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A Long and Winding Road

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Summary: Xander's Roadtrip during the Summer wasn't as innocent as he pretended it to be. Thanks to the manipulations of the Grandmaster, now we can see just what Xander saw.

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Xander-CenteredSithicusFR1513,2851113,7876 Nov 116 Nov 11No
Author's Notes: Set in my Contest of Champions Verse, there was too much to reveal in simple flashbacks for the next chapter of Symbiosis Mysticana, so have a Prequel Adventure instead.

Main Characters to Appear:
Xander Harris
Pamela Isley AC (Alternateverse Interpretation Character)
Dracula Lord of the Vampires
Peter Parker/Spider-Man
Assorted Rogues Gallery Cameos/Main Villain Secret for Now.

Disclaimer: Everybody belongs to other people, Joss owns the Buffyverse, a certain Cameo character in this story owns everything Spider-Man/Marvel Comics. I'm just borrowing them to play with for a while. NOTE! Although the character of Pamela Isley is a DC character, her appearance in this story is based on a semi-OC ified version of a Marvel Universe Counterpart, one who may or may not turn out to be a danger to our intrepid anti-hero Xander. Therefore the character, while sharing the name of a famous DC comics character neither belongs to or is actually the same. Nor would she be consdiered 'Official' property of Marvel Comics. But at the same time I'm not sure how to classify her, is she OC, AC as I posted above or something completely without classification? Ah well, either way, just to be safe I don't claim ownership of her either. That is all.

Got as far as a little place called Oxnard, until the engine fell out of my car, and that’s literally. Then I had to work for a month and a half as a dishwasher at the Fabulous Ladies Night Strip Club, until one night one of the strippers called in sick, and no force in this universe can make me divulge that story.

Xander had said good bye to his friends and to a lesser extent his family, though his mom and dad didn’t give a flying pig what he was doing for the summer, they just wanted him gone while they moved his room into the basement and squandered their lives away. Now he was heading for his rendezvous.

True he’d claimed that he was going on a road trip to see all fifty states, but that was a carefully conceived cover. Instead, as he pulled into the parking lot of Sunnydale International, he briefly thought back to what he was really going to do.

Three years ago he’d stumbled onto a book in Russian with the information in it to create a powerful formula, some sort of strength enhancer that the zoo keeper had briefly toyed with before going in for the whole predatory act thing. At the time he hadn’t realized it was in Russian, but after a few years of researching languages on the side he’d figured it out. Now he just needed someone fluent to help him really figure out the thing.

Parking the piece of shit junker Uncle Rory had tried to pawn off on him he reached behind him in the backseat for his two bits of luggage and then left the car behind him, with the keys still in the ignition. Let some other poor sucker deal with the rusted out engine from hell, it was just a good thing that he wasn’t a total dunce like his Uncle thought he was.

Entering the international airport, which none of the Scoobies had ever been to as a rule, kind of hard to deal with vampires in such a crowded place actually. He walked up to the nearest reception desk and offered a big friendly smile to the woman behind the counter.

“Hello, how may we help you today, sir?”

“Hello… Judy, I have a reservation for flight six one six to New York, under the name Alexander Harris.” Xander smiled and reached into his wallet.

Judy turned to the computer briefly and smiled back. “That will be fifteen hundred seventy-three dollars for the ticket, sir,” she said as she turned back to him.

“Yeowtch.” Xander sighed, of course it would be expensive. He was just lucky that he’d done a little crypt raiding in the past three years, how else was he supposed to save up any cash to take a flight non-stop to New York. “Here you go, Judy.” Xander passed her the necessary payment and waited as she processed it.

“Here you are, Mister Harris, you’ll be boarding at gate twenty-eight. Have a pleasant trip.” Judy passed Xander the ticket.

Xander’s eyes twinkled as he took it and headed over to the baggage check place. “I certainly hope to,” he told Judy before leaving. “Now I’ve got two whole months to figure out what this formula can do, and maybe catch a few of the spandex clad heroines in the act. Ummmm, purely as a professional interest of course and who am I talking to?”

