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Gabrielle's reset and the new crew

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This story is No. 7 in the series "The key shard realms". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The daughters of the Red Witch and the Key jump to a fresh Buffy universe where they can the save the new world... they hope.

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Multiple Crossings > GeneralMistofRainbowsFR1845245,140816363,5952 Nov 1131 Mar 12Yes


Cordelia sighed as she looked around the club room filled with naked people. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy the small amount of eye candy in the form of Jesse, Leo and surprisingly enough Xander, it’s just that they were only a couple of naked guys compared to the sea of girl flesh at the party. While the naked girls were all good looking they didn’t exactly do anything for her. The music was great though and Jesse was a surprisingly good dancer. She was slightly surprised that she hadn’t had to hit Jesse more than a couple of times with a newspaper to keep him from staring at the rest of the naked girls at the party rather than her. It was a slight boost to her ego that she could mostly keep his attention when there were several girls at the party that were prettier than she was, not that she would admit it. She chuckled as she watched Xander pole dancing on the stage. “He’s actually sort of good.”

Jesse shook his head. He was studiously avoiding looking at where his friend was dancing around on stage much to the cheers of a room filled with horny girls. It was a bit hard because Dawn was on the other half of the stage dancing around a pole and acting counterpoint to his performance. They would often swap sides and dance together which was when he would sometimes get an eyeful of his naked friend. “I’m trying to repress that part.”

“I don’t know it looks like fun.”

He laughed, “Just wait until they’re fucking on stage to the cheers of the crowd. I can’t really see you having enough courage or style to compete with that.” He smiled while she wasn’t looking at his face. He knew that if he phrased things just right that he might have a chance to fuck his girlfriend on stage to the cheers of a room filled with naked girls. It was worth trying at least once.

Cordelia snorted as she took another drink of her beer that was a damn challenge. “After they finish we’ll show them who the queen is if you can keep up.”

He grinned, “I’m a panwere I can keep up with you.”

She smiled, “We’ll see.”


Xander glanced away from where his younger alt and Dawn were fucking like bunnies on the stage to the cheering of the crowd. He looked at Willow and Hermione, “Can I borrow Dawn for a night?”

Willow snickered as she looked at Hermione and waited for her nod then said, “Have fun.”

Dawn chuckled. “What are you planning?”

He glanced toward the stage, “We can’t let them have all of the fun.”

Dawn laughed, “Not a problem.”

Willow chuckled as she watched the Dawn and Xander on stage. “I have to say I’m glad we came.”

Hermione laughed, “I wouldn’t have but Asura offered to baby sit my alt and I wanted a break from researching a de-powering spell.”

“Any luck?” She had pretty much given up on figuring out a way to ‘fix’ Hermione and the rest both because she didn’t really want to reverse the changes and because she was pretty sure that it just wasn’t possible considering that billions of lives had died to fuel the changes. She knew that while Hermione felt similarly it was a challenge for her to find solutions to seemingly impossible things.

Hermione shook her head, “No. I can‘t figure out a way to get around the fact that a blood magic spell with four billion sacrifices powered the spell to empower everyone that was left.”

Willow knew that the sheer scale of the empowerment event would keep anyone from easily de-powering the affected. “Yeah, it didn’t look any better when I ran the numbers.

Hermione sighed as the young Dawn and Xander left the stage and Cordelia and Jesse replaced them. She had less interest in watching those two dance than Dawn’s and Xander‘s alt. “I might have found a way to enchant some strength suppression bracelets but the problem is that my alt is just about immune to anything we can do magic wise.”

“Which would make the bracelets useless.”

“Unless she wants them to work. We’ll have to do some testing but it might require an act of will for her to overcome the bracelets. It might still be worthwhile. ”

“We have to do something if we don’t want her to hurt someone.”

Hermione sighed, “She’s a good kid but she’s still just a kid. I just don’t want someone to get hurt when she throws a tantrum.”

Willow sighed, “I think the terrible twos just became slightly more terrible. I suddenly have a lot more sympathy for the parents of young witches.”

“At least their children couldn’t lift fifty tons without much work. She could seriously hurt someone without meaning to.”

“I’ll give you a hand on the strength reduction bracelets tomorrow.” She smiled as she pulled her camera out of her bag and took a few pictures of Cordelia pole dancing on stage.

“What’s up?”

“I just want a couple of pictures to show the other Cordelia.”

“You’re horrible.”

She grinned, “I just want to see her face when I show her a picture of ‘her’ and Jesse fucking on stage.”

Hermione snickered as she watched Cordelia dancing on stage, “That could be amusing.”


Sally McNally covered her eyes as her naked father danced on stage, “Just shoot me now. Why did we have to be in the front row?”

