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A Long Time Ago...

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Summary: Jesse, Xander and Willow had a plan, a promise was made. Now that promise comes to light, and the Powers will never be the same again.

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Star Wars > GeneralSithicusFR1312,109073,7684 Nov 114 Nov 11Yes
Author's Notes: Just a quick note, I'm posting this up as a challenge to my fellow Buffy fan-writers. I've written up this prologue to a truly potentially epic adventure piece, but sadly can not take the time to actually implement it. So I pass the torch on to any authors willing to accept the challenge.

Disclaimer: All characters appearing in this work of fan-fiction belong to their respective creators and NOT (Stupid Typos) the fan-author known by the pen-name Sithicus. All characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to Joss Whedon and crew, it's a rather large grouping of people. Joss was the braintrust, but many others have officially worked in his world and done a bang up job presenting it. The character of God of course belongs to herself. Or himself if you prefer, personally God just makes more sense as a woman. The characters from Star Wars are the property of George Lucas and pretty much only George Lucas, I mean sure he's had helping hands like many film creators, but George was smart and kept all the creative rights to his property. These interpretations of same however have a basis in a different creator's works. Specifically Ralph McQuarrie, famous concept artist forever immortalized by his work on creating conceptualized versions of all the characters from the Star Wars trilogy. PHEW, I think that's everything, please adopt this wonderful little germ of an idea. As I'd sorely love to see it grow.

Janus was stymied, he sat in his realm beyond mortal comprehension and just stared down at the ultimate chaos his ‘supposed’ worshiper had created. He couldn’t figure out just where it had all gone wrong, or how it was even possible that something like this could have even occurred, the spell had been designed to grant the Slayer and her friends a much needed edge in their slow ascent to true power.

The young red-headed potential mystic would be brushed by the touch of magic’s allure, allowing for her to later on master a dangerous and dark spell, this had been his plan all along in order to thwart the machinations of ‘Jasmine’s’ pet flunkies. The Powers that Be were nothing more than pawns of the ancient entity known by many assumed identities, but in truth simply representing the abstract entity of Order. Traveling from dimension to dimension she brought her ‘so-called’ order to the denizens of these hellish dimensions so that she might feed and continue her weeding out of the chaotic undesirables of Free Will.

The brunette male, his often mistaken favorite scion, would gain the necessary knowledge to ensure that the Judge would be destroyed utterly and irrevocably. Allowing such a creature as the Judge to continue existing in any form was simply unacceptable.

The Slayer, the blonde heiress of the gifts of Sineya, would gain knowledge of what it meant to be truly helpless. All that she might reject becoming a willing servant, more like puppet, of the so called Powers that Be.

What none could have foreseen was the promise of the Fallen Friend, the one Janus had swiftly ensured all others would forget, if only so as to avoid the long and often tedious necessity for mortals to grieve the loss of their closest companions. His manipulations unfortunately were not good enough, for the young wild card that was known as Alexander LaVelle Harris had recalled the promise made on his sixth birthday to his fallen friend.

And in so doing had created the mother of all paradoxes, or perhaps it was an inverted temporal bubble, Janus couldn’t be certain. All he knew was that at this very moment Halloween had become the ultimate disaster. And all because he failed to take into consideration the simplest little thing. Gods were never meant to manipulate Free Will to their own ends.

“They never learn.” God chuckled as she observed the events playing out within the dimension of the Slayer.

“This is so cool!” Jesse said as he watched Xander, Willow and his replacement Buffy Summers tearing through an army of vampires gathered by Spike.

“Quite.” God smiled and gently brushed aside the vision of Halloween night from Jesse’s eyes.

“Awww, can’t I see just a little bit more?” he pleaded his creator.

Her smile glowing with hidden mirth God shook her head. “I’m afraid not, the dead should not spend too much time watching over the living. It only leads to trouble in the end.”

Jesse sighed defeated and turned away to go back to his personal reward, grinning with unbridled bliss as he caught sight of his personal harem of Cordelia clones waiting for him. “Ok, well, see ya later, God.” Dashing off he left God alone within her private chambers.

