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Something About That Boy

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Summary: Xander decides it is time to tell his father a few things. He doesn't count on his Dad's friends being there too.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers > Xander-CenteredMistressTitaniaFR1847,20444524,5433 Nov 1111 Nov 11No

Hey Dad...

Notes: Un'Betad...I would love someone who is familiar with Marvel and BtVS.

The Avengers had just gotten back to the mansion after their mission against the latest evil trying to destroy the city. They were mostly uninjured except for some minor bruises. They really just wanted to take hot showers and fall asleep. So it was a bit surprising to open the front door and smell something wonderful coming from the kitchen. Slowly they all entered the kitchen on alert.

"Hey Dad, I wonder when you would be home," said a dark haired young man turning around to reveal an eye patch. "And you have friends. You have friends who are the Avengers. SHIT! Willow told me I should have called first. I'm so sorry!"

"DAD?!" Yelled everyone but Tony Stark.

"Lex, it is fine. You know I always wanted you to consider this place home too. Yeah, I decided to let the Avengers live here for a while."

"Right, sure, fine. Um, it is a good thing I'm used to cooking for a house of teen girls. There is plenty of food. Please sit, I'm sure you are all starving after whatever dastardly bad guy you had to fight."

There were so many questions they had for Tony and his son that nobody knew where to start. They just sat down quietly at the table to watch father/son interact.

"So, Lex, I haven't heard from you in over a year. You couldn't call? email? visit?"

"There isn't great cell reception in parts of Africa. And besides my phone got destroyed on the second kidnapping attempt by the rebels."

"WHAT? Lex, are you okay? Why didn't anyone call me?" Tony was quickly looking over his son for any new injuries.

"Dad, I can take care of myself. Besides, that was they learned quickly you don't mess with Slayer's White Knight," Xander took the biscuits out of the oven and placed them on the table.

Clint started almost choked on his tongue in shock. Just then Agent Phil Coulson entered the kitchen heading over to sit near Clint. He shown-up to debrief the team.

"Harris, lovely as always. Bringing more chaos with you?"

"But of course, my dear Phil. Besides, I had a message from the girls."

"Wait, you know Agent Coulson? And you know my son?" asked Tony very confused.

"He is the White Knight that I heard Fury and you talking about?" asked Clint just as confused.

"Aww, that's so sweet Phil. That Nicky and you gossip about me. Dad, there is a lot I need to tell you. I wasn't really sure you could handle it before but I think I won't have a choice much longer." With that Xander finished placing the food on the table. The Avengers where surprised with the amount of food the young man had made. It really was enough to feed all of them.

"What was the message, Xander?" asked Coulson quickly get a plate of food since he'd had Xander's cooking before.

"Oh, it's not for you," smirked Xander before turning to Clint. "It is for your archer."

"Me?" frowned Clint. "How can you have a message for me? What is it?"

"If you hurt Phil Coulson, physically, mentally or emotionally, I will beat you to death with a shovel and then use it to bury your body where it will never be recovered. A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend," Xander smiled cheerfully as he threatened the Avenger. "And know that if I somehow fail there is a fleet of strong women who adore Phil and will finish the job. Understand?"

"XANDER! You can not threaten a federal agent with death!" panicked Tony.

"A worthy threat to protect a friend. I approve," said Thor slamming his hand down on the table.

Natasha just smirked. Phil blushed heavily. Steve was watching the young man very closely trying to remember why the word 'slayer' sounded familiar.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" growled Clint. He wasn't ready for the Avengers to know about the relationship.

"I am Alexander LaVelle Harris, biological son of Tony Stark. I am known also as the Slayer's White Knight and The-One-Who-Sees. I am a founding member of the New International Council of Watchers. I have fought alongside the oldest living slayer for the last ten years. I stopped counting how many times my team saved the world back in high school, that was at least six. I have spent the last year recruiting newly active slayers from war torn countries around the world. My best friends include the interdimensional key and the Dark Slayer. I was roommates with William the Bloody. I helped defeat the First Evil and destroy the Sunnydale Hellmouth. I faced down Angelus earning his respect. I am favored by Janus, god of Chaos. And in some circles I am considered the widow of Anyanka, vengeance demon over women scorned," taking a deep breath Xander nervously glanced between his father and Thor. "And as of last night, I am engaged to Loki, Son of Odin."

"Oh," squeaked Clint quietly. Phil just reached over and patted Clint's hand.

Natasha just stared at the young man in shock.

Steve just kept glancing between Tony and Xander. It didn't surprise him that the son was as intense of a hero as his father.

Tony simply couldn't handle any of the information and fainted with a loud thud.

"Tell me, young Stark, how did you meet my brother?" Thor had a giant smile on his face. His brother appears to have picked a worthy mate.

"Funny story," giggled Xander nervously. "Apparently he had heard the rumor Anya started that I was like a Viking in the sack and wanted to test me out."

"And?" asked Natasha. This was turning out to be the best day ever. She couldn't wait to fill Fury in on the gossip.

"Um, I wore him out. He proposed the moment he woke-up. I told him to ask again in a year after we tried dating. He did. End of story," shrugged Xander.

Thor, Natasha and Phil laughed.

Steve wondered if maybe somebody should pick Tony off the floor.

"Captain America, can I call you Steve? What are you intentions towards my dad?"

Update: Between my muse and the encouragement from everyone I will be keeping this going. If your curious about my head canon for the fic I did a post on Tumblr.
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