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Xander Comsquare

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Summary: Xander dresses as a different type of soldier and chaos takes a hand

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Literature > Sci-FiOlBearFR181232,77059462,7294 Nov 113 Dec 14No

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: Btvs characters are owned by J. Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Damon Lathe and ‘Blackcollar’ are owned by Timothy Zahn and Baen publishing. I own nothing but ideas caused by sleep deprivation and overdosing on caffeine and nicotine.

Chapter Three

Buffy and Angel walked through the darkened cemetery.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Buffy asked concernedly. Last night Angel had defeated a creature called Eyghon, something that Giles had summoned with his friends in his wild and crazy youth, allowing the demon to possess him after he’d choked Miss Calendar almost to the point of death. Once in his body Eyghon had been no match for Angel’s inner demon and ‘The Dreamwalker’ was no more.

“I’m fine Buffy. To be honest it was the first decent fight my demon has had in years.” The vampire with a soul paused. “Is Miss Calendar alright?”

“She’s recovering so she won’t be at school for a few days. I think she’s a bit mad with Giles though.”

Angel nodded, there was something about the computer teacher and techno-pagan, something about the shape of her face that tugged at the memory of the vampire. He was distracted from his thoughts when he felt Buffy’s slim hand gently grasp the crook of his elbow and the two walked arm in arm for a while.

“By the way, did I see Xander use a Judo throw on Rayne?” Angel asked.

“Oh that’s right, I didn’t tell you.” Buffy chirped. “Xander kept some kind of fighting style from Halloween. Though it didn’t stop that rat from getting away while everyone was distracted.”

“Is he any good?” Angel asked. Harris seemed to make it his goal in life to annoy him at every opportunity. But Angel remembered what the boy was like during Halloween and if the boy was half as good as he was that night Harris might decide to try and take on vampires on his own. Not that he really cared for Xander’s safety, only what his death would mean to Buffy.

“He’s doing Okay and Giles says he’s showing real talent for it.” Buffy said then frowned. She was getting a slight buzz from her ‘Slayer Sense’, as Xander called it but dismissed the feeling. It was probably just because Angel was standing next to her.

Angel nodded. He was about to ask Buffy how her day at school had been when three vampires jumped out from behind a mausoleum and attacked them.

The fight was quick and brutal. Buffy didn’t appreciate vampires interrupting her quality alone time with Angel and took her ire out on them. With the last one dust she tucked her stake back into her jacket.


“I’m fine.” He said, adjusting his coat. “You?”

“No, I chipped a nail.” She pouted, holding up one hand. Buffy looked so damn cute that Angel had an almost overwhelming urge to kiss her senseless. Instead he smiled at her and together the pair walked out of the cemetery, Buffy saying that they should swing by the Bronze just to check that things were Okay there.

Back in the cemetery a vampire cautiously emerged from his hiding place in the bushes and turned off the camcorder he was holding. He’d managed to get the entire fight on tape though he was too far away for the camera’s small microphone to pick up what they were saying. Anyway Spike would be pleased with the footage and hopefully keep him on camera duty instead of trying to go head to head with the Slayer.

Idly swinging the camcorder by its strap he headed in the opposite direction of the Slayer and the traitor Angel. Maybe he’d swing by Lover’s Lane and see if he could grab something to eat before he headed back to the factory. His mouth watered at the thought of feeding on some hormonal teenager. The vampire was so distracted by the thought of blood and mayhem that he didn’t notice that a shadow was following him.

Xander Harris, clad in the Flexarmour that had remained after Halloween crept up to the unsuspecting vampire, his homemade nunchakus held carefully so that the plastic chain didn’t clink. Finally getting close enough he swung, planning to stun the vampire before it realised that it was under attack.

Unfortunately a twig snapped under his foot and the vampire half turned at the last second and instead of cracking his skull the nunchaku baton broke his jaw. Snarling the vampire went into his game face and threw a punch at his attacker.

Xander ducked under the wild haymaker and launched another strike, this time aiming for the vampire’s knees, and was rewarded with a meaty thunk and a squeal of pain. As the vampire stumbled Xander dropped his nunchaku and snatched a stake from his belt and slammed it into the vampire’s chest, turning it into dust and ash.

Giles walked from behind a crypt carrying a crossbow and a crucifix. “Excellent work Xander.” The Watcher said. “From what I saw your speed is close to that of Buffy’s.”

