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Gabrielle's reset and the new crew

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This story is No. 7 in the series "The key shard realms". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The daughters of the Red Witch and the Key jump to a fresh Buffy universe where they can the save the new world... they hope.

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the Buffy characters. I also don’t own Marvel, D.C. Characters, or Highlander immortals. This fic will at points include descriptions of violence, and things that some people might find objectionable such as such as general multiple partners, some light hearted kinky behavior and underage dating, though considering Buffy and Angel’s age spread on the show… Anyways you’ve been warned. This is follows after Willow’s Witch Slayers.


Gabrielle looked around with a disgusted look on her face. “How the hell did the parents put up with this crap growing up?”

Rose shrugged, “I imagine you get used to it. Not to mention that your mystic senses are better than theirs were while they were living here.”

“For the best, I could spin around and point to the damn school.”

“Does this mean you don’t want to go ahead with the plan?”

Gabrielle sighed, “No, no I think we still need to, it’s just going to be irksome is all.” She smirked, “Besides, you’re the one that is playing the teacher.”

Rose shrugged, “Why not, I’m sure as hell not going to volunteer to be a student.”

Gabrielle grinned, “Hell if I am either.”

“You never did say how you’re going to spend your time.”

“I’ve got a couple of ideas. It just depends on if I can sell the gold I have for the start up cash I need. So how are you going to get a teacher‘s certificate?”

Rose grinned, “One of Lexie’s hacking programs and a bit of magic.”

Gabrielle nodded, “Where do you want to meet?”

“Mom said there was an espresso shop that was rather good around here.”

“I think it was called the Espresso Pump.”

“Alright, we’ll meet there, say four hours.”

Gabrielle nodded, “If that doesn’t work you’ve got your magic phone.”

“Alright, stay safe.”

“Shouldn’t I be saying that to you?”

Rose shrugged, “I have my wand and I can apparate if there is trouble. Besides, it‘s daylight for another eight hours or so.”

Gabrielle sighed, “Fine, just get the house set up.”

“I will. I even memorized the place I want, 1630 Revello Drive.”

“I still can’t believe you’re going to buy the same house that your mother lived in here.”

“What can I say? It sounds amusing. Besides, the house is large enough that there shouldn’t be a problem with me living there as well especially if it helps grandma out financially.”

Gabrielle shook her head, “Grandma? You know she‘s not really your grandmother.”

Rose shrugged, “Same blood, same genetics as mine, same person at this point in time.” She sighed, “But yeah I know. At least you got to visit your grandparents over the years.”

“For all the good it did me.”

“Still, I wouldn’t mind getting to know Joyce.”

“Good luck pulling that one off.”

Rose shrugged, “A girl can dream, besides it’s not like we can seriously mess up the world compared to what’s going to happen to it without our help.”

Gabrielle frowned, “You never did explain why this world was so screwed up.”

“A number of things actually, but nothing we can’t discuss over dinner tonight.”

“Fine don‘t tell me, I’m going to go deal with the money so that I can buy the stuff I want to buy.” She waved back at her sister as she walked off.

Rose smiled as she walked down the street in the opposite direction as her sister. She stopped and read the paper’s date through the glass on the newspaper machine, ‘August 20th, 1996 plenty of time to make all of the arrangements I’ll need for the school year.’ She headed toward the university library. She’d set up the hacking program, copy over the files that needed to be there to prove that she had the requirements and then she would magic up some documents for the hardcopies that should exist. After that, it was just a matter of a simple phone call to Joyce from a second cousin that she had forgotten offering the grieving widow a place to start over. She frowned as she remembered to add make Joyce a widow to the list of things to do, as well as hack Buffy a nice life insurance policy on her dad first. She sighed, “So many things to do today.”


Gabrielle smiled as she called on her magic and turned invisible as she crept toward the abandoned fraternity with a smirk. As it was the middle of the day, there weren’t too many people around so it was the perfect time to do a bit of treasure hunting. She pulled her crystal wand out of her pocket and tapped it on the door and cast a couple of notice me not charms and a silence charm on the door before tapping the door with her wand and whispering, “Alohomora.” She smiled when the door opened without a sound. She quickly entered the building before someone noticed the door open. She hoped the vampires would be asleep but she wasn’t sure if they would be. She smiled as she noticed two vampires sprawled out on the floor. While at some point, draining vampires of their power might have been of use, after eating a large portion of the other world’s Irish Unseelie court they had very little appeal as far as energy or power boosts went and none at all for a permanent increase to her power. She slipped her wand back in her pocket carefully so as to not make noise. She walked over while invisible, reached down and ripped the first vampire’s head off before he even knew he should scream. She waited a second to make sure that the other vampire wasn’t aware of her before walking over and doing the same to him. She opened her senses and smirked as she felt a couple more vampires in the building. ‘Who needs a slayer when you’ve got magic?’


