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Xander Comsquare

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Summary: Xander dresses as a different type of soldier and chaos takes a hand

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Literature > Sci-FiOlBearFR181232,77059462,7754 Nov 113 Dec 14No

Chapter 11

Disclaimer: Btvs characters are owned by J. Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Damon Lathe and ‘Blackcollar’ are owned by Timothy Zahn and Baen publishing. I own nothing but ideas caused by sleep deprivation and overdosing on caffeine and nicotine.

Chapter Eleven

Xander turned the street corner near the school and increased his pace to a sprint. The daily run from his home to the school was part of his training programme which he had started after Halloween. Just having the skills of a Blackcollar wasn’t much good if he didn’t have the fitness to match it.

Coming to a halt at the steps that led into the school Xander checked his watch and grinned. It was his best time yet.

Breathing deeply he looked around and noticed the Beetle belonging to Miss Calendar parked alongside the sporty convertible that Cordy drove in the otherwise empty car park. He frowned at that, normally he was in before either of them. Shrugging his shoulders he headed into the school, if his trainees came in a little early it just meant that they could get in a bit more practice before the school day started.

Walking through the halls he noted that several of the lights had blown. He idly wondered whether some of the lights could be replaced with UV lights. If nothing else it would make it a little harder for vampires to enter the school without consequences. He’d have to talk to Giles about it, surely the Council would have been researching better ways to deal with vampires than a wooden stake in the heart?

Reaching the gym he quickly entered, ready to start another day of training. But any thoughts of martial arts training went right out of his mind when he saw what was waiting for him.

In the centre of the gym was Miss Calender, who was doing some stretches. Specifically she was touching her toes and since she was wearing a pair of running pants Xander got a very good look at her delightful derrière.

“My God you could bounce a quarter of that!” He thought as Miss Calendar raised herself slightly before stretching down again causing the thin fabric of her shorts to become even tighter.

Jenny turned slightly and saw Xander standing in the doorway. Straightening she turned to put herself in profile and smiled at the teenager while raising her arms above her head.

“Good morning Xander. How are you?” She asked.

“I…. I’m good thanks Miss C.” Xander stammered while trying his best to keep his eyes on his computer teacher’s face and not her white T-shirt enclosed breasts.

“I’m looking forward to today’s training.” Jenny offhandedly while at the same time bouncing on the balls of her feet, causing other parts of her anatomy to bounce as well, much to Xander’s delight and dismay.

Whatever answer Xander was going to give her was driven from his mind when the doors to the change rooms swung to reveal Cordelia Chase.

The head cheerleader and acknowledged social queen of Sunnydale High School normally wore sweat pants and T-shirt to training. But this morning she was wearing bike pants and matching sports bra. Very thin bike pants and sports bra that were so tight they looked to be painted on and the bra was at least one size too small which made her normally impressive cleavage something truly magnificent.

“Hey Xander.” Cordy purred as she strutted towards Xander. “I was wondering if you could show me some ‘Submission’ holds this morning?” She asked as she ran a perfectly manicured figure down Xander’s chest.

Xander only gulped in reply.

“I’m going to die! She’s going to kill me!” He thought as he saw the gleam in her eyes. “But what a way to go!!”

Buffy trotted up the stairs to the school nodding in greeting to several other students who were hanging around the entrance. Entering the school she quickly headed towards her locker. She had to smile when she saw her best friend Willow at her own locker.

“Morning Willow.” Buffy said cheerfully as she manipulated the combination lock, taking care not to use too much force. The locks weren’t flimsy but they couldn’t stand up to Slayer strength and getting them replaced was annoying.

Finally opening the locker she started collecting the books that she’d need for the day and then realised that Willow hadn’t answered her.

“Willow, what’s wrong?” She asked with concern.

“Oh nothing’s wrong.” Willow said with a slight start before she grabbed her own books.

Buffy looked at her friend for a moment, realising that something was on Willow’s mind that was distracting her.

“C’mon Will spill! Has Oz finally asked you out on a date?” She asked, silently hoping that the Senior had finally taken the plunge.

