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High School is Hell

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Summary: Sam and Dean Winchester (Supernatural) go to Sunnydale.

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Supernatural > Multiple PairingsdeanzchevygirlFR1867,054022,94411 Nov 1112 Nov 11No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I made this all up in my head. None of it ever happened although it really should have. Sam and Dean remain property of Kripke & Co., and Buffy and the Scoobies belong to the genius that is Joss Whedon. I make no profit from this, I just have way too much time on my hands.

A/N: I have listed this story as NC-17, but most of the story will be PG-13ish. I will warn specifically for each chapter, and I will mark the explict parts so anyone who doesn't want to read them can skip those parts. Pairings: Sam/Buffy and Dean/Willow. Banner by the wonderful Cha on Livejournal. Reviews are love.


The library. His seventh school of the year and it is only January. This time it’s some tiny little town in California Sunnyville or Sunnydale or something like that…whatever. It’s lunchtime. So the library should be empty. Sam thinks he can hide there during lunch just like all the other schools; avoid the “new kid stare” in the cafeteria, awkwardly sitting by himself or worse the nice kids who invite him to sit with them and try to get to know him.

Sam pushes through the double doors into and enters the library. The second he’s inside, he realizes two things. First, there’s no hiding from the crowds in here either, as there is a group of students huddled around one of the tables with an old guy. He must be the librarian, Sam muses to himself. If Sam didn’t know better, he would swear they are deep in research mode. In the second before they realize he is there Sam swears he hears the red-head say “demon.”

Then the librarian clears his throat and Sam is the center of their attention. The group is odd to say the least. Of the five of them, only the red-head and librarian look like they remotely belong anywhere near a library. The red-head is looking at him currently like a deer caught in the headlights, and if she didn’t look terrified Sam thinks she would probably be cute. The old guy, who Sam has most definitely decided must be the librarian and British (given the amount of tweed he is wearing), is silently appraising him through metal-rimmed glasses. Sam gets a sudden feeling as if he is being appraised by John Winchester…creepy. Sam shakes off the thought and decides he will return to it later, when he’s out from under the microscope.

The remaining three students look like the last place anyone would look for them would be the library. A blonde is sitting to the left of red-head. She would definitely look more at home in a cheerleading skirt and hanging off the arm some dumb football jock. God, she’s hot. Legs that seem to go on forever and curves making her tiny frame seem so soft and inviting. Tiny…god she looks so tiny, Sam thinks she would barely come up to his chin…if she was wearing heels. The way she is looking at him though is anything but airheaded cheerleader. She has hazel eyes, like his, with that same deep sadness of a short life that had seen way too much. Caught in that look, he knows there is definitely something more going on there.

The other two students at the table are guys both to the right of the red-head. The one with brown hair sticking up all over the place looks more like he should be in a garage somewhere practicing with the band. The other with dark hair was almost unremarkable. He looks like he doesn’t really belong here, in the library and certainly not with this eccentric group of people though Sam can’t really figure out where he should be.

The second thing Sam realizes after adding all the pieces together is that there is definitely something very strange going on here. The librarian speaks first.

“I’m sorry the library is closed during lunch. I’m afraid you will have to come back some other time.”

Ok, so yeah, definitely British. And what the hell does he mean the library’s closed? Who ever heard of a library being closed during lunch?

“I was just going to sit in here and read. I promise I won’t bother you or anything,” is Sam’s response as he tries to edge closer to the table they are at.

“No, I’m afraid that is quite out of the question,” comes the librarian’s reply.

Sam realizes the blonde has been watching him for the entire exchange. The thought strikes him like a bolt and sends his sixteen year old hormones into overdrive. Finally, she cuts her eyes to the librarian as they have some kind of silent conversation. She gave a sweeping look to the others at the table, who begin subtly shifting books around, before turning to face Sam again. Another appraising look from the girl, then the most brilliant smile he has ever seen lights up her face. If Sam hadn’t seen the same type of smile from Dean a million times, he probably would have been knocked speechless from the force of it. It’s a ‘look at the sparkly shiny thing and pay no attention to the man behind the curtain’ smile, a 'distract and confound' smile. She’s trying to play him.

Sam is instantly on high alert, the hunter instincts from a lifetime spent snooping out the weird and off kicking into overdrive. Best to play along and try to fish out what is going on in this tiny little town, Sam thinks. So, Sam plays along letting his hormones take over just a little and gets sucked into that beautiful face.

Then she speaks, “Mr. Giles, I think we have enough information for our project now. We don’t need to take up the full time we had scheduled.”

To Sam she says, “Hi, I’m Buffy Summers. You must be new.” At Sam’s nod, her smile widens. “Well, come have a seat let me introduce you to the gang.” As Sam moves closer to the table he could swear he saw a copy of Guiley’s “Demonology” disappear into the redhead’s book bag. He takes a seat between the blond girl, Buffy, and the dark haired guy.

“I’m Sam. Winchester.”

Another smile and, “It’s nice to meet you Sam. This is Willow,” gesturing to the red-head. “That’s Oz and Zander,” indicating the two guys.

“Hi,” Sam glanced around the table and is met with welcoming, if slightly wary smiles. The redhead still looks like a deer caught in the headlights and Sam was thinking that might be her normal expression.

“So, first day? Where did you move from?” Xander asks.

“This last time? Illinois. But I’ve lived all over, my family…well, we move around a lot,” Sam couldn’t keep the note of real bitterness out of his voice.

“Oh, what do your parent’s do?” this time from Willow.

There is an awkward pause as Sam debates how best to answer the question. Normally, he just blows it off but he guessed that that wouldn’t work in this group.

“It’s just my Dad, and brother and me. My Dad does pest control…kind of a specialty service for unusual infestations.” Sam couldn’t help the smirk that flashed across his face at that creative truth. “So he’s not around a lot. Just kinda drops me off wherever is close by and works his job. My brother he works with him sometimes, the rest of the time he’s a mechanic.”

Willow picking up family was a sore subject, quickly changes the topic. “So, what classes do you have the rest of the day?”

Sam dutifully pulls out his schedule and hands it over. “Oh, you’re in my computer class next period. Then, you’re in my AP English class too. I can walk with you to class; you know to show you where it is and all. You’re going to love Ms. Calendar, she teaches the computer class, and she’s amazing…” Sam zones out a little as Willow goes on talking about the class when he notices Buffy was watching him again. When she realizes she’s been caught she holds his eye for a second before blushing and turning towards Willow as if she has been listening the entire time. Then the bell rings, signaling the end of lunch and everyone starts to gather up their things to head to class.

Sam turns to Buffy and asks, “So do we have any classes together?”

“If you’re in the AP classes with Willow I doubt it,” and if Sam hadn’t known better he’d almost swear she sounds a little disappointed.

“Well, maybe I’ll see you around anyways,” and Sam smiles as Willow starts to lead him out of the library, still rambling on about the computer class.

“Maybe.” The reply sounds like a promise, which in normal circumstances would have made Sam want to do a happy dance, but the weirdness from this group makes him more than a little wary. He smiles one last time and lets Willow lead the way.
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