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I Did It My Way

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Summary: “You did this to her, Hank,” the demon said, watching as Joyce slid into place over the crib. “All I asked was that I wasn’t interrupted. No one would’ve gotten hurt.”

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Chapter Thirteen

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July 14, 2006

Four days after their meeting with the Winchesters, Buffy and Faith stopped by the Roadhouse. “Hey, Ellen,” they chorused as they walked in.

Ellen smiled at the girls from the bar and pulled out a beer each from the cooler. She placed it in front of their usual stools as the girls approached the bar. “Hey, girls. How’ve you been?”

Buffy and Faith took their beer. Buffy twisted off the cap and took a swallow, shrugging at the same time. “We met the Winchesters, all three of them.”

“Huh. That must’ve been fun,” Ellen said, thinking of John’s reputation. “I wasn’t aware that the boys found their father.”

Faith snorted. “I don’t think they did find him. I think he found them. He was was after the Colt and Buffy beat him to it.”

“The Colt?” Jo said, stopping as she walked by to give orders to her mother. “The gun that kills anything?”

“Unless there’s another one,” Buffy said. “He wanted it so he could kill Azazel. Guess no one informed him that he’s my kill.”

Faith exchanged glances with the two Harvelles. “He’s got as much right to kill him as you do.”

Buffy shrugged, uncaring. “Do you have a hunt for us, Ellen?”

“As a matter of fact, I do.There’s strange things happening at a carnival in Omaha. Here’s all we’ve got on it at the moment,” Ellen said, handing over a folder a half inch thick.

Buffy and Faith skimmed through it. “We’ll take it,” Buffy said, closing the folder and getting to her feet.

“Good luck!” Ellen called as the two left.


“What are we going to do?” Sam said as he paced his and Dean’s motel room. “Meg has Dad!”

“I know!” Dean said sharply. He took a deep breath, running his fingers through his hair. “I know,” he repeated more calmly, “but we’re not prepared to deal with her right now. We need help.”

“Buffy and Faith?”

Dean shook his head. He wasn’t entirely sure if he trusted the Summers sisters yet. He hadn’t known them long enough. “Bobby. He’ll know what to do.”


Buffy and Faith stopped in Lincoln for the night. There was a sudden pressure in her gut, heavy and unyielding. “Do you feel that?” Buffy asked as the two walked into their motel room.

Faith put her bag on her bed. “Yeah. I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything so powerful. We should find out what it is.”

Buffy nodded and Faith grabbed her keys. The two headed out of the motel and back into Faith’s Mustang. An hour later, they drove into the parking lot of a warehouse on the other side of town. The powerful being was in there.

There were a few other cars in the parking lot, and some on either side of the street. The street itself was grungy, reflective of the buildings on either side of it. Behind the two cars across from the warehouse was a big truck that looked vaguely familiar, but Buffy couldn’t place it.

Buffy and Faith got out of the car. The brunette handed the blonde a stake and a knife, which the blonde accepted. Buffy placed her weapons in their respective places, in her sleeve and in her belt as the two made their way to the warehouse door. They didn’t get that far.

They had barely made it to the sidewalk when the door opened and two figures walked out supporting a third. As they drew closer, Buffy could tell that a blonde woman and a brunet man were supporting another burnet man, one that looked familiar. The slumped figure was the one emitting the power that Buffy and Faith had felt from across town. As the three got closer, Buffy sucked in a sharp breath. The slumped man was John Winchester.

John stiffened suddenly when the three were a few yards from the parking lot. The two on either side of him helped him gain his feet, then backed off, leaving him to stand on his own. John took one trembling step forward, and stopped as Buffy walked up to meet him, Faith trailing behind. “Buffy. I wan’t expecting you, but this is a great surprise. I’ve wanted to meet you in person for a while now.”