Her laughter shook the very heavens as she turned back to the image playing out before her. “May the Force be With You.”

As the bust of Janus exploded, due to the sudden influx of unusual mystical energies and properties, Ethan Rayne let out a startled yelp of pain and quickly rushed from his store. It exploded not long after from the force of the growing conflagration of newly crafted universal energies.

And in an old warehouse attempting to defend a group of unchanged children from a host of monsters, the effects of the spell literally switched off, almost resulting in a very fatal accident as three teens were transformed back to their original minds, but not their original bodies. Or abilities.

The pristine white armored woman on the right let out a startled yelp and shut her flamethrower off as quickly as possible while the former mini-monster now returned to scared child cowered in fear.

The shorter red-haired woman with the fancy life-support gadgets and protective purple armor slowly lowered her glowing blue blade with a strange and sheepish expression on her face.

And the now bearded brunette man holstered his pistol and snapped off his own glowing blue blade while he touched a hand to his face with some hint of confusion. Frowning slightly he stroked his rapidly grown beard and made a thoughtful sound in his throat.

Popping her helmet off the white armored woman turned slowly to face him. “This is all your fault, Solo!” she shouted in frustrated anger.

“Don’t blame Han, Boba! You’re the one who wanted to try out that costume for a change.” The red-headed woman snapped off her lightsaber and stuck her tongue out at the transformed bounty hunter.

“URGH! Don’t call me, Boba!” she commanded. “I still prefer Buffy, Starkiller.”

The still silent male felt a growing surge of Force energies from somewhere nearby and with a tired sigh turned to face his two companions. “Boba… I mean, Buffy, Willow, I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Willow shuddered as she too recognized the energies being created throughout the universe and expanding to points unknown. “You just had to say it!” she shouted rolling her eyes at Han.

“We’d better get these kids home and then find Giles to ask him what to do about this,” Buffy stated indicating her very real Mandalorian armor.

“Sound advice, bounty hunter.” Han nodded and tugged at his cloak briefly before turning to the still frightened and confused children. “Come, little ones, no need to fret. We are here and we will ensure that nothing bad happens to you.”

“W-Who are you?” a timid girl asked tugging at her princess costume, which had gotten caught in a twisted metal railing.

Gently pulling her free with deft use of the force the unusually attired man offered her a comforting smile. “My name is Han Solo, Jedi Knight and protector of the Hellmouth.”

“I thought Han Solo was a smuggler, not a Jedi,” a brave young boy dressed up like Linus from Charlie Brown said.

“Of course he is, but you see I and my companions aren’t the Jedi you’re familiar with.” Han chuckled as he waved his hand over their eyes and the children soon began to forget the darkness they had been witness or privy too.

“Xander!” Buffy accused whipping her blaster out at him.

“What? Do you want your secret identity to be blown?” he questioned the armor clad Slayer.

“Just, shut up, Solo.” Buffy turned and started marching out of the warehouse. “I’ll go cover the perimeter, hey Angel!” she called to the still silent vampire.


“Go find us some transportation, preferably something big and with four-wheel drive,” Buffy requested before vanishing into the night. An impressive feat for someone dressed in pristine white Mandalorian armor.

Chuckling slightly Xander turned to Willow and for the first time ever suddenly realized just how hot she was, not to mention the fact that she had girly bits. “Attachment is not the Jedi way, attachment is not the Jedi way.”

“Keep telling yourself that, Harris,” Willow said in a teasing tone as she plucked her helmet off and shook out her shorter styled hair.

Sighing Xander clipped his lightsaber to his belt. “So, uh… How do we explain this to the Watcher?”

“What’s to explain? We dressed up as characters from Star Wars and now we have their abilities. It’s simple as that.” Willow shrugged.

Xander shook his head. “No, it isn’t and you know that.” His accusatory tone brought Willow up short.