Rose smiled as she used a bit of magic to hack into the school records and check for open positions, she was a bit disappointed to realize that everything was currently filled, not that it should have surprised her but still it was Sunnydale. “I’ll just have to make a vacancy.” She smiled when she got to Coach Martin‘s name, “Ah yes swim team… can’t have that. I could teach gym, Gabrielle might enjoy it more but it shouldn‘t be too bad. Let‘s see, what‘s his home address?” A few entered keys and she had the address. “This should work nicely.”


Sunday’s screams were muffled as she screamed into the dirty sock that had been stuffed into her mouth. She wasn’t sure how she had gone from sleeping peacefully to being gagged by a sock and tied spread eagled between two of the pillars without a stitch of clothing on. Not to mention the belt that kept cracking on her bare ass every couple of seconds was damn annoying. She tugged at the restraints but they were sturdy enough to keep her secured without budging. She really wanted to know why they were doing what they were but she couldn’t see anyone. Every time she twisted her head around to look, whoever had her would just hit her harder. After a couple of minutes her gag was finally removed though she still couldn‘t tell by who as it didn‘t look like anyone was there. “What do you want?”

“Your bank codes, the access numbers and such things from all of the students you ripped off these last few years. I expect to find a lot of that when I search the rest of this place. You can save yourself a lot of pain by just doing this the easy way.”

Sunday spit toward where she thought the sound was coming from, “You’re going to kill me anyways.”

“Oh but see there are much worse things I can do to you than kill you. I could put you in a concrete box and bury you without a blood supply. As I understand it, you would go stark raveling mad or perhaps I’ll just chain you up here… A bit of duct tape, some nipple clamps and a plug-in vibrator… Why it’s debatable if the lack of blood would drive you mad before the sensations did.”

“I’ll kill you.”

“Oh likely, but see, there are several problems with that. One, you’ve no idea who I am. Two you’re not getting out of here in one piece. Three, I don’t really need your help to get the information I want.” She reached forward and used magic to rip the knowledge from her captive’s mind. She ignored the screaming vampire as she searched for the money trail. “Oh hey that makes it easy enough.” She took a couple of steps back from the vampire and pulled out a camera. “Smile.” She snapped a couple of pictures so that she would be able to get the glamour right that would make her look like the vampire for long enough to drain the bitch’s accounts. “I got most of what I wanted from you.”

The vampire‘s face would probably have gone paler if it could have but it was already as pale as it could go. “Most?”

Gabrielle smiled, “Yes, see I need to get a rat to leave the city, but honestly he might actually do some good elsewhere and as my skills at altering memories suck ass, I figured I’d practice on you. You see no one is going to care if you don’t remember much of anything when you’re staked. And well whatever soul you had is already in the afterlife so this isn’t going to hurt her a bit.”

“You’re crazy witch.”

“Let’s start with something small, like a bike.” She carefully used a coil of magic to rip the word bike from the vampire’s mind. “So you know what those two wheeled things that children ride are called?”

Sunday opened her mouth to answer but realized that while she could picture what the crazy lady was talking about she couldn’t remember the name of the things. “What did you do?”

“Exactly what I said I would. I’m just practicing. Maybe blue next, would you like that? And not just the word this time, the actual color. Can you imagine a whole color just gone, maybe it would make you not even see it, sounds interesting doesn‘t it.” Gabrielle sighed as she considered things and her feelings. While she had rather enjoyed spanking the girl with the belt it wasn’t turning her on, which was probably just as well nor was torturing the vampire doing anything for her. And the fact was that she really didn’t have any duct tape with her, which made her other threats a lot harder to carry out. She had pulled a stake out and was just about to stake the girl when her phone rang. She pulled it out of her pocket, “Hello.”

“Hey got a minute?”

“Sure.” She reached out with her magic and tossed a blanket of sound around the vampire’s ears to keep her from hearing the phone conversation and to keep the vampire’s screaming from attracting attention.

“Got any ideas on dealing with my bastard of a grandfather?”

“That depends on what his new life insurance policy covers.”

“Just about everything so far as I know, other than suicide.”

“Death by mugger?”


“Then I‘ll take care of him.”

“Need any help?”

“Nope, I just have everything ready to go on the house. Once I make a little stop at the bank, we’ll have more than enough money to buy the house.”

“I’ll leave you too it. I’m off to visit Principal Flutie about a job.”

