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Something About That Boy

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Summary: Xander decides it is time to tell his father a few things. He doesn't count on his Dad's friends being there too.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredMistressTitaniaFR1847,20444524,3633 Nov 1111 Nov 11No

Private Storytime With Dad...

Notes: I’ve gotten a couple comments about how I’m making this fic too slash centered, thank you for reading my fic but my three main pairings are not changing, it will stay Loki/Xander, Coulson/Clint and Steve/Tony. I started this fic because I couldn’t find enough slash Avengers crossovers. Now as to Dawn, Faith, Bruce, Darcy, Natasha and Nick, them I am open to suggestions, either of the hetero, femslash or slash varieties. I was thinking I’ll keep Thor/Jane from the movie but that could change if I get a great suggestion.

Note 2: Another more serious chapter but I wanted scene with just Tony and Xander. It is a little shorter than I was hoping but I think it works. I also hope it isn’t too OOC but I do have a reason for the behavior that will be explained later.

Part 4: Private Storytime with Dad…

No matter what Jarvis said Tony was not hiding in his workshop. Okay, fine, he was hiding in his workshop. But any somewhat sane person would be hiding too after the night Tony’s had. It really was great to see his boy but devastating to find out the horrible life he’d lead. A life that Tony had been completely clueless about until that moment. Tony knew he was generally a self-centered person but this was just inexcusable. And Tony knew it was only going to get worse the more he learned. Once again Tony had no idea how to fix a broken situation.

“Wow, nice workshop, Dad. But I thought you were supposed to be getting some sleep. You had a busy day being a hero from what I hear and saw on the news.”

“Yeah, great, I helped save a lot of strangers. But none of that stuff really matters in the long run does it? Not when I can’t help the people closest to me. Not when they felt they had to keep their ENTIRE life secret from me and I never noticed. Too busy being a big damn hero,” growled Tony, his voice filled with self-loathing.

“Nice, Dad, this is a real healthy way to cope with bad news, sulking in your workshop. I hadn’t wanted to tell you in front of everyone nor had I expected two of my girls to show. But if you are going to be part of my actual life then you’ll have to get use to the chaos that surrounds me. But it is just you and me right now. Let’s talk since you appear to now want to sleep and I know I’ll have nightmares after talking about this shit I’ll answer any question you have. Come at me bro,” sighed Xander.

Tony just raised his eyebrow looking at his son completely not amused.

“Here is another thing you have to learn, Dad. My team quips with the best of them, especially me. I’ve made it my duty to try and crack smiles no matter how tense the situation. I really am sorry I lied to you for so long. I knew eventually the truth would come out. I promise my intention was never to hurt you. As you’ve repeatedly said you hate magic and my world is deeply soaked in magic. Plus for half the time I’ve known you, the company was your life. And so was weapons manufacturing. Which I don’t think is a bad thing, don’t misunderstand me. In fact I’d love to toss around a few weapons ideas for the Avengers with you later. Things that would cover a wider range of bad things in the supernatural community, just in case. But what I’m trying to say is that when I first entered your life it wasn’t really at a good meshing point with mine. And after the disastrous attack on you in the Middle East, well it was still kind of nice to have a place to go where I was normal or could pretend to be normal.” Xander ran a hand through his hair in frustration before sitting on a nearby desk. “Dad, I really want a good relationship with you. I know you are having a hard time but I really have done my best to protect you from a distance too.”

“See, that also upsets me. You are the child; I should be the one protecting you! What good is any of this if I can’t help my son be safe and happy?”

“Dad, you’re mixing apple and oranges with that thinking. And you are thinking in a way that will only lead to failure if you actually live a life like we do. Safety just can’t exist in the way you seem to think it should for me. There are powers that govern the supernatural forces and they like to give my girls, slayers, a really rough time. For most of human history those girls were basically alone in their battle but not anymore. I was a huge a part in changing that and I will not let things slide back. These girls don’t ever get the chance to choose the safe life, Dad. Yet, that doesn’t mean unhappiness is the only result. I’ve had to do a lot of growing-up in the last two years, a lot of maturing. I’ve discovered several things about how I view the world and want to live life. Do you want to hear what I’ve figured out?”

Tony sighed in frustration. Obviously he wasn’t going to win this battle. His son wasn’t going to let himself get locked away in a tower protected from the outside world. The only way this was going to work was to understand his son and maybe reach some sort of compromise that would allow Tony to sleep at night. So taking another deep breath and a sip of hot chocolate that Jarvis had made, Tony nodded his head for Xander to continue.

“Life is messy and always changing, it can’t be controlled. We can try to make the perfect plans but there is always a good chance things will get fucked-up. Now, I can sit and whine, cry and moan, blame everyone in the world but myself for my misery. And what will that get me? I’ll still be miserable and more than likely I’ll eventually be alone because who wants to put-up with someone like that. Or I can look for the good stuff amongst the bad. I can do everything in my power to bring a smile to the ones I love. I can make sure they know I will ALWAYS come for them no matter what. As long as I know I have my friends and family, then nothing else really matters. Besides, my group is always stronger when we work together. The times the bad guys get the drop on us is when we are fighting amongst ourselves over some petty bullshit. I’m far from perfect, I’d still be totally happy to stake Angel and send him to his final death without losing a night of sleep. No, seriously, I would be more than happy to stake that bastard. The same as that it is taking everything I’ve got to not go and castrate Robin. I think I lost where I was going with that,” spoke Xander as he walked over to stand directly in front of Tony. “Please Dad; try to focus on the fact that in this moment I am alive and living with you. I am healthy and happy. I am in love and planning to get married. My past isn’t pretty but it did help shape me. Please, don’t let your hurt and feelings of failure get in the way of our father/son relationship.”

Tony looked up at his son while trying to absorb the words. Shit, his sponsor was going to smack him upside the head for back sliding with his thinking again. Tony stood up and wrapped his arms around Xander hugging him tightly.

“Lex, you make me so very proud that you are my son. Everything about you makes me want to be a better human on this planet. I want to make this whole world better for you. It is an honor that you are finally trusting me with the real you. I love you,” his voice cracked on the last words.

“I love you too, Dad.”

After a moment they pulled themselves together. Xander took a seat on the desk near Tony.

“Is that offer to ask anything still good?”

“Sure, Dad, anything and I promise to be honest.”

“Okay, so why does that hot brunette in leather call you Boytoy? And what is the real story of your adventures stripping? Am I going to have to delete files from the internet?”

Meanwhile upstairs a man smiled before turning off the security monitor screen. He turned around to leave and was startled to see another man in the doorway.

“Everything is good between them, Steve? And of course you won’t mention anything you heard or saw.”

“Yeah, Loki, everything is good between father and son again.”

I managed to get Lanna Banana to hold still why I took a picture of her wearing a Captain America hat as a cape, she is the dog I'm using as a model for Hannibal King.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Something About That Boy" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Nov 11.

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