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When science and magic collide

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Slayage in Eureka". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Nanotechnology and awakening Slayer powers make an interesting mix, as Beverly Barlowe finds out. Throw in her alien ex-boss and things become really messy

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Television > EurekaDmitriFR72012,610076,1055 Nov 119 Nov 11Yes


Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.

“Well, that was fun,” Jo muttered some time later, as she and ‘Andria’ were sitting once more at Vince’s, drinking... well, neither cared particularly what, as long as it had alcohol in it. “Darn it, but where was Zane all day? We could’ve really used him... well, I could’ve really used him.”

“Mmm,” ‘Andria’ said noncommittally. She really didn’t want to be alone with Josephine Lupo – now her superior at work or not – but Jack took Allison home to relax, Henry took Grace, and Holly and Fargo (not that she wanted to bond with them) decided to see Willow and Kennedy off – the visitors were helping Riley Finn escort the captured alien and its minions (human or not) to some sort of a military base or facility or whatever, hopefully sufficiently far away from Eureka. (Though, as Jack Carter said it in private, given their luck, it was probably right over in the next town instead.) Admittedly, Holly decided to come along because Riley Finn was around six feet in height and was very proportionate, and Fargo went along because of that reason also – to ensure that Holly didn’t get too carried away or something like that. In any case, that left the two single women on their own, and neither liked it very much.

“Are we bonding?” ‘Andria’ asked noncommittally. “Because if you are, then I have to admit that I’m feeling quite horny myself. Is Zane the only eligible bachelor in this town?”

“The most!” Zane said at a most inconvenient time – Jo turned red and was desperately trying to clear her breathing throat from some misswallowed drink. “Hello, what you two were talking about?”

“You and Graham Miller, and how Josephine thinks that home-grown goodness – that’s you, apparently - is still the best,” ‘Andria’ said flatly.

“That’s for sure, that’s my Zane!” Zoe Carter agreed as she entered Vince’s as well. “Sorry for startling you, but I’ve been calling all day and got nothing but busy signals!”

“Zoe, hi!” Jo said quickly. “How were your studies? And we couldn’t pick up the phone because we were dealing with an alien!”

“Really? A real life alien? From where, Cuba?”

“Try the moons of Jupiter,” Jo replied and began to narrate in a lively tone of voice today’s events.

As she did that, ‘Andria’ made a small, private smile: it was good to be home, free at last.


The End

You have reached the end of "When science and magic collide". This story is complete.

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