Gabrielle smiled, “Stay safe and I love you.” She closed up her phone and stuck it back in her pocket. She frowned as she considered the vampire. She reached out and started working on putting memories in the girl’s mind while erasing other ones. A memory of a glimpse here, a twisted dream there and a little ride to L.A. and one of her problems would be dealt with. It didn’t take too long before she felt that the vampire would do what was required. She spared the vampire a glance as she dropped the magic that stopped it from hearing her, “I guess you can stay around a bit more.”

She looked around at the various collected items that might actually have some worth, ‘Time to visit like fifty pawn shops.’


Principal Flutie smiled up at the pretty young women that entered his office, “Ah excuse me, you’ll have to forgive me but I’m expecting an applicant for the new teaching job at any time.”

Rose chuckled. She knew that she didn’t quite look old enough for the teaching job. This was why there were years of running start and reports of quick progress on her faked transcripts. It was pretty much required to get a degree at twenty, not that she hadn’t actually had enough school to legitimately qualify to be a teacher but as that was in a different world; she didn’t think it would count officially. “I’m Rose Summers; I’m here about the job.”

The man blinked, “Oh, you’re younger than Couch Martin led me to believe when he called in his resignation and your recommendation.”

“I have all of my certificates and transcripts and everything ready.” She smiled as she dropped her file on the table, “That helps doesn’t it?” She deftly slid her wand down her sleeve until just the tip was visible and hit him with a silent minor confusion charm so that he would be that much more suggestible. It had taken a lot of work to convince the coach to make the first recommendation and as she wasn’t a necromancer, a second recommendation would be impossible short of using polyjuice potion.

He nodded quickly. It was hard to fill positions at this school as the teachers had a horrible turnover rate. He picked up the file and looked it over, he was rather impressed with her nice recommendations and everything looked in order. Had he actually been thinking straight he would probably have checked out the recommendations but as he wasn‘t he was just happy to fill the vacate position so close to the start of school, “I’ll grab the paperwork.”

She smiled brightly, “That’s the best news I’ve heard all day.” She hoped that the paperwork didn’t take too long so she could still make it to realtor’s office before they closed.


Gabrielle smiled as she walked out of the bank with a large suitcase of money. While she had set up an account and stashed a fair amount of the money from robbing Sunday and her crew, she had decided that cash spoke volumes in a town of questionable deals. She whistled merrily as she walked toward 5124 Maple Street. She frowned when she looked up at the overhead sign for the Magic Express. ’I guess it wasn’t called the Magic Box back then.’ She ignored the large fat Italian guy that was looking over the place as she walked past the yellow police tape and walked inside to speak with the nervous looking owner of the building, “I can’t help but notice that the shop isn’t doing very well. All of the break-ins and such can’t be good for business.”

He shook his head and glanced over at the large fat Italian man, “I’m thinking of selling it to Bob over there, he’s been a friend of the family a while, figured I’d take it easy, be somewhere else…” He muttered, “Not on the hellmouth.”

She smirked, “How much is he offering?” She nodded as he rattled off a number, “So is that financed or cash?”

He muttered, “Financed…”

“I can give you a thousand more than that in cash this very minute for the deed to this place.” She set the briefcase on the table and opened it to show that she wasn’t actually joking. It would wipe out what she got off the vampire but she still had her supply of gold. “If you don’t want cash I can also give you gold coin for it.”

He lowered his voice, “None of it better be glamoured.”

“Of course not, I make it a habit of not pissing off magic users.”

He smiled, “I think we can come to an arrangement for the gold. I hear it’s going up in value and it’s a lot easier to hide and thus not pay taxes on.”

She shrugged, “Whatever floats your boat.” She started pulling out piles of gold coins from her bag.

He smiled as he started counting the coins. “Sorry Bob but I found a new buyer.”

Bob sighed as he noticed the gold coins, “I guess I can’t talk you out of it. Ah well, I’ll see about one of the other shops in town. They’re all much the same after all.”

Gabrielle had to work to keep the frown off her face as she considered the idea of someone that didn’t believe in magic running a magic shop. Still all things considering her plans were going well. Now she just had to get over to the Espresso place and get Rose the money for the house.


Rose smiled when Gabrielle walked up and sat down, “So how did things go on your end?”

“I bought the magic shop and I wanted to give you the good news. What about you?”

“Actually we got lucky, that is if we can scrap together the cash. 1630 Revello drive and 1632 Revello Drive are both up for purchase.”

Gabrielle considered as Rose listed off the price and the work the two houses needed, “That might actually be better. I’ve got enough to put money down on both of the houses and by the end of the week, we should have enough to pay both of the houses off. I‘ll probably need to find a place to sell some gold though.”

