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Xander Comsquare

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Summary: Xander dresses as a different type of soldier and chaos takes a hand

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Literature > Sci-FiOlBearFR181232,77059462,5764 Nov 113 Dec 14No

Chapter Ten

Disclaimer: Btvs characters are owned by J. Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Damon Lathe and ‘Blackcollar’ are owned by Timothy Zahn and Baen publishing. I own nothing but ideas caused by sleep deprivation and overdosing on caffeine and nicotine.

Chapter Ten


With a scream the vampire launched itself across the graveyard, its three compatriots lurking in the shadows of the crypts that dotted the cemetery. The vampires intended victim, a mocha skinned teenage girl who held a machete in one hand and a wooden stake in the other turned and faced her attacker.

Kendra the Slayer, the latest in a long line of young girls called to defend humanity against the vampires and demons that roamed the world waited till the vampire was in mid-air and then, at the last possible moment, she neatly side stepped out of the way

“OOOF!!” The vampire gasped as it landed on the marble tombstone that Kendra had been standing in front of. As it tried to draw unneeded air into its lungs the last thing that the demon felt was the impact of the Slayer’s razor sharp machete on the back of its neck that sliced off its head before the demon infested corpse turned to dust.

For a split second the remaining vampires stood there stunned. Finally one of them pointed at the Slayer. “Get her!!” he shouted and the vampires charged.

Kendra faced the oncoming vampires without flinch. She raised her right arm and brought it down with a blur.

Bzzzzz THUNK!!

The rightmost vampire fell twitching to the ground, Kendra’s machete embedded in its forehead.

Even before the machete had reached its target Kendra was moving. She launched herself into a forward roll to close the distance between her and the vampires. Coming out of the roll on her knees in front of the vampire who had yelled Kendra lashed out with a single punch.

The vampire’s eye’s bulged out and his mouth opened in a silent scream as the punch, powered by the strength of the Slayer crushed his testicles and shattered his pelvis. In almost slow motion the vampire sank to his knees, any thoughts apart from the searing pain in his genitals gone from his mind.

Kendra rose to her feet with pantherish grace and drove ‘Mr Pointy’, her favourite stake, into the vampire’s back, piercing the vampire’s unbeating heart. Ignoring the cloud of dust she advanced to the fourth and last vampire, determined to finish this as quickly as possible.

Just as she closed in on the vampire the clouds that obscured the moon in the sky cleared, allowing Kendra to see the vampire for the first time. The vampire was tall and well-built with a carefully tended head of dark hair and despite herself Kendra let her arm holding ‘Mr Pointy’ drop.

The vampire, not knowing why the Slayer had stopped and not caring immediately took advantage and lashed out with a backhand blow that knocked Kendra to the ground.

“Looks like I get to taste Slayer blood tonight!” The vampire crowed with a thick European accent as he slipped into ‘Game Face’ and closed on Kendra while she struggled to her feet.

Suddenly another voice echoed through the graveyard.

“Stay down child!”

Kendra, who had known and obeyed that voice almost all her life stayed on the ground.


The sound of a shotgun firing both barrels rent the night air and the vampire was hurled back three feet as it caught the buckshot directly in the chest.

Samuel Zabuto, respected local scholar and Watcher to Slayer Kendra stepped out from behind the crypt, a smoking Carriage Gun in his hand.

“Are you alright child?” He asked as he quickly reloaded.

“I’m fine sir.” Kendra answered as she got to her feet.

“Then dispose of the beasts that are left.” Zabuto ordered, quickly scanning the surroundings to make sure there were no more vampires. “We must leave quickly. The local Constabulary may not investigate reports of a brawl but they will come for gunfire.”

Kendra nodded and crossed to where the vampire with her machete embedded in its skull still lay twitching. Placing a foot on its chest she grasped machete’s handle and wrenched it out before decapitating it. Returning to the vampire that Mr Zabuto had shot she noticed that there was smoke coming from the gaping wound. That told her that her Watcher loaded his shells with not only lead shot but wood and stone beads from a blessed Rosary.

Standing over the mewling vampire she looked at its face and paused. For the life of her she couldn’t understand why she had frozen when she first saw its face. Only that when she was able to clearly see its features something about it made her stay her hand and if it hadn’t been for her Watcher she may well have died this night.

She jumped when she heard the voice of her Watcher.

“Finish your duty!” Zabuto ordered, knowing that they had dallied here too long already.