Into ever generation she is born the chosen one, destined to fight the vampires, the demons and all of the forces of Hell. She is the Slayer.
Alexander Harris Goes Marvel: Issue #1 For Him the Belle Toils

Empire State University was one of the preeminent universities in the country, and featured a large campus in Greenwich Village. Many of the world’s top scientists and even a good number of its leading Super Heroes and Villains attended the university at some point in their lives. It was also the destination of one Alexander LaVelle Harris from Sunnydale, California. He intended to meet up with one of the students there which he’d been in correspondence with over the journal in question he’d come to possess.

Pamela Annabelle Isley strode gracefully out of the college cafeteria after a quiet lunch, living in the city nearby had its advantages as the campus was left open to her for some of her graduate work during the summer. At six feet three inches she was one of the most beautiful women on campus, or so she kept telling herself, with long luxurious red hair and smooth alabaster skin the woman had no trouble finding a date.

When she was looking. At the moment though she was focusing more on her thesis concerning the zoological and her personal interest, the phytological side of things and their preservation in the world at large. Some of her fellow classmates thought she was a bit too obsessed with plants for her own good, considering her roommate complained every other day about the growing green house she’d created in their little apartment.

Pamela could care less what she thought, if she wanted to succeed with her studies and get a promising job she needed that green house and all it entailed. She was especially interested in the special Wakandan herb said to grant the powers of the Black Panther to its royal bloodline. The small heart shaped herb only grew in the African nation and was carefully guarded from the outside world due to their xenophobic nature.

Although T’Challa, the current ruler of Wakanda, was a bit more open with the outside world in general and was attempting to get his people to understand that isolationism wasn’t healthy for a society in the long run.

Pulling out her notebook from her bag, Pamela carefully thumbed through it to today’s date. She was finished with her work for the day so far, all she had to do was meet up with Professor Mears to check up on the progress of her babies, the hybrids she was attempting to cross-pollinate. After that, she had the rest of the day to herself until that evening when the flight of her contact in California was due to arrive.

Smiling briefly she wondered what she could possibly do to help out some local high school graduate from California deal with. Whatever it was it couldn’t be that important, but he’d sounded so cute over the phone, she’d decided to humor the young man. Pamela was confident that she could help him out quickly and get back to her work, there was nothing at all that would keep her from her work, not even if Thor himself were to suddenly drop by and ask her to join him on a date.

With a brief smile the pale looking man emerged into the sunlight and observed from a distance the many people milling about the city, some on their way to work, others dealing with their own meaningless little lives.

The mystic seers had revealed to him that someone important, a grand player, was arriving in this city soon and would be involved with events of seemingly great import before this year was out. That of course was not enough for the man known once as Vlad Tepes Dracul, the current lord of the vampires strode unafraid down the busy sunny street and made his way towards another of the mystical hot spots within the city. On his left ring finger was a small unassuming gold band with a green jewel inlaid within.

Dracula knew that something important was destined to happen here and whoever this catalyst was that would trigger it, he vowed to ensure that he would be on his side in the coming years, the war against the Demon-Kin, the blood demons which infected and took over the bodies of the damned would soon be upon them. Primitive creatures pretending at being vampyr, such presumptuous ones had their uses, but the rest of the true vampire community was beginning to grow impatient with their lords callous approach to dealing with the lesser sect. A war was inevitable, Dracula knew this, hence why he was constantly employing his mystic seers to keep track of those who would aid him in his inevitable battles against the Demon-Kin.

And also why he kept up the charade that the little unassuming ring on his finger was nothing more than a cheap bauble, but he alone knew that it was oh so much more. Arriving at his destination Dracula’s mouth split open in another smile, as soon as he saw his quarry he would recognize him, it was just a shame that the seers couldn’t have been more specific. But that’s what happens when most of the good seers were snapped up by that uncouth law firm and enslaved to their whims. Mores the pity.

The flight proved uneventful as Xander arrived in the spandex capital of the world, heroes and villains of every shape and size had sprung up since the nineteen sixties. Even before that in some cases, Xander knew his world history, enough to know and respect the name Captain America.

