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When science and magic collide

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Slayage in Eureka". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Nanotechnology and awakening Slayer powers make an interesting mix, as Beverly Barlowe finds out. Throw in her alien ex-boss and things become really messy

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Television > EurekaDmitriFR72012,610076,1065 Nov 119 Nov 11Yes

Chapter 16

Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, except for the OCs.

“Excuse me?” Fargo asked incredulously. “Take us to your leader? What are you, pulling our legs?”

“Oh, for the sake of Mary Magdalene!” Kennedy exploded as she grabbed two more tinfoil hats and put them upon the heads of Grace and Henry. “Does this help?”

Almost immediately, the facial expressions of the pair returned almost with a snap.

“What has happened?” muttered Henry as he rubbed the back of his head. “One moment I’m discussing with Grace my new anti-allergy medicine, the next moment I’ve blanked out.”

“Basically? A native of Titan came to Earth travelling through time and space to prevent us from going there because we might colonize Titan in the future, and it is using mutated minions and telepathy – probably from the old hideout of the Consortium – to do that,” Jack explained both Henry and Fargo.

“Really? Fascinating,” Henry said thoughtfully. “An alien, for real? That I got to see – I may not end up on Titan, you know, and so meeting an alien face to face-“

“It’s a fish – almost like the one in the Simpsons show,” Fargo said crossly, “and I’m not sure that it likes people all that well. The point is, shouldn’t we contact someone to deal with it? I mean,” the young man exhaled, “how exactly should we deal with it? It doesn’t sound very rational, and I don’t really want to shoot it dead either, you know?”

“So, let’s taser it instead!” Jo said brightly. “I really want to taser somebody today! Preferably Beverly – but if she’s not around, then that inscrutable Shen can do too!”

“Point!” Kennedy spoke up. “Are we absolutely sure that the alien is at Consortium’s old hide-out? Can we run some sort of a background check to make sure?”

“You know,” ‘Andria’ spoke up, “I have an idea how to handle this.”

“We’re listening,” Jack said with a sigh.

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