Xander pulled off his battle hood and looked over at the Englishman. “Yeah but I missed on my first strike. If I’d hit it like I planned there wouldn’t have been any fight.” He said as he picked up his nunchakus and regarded the weapon. Hitting a vampire with them definitely worked, but he didn’t like the fact that he’d had to drop them to grab a stake to finish the vampire. Sighing he returned them to their holster, perhaps sharpening the ends would work. It was then that he noticed the camcorder that had been dropped in the fight. Picking it up he switched it on and started the playback.

“Hey Giles, do you think vampires have their own version of ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’? He asked as the small screen came to life. Xander watched the display for a few seconds.

“Oh crap!” He muttered.

“What is it Xander?”

Xander passed the camcorder over to the Watcher. Giles watched the screen for a few seconds. “Bugger!” He cursed.

“This isn’t good.” Giles said as the footage ended. “Vampires filming Buffy while she’s fighting.”

“Yeah, looks like someone, probably Spike, is trying to learn Buffy’s fighting style.” Xander said, shutting down the camcorder. “Either that or he’s doing the whole stalking thing.” Xander paused as he considered what he’d just said. “And I just realised how disturbing that is. Buffy already has one vampire stalker, she doesn’t need another.”

The Watcher nodded in agreement as they walked back to where Giles’s car was parked.

“So how’s Miss Calendar doing?” Xander asked. He liked the computer teacher, she never made him feel stupid when he made a mistake in her class, plus she tended to wear skirts that accentuated her long, smooth legs which Xander never got tired of looking at.

“I’m not sure Xander. I don’t think she wants to talk to me at the moment.” Giles said as he unlocked his car.

The entire affair with Eyghon had been a debacle. His friends Phillip and Deidre dead, Ethan returning to Sunnydale and trying to sacrifice Buffy to save himself and Jenny being possessed by the demon. Only Willow’s brilliant idea of using Angel to battle the demon had saved Jenny’s life.

The thought of Jenny possessed by Eyghon made the Englishman shudder. He hoped that the flowers that he had arranged to be delivered to her home would show her that he truly regretted what had happened.

Xander nodded in understanding and decided to change the subject. “Giles tomorrow I’m telling Buffy that a little bit extra was left behind from Halloween.”

Giles looked at the friend of his Slayer. “Are you sure Xander?”

“Yeah I am. I didn’t tell her about my reflexes at first cause I wasn’t sure I’d keep them. But it’s been over two weeks and they haven’t disappeared. Also the fact that we have to explain why we happened to be out here tonight just in time to stake a vampire who had been making home movies of her.” Xander said as he pulled a jacket on to hide his armour.

“Yes that sounds like a good idea.” Giles said as he got in the driver’s seat. “Get in Xander. I’ll give you a lift home. Even with your new reflexes you don’t want to be walking halfway across town on your own.”

Xander gratefully accepted the offer and got in. seconds later the car puttered out of the parking lot and headed across town.

Spike’s lair

Spike looked at the pile of books and scrolls on the table and turned to Dalton.

“Well is this everything you need?” Spike asked the bookish vampire.

“I think so Boss.” Dalton answered and nervously adjusted his glasses. Spike just rolled his eyes at that. Dalton was a vampire, better than perfect vision was part of the deal, the prat didn’t need to wear glasses. He left the scholarly vampire to his task and walked over to where he’d had multiple TV’s set up.

Dropping a tape into the VCR the screens flickered and then steadied to show Buffy Summers, The Vampire Slayer, fighting a group of vampires. The fight didn’t last long and Spike smirked as he watched Buffy dispatch the last vampire with a wooden sign post when she had lost her stake.

The screens went blank before more footage of Buffy appeared. Spike had nearly an hours’ worth of what he called ‘The Slayer Show’. Not just Buffy patrolling and fighting but also her dancing at The Bronze, being with her friends and researching in the High School Library.

He interrupted his viewing when Drusilla entered the room.

“Dru sweetheart. What are you doing up, you need your rest.” Spike said as his sire and lover drifted around the room. Spike had brought Drusilla to the Hellmouth to try and find a way to heal her. So far he’d had no success.

Finished with the room and finding nothing of interest she went over to stand beside Spike.

“Spike.” Dru said, caressing her childe’s face. “The stars have been talking to me. They’ve been telling me such terribly wonderful things.”

Spike looked down at the vampire and smiled at his ‘Dark Princess’.

“And what did the stars tell you luv?” He asked, snaking an arm around Dru’s slim waist.

The insane vampiress snuggled into Spike’s embrace. “Oh the Trickster, he’s been naughty he has. No Tea and cakes for him. But he doesn’t care.” Drusilla giggled. “The games of the Good, the Bad and the Indifferent have been changed forever they have.”

Suddenly she stopped and pulled away from Spike. “Will you dance with me?” She asked, spinning languidly. “Like we did in Vienna?”