However if he wanted answers, although some of the more well known scientific minded heroes might be willing, ultimately they’d ask far too many questions that he just didn’t feel like addressing at the moment. So he’d hooked up online with a campus cutie, or at least that’s what their user name had claimed them to be. Xander was determined to what? Use the formula? He still wasn’t quite sure why he was being compelled to seek out assistance in working with this formula, all he knew for sure was that he needed to do this.

So it was that Xander found himself here, in New York City, prepared to meet with a college student who was at least three years his senior, possibly more. All she’d said to him was that she was in her twenties. Making his way over to where he could claim his baggage he hoped privately to himself that none of his bags had been lost in transit, he only had so much clothes on him after all, thanks in part to not wanting to bring loads and loads of luggage along. New York had Laundromats just as much as any big city.

Slowly Xander glanced around, looking to see if perhaps he’d recognize his contact, what he saw instead were loads and loads of people bustling around going to and from the gates. It was all rather crowded.

A camera flash blinded him in his left eye and Xander let out a startled yelp, he’d been so busy paying attention to stuff across the room he hadn’t noticed the small entourage approaching from the left.

“This way, miss Watson.” The photographer that had blinded Xander grinned as he aimed his camera nearby.

“I believe that’s Mrs. She’s married to that one guy isn’t she?” one of the reporters asked.

Xander muttered under his breath about inconsiderate journalists and quickly made his exit. “Cripes this place is busier than LAX and full with more celebrities, if that’s even possible.”

“Whoa there, sonny, better watch your step,” an elderly man warned.

Xander glanced up to see that he’d almost run into a man who looked to be in his eighties, wearing glasses and a frumpy looking security uniform. “Whoops, sorry, sir.”

The man laughed. “That’s quite alright, I see you’ve gotten your bags just find. Did you need some directions?”

Xander smiled. “No, that’s ok, I’m just looking for someone. She said she’d meet me near my arrival flight’s gate.”

The security guard nodded. “Ok, well if I see a pretty woman looking for her handsome knight I’ll direct her your way,” he said with a wink.

Xander chuckled slightly as the security guard turned to leave. “Thanks, Mister Lee.” He wasn’t sure if Lee was the guy’s last or first name, but considering his nametag read S. Lee it was probably safe to assume it was his last name.

The security guard smiled and vanished into the hustle of the crowd.

“Not more than two minutes here and already I’ve bumped into Miss Broadway over there and almost had a run in with local security, my luck sure is the same no matter where I wind up.” Xander sighed and spotted a free seat near the pay T-Vs, rushing over to it in hopes of snagging it he jostled against someone in a large trench coat. Xander didn’t even bother to say anything, the person wearing the trench coat had a tail, darting away from him or her before he got into any more trouble he managed to score the seat. “Even New York has demons, unless that was a mutant, but knowing my luck… And again who am I talking to? Yeesh I’m getting as bad as Mayor Wilkins and his stupid monologues.”

Xander waited for half an hour before someone finally arrived that fit the description of the person he’d been looking to meet up with. She was a gorgeous looking red head dressed in a tight green blouse and matching earth toned skirt, her legs went all the way up and her chest. Xander had to physically slap himself to prevent droolage.

The woman smiled. “Mister Harris?”

“Is me, I mean… Uh, Xander Harris, a pleasure to have you. Can we pretend that didn’t just come out of my mouth?” Grinning sheepishly, his cheeks flushing with embarrassment and teenage hormones, despite being eighteen. Xander held out his hand in greeting.

Laughing smartly the woman shook hands. “Pamela Annabelle Isley, a pleasure to meet you too.”

Xander blinked several times. “Um, not to sound like a complete nerd or total spaz, but. Are you aware that your name is like, dangerously close to being a really bad joke?”

Pamela smirked slightly. “My parents were unaware of it when they gave it to me.”

“Just so long as you know it” Xander smiled.

Pamela nodded. “Trust me I’ve heard it all before, doubly so now that I’ve gone for my major in the study of Phytology.”

Xander shook his head and he adopted a goofy grin. “Ah comic books. Who says you can’t learn anything from them?”

Pamela laughed once again. “Shall we head off somewhere to discuss your reasons for seeking me out?”

