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High School is Hell

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Summary: Sam and Dean Winchester (Supernatural) go to Sunnydale.

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Supernatural > Multiple PairingsdeanzchevygirlFR1867,054022,94411 Nov 1112 Nov 11No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Chapter 2

Sam came barreling through door into the house.

“Dean?!?! Dean!!! Deeeaannn!!!!!!!!”

“For the love of God, what Sammy?”

“Don’t call me Sammy. Something weird’s going on here. And don’t you roll your eyes at me. I am sure this time.”

Really???? You’re sure this time? Like when you were sure your English teacher in Des Moines was a ghoul? Or how about when you swore the principal in North Dakota was a shapeshifter? Or how about, my personal favorite, when you decided the girl you took to the dance last year in Ohio was a siren?”

Sam hangs his head as he flushes bright red at the last one because, yeah, that had been embarrassing…

“But this time I know there is something going on. I just don’t know what it is yet. These kids in the library today were definitely up to something,” comes Sam’s reply.

“Sam, we are NOT doing this again. There is NOTHING going on here.”

“Really, nothing going on? Then why did that girl follow me all the way here?” Sam asks as he pulls the curtain aside and points out the living room window. Dean follows where he points and sees a petite blond seeming to casually walk past the house.

Sam continues on, “Her name is Buffy; she was one of the kids from the library today. She’s followed me all the way from school.”

“Damn it Sam! I know she’s hot but what the hell were you thinking letting her follow you here? You know better than that bullshit!”

“I tried to lose her,” was Sam’s quite reply.

Dean whips his head around to look at Sam. He narrows his eyes as he studies Sam’s face. Sam raises his eyebrows, cocks his head to the left and returns the stare. Dean finally turns back to look out the window. Buffy has stopped walking and is surveying the house.

“What do you mean, ‘you tried to lose her’?” Dean finally asks.

“I mean I used every trick I know: I doubled back, I cut through a crowd downtown, at one point I outright ran—she never faltered.”

Dean continues to watch Buffy, until she notices him watching her. A flicker of hazel eyes, a flash of a smile and she turns to walk away. Dean turns back to Sam.

“Tell me everything.”


“There’s definitely something weird about that new kid,” Buffy announces as she walks back into the library.

Four heads turn in her direction.

“Do you think he is connected to the demon?” asks Giles.

“I don’t know, but he knew I was following him. He almost lost me in a crowd downtown.”

“It is very odd, him turning up just as a demon begins wreaking havoc here. Maybe he summoned it?”

“No, he can’t be evil; he’s too nice,” pipes up Willow. “He was all sweet and ‘aw shucks’ and held the door for me going to class. Aren’t evil things supposed to be like…evil?”

The look on Buffy’s face has Willow scrambling to make up for her slip.

“I didn’t mean it like that…I just meant…well I meant…”

“I know Wil, it’s just…it’s ok…just forget about it.”

“Well, we need to know more about them, think you could get into the house tonight?” asks Giles.

“I don’t know Giles, but there was someone else there at the house with him; a guy, older. Think it might have been his brother and they saw me for sure. But they didn’t try to stop me or follow me back, which is kind of weird itself.”

“We definitely need some more information, and then we need to try to track down this demon whatever it is,” Giles replies.

“So, no luck on that front?”

“Xander found something about a subset of chaos demons that preys on lust, but I have to check a source at my house to be sure.”

“Ok, so I’ll go see if I can get in the house, then I’m going to patrol.”

“We’ll come with you, Buffy,” Xander chimes in.

Buffy starts to tell him no, but the determined set of his jaw lets her know that will be a wasted argument, so she replies with, “Okay, let’s go.”


It had grown dark while she waited, hidden across the street. Finally, Sam and the other guy had walked out of the house, climbed into an old black car, and left. Ten minutes later Buffy was climbing through a window at the back of the small, rundown house. Pulling herself through the window into the dark room her foot hits something and she falls into a pile on the floor. ‘So much for my stealthy entry, ’ she thinks to herself.

She stands up, pulls a flashlight out of her jacket pocket and looks around. She is in a tiny bedroom. A twin bed takes up all of one wall, still unmade from the morning. A dresser and desk consume most of the remaining space. Clothes are strewn in piles around the room, and a backpack is at the foot of the bed. ‘This must be Sam’s room.’ She quickly looks through the back pack and finds only books and notebooks; nothing unusual.

Turning around to see what she had slipped on she looks at the window. A white powder is spread out in a line across the window, with a good amount now knocked around the room. ‘What the hell is that?’ She reaches to the line still left on the window sill. ‘Salt? Who spreads salt around a bedroom?’ She pinches up a sample to take to Willow to make sure it is just salt.

Buffy makes her way through the rest of house. Nothing seems particularly out of the ordinary until she enters the last bedroom. A stack of demonology and occult books is on the floor and the entirety of one wall is covered in newspaper clippings what have been tacked to the wall. Scribbled writing and sticky notes cover the clippings. Buffy moves closer and sees the clippings all relate to people who have gone missing over the last few months a few towns over. Buffy grabs a few clippings off the wall and makes a quick exit out the back window. She sprints across the back yard and cuts around to meet Willow, Xander, and Oz at the cemetery.

As she arrives at their meeting point, Buffy hears the sounds of a fight. Picking up speed, she full-out runs towards the sounds of the scuffle. Bursting through a stand of trees into the clearing she sees Willow, Xander, and Oz in the middle of fight with four vamps.

One is occupying Willow while another sneaks around behind her.

“Willow! Look out behind you!” Buffy calls as she launches herself towards the vamp. Willow dives to the side just quick enough to miss being bitten and Buffy takes him down. They roll across the ground until she ends up on top. Willow throws her a stake and the vamp turns to dust as Buffy drives the stake through his heart.

Before she can get completely up the vampire fighting with Xander has knocked him out and come after her. He grabs her from behind and Buffy flips him over onto the ground. He rolls and comes back to his feet and they circle each other. The vampire lunges and Buffy lands a solid kick to his chest. He recovers and rushes her, landing a solid punch to her jaw which sends her staggering back a few steps. He moves in closer and Buffy launches herself towards him landing the stake in his chest. A look of shock is frozen on his face for a split second before he turns into a pile of dust.

She looks up and sees Oz and Willow close in on one of the two remaining vamps. The vampire circles to block her line of sight of Willow. Then Willow is visible again through a cloud of dust as she stakes the vamp. The last remaining vamp had been watching from the side. Sensing the battle was a lost cause, he takes off for the safety of the nest. Buffy quickly turns to follow him and take him out. Just as the vamp reaches the edge of the clearing and the relative safety of the woods he suddenly freezes mid-step then crumbles to dust.

Buffy looks up to see Sam standing just inside the woods holding a crossbow, which is now trained on her.
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