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5 Evil That Flirted With Tony Stark

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Summary: Five times an evil/morally grey person flirted with Tony Stark that he did not want and one time he did not mind.

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MistressTitaniaFR1562,347149,5795 Nov 115 Nov 11Yes

2. Harold Saxon, aka The Master (Doctor Who)

Tony hated these boring stuffy fundraiser events at the White House. He would much rather just write a check and be done.

“Are you an alien? Because you abducted my heart. Really, it is only fair that I abduct your body in exchange,” giggled Harold Saxon while placing his hand on Tony’s low back.

“Prime Minister Saxon, are you feeling okay?” Tony tried to remain calm about having a drunk married male world leader hitting on him.

“I’m feeling great but you feel even better.” And with that Harold Saxon, aka The Master, squeezed Tony’s ass and left his hand there.

“SIR! Your married,” squeaked out Tony.

“She doesn’t mind. Would you like her to join us?”

“Mr.Stark, sir, I need to debrief you on that weapons testing from this afternoon,” using his ninja like skills appeared Agent Coulson just when Tony could use a save.

“Agent Coulson, of course! I would be more than happy too,” for once Tony Stark was happy with Agent Coulson’s strict debriefing behavior.

“Mmm, I’d like to debrief you, Tony,” whispered The Master in Tony’s ear. “Shoo, go away, Agent Whatever, he’ll talk with you later. Busy now.”

“I’m sorry, sir. But I need Mr.Stark right now.”

“Do you know who I am?”

“Yes, sir, I do.”

“I do not think you really do,” Harold, aka The Master, paused long enough to give the Agent a hard look.

“No, sir, I do. And if you don’t want me making a certain phone call to a certain Doctor a few months early then I suggest you let me leave with Mr.Stark right now. I care more about my team, even Stark, than some dumb fight between exes. Or I could skip him and just call the female doctor.”

The Master quickly let go of Tony’s ass while going very pale.

“Glad you understand. Have a good evening, sir.” Agent Coulson quickly shuffled Tony Stark out of the room.

“Coulson, what was that about?”

“Your security isn’t high enough.”

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