Xander grinned and gave a nod. Picking up his suitcase he waved his arm towards the airport exit. “Lead the way, miss Ivy,” he teased.

Pamela swatted his arm playfully. “If we’re going to carry the joke so far, who should I call you? You don’t strike me as the caped vigilante sort.”

Xander offered a half-bow. “True, so just call me Xander. If it’s all the same with you, Pam,” Xander said.

Pam eyed him briefly sensing he wasn’t telling her everything for whatever reason. Silently she led him out to her car, soon she’d be able to sate her curiosity over this mysterious request her ‘pen pal’ had for her. But in the meantime she’d just have to settle for being in the presence of a hunky younger man.

Twisting in agonized pain she let out a cry of despair and fear, trembling she reached out for a companion that was no longer there. She had left him, she remembered now, she had left him and not for the reasons he had thought. Rising slowly from the bed within the boarded up warehouse she’d managed to find the insane vampire known as Drusilla rose to her feet and reached for Miss Edith to try and comfort the pressure within her head.

Drusilla had no luck. Wailing in despair she tossed the doll aside hearing it crack as it hit the floor, turning to her current victim she lunged ripping into her neck and draining her further of blood. It did not help either. “My Spike has gone and left me, daddy is no more fun and grandmum has died. Left all alone, Miss Edith, I can’t stop the stars from screaming at me. My head, it hurts it does, he is here! He stalks my kitten and he will destroy him if I do not act, but how? I can not save the kitten from the lion I shall fade away forgotten, turned to dust, but Grandmum needs me still she does. It is not yet time for me to dance off to the party for all the good little demons. What am I to do? Can no one tell me what I should do?”

A single clap could be heard startling her from her twisted thoughts. Turning Drusilla found a stranger in her home, and her eyes lit up with sudden delight.

“A very interesting bit of information, my dear, Drusilla.” Moving further into the visible light of the room Dracula broke into a wide smile. “Now tell me, who is this kitten? And who is the lion?”

Drusilla giggled with delight as her mood suddenly shifted and she swayed softly past the corpse of her recent feed. “My lord,” she cooed. “With your help we shall save the kitten, the kitten is the one you are looking for. He is brave, he is all white and noble, he is a hunter he is. From the Hellmouth.” She shuddered slightly at the last word.

“Ah, a hunter from Sunnydale, interesting.” Dracula frowned slightly. “But then who is the lion? Surely not another hunter.”

Drusilla screamed and raised a hand, her nails outstretched to scratch Dracula. He caught her arm preventing the attack. “The lion thinks he knows, but he doesn’t, he hasn’t got a clue. He leaps and dances through the air, can I fly if I’m a good girl and eat all my crumpets?”

Dracula sighed, he really should have just killed her all those years ago, but Drusilla was a powerful seer, even if Angelus had turned her into a living embodiment of dementia. She had many uses, for one of her breed. “The lion, Dru, does he have a name?”

Drusilla giggled again and snatched a spider from the air. “He does, two names. The itsy bitsy spider climbed up the water spout, down came the rain and washed the spider out, out came the sun and dried up all the rain. Then the itsy bitsy spider climbed up the spout again. Silly little spider, you should stay in the shadows where your prey won’t notice you,” Drusilla scolded before letting the insect go.

“A spider.” Dracula said suddenly realizing. “Surely you don’t mean.”

Drusilla laughed again and started to dance. “He hasn’t noticed the kitten yet, but soon he will. The kitten’s found himself some ivy to play with, careful though kitten, ivy is as poisonous as ivy can be.” She howled with laughter at some private joke and skipped back to bed.

Dracula frowned. “It would seem that I shall need to keep a close eye on our arachnid empowered friend. For the hunter I am seeking to aid in my purging of the lesser breed will soon become entangled with him.” Dracula nodded to himself and turned to leave.

Drusilla let out a sigh as she closed her eyes. “Finally I can sleep now. My kitten will be safe.”

“Oh yes, Drusilla, your kitten will be safe. At least as long as I still need him,” Dracula whispered his eyes shining with a dangerous edge.

To Be Continued…

The End?

You have reached the end of "A Long and Winding Road" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Nov 11.

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