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5 Evil That Flirted With Tony Stark

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Summary: Five times an evil/morally grey person flirted with Tony Stark that he did not want and one time he did not mind.

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MistressTitaniaFR1562,347149,5785 Nov 115 Nov 11Yes

1. Justin Hammer (Iron Man 2)

Warning: CRACK! (I’m hoping good crack but still crack). Also, I’ve read so many fics where Loki is one of Tony’s parents it is head canon now. There I think that is all my excuses for the following fic. Multi-crossovers, along with het & slash too.

Disclaimer: I don't own Marvel or any of the other fandoms nor am I making any money from this. If I did own them there would be a lot more GLBT Superheroes.

“Look, it is my good friend, Tony Stark! How are you this evening?” slurred a slightly drunk Justin Hammer as he threw his arm around Tony's waist.

“Justin, it is terrific as always to see you,” growled Tony while trying to dislodge the arm.

“We should have a merger.”

“No, I think the companies are doing just fine the way they are.”

“I wasn’t talking about the companies,” spoke Justin as he leaned into Tony wiggling his eyebrows.

Tony stared at him in horror while also trying to keep his dinner down.

“Sir, Mr.Stark, there is an emergency call in your office.”

“Thank you, Natalie. Sorry, Justin, must run. But enjoy the party,” quickly Tony slipped away with Natalie/Natasha at his heels. “Thanks for the save.”

“No problem. I got a picture first. I can’t wait to show Clint.”

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