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Good Luck Lies in Odd Numbers

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Summary: And they don't get odder than this. Based on the premise of "What if Jonathan was a mutant?" S7 and X2 spoilers.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > GeneralLeeveeFR1511,1130695424 Dec 0324 Dec 03No
Author: TeamSocket

Rating: PG

Main Character(s): Jonathan

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy or anything to do with the X-Men.

Distribution: TTH, FFN, anyone else can have it, but let me know!

Notes: Takes place after Season 7, with the usual spoilers. X-Men wise, movieverse and after X2, so spoilers for that too. **blah** denotes telepathic speech. I might occasionally use the Evoverse name of something, as I’ve seen that much more recently than X2. And yes, Jamie is canon movieverse, he’s in the novelization.

One of the perks of having advanced healing as a mutant power was that you were effing hard to kill. Also, eating nails. In this case, the former was involved.

Jonathan sighed. He was buried again. And under a lot more dirt this time. And running out of air. Oh effing hell, he thought. Well, only one thing to do about that. He began to tunnel upwards, mouth shut tightly to avoid inhaling more dirt than really could be healthy. He grumbled to himself on his slow way up. Come on now, I thought I was through with this being buried alive thing after someone decided to let me ‘rest in peace’ after Andrew - a short pause to curse that traitorous bastard - decided to stab me on the whims of a ghost, but nooo, obviously I needed to be buried alive again.

He paused for a moment to wonder at the fact that sentences like that were now common place, and shook his head.

When he finally came to the surface about a half hour later (good thing too, he had almost run out of air in there!), he first took a couple of long, calming breaths, and then looked around at – a lot of dirt. “Uh, that’s bad…” he rasped softly, looking at Craterdale. Well, yeah, if your hometown was suddenly turned into a giant crater for as far as the eye can see, and said eye belongs to someone that everyone else thinks is dead, killed by a demon-summoner under influence of original evil possessing the ghost of a murderer, then there’s something bad going on.

Anyway, he was stuck (actually stuck, he hadn’t yet dug out his legs) in the middle of a crater – that used to be a Hellmouth, mind you – with no food, water, clothing (other than what he was wearing, of course) and a good hour’s drive from anywhere. Look on the bright side, at least you’re not buried under a ton of dirt anymore! spoke his insanely cheerful personality. He’d really have to look into a way of removing that voice without having a lobotomy. In the mean time, he figured he’d dig out his legs and go check out that effing huge jet that had just landed.

Good Luck Lies in Odd Numbers (and They Don't Get Odder Than This)

Chapter the First: In Which Stuff Happens

One of the first things Scott really paid any attention to after the “Stryker incident”, and Jean’s death, was a news report about southern California. Or, to be more specific, the small town of Sunnydale. At least, what used to be the town of Sunnydale, but was now a giant hollow. Scott had cursed under his breath and immediately ran up to talk to Professor Xavier, to see if he knew anything about this phenomenon. He felt a momentary worry for his two cousins that had lived in the town, but the news reports said that the town had been evacuated two days before the inexplicable collapse, so he put that out of his mind.

He was halfway to the Professor’s office when he received a message. **Scott, prepare the Blackhawk. Cerebro is picking up signals from a mutant in Sunnydale.**

**But Professor, isn’t Sunnydale destroyed?**

**Yes, which is why I believe you should hasten to the rescue of whoever is trapped out there.** A pause. **Take Marie and Jamie with you.**

Scott nodded to himself. Marie, or Rogue as most called her, had become a usual fixture in the “recruiting missions”, and Jamie Madrox was a good choice if there was going to be any heavy lifting or team work involved. In addition to being a solid farm boy, he could create a full team himself, by way of his mutant ability.

So he collected the two students (Rogue at least had an off period, Jamie was in the middle of Trig) and briefed them on “the situation” before starting up the Blackhawk and taking off for Sunnydale, California, aka chunk o’destroyed land.


“Hello, chaps, mind helping a fellow dig himself out?” Jonathan called at the three figures that had exited the plane – which was a beauty, really it was, very nice indeed – as they walked in his general direction. Somehow, his little tunnel he had used to make his way up had collapsed, and it was hell trying to dig his bottom half, however short it may be, out by himself.

One of the smaller figures turned to talk to the tall one for a moment while the other small one continued forward. He would be using pronouns, but the setting sun was in his eyes - damn sun! - and he really couldn’t tell what type of humanoids they were. Small #1 finished his little conversation, nodded, clapped his hands together, and became Smalls #1-5. Now there’s a useful talent, thought Jonathan admiringly as the three – wait, no, seven – figures came towards him.

Smalls #1-5 got to him first and began to dig him out. He attempted to help, but stopped when he managed to re-bury himself again and settled for thanking them profusely.

A short two minutes later and he was standing, somewhat shakily, on solid ground, facing his three rescuers (Smalls #2-5 had returned to Small #1 after digging him out). “Much obliged to you folks, really now,” he said, giving them a thankful smile. “But, um, who exactly are you all?”

The tall one, a man wearing red-tinted shades, spoke for the little group. “I’m Scott Summers-“ Jonathan held up his hand.

“Wait, wait, are you by any chance related to Buffy Summers?”

Scott looked a little put-off. “Well, yes. Anyway, I am Scott Summers, and these are Rogue and Jamie. And you are a mutant.”

The three of them watched him, as if they were waiting for some shocked ranting or something. Jonathan just nodded. “And good thing too, or being stabbed by Andrew,” that traitorous bastard, “would’ve killed me, y’know.”

So he knew, thought Scott. That certainly makes my job a bit easier. “We’re here to extend an invitation to you from Xavier’s Institute for Gifted Children, where you can learn to control your special powers and gifts. You will also attend a regular school, if you choose to attend.”

“Something about the way you say that makes me think you memorized it. And I accept your proffered invitation.” Jonathan paused as the words caught up to him. “Wait, you’re telling me that at twenty-one, I still look like I go to high school?!” He shook his head. “The world is so unfair.”

Scott, Rogue, and Jamie just stared at the odd boy – man – whatever.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Good Luck Lies in Odd Numbers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Dec 03.

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