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Summary: My 3 Buffyverse drabbles for the 882 Drabble Project

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Drabble Three: Angel Invest

Drabble Three
Character(s): Angel, Cordelia, Wesley

“Are you sure this is cursed? It doesn’t feel cursed…” Cordelia said, flipping the coin into the air.

“Yes, I’m sure – Cordelia, stop that! – It’s right here in Kyrnof’s Compendium – Why are you biting it?!”

“To see if it’s real gold.” Cordy shrugged. “I saw it in a movie.”

“Yes, well.” Wesley removed his glasses and rubbed at his eyes. “Usually the coins in question aren’t cursed to make people undead!”

“Like a vampire?” Angel asked from the depths of his brooding area.

“No, like a zombie,” Wes said.

Cordy spat it out. “Why didn’t you say that!”

“I did!”

The End

You have reached the end of "Drabblefest". This story is complete.

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