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Not Your Usual Dawn-Napping

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Summary: Dawn just went out to get snacks. She didn't expect to wake up strapped to a bed in a government facility.*My computer kicked the bucket... of bolts! On hold. Dammit!*

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Stargate > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Daniel JacksonmelluseneFR2146,847010713,4818 Nov 1117 May 12No

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Prologue: Realization

Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or Stargate SG-1.

Time-line: After Season 7 Buffy. The prologue takes place about halfway through Season 5 for SG-1.

Prologue: Realization

     Dawn came to with a wince. Her head felt like it had the morning after her 21st birthday, almost two years ago now. And she felt the pressure and dizziness that always accompanied a concussion. She hadn’t had many over the years, three tops, but she still recognized the feeling.

     She heard beeping and shuffling. People talking. Behind her eyelids the light was bright. That harsh glow you knew came from utilitarian florescent bulbs. Her mouth was dry, but also had a coppery tang to it. Like there had been blood in her mouth.

    Her body ached like she had just finished training with Buffy, or Faith. Or that one time when she was 17 and she had been kidnapped by fledglings, and they beat her up when she was unconscious so she wouldn’t be able to get away. What they had against tying her to a chair, or locking her in a room like everyone else she didn’t know. Bastards.

    Dawn wiggled her body subtly to asses the situation further. Shit! That hurt! She was strapped down with restraints. From what she could tell they were the leather kind, lined with fluff to keep the patient from being injured. You know the kind in hospitals. She sniffed delicately at the air. The smell of antiseptic, alcohol, blood, and industrially cleaned linens assaulted her nose.

    Son of a bitch! Was she in some random hospital? Strapped to a bed? She determined that she would have to open her eyes next, and see where she was.

    It was bright, way too bright. It took her several seconds, and a couple of tries to get her eyes open, and focused.

    She was strapped to a table. She was naked. There was only a sheet covering her modesty. The walls looked like concrete, and there were no windows. There was a damp feeling, and a cool smell that indicated that she was underground.

    There was a large open space around the table she was on, and a huge light that came down from the ceiling on a giant arm was turned off, and folded to the side. There were machines around her head. A heart monitor, a pulse ox, and IV pump. There were others but she either couldn’t see them, or didn’t know what they were.

    She now noticed that she had electrodes attached to her. On her forehead, and behind her ears. On her chest, and there were a couple on her arms, and legs too. She had an IV stuck into her left arm. It was thoroughly strapped to her arm. She was cold.

    There were doctors. Or at least she thought they were doctors, all around her. There were other people too. Nurses, and orderlies maybe? She also noticed armed guards at the door she could barely see opposite the foot of her bed. That wasn’t good. Hospitals didn’t have armed guards in military uniforms. She heard a voice rise above the others. It was deep and loud with arrogance and authority. She looked over and saw a man in a suit. His appearance screamed politician. ‘This just keeps getting better and better’, she thought.

    She could hear her heart monitor speed up. Dammit! She was trying to stay calm, but this was just not a normal situation for her! She was usually kidnapped by some demon or other to get to her sister. Vampires, Warlocks, Witches she could handle. She had been trained to handle.

    With the frequency of her kidnappings, Buffy, Faith, Willow, Xander, and Giles had worked very hard to teach her how to survive. How to fight back. She was good enough to hold her own against certain Demons, and Vampires now. Join the fight when she went patrolling with Slayers and Watchers. She was a Watcher in her own right now, and she helped with research, patrolling, and training. Her brain was certainly more than her brawn, but she was a competent fighter. And she could do basic spells now too. Location spells, a few Healing spells, and she could chant a necessary ritual to get rid of the latest Big Bad with the best of them. Even a spell to make her location easier to find when Willow did a location spell to find her.

    But Military, and Politicians? She was way out of her league on this one! What in the hell would the Government want with her? If they needed something from the SWCI, they had liaisons to talk to. There were treaties in place to prevent the Government, any Government, from interfering in SWCI business. Or even moving against them in what could be considered a hostile, or interfering manner.

    Dawn relaxed back on the table and closed her eyes. She didn’t want to bring attention to herself. She tried to breath evenly and calm her heartbeat. While she did this, she started listening intently to the conversation going on around her.

    “…beaten to a pulp will delay testing, you idiots! She was supposed to be brought in unharmed,” said an angry male, oddly accented, voice.

    “It’s not like we had a choice Doc?! She fought like a rabid animal! We had to put nine bullets in the girl that was with her in order for the bitch to stay down! She killed three of my men before we put her down!” said a coarse voice. Also male.

    Dawn choked back a sob. Anna had been with her. She remembered that now. They had been going on a late night doughnut and coffee run for the slayer house in Denver. They were having a troubling Demon problem, and Dawn had flown in from Cleveland to help research. Anna had been fifteen years old. She was a bubbly slayer from England, and she was doing her 3 year post initial training internship at the Denver house as a mini slayer. She had two and a half years of practical training to go before she got the title of a fully trained Slayer, and got her first solo assignment.