Rose nodded, “Plus I got the teaching job.”

“Oh, which one?”


“Didn’t know that spot was open.”

“He decided that he couldn’t take another swim team defeat and decided to retire.”

“Ah, Coach Martin, Xander mentioned him now and then. For the best that he retired. Any chance of him changing his mind?”


Gabrielle grinned, “Good, so what‘s our next move?”

“Hell if I know, I figured we’d unpack some stuff, set up wards and then look around for more bad guys to dust.”

“I figure I’ll place a call to Tara’s mom about a job offer out here, and we’ll see if we can’t get the party started.”

“What are you going to do if she doesn’t take it?”

Gabrielle glanced around at the various people in the shop before whispering, “Whatever it takes but I think she‘ll take it, if for no other reason than to get her daughter away from her husband.”

Rose nodded, “Alright. So how much money will we still have after grabbing the two houses?”

“I sold off anything valuable that was in the fraternity, added to the actual cash from Sunday, we’ll scrape by. We’ll probably have to sell off more gold if we don’t want to eat Ramen noodles.”

She smirked, “Actually I think we’ll be fine, I emptied the coach’s accounts and altered the deed to the property. Once we clean the place out we’ll have a place to put Tara and her mom.”

“How did you know we would need that?”

“I didn’t, I just figured it might be useful to have a second base.”

Gabrielle chuckled as she pushed the suitcase filled with money over to Rose, “See that’s why I love you, you’re practical. Go take care of the houses, I‘m going to go take care of two other problems.”

“Anything I can help with?”

“No, not really. I’ll call you when I’m done.”

She grinned as she took the suitcase, “Have fun. I’ll call if there are any problems.”

“Sounds good.”


Catherine banged her head as she jumped in surprise as the doorbell rang. She considered ignoring it as she was currently digging through her wardrobe looking for the last couple ingredients she needed to pull a body swap on her useless child so that she could relive her glory days. “Damn it.” She sighed as the doorbell kept ringing, “I swear if it’s those damn Mormons again I’m cursing them.” She finally got down the stairs and over to the door just as it started ringing again. She furiously yanked open the door and snarled, “What!” She wasn’t expecting to see a blonde young women standing there in a black silk dress with a smirk on her face carrying some paperwork.

“Are you Catherine Madison?”

“What of it?”

She smiled, “Ah good you’ve won an all expense paid vacation.”

Catherine blinked, “But I didn’t enter a contest, where?”

“Do you mind if I come in?” She held out the paperwork for the free vacation.

Catherine spared a glance at the afternoon sunlight that was filtering down on the girl, “Fine, but if you’re wasting my time…”

The girl smiled as she stepped into the house and closed the door behind her after waiting a couple of seconds with it open. She handed the paperwork to Catherine to look over. She would have liked to jump the lady but that wasn’t part of the plan. She also knew what would happen if she disobeyed, she would be tossed out into the sunlight without the witch’s protection.

Gabrielle waited until Catherine turned to take a couple more steps into the house then grabbed her by the neck and started strangling her as well as ripping her magic out of her. While vampires might not be worth draining, powerful dark witches were a bit of a rush. After she finished draining her of magic, she let the witch’s body fall to the ground unconscious. She looked at Sunday and said happily, “Have fun. Just be quick we have a couple of other people to visit today.”

“Then I can leave right?”

“Of course. Just don‘t feed the bitch any of your blood, I would hate for her to come back as a vampire.”

Sunday knew the invisible creature was probably lying but there wasn’t much she could do about it. It was light out and the only thing keeping her alive was the creature’s magic. Still it was nice being able to see the sun again. She would just have to look for a nice opportunity to kill the thing either that or shore up her usefulness to it.


Amy Madison didn’t stop screaming for a long time when she found her mother’s broken and blood drained body that night.


Gabrielle briefly considered going after the Scythe but knew that she would need a slayer to pull it out of the stone that held it. She smiled as she considered what to do with the vampire Sunday; she had proved useful in dealing with Catherine hopefully before she became a problem. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do with her so she had stashed her in a locked chest in her bag of holding with a blood bag she had swiped from a doctor’s office. It wasn’t as if they could use the blood, as it was waste from an operation. Still it wasn’t likely to do anything strange to a vampire. She knew she had maybe an hour before she was supposed to meet with Rose. ‘The mayor is too big of a problem to deal with right now. I can’t really use Sunday for anything else until it gets dark. She half considered putting in a call to Tara’s mom about a job offer but figured something like that should be done in person. She frowned as she considered the other thing she needed to do but wasn’t sure she really wanted to as she was still feeling rather juiced from draining Catherine. “Better to deal with him now rather than later.”