Buffy froze mid-step, barely keeping the horror out of her eyes. She looked up into the face of John Winchester. Everything was the same, except for one thing. His blue eyes were now a bright, deep, yellow. “You’re not John Winchester. You’re Azazel.”


Azazel laughed. “I knew you were quick. You keep impressing me.”

“Happy to please,” Buffy said, sticking her hands in her back pockets. She caught Faith’s eye for a brief second and brought three fingers out of her left pocket and made a small circle with them. Faith nodded as Buffy continued talking. “Why are you here? After twenty years, why now?”

Azazel smirked and the two demons on either side of him chuckled. “Now, now, I’m not just going to spill my secrets, but because you asked so nicely, I’ll let you in on one of them. You and the other children are part of a bigger purpose. Throughout the past twenty years, over four hundred of them have died. There are seventy of you left and the finals begin soon and there’s only one rule: survive. You will see me again.” Azazel and his two minions started walking toward Buffy.

Buffy backed up a step for each that Azazel took until she was beside Faith. “We’re not letting you leave, now while you’re in John, at least,” Faith said, chin raised stubbornly.

Azazel laughed coldly. “You have no feelings for the man. Why should you care that I’ve got him?”

Faith sneered at him. “I’m not going to spill all my secrets to you, not even if you ask nicely.” Faith said mockingly. “Now get outta him!”

Azazel advanced and this time Buffy and Faith stood their ground. “Afraid of me?”

Faith shook her head. “Just waiting.” Azazel took a final step and he was finally where he needed to be. “Strenuus diabolus laqueus!” The three demons looked down, horrified, when they discovered they couldn’t move forward.

Buffy grinned. “Gotcha!”


Bobby looked tiredly at the Winchester brothers as they finished their story. Only two others had given him as many headaches as they had. God forbid if the Summers’s ever met the Winchesters. “Are you sure he’s in trouble?”

Sam and Dean nodded. “Meg’s got him and she’s pissed. She said we might never see him again.”

“He shouldn’t have ever gone in alone,” Sam said.

Dean opened his mouth to say something, but was interrupted by the crunch of gravel as a vehicle pulled into Bobby’s driveway. The Toyota Tundra pulled in beside the Impala and a man got out, heading for the door.

When Bobby saw who it was, he closed his eyes in exasperation. Someone up there had it in for him. “Yo, Singer! Can I get some supplies?” Hank Summers had arrived.


Azazel stared at his feet in worry. The trap pulsed a deep red and prevented him from using any of his considerable power. “What did you do?” he growled, his voice low and dangerous.

It was Faith’s turn to smirk. “You don’t know? It’s a little magic the Council came up with. It’s original use was for protection so that Slayers could save the innocent from demons like you. It fell out of practice, however, when Hunters and Slayers had their big falling out. A friend of ours rediscovered it recently and it’s easy to cast. There’s only one ingredient.” Faith held up her knife. The blade was red. “Slayer blood. It’s what creates the traps, you see, and it’s why they’re so powerful.”

“You didn’t have the jump on us, you weren’t counting on us, you weren’t prepared for us,” Buffy said, “and because of us, you’re going to have to postpone your plans a little. See you when you get out of Hell.”

Buffy and Faith backed up so they could see all three demons and began chanting. “Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus . . .”


Ten minutes later, the three possessed victims were sprawled out on the parking lot. Buffy tried to catch the blonde woman and barely made it in time. Faith had immediately pulled out her cell phone and dialed 911. “They’re on their way,” Faith said as Buffy adjusted the blonde woman.

The blonde woman coughed up blood as John regained consciousness. “A year,” the woman said struggling to get every word out. “It’s been a year and the Winchesters didn’t notice.”

Buffy and Faith exchanged glances. They hadn’t been able to detect possessions until recently. How many had they neglected to save?

“Where am I?” John said as he sat up. He took in his surroundings and recognized the warehouse he had been blackmailed into going into. He also recognized Buffy and Faith, the latter of which was checking the pulse of the man on his right. “What’s going on?”