Her friend Briana laughed, “He’s a total hottie. We had to be in the front row because you wanted to see Aunt Dawn getting fucked by Xander.”

She scowled, “That is not the point… you‘re not supposed to… parents… arg.”

She smiled as she looked over at where the twins Amelia and Emily Summers were grinding against each other as they watched Cordelia dance, “You could always be like my half sisters.”

Sally sighed, “I wouldn’t mind fucking Buffy but no thanks for dad.”

Alexandria licked her lips, “I’d totally fuck dad but I don’t think he would go for it. Maybe I could snag the older Xander for a quickie before he figured out that I’m his alt’s daughter.” She glanced over at the dark haired bartender with a stylish eye patch that was working behind the counter, “Or maybe the barkeep.”

Sally glanced over at the barkeep, “He does look suspiciously familiar.”

Briana snickered as she sized up the barkeep, “Tasty.”

Alexandria laughed as Cordelia and Jesse made their way toward the center of the stage to start dancing and grinding together. She smiled as the crowd cheered. “You can look now, they’re cheering because they‘re done.”

Sally uncovered her eyes, looked at the stage, squeaked as she realized that they were anything but done and promptly recovered her eyes, “I hate you so much.”

She had to work hard to keep her laughter under control, “That was too easy.”

Briana snickered, “You shouldn’t tease her so much. Just because you‘re weird doesn‘t mean the rest of us are.”

Alexandria shook her head, “You totally tongue fucked your mother, you’ve got no room to talk.”

Briana grinned, “Hell yeah, she’s hot.”

Alexandria grinned, “I rest my case.” She looked up with a smirk as she saw the older Xander and Dawn cueing up for dancing on stage, “Oh this should be fun.”

Briana grinned, “Hell yeah.”

Sally sighed, “Anything is better than watching dad.”

Briana grinned as she ran her fingers over the other girl’s arm and smiled at her seductively, “Anything?”

Sally shook her head, “Just about anything but being fondled in front of my dad.”

Alexandria laughed, “Relax he’s far to busy to be paying attention.”

Briana grinned, “I bet he won’t even notice.”

“I’ll take that bet.” Alexandria laughed as she took a long drink of her cider before cheering for the people on stage, “Hell yeah, fuck her good!”

Sally buried her red face in her hands afraid that everyone would be staring at Alexandria. “I hate you all.”

Alexandria grinned, “But we love you.”

Briana giggled, “Yep. We should drag her on stage after this and fuck her for everyone‘s amusement.”

Alexandria grinned, “That sounds fun.”

“Not a chance.” Sally shook her head.

Briana grinned, “I’ll cover your clothes bill this month.”

Sally grinned as she remembered how much she had spent on clothes for the month. She knew her friend could cover it without any problems because of some of the spell research she had sold, “On second thought… deal.”


Rose winced when she saw her mother and uncle Xander get on stage and start dancing after Jesse and Cordelia finished fucking like rabbits. “That is not what I wanted to see tonight.”

Gabrielle laughed, “Yeah, mom and uncle Xander… at least this isn’t quite as bad as when I caught them outside on the slide that one time but…” She shook her head.

Rose gagged as she remembered the various times she had used the slide, “They were… on the slide at the house? Gah… must find the bleach.”

Willow smiled as she played with Tara’s tail and ass while Tara licked out Vivian who was sprawled over the pool table, “I thought your moms were married.”

“They are but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy some variety now and then.” Gabrielle grinned as she enjoyed watching the various groups of scantily or less glad girls playing with other girls. “At least everyone is having a good time.”

Rose laughed, “Other than the group by the bar.”

Gabrielle chuckled, “They look vaguely familiar but other than Leo I’m not sure who they are.”

“That’s Riley and Graham. Mom dropped them off earlier. Riley has been nursing a drink for a while.”

“Riley? I thought he was supposed to be leading the assault force.”

Rose shrugged, “I thought he was… We could ask him.”

Gabrielle grinned as she watched Dawn and Xander dancing with each other on stage, “Go for it, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the show and see if I can haul some of my girls up there.”

Rose laughed, “I’ll go ask. Anything to take my mind off mom and Xander being on stage.”

Gabrielle chuckled as her sister left to check on Leo and Riley.


I was trying hard not to hate myself too much as I sat drinking at the bar as I tried to ignore everyone that wasn‘t talking to me directly. Most guys would love to be in a club filled with naked ladies with almost no other guys present. I can assure you that had I been able to figure out at a glance which of the girls were over eighteen I would have been enjoying myself. Well that’s not exactly true; with the week I was having I might not have looked too carefully at their age except that I was more focused on the fact that my mission had gone royally fubar. It had been one of those weeks. I looked up at the barkeep as he slid a drink my way, “Thanks.”