She cast her senses out and tried to narrow the area down she would have to look through. “I would love a crystal ball right about now.”


Rack looked up from his musing as he felt the presence of a dark witch vanish. He could feel the change in the air, something powerful had come to Sunnydale even if he couldn’t place it. He wondered if it was time to call the mayor and have a bit of a chat. If there were new players in town the guy would want to know, that is if the mayor didn’t already know, after all you didn’t get to Wilkins’s position in the dark arts without formidable skills. He shook his head, likely, the witch crossed a demon or whatever this power was that he could feel and got themselves killed. He smiled, “Changes are coming.” He would have run had he realized just how true that statement would turn out to be.


Gabrielle smiled as she stepped through the portal that led to Rack’s house. She ignored the drugged out idiots as she stalked to his door, she wasn’t sure if Rack would be able to see through her invisibility but she was pretty sure that none of the trash could. Still Rack had power and she didn’t need him around the city especially after some of the dealings he had had with her mother. If he was creepy enough to creep out Spike then he had to go as far as she was concerned.

She pulled a crystal out of her pocket and grasped it in her left hand tightly. The door had barely opened when she kicked it as hard as she could off its hinges and into his face. She leaped across the distance, placed her right hand on his chest, and ripped the power from him into the crystal. It was hard not just drinking in the power but she knew just how damn tainted his power was. It would take weeks to clean it before it was usable and even then probably half of it would be useless to her unless she wanted to boost a couple of dark witches. She smiled when he finally died. She glanced around the place, the place was a good idea but it was so soaked in dark magic that it would probably be easier to just start over if she wanted an extra-dimensional house. She smiled as she heard some of the trash in the other room flee for their lives. She spared a few minutes to look over the place for anything worth taking. She grinned happily when she found a number of books that Giles would probably love to get his hands on as well as several magical items that weren’t dark. She smirked as she opened a box filled with cash, “I guess it pays to be a magic pusher.” She collected the money with a smile. She was packing up the dark artifacts in a second box when she remembered something else that should be on her to do list. “I’ll just have to call Rose and have her do it.”


Rose grinned as she heard the doorbell ring. “It’s open.” She smiled as Gabrielle came in, “Hey you made it.”

She looked around the house with amusement, it wasn‘t perfect but it would do. “Yeah, I had a few errands to take care of.”

“Do tell.”

“I got rid of Catherine Madison and Rack.”

She looked worriedly at her sister‘s red hair for any signs of black roots or anything, “You didn’t drain him did you?”

She smiled as she held up the crystal she had stored his power into, “Hell no, I can already boost people and his magic is downright evil. I‘ll work on cleaning it up so I can use it to increase a couple of witches‘ power but really most of it is probably going to be useless.”

“I’m just glad that you’re not going crazier.”

“That’s debatable, so what are you going to do about Angel?”

Rose sighed, “Hell if I know, I was considering just getting him to leave but I’m not sure exactly how to make it stick.”

Gabrielle nodded, “I’ve got some ideas but I don’t think you’ll like it.”

“Probably not, do I even want to know.”

“I captured a vampire; I’ll probably release it on Hank Summers. I figure I can also track down Angel, edit his mind, and get him to go to L.A. to work on things there. That keeps him well away from this world’s version of your aunt.”

Rose nodded, “Alright.”


“He didn’t write, didn’t come to grandma’s funeral, didn’t help Buffy with the bills or anything, he basically wrote them out of his life. If his death helps save the world by freeing Buffy up from needing a normal job then I really don’t care that he dies.”

Gabrielle spent a couple of seconds wondering if it should be Rose on Xander’s shrink couch and not her before deciding that she was probably sane enough. “So do you feel comfortable working on the wards on both of the houses while I deal with our L.A. problem?”

She nodded, “Alright.”

“Good, because I’ve got a bar to visit.”

“A bar?”

“Yeah, I need to track down a demon in order to get another piece of my grand plan.”

Rose shrugged, “Alright, I’ll try to get all of the computer stuff set up and the wards up. Have you checked in with the Rosenbergs yet?”

“Not yet, I was trying to get settled before I worked on that. Not to mention get a bit of practice in with mind magic as I don’t want to damage him overly much.”

“Go have fun in L.A.”

Gabrielle smirked as she pulled her broomstick out of her bag of holding, “Oh I intend to.”

“You’re flying all the way to L.A.?”

“A couple of warming charms and I’ll be fine, besides forty feet in the air there is no traffic and it’s not like they can see me when I’m invisible.”

“Make sure you find a spot to set up a Portkey for there so that we don’t have to fly there again.”

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