“We’re saving your ass, Winchester,” Buffy said.

Faith looked down at the woman in Buffy’s arms. “I don’t think she’s going to make it. You both were possessed.” John shut his gaping mouth, his question answered.

“My boys! I need to let them know I’m alright!” John tried to push himself to his feet.

“First, you need to worry about you,” Faith said, forcing him back into a sitting position. She gave him a cursory exam. “You’re fine, nothing broken.”

John nodded absently. “What about the others?”

Faith answered. “He’s dead,” she said, nodding to the man’s body, “and she’s nearly there.”

“How did you know we were possessed?”

Buffy shrugged. “When I was younger, my dad’s Slayer was killed by your kind of demon. We tried to save Sam’s girlfriend and realized we were dreadfully unmatched. Giles has given us every smoke demon case he could find. We practiced on them with tools that Giles gave us."

John opened his mouth to reply by chose not to when the white and red ambulance came into view. The paramedics jumped out and rushed over to the small group in the parking lot. Buffy and Faith slowly got out of the way and watched them work.


“This demon threatened your friends, so your dad bought a fake gun to take to Lincoln, letting the two of you stay here with the real gun to fight off Azazel. Is that right?” Hank said.

Dean nodded, looking worried, then repeated what he told Bobby. “We got a call this morning saying we’re never going to see him again.”

Hank nodded and began to pace the living room, deep in thought. Three pairs of eyes watched him move about the room. Hank stopped suddenly and smacked his forehead, startling Dean, Sam, and Bobby. He pulled out his phone and pressed a button as he raised it to his ear. “Buffy?”


“Hey Dad, what’s up?” Buffy said, in lieu of a proper greeting. “Have you reached Bobby’s yet?

“Yep, and he has two worried house guests.”

“Tell them they can stop worrying. He’s safe. We’ve got him.”

“Will do.”

Buffy hung up and turned to Faith. “Is he out of the clinic yet?”

Faith nodded. “Got out a minute ago. His physician took him to the pharmacy to get some meds. He’s going to be okay.”

“And the other two?”

“The man, one Thomas Hilton, was DOA. The woman, Meg Masters, is in a medically induced coma. Apparently she fell from a building, five to ten stories according to the surgeons. She’s lucky she even made it to the hospital on time,” Faith said. “The hospital’s going to contact her family, just in case.”

“That poor girl,” Buffy said.

“We’re free to go.” The girls looked up. John Winchester was limping toward them, a bag of pills in one hand and a cane in the other. “Meg’s on her own now.”

Buffy and Faith stood up and joined John as he left, throwing out the remains of their bad hospital coffee.


All four of the men in the Singer house let out a sigh of relief when the sound of crunching gravel reached their ears the next afternoon. The silver Mustang glided to a halt beside the Tundra and three people got out. Hank pulled Buffy, then Faith into a hug when he reached the car, but it was the third person that got the most attention.

John was pulled into a tight embrace by both of his sons. Sam was too tired to berate his father for the scare and Dean was just happy that John hadn’t gotten seriously hurt. “If there is ever anything that we can do for you, you let us know. You’ve saved my father, and you gave us a tool to kill Yellow-Eyes, which is more than we could ever ask of strangers. Whatever you need, it’s yours.”

Hank clapped Dean on the back as John and Sam nodded their agreement. “I hope we’ll never have to take you up on it, but thank you all the same.”

Bobby left the two families to catch each other up on what they have been doing to make dinner and set up three additional sleeping places. Both families would be staying the night, leaving sometime the next morning.


None of the Winchesters heard anything from the Summers’s until the middle of September. Faith asked for a meeting and Sam and Dean agreed to meet her at a motel in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

When they got there, Faith, Hank and an unfamiliar man were waiting for them. “Where’s Buffy?” Sam asked.

Faith shrugged. “I don’t know. She’s missing.”

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