He smiled at me then asked the question I had been dreading for a while, “What’s got you so down? While this isn’t the most interesting crowd we’ve had, it’s up there and that’s saying a lot for Club X. You‘ve barely looked at the girls and I‘ve got to admit they’re worth looking at. You haven‘t stared at the guys either which leaves something seriously wrong if you‘re sitting here having a drink while everyone is partying.”

I sighed as I considered if I was even supposed to tell the barkeep anything then decided that it didn’t matter, worst case he would just consider me a drunk and blow things off. “I don’t think you’ll believe me.”

“Try me.”

I looked over and looked at Leo. “Any issues?”

I watched him shrug and reply in a calm voice that I was fairly sure was faked but I didn‘t care enough to press the issue, “Go for it Riley, I’m a bit curious myself what happened on the mission.”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

He chuckled at me and waved at the hot blonde waitress to take people’s orders as he poured himself a soda and put his elbows on the counter to listen. “I won’t.”

“It started when aliens destroyed the world.” I was a little surprised that all that flat statement got was a raised eyebrow, “That’s it?”

He shrugged, “You said to keep an open mind, here is me keeping an open mind.”

I nodded, “It all started two years go when I was on patrol in Sunnydale.”

“Ah, yeah that would do it.”

I frowned at him, “What?”

“Nothing, continue.”

“Anyways, we noticed there was a problem when most of the people around us burst into flames and turned to ash.”

“That seems pretty reasonable.”

I was a little freaked of his definition of reasonable but decided to press on anyways. “We reported in to the base commander and then we ended up in a computer simulation. I’m still a little fuzzy on how that worked. We spent what we thought was two years in virtual reality organizing our remaining people only to find out after my group woke up that we had really only been off of earth a few hours. We took a couple of hours to sort ourselves out then jumped on a spaceship with sails.”


“Yeah, long story.”

“Short version?”

“Short version is that it was the only way we had to get to the aliens. We followed some maps to the alien’s home world and found it empty of the aliens.”

I frowned as the only response to that bit of insanity was his question, “How do you know it was the right world?”

I sighed, “Because their cities were intact and the solar system matched the map description. It was like everyone just vanished. The only sign of life that we found was an arena.”

“Like a gladiatorial arena?”

“Pretty much yeah.”

“Bad things?”

“While I consider the roughly thirty thousand Japanese men that were tied to chairs more trouble than they were worth, the seventy thousand tied up naked Japanese girls were some compensation.”

“What were they tied up with?”

“The guys were tied up with duct tape, gags and bailing wire. The girls were tied up with ribbon.”

“Sounds fair to me. Did you figure out what happened to the aliens?”

“I have no idea. The only clue we have is a letter that was left with a basket of strawberries in the middle of the arena.” I expected a bit more shock than the bartender’s nod and Leo’s outstretched hand. I pulled the letter out of my pocket and handed it to Leo. “Here.”

I listened as Leo read the letter out loud, “Dear Scoobies, I hope you didn’t mind that I got rid of the demons. Strawberry and I were feeling a bit hungry and wanted a snack. I left their world intact in case you want to raid it for knowledge. I’ll admit I took some spell books but there are millions or maybe billions of spell books on the planet so I think you’ll live. As for the prisoners I returned most of them. There were a couple of British/Japanese mixed girls that were cute enough looking that I kept. Hey don’t look at me like that. They wanted to come, a lot. They’ll be sent to somewhere of their choosing when they get bored of entertaining Strawberry. Sorry that I didn’t get rid of the demons before they attacked the earth but it worked out well in the end. Hugs, kisses and slightly inappropriate touches, Sublime.”

I sighed, “Does that make any sense to you?”

I watched as Leo’s shoulders relaxed and then shrugged, “Probably more than it does to you and less than it does to my sister. Did you rescue the humans?”

“We dropped them off at the space station before Dawn picked us up to take us here.

“Congratulations on a job well done. If you‘ll excuse me.”

“Where are we?”

“A bar in another world.”

I sighed as Leo walked away. I glanced over at the one eyed barkeep, “What was that about?”

I watched as the barkeep reached up and tapped the edge of his eye patch with his finger, “Take it from me kid, sometimes you’re better off not seeing or understanding the large picture.”

I don‘t know what possessed me to ask but I asked anyways, “How did you lose your eye?”

I felt a chill go down my spine as he answered with a cheerful smile didn’t in any way, shape or form reach his remaining eye, “I was running with scissors.”

Note to self don’t expect truthful answers to personal questions from creepy barkeeps. “Ah.” I accepted the drink he slid my way.


Xander Harris chuckled as he closed the doors to Club X. He smiled as he looked at the tip jar that was filled with gold coins and large expensive gems with the occasional twenty tossed in for flavor. “Hell yeah.”