Nodding Kendra readied her stake and plunged it into the vampire’s chest, turning it to dust. With the demon vanquished she quickly checked the surrounding darkness to ensure that there were no witnesses to the fight. Despite what she had seen during her visit to the Hellmouth and her sister Slayer Kendra preferred to work in secret. Satisfied that nothing living or undead was nearby she returned to Mr Zabuto.

Minutes later the pair had left the graveyard and were driving home in Mr Zabuto’s old but immaculately maintained Range Rover. Finally they arrived at the small house they called home.

Getting out of the vehicle Sam turned to his charge. “Go clean yourself up child.” He said brusquely but not unkindly as he reached into the back seat for the bag that contained his own equipment. “And report to my study in an hour.”

Kendra nodded and trotted inside. Sam knew that before she would even think of taking a shower to wash away the dust and muck of fighting she would first check and clean her weapons, ensuring they would be ready for the next time she went on patrol.

Entering his study Sam swiftly stripped and cleaned his shotgun before sitting at his desk to begin his report on the night’s patrol.

Exactly one hour later there was a diffident knock on his door.

“Come in Kendra.” He said, laying down his pen.

The door opened to reveal Kendra dressed in a loose pair of cotton pants and shirt. She silently crossed the room to stand before the desk, hands crossed demurely in front of her.

“So Kendra, what happened with that last vampire tonight?” He asked.

Kendra took a deep breath before answering. “I don know what happened sir.” She said. “I was ready to deal wid de vampire. I knew dat de speed which I took de udders would have it unbalanced but when I saw its face…” She trailed off.

“Go on.” Sam said.

“It’s just dat when I saw its face, something was telling me to wait, dat the vampire could be trusted.” She didn’t say anything else, just lowered her head as she thought about her momentary indecision had allowed the vampire to gain the upper hand.

Sam studied his charge. “Strange I don’t think anything like that has happened before.”

Kendra shook her head. “No sir, never!” She said emphatically.

Sam nodded. “I’m sure it was nothing more than a temporary lapse.” He said. “You have been working very hard these last few months.” Sam paused for a moment before continuing to speak. “To be on the safe side however we’ll conduct a cleansing ritual in the morning.” He then gave Kendra a rare smile. “For now get some rest child.”

Kendra returned her Watcher’s smile with a wider one of her own. “Thank you sir.” She said before leaving the study to retire to her own room.

Alone in his study Sam leant back in his chair. While he had told Kendra that there was nothing to worry about he was concerned. From what Kendra had described it sounded like the vampire had been able to enthral her. But he knew that no vampire, no matter how powerful and skilled they were could take control of someone’s mind so quickly.

He suspected that because of her mission to Sunnydale she had inadvertently absorbed a fragment of the dark energies that were cast out by the Hellmouth which made her more susceptible to the malign influences of vampires. He realised that he shouldn’t have waited so long to ensure that nothing was wrong with his charge. Especially since he knew of Kendra’s parentage.

What made Kendra unique in the history of the Slayer line was the fact that her mother was a Potential who had never been called and her father was the son of a potential as well.

While most Potentials were never called as a Slayer it was extremely rare for the daughters of those uncalled Potentials to be Potentials themselves. The gift or curse, depending on your point of view, that would force a girl to fight vampires and demons for a short time until their inevitable death tended to skip generations.

There was a very good reason why Sam knew so much about Kendra’s parentage. His father, Raymond Zabuto, had been the Watcher to a potential named Madeline, Kendra’s mother and all his life Sam had thought of Madeline as his little sister.

Without thinking of it he opened a drawer in his desk and removed several framed photos, photos he made sure that Kendra would never see. The first was a wedding photo, showing Madeline Zabuto with her new husband Francis Young and Sam standing as Francis’s best man. The second was of a glowing Madeline with two month old Kendra in her arms. The third and final picture was a family photo with a four year old Kendra sitting on her father’s lap and shyly smiling at the camera.

Sam well remembered the terrible day when he found out that while Kendra’s parents were on their way back from a Council mission in Scotland, their car had hit a patch of ice and gone off the road, killing both and leaving their five year old daughter a Potential and an orphan.

It had taken every favour that he was owed to have Kendra assigned to him as his Potential but eventually the Council had relented and sent him his niece. However they had warned him that if she found out that he was her uncle, well, things would go badly with mentions of spells being cast on Kendra that would remove the few memories that she had of her parents.

So to protect his niece and the few memories she had of her parents Sam adopted a firm, hands off approach when dealing with her when all he really wanted to do was give her a hug and tell her that he was her uncle and he loved her.