“What’s that supposed to mean!” She marched up to glare at the slightly taller young man cursing her sudden lack of height. “And how come I shrunk?”

Xander shrugged helplessly. “No idea, but what I meant was quite simple yet still quite complex. We know absolutely nothing about how these characters and their abilities are supposed to interact, we were dressed up as the characters based on those concept sketches Jesse collected when he was younger. I mean, I’m a Jedi Knight, but I’m Han Solo. You went as the female version of Luke Starkiller, not Skywalker, and Buffy… Well let’s just say I hope the Concept Boba Fett wasn’t as evil and out to get me as the actual one was.”

Willow smiled gently and placed a hand against Xander’s cheek. “It’s going to be different, I’m sure, but I bet whatever happens we’ll still manage. We’re still the same people, just… With a little something extra.” As she said those last words she levitated one of the sleeping compliant children.

Xander nodded. “Yeah, it’s not like anyone was dressed up as a villain out there.”

The slow rasping breath of the re-breather filled the lone mansion long since abandoned on Crawford Street. Slowly the man wearing it pulled it up revealing a perfectly ordinary looking face underneath.

“Well, this is unexpected,” he said activating his rich blue lightsaber. And with that Warren Mears, newly christened Dark Lord of the Sith started to laugh.

Personal Challenge to Buffy Fanfiction Authors: As you have just read I have created the first exciting chapter to a brand new story with countless millions of possibilities. Now I ask only that whoever adopts this idea treat it properly and with care.

However, there are a few rules, some strict guidelines as it were, quid pro quo. You know how it is.

ADDENDUM: RULE #0: NO SLASH... Rule #1: This is a Buffy/Star Wars Crossover, but not your typical Buffy/Star Wars Crossover. Try to blend certain cannon elements of the Star Wars mythos into a new and intriguing way. These versions of the characters are basically blank slates for the most part, not OCs mind you, they actually did exist back during the Concept Phase of the Star Wars films. So try to keep their personalities straight.

Rule #2: Alternative Crossovers, such as Stargate or Battlestar Galactica, or hell even Marvel/DC Comics are a possibility, however I’d like the focus to remain mostly on the Star Wars elements with Buffyisms thrown in for good measure.

Rule #3: The following characters are not allowed to be bashed, smashed, crushed, mangled, murdered or tortured, just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean you need to express your hatred of a certain character to the detriment of anyone else. Also I would prefer it if the author taking up the challenge/story after this one-shot has a good style and some idea of where to take it to an ultimate conclusion.

Rule #4: Buffy should be teased constantly with the name Boba, she dressed up in a slightly modified version of Jesse’s planned costume, Concept Boba Fett, complete with pristine White armor, and whatever other features the toy itself possesses. Oh and yes, in case you didn’t know, there exist actual toys of the characters based on their Concept Artwork done by Hasbro. In part this is what inspired me. (I think Concept Art Boba had some sort of reactor in his stomach/abdomen, or a fancy weapon. Make good use of this as it indeed sounds like something that might give Buffy problems.)

Rule #5 Above all have fun, we’re talking about an SW/Buffy cross where Xander is Han Solo, but not the Han you’re looking for. Willow is Luke Starkiller (Possibly Leia, but both the male and female versions of the toy were simply said to be based on the Starkiller Hero character, aka Luke. So yeah, perhaps Luke’s version of her mother, be it Padme or otherwise, just liked the name Luke for a girl.) and Warren Mears is the dread Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader, but not with the same debilitating conditions as our far more well known Anakin/Vader character. The Concept Artwork depicted Vader wearing a pretty similar outfit, but the idea behind the concept involved the fact that Vader used the Re-Breather Mask to travel between the two ships in space and he wasn’t actually some kind of crippled cyborg Sith. (I think.)

Rule #6: All credit for the genesis of this story idea should of course go to me. Now I shall stop rambling on so and leave your percolated little minds to begin plotting potential plots, pitfalls and perils for our precocious prestigious pariahs… (Ran out of P words.)

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "A Long Time Ago...". This story is complete.

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