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When science and magic collide

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Slayage in Eureka". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Nanotechnology and awakening Slayer powers make an interesting mix, as Beverly Barlowe finds out. Throw in her alien ex-boss and things become really messy

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Television > EurekaDmitriFR72012,610076,1065 Nov 119 Nov 11Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, except for the aliens...
Note: contains spoilers for the official series.

When she was offered to join the Consortium, Beverly Barlowe never in her life expected to meet there her first alien – and in the hindsight, though she never admitted it, not even to herself, she could’ve probably lived as a better, perhaps even happier person, without that meeting.

The alien is roughly man-sized, but that’s the only thing humane about it. The alien, not to put a too fine point on it, resembles nothing more than a giant – man-sized – Australian lungfish whose head and jaws are just shaped wrong (and there are too many eyes) and whose limbs are neither fins nor tentacles but both at the same time.

Of course, being a renowned (in an infamous sort of way, unfortunately) psychiatrist, Beverly knew that appearances were deceiving, and that an alien from beyond the asteroid belt had a right to look however it wanted because it was still an alien, but during her decades of secondary working for the Consortium Beverly did become somewhat...complacent in her dealings with the Consortium’s leader.

And then the Consortium’s plants in Eureka leaked information that Douglass Fargo and the others had successfully (though accidentally) flown to Titan, a moon of Jupiter. That got a reaction from the Consortium’s leader, and not a very good one: it became agitated. When the alien be-came agitated, people sometimes died, sometimes changed in strange or alien (pun intended) ways – including people who, in Beverly’s opinion, were probably better off alive or as their regular selves.

Beverly never intended to be a hero or a leader – okay, she sort of did, but under far happier circumstances than when she walked to the Consortium’s alien leader as it was about to spew its mutating slime and order its bodyguards to do something disturbing – but she walked up to it, looked eyes to eyes with to the alien (something that was strongly advised against by the senior human members of the Consortium) and said:

“Sir, please relax and withhold your wrath: I have a plan to infiltrate GD and find out what they have accumulated about Titan.”

Her reward was her first telepathic contact with the alien and it was an out of the world experience (though not exactly a good one).

I see your plan, Beverly Barlowe, and by your human standards it’s a good one, the alien burbled, though the Old One whom you’ve coerced into donating nanotechnology has her own agenda. Nevertheless, if the plan fails, it is on your head, not mine, so be it! – And thus Beverly gained the alien’s approval as well as the various reactions of the Consortium’s other human members – but that was then.

Now, Beverly was about to start taking over Allison Blake’s brain using some very complex nanotechnology, and things weren’t going quite according to plan.

* * *

Usually, whenever Allison Blake would go to sleep, she would have good dreams, dreams that she liked – about Jack Carter, and Kevin, and Jenna – their family. In her dreams, Kevin would play with Jenna - despite their age difference – and she and Jack would watch over them while running various household tasks (working at GD is very prestigious, but sometimes Allison just wanted a break from GD, even in her dreams).

Normally, this situation would be just fine, but this time there was something else: a cold, alien gaze that seemed to be drilling twin holes in her back. Allison did not like this gaze at all, and so she desperately and purposefully sought the owner of this gaze – until she found her in the back rooms of their house, in the back rooms that even Allison did not know about – and that gaze belonged to Beverly Barlowe, who’d been encountered by Allison under foggy and obscure circumstances only a brief while ago.

“You!” Beverly Barlowe didn’t look as smug as she had last time – rather it looked like someone had spat on her father’s grave before her eyes. “You’re Allison Blake! You got a doctorate in medical science! You have one of the highest positions in GD and you’re dreaming of this?”

“Yes, well, Barlowe, not everybody is as concerned with power and prestige as you are!” Allison shot back. “And I remember now – just what did you do to me on that highway?”

Instead of replying, Barlowe’s costume began to transform into some sort of a mechanical web that reared up and out, ready to strike at Allison. But as it did, the door behind Allison’s was flung wide, and in flooded a wall of warm, white light.

“Are you ready to be strong?” the light seemed to whisper even as it flooded the back rooms.

“Yes,” muttered Allison, feeling completely confused: was this a dream, a reality, or something in between?

“Yes!” yelled – or rather wailed – Beverly, even as her mutant clothing lashed out at the light, trying to merge it. “Allison Blake apparently already has her heart’s desire, she doesn’t need more – I do!”

The mutant clothing struck the white light; there was a flash of lightning and a crackle of thunder...

...And Allison Blake woke up.

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