With a sigh and a shake of his head he put the photos away. Now was not the time to allow himself to get lost in the past. Perhaps one day soon he could tell Kendra about her family but not today. Instead he began the preparations for the cleansing ritual that he would perform in the morning.

As he worked another thought came to him. Slayer Summers had been living on the Hellmouth for nearly two years now. Perhaps what had affected Kendra was also affecting Summers? It was something to consider and who knew what the long term effects of living on an active Hellmouth were on a Slayer?

With preparations complete and several hours till dawn Sam sat back at his desk and picked up his pen. A letter to Dr Giles in Sunnydale may be good idea, just to inform his fellow Watcher of his concerns. Pulling a sheet of paper to him he began to write.

Chase family Estate, Sunnydale

Cordelia Chase was not in the best of moods as she entered her bathroom. There were many reasons for her current mood. The first was that during the last few days she had noticed that the group of female students that she usually hung around with were not as quick to follow her directions as the normally were. Harmony Kendall in particular had even offered several snide remarks about her spending time with ‘The Losers’ in the library.

Despite herself Cordy growled at the thought of even one of her ‘Cordettes’ dissing her. Very soon she would have to show her followers that while a certain level of bitchiness was required to be a Cordette there was a very good reason why she was known as ‘The Queen Bitch of Sunnydale High!’ and Harmony, Aura and the rest of them should best remember that!

But that wasn’t the only problem in her life. Living in Sunnydale, home of the Hellmouth, meant that hardly a week went by without some demon, vampire or something equally ‘icky’ making an appearance. In this case something called a Beozar demon and thanks to Mr Whitmore and his ‘Egg Baby’ assignment half the class had ended up with one of the demon’s offspring attached to their necks.

The demon had been defeated thanks to Buffy Summers throwing a drum of kerosene and a road flare into the lair underneath the school’s basement. But not before Cordy had been tied up and thrown in a closet in the biology lab alongside Willow Rosenberg by Xander Harris.

Which brought her back to the real reason she was so annoyed. Xander Harris.

With one bare foot she checked the temperature of the water in her bath. Almost scalding. Perfect.

Dropping her robe she took a moment to admire her naked body in the floor to ceiling mirror. She blew a kiss at her reflection. She was sexy and she knew it.

Turning away from the mirror she eased herself into her bath, sighing with pleasure as the hot water soaked away the aches and pains her thoughts went back to Xander.

The Dweeb had to pay for forcing her into that closet but how? She considered limiting the make-out sessions they shared in the stacks at the back of the library or in the Janitor’s closet or the gym when they finished the training sessions and Miss Calender had left.

“No that wouldn’t do.” She thought, shaking her head. She enjoyed them too much herself. Just the thought of grabbing Xander and dragging him into an empty classroom had her feeling all tingly inside.

She raised one leg out of the water and absently admired the toned, tanned limb. Then an idea came to her and she started to smirk.

Getting out of the bath she wrapped a towel around her and went into her bedroom, going straight to the large, walk-in closet that covered one wall. Ignoring the designer clothes and shoes she hunted around for a moment till she found what she was looking for.

“Perfect!” She grinned as she held up her prize. “Xander won’t know what to do when he sees this!” The grin then turned to a truly evil smirk when she realised how to make it even better.

Still with the towel wrapped around her Cordy crossed to her bedroom desk and retrieved her phone book. Quickly searching she found the number she was looking for and started dialling. Impatiently she waited as the phone on the other end of the line rang until it was picked up.

“Miss Calender? It’s Cordelia Chase. I wonder if you could do me a favour?”

In the basement of his home Xander looked up from the collection of wires, cables, the power cell he had salvaged from the remains of ‘Robot Ted’ and the industrial laser he had acquired will practicing his infiltration skills at the CDX facility.

“Why do I get the feeling that I should find myself a hole and hide in it for the month?” He thought to himself.

Shrugging he continued working on what he hoped would be another weapon to use against vampires, blissfully unaware of what Cordelia Chase had in store for him.

And on the other side of town a pale skinned, dark haired vampire who was dancing to music only she could hear suddenly stopped.

“Oh those cheeky little minx’s!” Drusilla smirked before snatching up a china faced doll and swirling it around as if it was her dance partner. "They’ll have such fun teasing him Miss Edith! Yes they will! But what will he do in return?” Drusilla giggled as the stars showed her what was in store for Alexander Harris.

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