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When science and magic collide

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Slayage in Eureka". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Nanotechnology and awakening Slayer powers make an interesting mix, as Beverly Barlowe finds out. Throw in her alien ex-boss and things become really messy

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Television > EurekaDmitriFR72012,610076,1055 Nov 119 Nov 11Yes

Chapter 4

Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to SyFy™...except for the aliens.
Note: contains spoilers for the official series.

When Beverly intended to lie low, she didn’t expect it to be too hard: all of the Consortium’s members had their own, private hide-outs to lie low... just in case. When it came to retaliation, Eureka and their other targets weren’t too big, but they didn’t need to – they had the Pentagon and the rest of US government to do it for them, and the Consortium currently lacked a clone army (or any army really) of their own to counter this sort of enemy... for now.

In any case, at the given moment, Beverly was sitting on the floor of one of her hide-outs, going over her alternate identities, but her heart wasn’t really in it – rather, she was going over the recent events in her life. She had killed two people in all but in name and found it rather sickening. Before today, Beverly had never really thought about people as, well, people, individuals with their own lives and identities... and she had just personally destroyed two of them without breaking a sweat. In some sort of a crazy, emotional, childish way that was wrong.

In vain did the ex-psychiatrist try to tell her that it was for the greater cause...because there was no greater cause for her – not unless she went back to the Consortium and agreed to be a minion to the alien once again...but she had no intention of doing that three times cubed years: working for the alien somehow seemed wrong even before she met it properly...

Beverly’s mental process became completely derailed by that moment and her intuition seemed to say very strongly that she needed to get a new identity ASAP, not so much from her old enemies than from her former allies-

Hmm. That was an idea worth meditating about, and besides, there was that proverb of practicing what one preached, even when it came to psychiatry. Therefore, she just sat down on the floor, formed the lotus poise and began to meditate. Before too long she was fully immersed in her dreamscape. And there-

* * *

“Holly, hi! What are you doing here?” Allison greeted the younger woman.

“Just thinking of taking over this office for my own,” Holly admitted. “Whose was it, incidentally?”

“You know? I’m honestly not sure,” Allison admitted. “I’m looking for Douglass, actually. I think his astronaut tube meals might not be as wholesome as he thinks – they gave me some weird dreams last night.”

“Oh, I know – Douglass had them too: he dreamed that he was a chameleon and I’m his mini-hamster – so sweet! But then Jo Lupo came over complaining of the same problem as you do – she dreamed that she was turning into a blueberry! So weird!”

“Yes, yes it is,” Allison replied to the other woman with a smile. “Anyways, uh, are you doing something that’ll solve that problem?”

“Oh yes, Isaac is going over it with Douglass right now!” Holly said, still brightly.

“Mmm, and what do you think about it?” Allison asked, aware that lately Isaac seemed to have become Douglass Fargo’s personal rival or something along those lines.

“Oh, I think that they’re being very silly, but then again, all men are. I’m not cousin Willow, to foreswear all men for good, but still...”

“You have a cousin?” Allison asked, curiously: she and Holly never had much of a chance to chat in private before about their families.

“Yes,” Holly nodded solemnly. “Uncle Ira, aunt Sheila and cousin Willow. Cousin Willow’s as smart as I’m, but she was never interested in rocket science, more in computers and she never cared to make it big as I have.” Holly’s smile faltered a bit. “Considering that she’s in a steady relationship – even with a girl – and has many friends around her age, I cannot help but wonder if she really is the smart one in this generation.”

“Holly, come on, you have friends,” Allison said gently, feeling uncomfortable – she may’ve been a doctor, but one who dealt in physical ailments, not psychological issues. “We’re your friends, aren’t we?”

“Yes, well, it’s not quite the same,” Holly admitted. “You, people at the GD are my friends, but my first real friends, and that’s just weird. Plus my parents are suggesting that it is time for me to get married – Dr. Blake? You all right?”

“Just sleepy,” Allison admitted with a yawn. “After that crazy dream woke me up this morning, Jenna woke me up less than an hour later and wouldn’t go to sleep for the next two hours. It’s exhausting. Maybe I should take up my mother’s offer and send Jenna and Kevin over to her, sometime in the future...” Allison trailed away as she could just sense Holly’s next question:

“Um, Dr. Blake? What it’s like being a parent?”

“Well-“ before Allison could reply to Holly’s hesitant questions, another yawn came from her mouth and her exhaustion from the sleepless night/morning overpowered her and she fell asleep.

* * *

The apartment complex was decisively Spartan in its settings, with minimal furniture and a small computer and a modem on a table – as far as Allison could see, at any rate. There were three or four doors leading out of the room, but only one was open, so Allison went there.

‘There’ was a short corridor, leading to a meditation chamber and it was occupied.

By Beverly Barlowe who was meditating in there.

“You!” Allison exhaled. “Once could be just a bad dream, but twice? That’s pushing it!”

With a grace that was unseen before in the ex-psychiatrist Beverly got onto her feet and glared at Allison with equal irritation. “You! What are you doing here? This is my happy place, get out!”

“I would if I knew how!” Allison snapped back, ignoring the fact that the other woman wasn’t behaving like she usually did – smugly and self-importantly. “I don’t even want to be in your happy place!”

“Then you can leave!” Beverly snapped, grabbing Allison by the wrist and half-dragging half-leading her to another door. “The way out is that way-“ she half-opened that door, saw something that made her pale and snapped it shut. “Then again, not even you deserve this, so you can stay here-“

“Bull!” Allison snapped as she walked over to the exit and opened it herself. “Whatever’s out there cannot be as bad as you-“

Allison trailed away as she came face to... snout with a giant, multieyed, mutant fish that had tentacles instead of fins with which it grabbed Allison by the sleeves and began to pull her towards its rasping mouth.

“Help me!” Allison yelled as the mutant fish appeared to grow bigger and stronger as it drew Allison ever closer. “Somebody!”

“If this is my mindscape, this means that the alien can invade minds,” Beverly was thinking, meanwhile. “However, somehow he seems to have gotten Allison instead. Do I want her to get eaten?”

Something stirred in her chest, something white and hot and comforting, and Beverly realized to her surprise that no, she did not. Therefore, she looked around, grabbed a pair of pictures (bought at a garage sale along with their frames) and flung them with her new strength at the alien’s eyes. One missed, but the other scored a direct hit, and the alien didn’t like it at all: it flung Allison away and emitted such a cry that Beverly...

...woke from her meditation with the knowledge the she had to leave, and to leave soon. Moving at an adrenaline-fuelled pace, she dug through her fake I.D.s until she made her choice.

“There. And now to implement my new strategy: Eureka, hometown, here I come!”

The walls of her apartment shook with laughter, but this laughter was somehow different: not malicious, more like... desperate.

* * *

“Whoa!” Allison woke up with a start. She was lying on a cot in the same office, but Holly was gone, apparently to give her some privacy. Good, for Fargo wouldn’t have, and right now Allison really wanted some privacy.

Had Barlowe did something to her? It was possible, but somehow things didn’t add up: both times when Allison had dreamed her up, the other woman seemed more upset to see her than vice versa, and not to mention the giant squid-fish that showed up in this dream.

“I need to go and check my nervous system,” Allison told to myself. “Back there, on the highway – Beverly’s goon might’ve infected me with something aimed to drive me mad. But I won’t go down – Jack and the kids are counting on me!” With those words she left.

Several moments later Holly looked into the room and her own face was concerned. “Dr. Blake is acting weird,” she muttered to herself. “When people are starting to act weird... time to call cousin Willow! Cousin Willow, here you come!”

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