.

Of course, when they found out about the loophole in the curse, Morgana had a monumental task to keep Willow from coming clean about what she did. In the end, she got the young witch to agree that since they didn’t cast the spell on Angel, it was his fault for not being stronger. Questionable logic, sure, but Willow grasped for any excuse why she wasn’t to blame.

Miss Calendar died, then later, the soul spell was discovered. Morgana knew her moment had arrived. She just needed to make sure the girl was desperate enough to be willing to try anything.

After Willow’s first attempt in the library failed, she asked Morgana what went wrong.

‘I’m sorry, Willow,’ Morgana apologized. ‘I thought sharing my power with you would be enough. There’s a way, but…no, forget it.’

‘What?! What do I need to do?’ Willow pleaded, frantic to make up for her interference on Buffy’s birthday.

‘Well, if you allow me to take temporary control of your mind and body, I will be able to access more of my power,’ Morgana suggested. ‘Then once I relinquish it back to you, you will be able to access it as well,’ she added as an enticement.

Willow held off on accepting the offer until she attempted the spell again in the hospital. She could feel it wasn’t working, so she let Morgana take over, unaware it would be the last thing she did on her own.

A/N: So now Morgana’s in the driver’s seat.
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