One of the waitresses that wasn’t cleaning up the mess smiled as she walked over to the bar, “I still can’t believe they tipped that well. You are sharing right?”

He chuckled, “Another we survived the end of the world party and yes I‘ll share.”

“Did you find out what happened this time?” The girls had a board in the break room that tallied the various ways worlds were saved or destroyed according to the various customers that came through their bar. She wasn’t sure why so many of their customers were crazy but most of them tipped well so she really didn’t mind the craziness that much.

“From what I gathered, they survived, most of their world didn’t. Mark it down as aliens with magic.”

“That one might actually be new.” She frowned as she looked over her employer, “So why the eye patch again tonight?” He seemed to wear the thing every time one of his cousins showed up almost without fail. She figured it must be some weird family joke that no one brought up.

He chuckled as he took his eye patch off and opened his eye to reveal a normal healthy looking brown eye that matched his other eye. “I just wanted to be able to use a couple of pirate jokes.” The truth of the matter was that his eye patch allowed him to look through illusions and changed his features just enough so that he wouldn’t be recognized as Xander Harris by anyone that didn‘t already know he was Xander Harris. He was fairly sure that a couple of people had seen through the disguise tonight but he wasn’t going to bring it up if they weren’t and they tipped well.

“You sure have a lot of cousins that look like you.”

He grinned as he thought about the number of alternate Xanders that found their way into his bar, “I do, don’t I?”

She shook her head as she once again tried to figure out her employer and failed. “Want us to finish cleaning up?”

Xander shook his head, “Nah, they left a cleaning deposit large enough to call in a team and then some.”

She grinned, “Thanks boss, you’re the best.”

He smiled, “I know.”


Leo glanced at Rose, “What do you know about Sublime anyways?”

“She seemed nice enough. She was a bit crazy about trying to kill demons so yeah I could see her wiping out a world filled with demons.”

“What about the people she kept?”

“I’m choosing to believe that anyone that went with her did so willingly, she’s hot enough that I can see it happening. Even if that’s not true, I’ve got no way of knowing how many girls she kept because I have no way of knowing how many were taken in the first place.”

He sighed, “What are the chances that it was her fault that you couldn’t find the demons?”

Rose shrugged, “It might well have been because I can look at their world now. It could also be the fact that I have a beacon to the planet or that the demons themselves were projecting a don’t notice me field. That’s one of the many things that I want to investigate.”

“So what are we going to do now?”

“I’m going to loot the planet to the ground of valuables so that I can give everyone on the ships a bonus for a job well done. Then I’m going to work on creating a network of portal doors so that our groups can stay in touch. After that I plan to spend some time in Lily’s world chilling and raising the next batch of children. In short I’m relaxing for a while and having fun. What about you?”

Leo grinned, “I’m thinking that I’m going to collect some volunteers and head back to Ireland with a large number of vat children to help repopulate Ireland. I figure that enough people died that there has to be a few areas that need a Lord.”

Rose chuckled, “That sounds like a plan.”


Sublime frowned as she looked away from where an annoyingly loud man in a cage was screaming in pain. “Mistress is there a reason that Xander is laughing like a crazy person while poking the man with a cattle prod?”

Strawberry otherwise known as Willow Rosenberg chuckled. “Yeah, that man’s alt used to be a principle at our high school. He was a mean spirited bastard.”

She nodded, “Okay.”

Xander sighed as he looked at where Snyder was twitching in the corner. “This isn’t enough fun without Buffy.”

Strawberry nodded, “We could always send him back and go visit the Buffy that Sublime found in Hawaii.”

Snyder tried to glare at the people and defiantly ask, “Can I go?” What came out was more of a whimpered, “Go?”

Xander smiled as he looked at Snyder then back at Sublime, “Do I at least have time to ram the cattle prod up his ass first?”

She nodded, “Just make sure to use lube.”

He laughed at the horrified look on Snyder’s face. “Can you go get me some?”

Sublime smiled happily, “I’ll get it.” She ran off to borrow some from the cute school girls that were staying with them.

Xander had to admit that while he had no intention of getting his favorite cattle prod dirty like that he did like the fact that Snyder looked like a broken man. He walked over next to Willow and whispered, “She does know I’m just joking right?”

Strawberry shrugged, “I’m not actually sure half the time.”


~An~ Thanks for enjoying this story. I borrowed the barkeep Xander from the various stories of a bar where heroes, villains and various strange and unusual stuff happened. I apologize if the first person part with Riley was a bit strange, I was trying something a touch different. Thanks to everyone that stayed with this story until the end.

The End

You have reached the end of "Gabrielle's reset and the new crew". This story is complete.

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