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When science and magic collide

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Slayage in Eureka". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Nanotechnology and awakening Slayer powers make an interesting mix, as Beverly Barlowe finds out. Throw in her alien ex-boss and things become really messy

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Television > EurekaDmitriFR72012,610076,1055 Nov 119 Nov 11Yes

Chapter 15

Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, except for the OCs.
Note: contains slight spoilers for the official series.

When Jack, Allison, and the others returned from Vince’s back to GD (they were going to hire ‘Andria’ after all and so a certain amount of paperwork was unavoidable), when they were intercepted by Holly and Fargo.

“Hi, guys!” Holly greeted the others. “Grace called, saying Henry’s fine.”

“...That’s great,” Jack said after a brief pause. “What’s with the tinfoil hats?”

“Oh,” Holly looked slightly embarrassed, before turning to Willow, “it’s a funny story. Since you don’t have a resident address here, cousin, we got your mail forwarded to me instead – sorry about that, I didn’t mean-“

“That’s okay, I’m not mad,” Willow said quickly. “So, the hats?”

“Oh! Right! They came by mail! Apparently, a friend of yours, named Faith, heard that you might need them while working, so she sent them here!” Holly paused. “I’m not sure if she’s correct, but... Douglass says that such hats look really good on me!”

“Right, we’re glad to hear this, but can we speak to Fargo now, instead?” Allison asked, as she and Jack went towards the man himself. “It’s about the trip to Titan.”

“Of course it is,” the young man agreed flatly. “These days that all that is my life – the trip to Titan. I like being in charge of GD, I really do, but all that happens these days is a discussion – or a decision – about Titan. It’s annoying!”

“Sorry about that, but we still need to talk,” Jack said firmly. “Is your office available for a private discussion?”

“Sure,” Fargo nodded as he opened the door to it and froze.

He froze for a good reason, as it was invaded by a humanoid with vaguely oriental features, bulging and fish-like eyes, a tentacle in place of one of the arms and a skin, covered in mucus.

“You’re not master Shen, are you?” Jo said, seeing that Fargo, for once, was silent, and Holly was staring silently as well at the intruder as well.

“No, I’m his senior – call me Eduard,” the humanoid said crossly. “Now, which one of you bought the two of them those samosas?”

“Actually, it was Titan’s initiative,” Jack admitted thoughtfully, “and Vince thought that it would be a good business-“

“I see,” Eduard said flatly. “The saddest thing? I know that you’re telling the truth. For someone supposedly so single-minded, Titan can be very determined when food is involved. But that is not the point – why are you hiding Beverly Barlowe?”

“You know what? This is no longer annoying... or ridiculous... or anything else,” Jo snapped. “We’re not hiding her, we’re just not handing her over to a bunch of potential imbeciles with secret agendas!”

“Whom are you calling an imbecile?” Eduard snapped. “I’m a superior being to you, savage!” He snapped his tentacle, spraying mucus.

“Careful,” Andria whispered from her position in the rear, “this stuff is mutagenic, you get too much of it on you and you’ll end up like him, only without tentacles!”

“Acknowledged,” Jack nodded sombrely, “and you, Mr. Eduard, leave. Leave and tell your leader that we’re ready to negotiate with him regarding space travel, do you understand me?”

“I understand. And I will be back,” the humanoid promised, before vanishing in a flash of yel-lowish light.

“...Okay,” Fargo cleaned his glasses, “this was new. Who was this Eduard and what does he want with her?” he pointed to ‘Andria’.

“Don’t bother,” Jo shook her head. “I’ve been trying to persuade her to admit that she’s herself all day long and so far – no luck. Plus a pair of imbeciles who constantly confused her if not with Allison then with a plate of samosas only made it harder.”

“Vince serves samosas? Cool!” Fargo exclaimed, before pausing: “Wait, so where does Eduard come in, and who’s his leader?”

The others, minus Holly, exchanged looks. “Let’s see,” Willow said thoughtfully, “how to explain?”

It was then that Fargo’s computer switched on, revealing a visage of a huge, but misshapen, fish. “Who wanted to talk to me?” The fish’s face didn’t move, but the people in the office felt its’ words in their minds, albeit somehow dimly, as if it was from some distance away from them.

“Uh, us?” Allison suggested quietly. “Listen, why do you care about our space expedition?”

“Because it is the beginning!” the piscine alien ‘spoke’. “Now it is very small, seems like nothing much in all, but in two hundred years plus you will take over the planet and put us into so-called reservations! I travelled through space and time to prevent this, and prevent this I will, even if I have to do this personally!”

“And how will you do this if we’re here and you’re not?” Jack couldn’t help but ask, even though ‘Andria’ gesticulated to him to do otherwise.

“You will see!” the alien replied and switched off.

“That was dumb,” ‘Andria’ exhaled. “Its telepathy has a two-mile range: for it to communicate so with us it must be within two miles of Eureka.”

“Your old hideout, where you tried to send Grant back in time is within that radius,” Jack said after a brief pause. “You’re right, this was dumb.”

“Okay, I’ll try again,” Fargo spoke up, sounding a bit annoyed that he was out of the loop. “What is going on here?”

“Well,” Willow began again, but was interrupted by Henry and Grace who also entered Fargo’s office, their faces oddly blank.

“The leader wants your presence,” Henry droned. “You must come with us!”

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