A soft smile appeared on Willow’s face at the mention of Oz. She loved the feeling she had in the pit of her tummy when she saw that small smile that appeared on Oz’s face when he saw her at school or at the Bronze when he was playing, but the smile faded as she remembered what was really on her mind.

“No it’s not that, Oz is great and I really like spending time with him.” What she didn’t say was that she thought that if she wanted to go out on a date with the musician she’d have to be the one that asked him out. “I’m just a little concerned about Xander, that’s all. He’s spending a lot of time training and hardly hangs out with us unless it’s in the library or out on patrol.” What she didn’t say was that she didn’t like the fact that now Cordelia and Miss Calender were training with him as well.

Buffy blinked and then realised that Willow was right. Apart from researching in the library and patrols through the graveyards of the town she barely saw Xander.

“Maybe we should talk to him? Let him know that we’d like to spend some more time with our ‘Xander shaped friend’.” She suggested. Looking up at the clock on the wall she realised the time. “C’mon we’d better get to class.”

Willow nodded in agreement and the two students walked down the hall.

“Willow?” Buffy said as they turned into the corridor that led to their first class of the day. “Could I borrow your math book? I didn’t have time to finish the homework last night.”

Willow looked at her friend and let a sly smile appear on her face. “Spending too much time sharing smoochies with Angel last night?” She teased.

Buffy felt herself flush slightly and nodded.

Willow laughed. “Sure Buffy, I’ll give it to you at Home Room.” The hacker and aspiring witch said much to the Slayer’s relief. She didn’t need another detention for failing to do her homework.


None of the postal workers in the Kingston Post Office really noticed the small man wearing a leather jacket and a battered Fedora who wandered through the building.

Stepping aside to allow a harried looking worker to push a trolley of mail bags to past the Balance Demon Whistler made his way to the international sorting room.

Inside he quickly went to the outgoing mail destined for the United States and started searching amongst the envelopes and packages. Finally he found what he was looking for, an envelope made of high quality paper with an address in Sunnydale California written on it.

Putting the envelope into his pocket Whistler left the building. Outside he felt the envelope in his pocket and grimaced.

“The things I do for you Ratbreath.” He muttered to himself. If the letter in his pocket had arrived at its destination there was a good chance that The Powers that Be would be in the market for a new champion.

Maybe the Slayer would forgive Angel for enthralling her if he had a chance to explain why he did it but then again she might it as a betrayal of trust and dust him out of hand.

That was the problem with teenage female humans, you could never tell which way they’d go in stressful situations.

And even if Blondie let Angel’s indiscretion slide there was no guarantee that the Watcher or the new Slayer would be quite so forgiving.

Touching the envelope again, the orders from his bosses was to destroy it but Whistler decided to hang on to it for now. It might come in handy to make sure that Ratbreath toed the line and obeyed the wishes of the Powers.

Looking around he spotted a bar and started walking towards it. They made some excellent rums here in the Caribbean and the demon had a thirst and the best thing was that since he had grabbed the letter so quickly it would be a few days before the Powers that Be had another job for him.


Spike sat in his wheelchair while one of his minions entered the room bearing a large crate in his arms.

“This is the first one boss. The rest should arrive in the next week or so.” The vampire reported, placing the crate on the table in front of his master.

“About bloody time!” Spike snapped. Finding all the pieces of Dru’s present had taken a lot of effort and money but soon the demon known as ‘The Judge’ would once more walk the Earth.

“And then that Bitch of a Slayer will pay for putting me in this wheelchair!” He growled.

Despite appearances Spike wasn’t a fool. He knew that once The Judge started its rampage it would be no more than a matter of days, a week at most before the humans rallied and destroyed the demon with weapons that weren’t even dreamt of when the demon first appeared.

But in the aftermath of the Judge there’d be so much destruction and chaos that he and his love would be able to indulge in their shared passion of blood and slaughter.

Sitting back in his chair Spike let a vicious grin appear as he imagined the Slayer and all her little friends burnt to a crisp by The Judge’s unholy fire.

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