Spike grinned. “Of course we will. Once you’re healed we’ll find us a nice orphanage and you can bathe in the blood of the cute little tykes.” He reached out to grab her again but Drusilla danced away.

“That poor little boy.” Dru sang. “Knows war and death all the way to his blood and bones he does.” She went over to where Dalton was sitting. She seemed to look at what the vampire was working on before removing his glasses. “Silly Billy, thinking these make you smarter.”

Dalton didn’t move a muscle. He knew what Drusilla was capable of when she was in one of her moods. Drusilla put on the glasses and looked around before throwing them on the desk with a maniacal grin. “They won’t help you. You need a key to open the lock.”

Suddenly all the energy seemed to drain out of Drusilla and she staggered. Spike hurried over and held her upright.

“C’mon luv, let’s get you back to bed.”

“Read me a bedtime story, my precious Spike. Please!” She asked, sounding like a little girl.

“Of course I will Poppet. I’ve even got a nice plump runaway for you to snack on.” Spike said, scooping her up and carrying her to their bedchamber.

“Umm yummy. Does she have nice eyes? I love the taste of nice eyes.” Drusilla asked as they left the room.

At the desk Dalton shuddered before pulling a book towards him and getting back to work. The sooner he found what Spike and Drusilla wanted the better. Hanging around those two on the Hellmouth with a Slayer in town wasn’t good for his long term survival.

He frowned as he read the first passage and started to make notes, trying to ignore the shrieks and pleas for mercy that came from the bedroom.

Following morning, library

Willow and Buffy sat there in silence as Xander explained what he was now capable of.

“So last night Giles was willing to see exactly what I could do and we trailed after you and Deadboy.” Xander said, finishing his story.

The two girls looked at each other then turned to Xander and Giles.

“So you’ve had fast reflexes for how long?” Buffy asked.

“Ever since Halloween I think. Though I didn’t realise it till three vampires jumped me.”

“Three vampires?!” Willow squeaked. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine Willow, they didn’t lay a hand on me.” Xander reassured his oldest friend.

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Buffy asked, a little annoyed.

“I didn’t know if it was permanent and with Ford and then Eyghon I couldn’t find the right time.” He said sheepishly.

Buffy looked at Xander. “Just how fast are you now?”

It was Giles who answered. “From what I’ve observed Xander is almost as fast as a minion but not quite at your speed Buffy.”

Buffy nodded. “You and me are going to have a spar soon Xander. I want to know just how good you are.”

Xander leered. “A chance to get hot and sweaty with you Buffy? Wow! It must be my birthday. Just remember Buff, I may be fast but I don’t have your strength or healing.”

“Xander!” Willow said, swatting him on the arm.

“Yes well, now that’s settled there’s something else we found last night.” Giles said. “Xander if you would?”

“On it G-Man.” Xander walked over to the office and rolled out a TV on a trolley and switched it on. “After you and Deadboy left the cemetery last night we found a vampire with a camcorder.” He explained.

The picture on the screen was a little fuzzy before it dropped into focus.

“Hey that’s me!” Buffy said. She watched as herself and Angel took down the vampires with a minimum of fuss. “I didn’t realise I raised my elbow so much when I did a spin kick.”

“Yes Buffy, it’s something you should work on. It leaves your ribs exposed but that is not the point.” Giles said.

“Yeah Giles I get it. Vampires, probably under orders from Spike have been filming me while I patrol. It explains why a couple of times a week I get jumped by vampires in well lit areas.” Buffy said off hand.

Giles blinked then scowled before handing over a ten dollar note to a smirking Xander.

“What?” Buffy asked.

“Sorry Buffy, I said that you’d put all the pieces together within five minutes and Giles thought it would be twenty.” Xander said, pocketing the cash happily. He now had enough money for a decent lunch today.

The Slayer was about to comment on the unfairness of her friends betting on her when the bell rang, marking the start of the new school day.

“C’mon guys let’s go.” Buffy said, collecting her bag. “Xander, you can buy me and Willow an ice cream at lunch.”

“Huh, why would I do that?”

“You kept a secret from us Xander so now you can buy us an ice cream to make up for it.” Buffy declared happily, beside her Willow perked up at the thought of ice cream.

Xander was about to say that there was no need for ice cream when he saw the puppy dog eyes both were shooting at him.

“Fine!” He said. “Chocolate Chip Okay?” The girls nodded happily.

“let’s go see what tortures the teachers are going to inflict on us today.” Xander said as they walked to the door.

“Xander, geometry isn’t that bad.” Willow said as they walked out the door.

End Chapter Three.
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