    Dawn remembered now. A black van came out of nowhere, and pulled up beside them on the side walk. Men in black had flowed out like ants, armed to the teeth with firearms, and attacked them. The coffee and donuts flew through the air, as the girls threw what they were holding at their assailants to distract them while they armed themselves. The coffee scalded the two men it hit, and they screamed in pain. Anna was shot once before the real fight even started. Dawn had screamed in rage, and attacked the bastards that had dared to shoot a slayer under her care. It was in the unwritten rule book. Shooting a slayer just wasn’t done. Shooting, what was for all intents and purposes in that moment, her slayer was unforgivable. She had fought like a savage, no mercy in her movements. She drew a blade from her wrist sheath and slashed and stabbed till blood was flowing, and she was finally beaten down.  She didn’t care that they were human. They were fighting to kill, and so would she. Now that she knew Anna was dead, they would all die, if it was the last thing she ever did.

    She remembered seeing Anna fighting. The men kept shooting her, but she didn’t stop. Dawn remembered the feral beauty of the girl as she fought with everything in her. She had taken the hint from Dawn, and fought to kill. Anna killed three men, and took down two more. Dawn killed two, and several more felt the sting of her blade. She remembered there being nine of them, and maybe a driver. These weren’t regular Army either. She knew they were Spec Ops, otherwise none of them would have stood a chance against a Slayer, even a mini, and a seasoned Watcher.

    “Really, Major?” came the angry, accented, voice of what she thought must be the head Doctor. “It took nine bullets to kill her, and you didn’t think we might be interested in her corpse?”

    “Look Doc,” said the ‘Major’ “I lost five of my men, and three more are in critical condition. I didn’t exactly have time to scoop up another corpse. And that bitch on the table killed two of my men on her own, you can’t expect me not to give her a good thrashing for that!”

    “That is exactly what I expected!” shouted the Doc. “You were given specific orders that the subject was not to be harmed! If you and your men couldn’t handle it, that’s on you! You’d think with all the training you all went through you could manage to grab one little girl without harming the merchandise!”

    ‘Subject? Merchandise?’ This wasn’t sounding good for her.

    “Now, now, gentlemen,” came a slimy voice. The politician. “Let’s just relax. We got the target, and we should focus back on the project. Major, I think we’ve heard enough. You may go.”

    “Yes, Senator Kinsey,” said the Major briskly. He left with the one member of his unit that was still standing.

    Senator Kinsey? Dawn didn’t recognize the name, but she made a note of it in her head. When this was over, and she escaped, she needed to have as many names and details as possible to track down those responsible, and see them punished.

    Senator Kinsey put his hand on the doctor’s shoulder in a placating gesture. “Now, what can I do to help get this project back on track Dr. Keffler? Me and my associates are eager to see a return on our investment.”

    “Nothing,” came the accented voice again. ‘Dr. Keffler,’ Dawn thought, adding his name to the black list in her head. “I have everything I need. I will get started right away!”

    “I’ll leave you to it then,” said Senator Kinsey. He walked away with several men in dark suits following him.

    “Let’s get to work,” said Dr. Keffler. The people left in the room converged on the table Dawn was strapped to. One of them reached up to the light above her bed, extended the arm so it was directly over her, and turned it on. The light was blindingly bright. Her heart beat skyrocketed. She couldn’t control it anymore. She was terrified. “Oh!” said the doctor with apparent delight. “You are awake! Splendid! That means you are not too badly hurt, and we can get straight to work!”

    “Stay away from me,” growled Dawn lowly. “Let me go, or I’ll see you dead. I swear it!”

    The doctor chuckled. “Now, what’s a little thing like you going to do to me, hmm?” he asked skeptically, as he smirked down at her cruelly. Dawn wasn’t ‘little.’ She was only a couple inches shy of six feet, and she had the muscles necessary to survive in her line of work. Sure, she was pretty helpless right now, but if she so much as got a hand free, she would kill this douche where he stood.

    “It’s not me you should be worried about,” Dawn said in a cold voice. “When my sister finds out what you’ve done, she’ll come for me. When my father finds out what you’ve done, he’s likely to start World War III. You’re already dead, you just don’t know it yet.” Giles was the closest thing to a father that she had anymore, and he was on top of all the political goings on and treaties involved with the SWCI. When he found out that the US had broken the treaties, again, all hell was going to break loose. Every other country that had signed the treaty would be within their legal rights, and indeed their obligations, to declare war on the US when they found out. There were more countries signed on the SWCI treaties than any other treaty, or conglomeration in history. Almost literally, every other country in the world would be within rights to declare war.

    Dawn had voted for President Hayes too. How could he sanction something like this?! He had to know. Didn’t he?

    “Tsk, tsk,” mocked Dr. Keffler. “You are far from home now, little one. There is no one here to save you,” and, with an evil look on his face, he swept off the sheet covering her modesty, and began his testing.



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