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Calling Room Number 42-42-564

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Summary: Willow sees a costume set at Ethan's and convinces Xander and Buffy to dress up as a group. Who would have thought it would bring this brand of trouble to Sunnydale. Death the Kid has arrived from Soul Eater.

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Anime > OtherAilleFR1522,0000103,50013 Nov 1116 Nov 11No

Chapter 2

DISCLAIMER: I do not own or make any money from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or Soul Eater. If I did, both groups would be having a heck of a lot more fun.
AUTHORS NOTE: I haven't written in over a year, but I fell in love with a new fandom (I blame Netflix) & wanted to try something new. Please forgive me for errors, I don't have a beta reader. However, if you point out the errors, I'll do my best to fix them.

Liz slowly pulled herself up from where she sprawled across the veranda, one hand pressed against her head and muttered under her breath, “Why was I passed out on the deck? Oh yeah... Black Star and his games of 'I never', well, I never want to get near that idiot and alcohol again.”

Looking around, “Um... this isn't Maka's apartment and...” she trailed off with a squeal and back peddled on her knees to the wall. “What... where am I?” She didn't see either her sister or her Meister near her, but she could feel Kid's soul resonating near by, “Shit, Kid's going to freak. I don't think we're in Death City any more.” Pushing her hands on the ground, Liz got herself into a standing position and brushed herself off, quickly straightening her clothing so when she found Kid he wouldn't freak out. At least she was in her mission clothes she noted in an offhand matter.

Meanwhile, a block and a half away, “Yoo hoo,” a doe eyed, bright red cheeked young woman was looking behind bushes, fences and mailboxes, not even noticing the chaos going on all around her. “We playing hide and seek? Kid... big sis, where you hiding? I don't like this game much anymore.”

Without even seeming to notice she knocked out a child turned demon when spinning around with her arms out. “Guess I'll look down there.” Unconsciously moving down the street towards her Meister.

He'd just finished tossing two of the creatures across the roadway when he heard his name being called out and spun around, “Liz, where's Patty?”

“You don't know?” Her eyes grew wide and started turning around, “Kid, where are we? Last thing I remember was that stupid game.”

“I'm not sure, but Shinigami-san must have sent us here for a reason. Have you noticed anything strange around here?” He turned his head to watch two demons chasing each other down the street, while his older weapons partner tried to hide herself behind his body.

“Now that you mention it,” her cheek was pressed into his back, “this is worse than the Ghost Ship Nidhogg. What are all these things and,” she straightened up and realized that she was only looking at Kid's shoulder, “did you grow?” Measuring their heights with her hand, curiosity over coming fear for the moment.

“Never mind that now Liz,” though his eye was already twitching at the thought that his symmetry may be off, but he wasn't sure where he could check it right now. He was too far away from home, “Those things, I've been watching the wave lengths in this town and something is very off. Many of the souls seem to be muted with something imposed on top of it. Even both of ours feel slightly off. I feel yours and mine, but there is also something underneath.”

“WHAT?! I'm me, I swear I am Kid!”

“I know that Liz and we'll figure out what's going on but we need to find Patty before she...”

“GOTCHA! YOUR IT!” Both Meister and weapon were tackled to the ground by a slightly smaller, but bustier version of Liz. “You didn't hide very well,” she almost sounded sad and a bit curious.

“...does something stupid.” Kid grumbled, pushing his hyperactive weapon off his chest and sitting up, absently wiping at the trickle of blood was running down his nose, “Liz; Patty; switch to weapon form.”

“Yeah!” “You got it.” Two bright lights seem to encase both women and shoot up into the air. Inside the light, their bodies seem disappear and follow the light upwards; the lights start to spin and then shoot down towards Kid's hands that are spread out to the sides. When the light finally vanishes, he's holding 2 Beretta 92's upside down with his pinkies on the triggers.

“So what now Kid?” Liz's voice drifted up from the right handed gun.

“There's a witches soul out there. We need to find them and put a stop to this madness.” Letting go of Liz's side, he let her hang off his pinky while stretching his hand out, a black smoke coming from the palm of his hand, “Beelzebub!” A skateboard materialized, black on the upper board and a stylized skull on the bottom that matched the skull at his neck.

Jumping on the board, he fired a few light energy bullets into the rampaging monsters, knocking them out, but not enough to kill as he coasted off towards the strongest soul wavelengths.

AN2: For those who are waiting for a Kid OCD outbreak, it's coming, but I didn't feel it was time yet. Sorry, this chapter is a little short, I'm trying to put a bit of a background together before getting into the meat of the story.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Calling Room Number 42-42-564" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 16 Nov 11.

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