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Slaying (and saving) in Eureka

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Slayage in Eureka". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The alien is gone, and Beverly remains in Eureka as 'Andria Korshe'. These are her adventures even as Eureka's space program continues apiece.

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Television > EurekaDmitriFR723,3500063613 Nov 1119 Nov 11No

Chapter 2

Disclaimer: see previous chapter.
Note: contains spoilers for the official series.

“Hey, Andria! Did you hear?”

“Zoe,” ‘Andria Korshe’ looked at the younger woman with a rather displeased look, “what are you doing here? Don’t you have something more exciting to do, like the renewal of vows of our mayor and his wife?”

“No,” Zoe shook her head, “I mean yes. Maybe. But! Jo is already on the case, which means Zane, which would have me come into contact with them, which I would rather pass over, thanks! ...You know what I mean, right?”

“Maybe. When Zane was with you, Jo was avoiding the two of you instead. Is Zane that great?”

“Don’t go there,” Zoe shook her head. “Zane is Zane and that’s that. So, what are we having for dinner?”

The older woman just gave Zoe a look. “What? Last time we met, I made dinner, now it’s your turn.”

‘Andria’ continued to stare at Zoe in clear disapproval. “Don’t you have any friends of your age-“

“No!” Zoe shook her head. “I’ve been away in Harvard for too long, plus the fact that I have signed the anti-space petition made me slightly unpopular in Eureka-“

“So have I – signed it,” ‘Andria’ pointed it out.

“Yeah, but you weren’t very popular to begin with,” Zoe began, but before she could backpedal, or ‘Andria’ react to her statement, there came a signal.

“Hey, that’s sheriff Andy’s distress signal!” Zoe said quickly. “Let’s go and help him.”

“...Jo Lupo is busy planning the renewal of wows for Henry Dreeson and his wife, and your father and Dr. Blake are having their relationship assessed by one Warren Hues, whom any woman would be wise to avoid. Very well, you can accompany me,” ‘Andria’ nodded graciously.

“You’re too kind,” Zoe muttered sarcastically.

“Maybe this time you will even be useful.”

Zoe glared.

* * *

The trip to sheriff Andy was relatively silent: neither woman particularly felt like talking to each other, even if the silence in the car was not any better. When they arrived, however, the situation changed.

First of all, sheriff Andy was not alone, but with a scientist looking worried and standing next to him.

“Hi, Dr. Navarra,” Zoe said cheerfully. “What are you doing here?”

“I was doing a series of experiments of mine, when I... blanked out,” the robust scientist admitted sheepishly. “The next thing I know, I’m out here, and the good robot is lying next to me-“

“Hmm,” ‘Andria’ looked thoughtfully, “there have been eruptions of methane and similar gases all over Eureka all day long. Think this may be one of these cases... coroner?”

Zoe opened her mouth, closed it, and opened it again. “Well, maybe Dr. Navarra, maybe. Sheriff Andy, however, is different. See? Someone actually took a bite out of his neck!”

“Must be one of those robotic dogs that infest our town just so,” Dr. Navarra said flatly. “They’re a nuisance!”

“Hmm, maybe,” Zoe admitted. “Doctor, can I borrow your tweezers?”

“There you go,” the scientist replied helpfully. “Why, Ms. Carter, what’s up? Did you find something-“

He fell silent, as Zoe extracted a tooth from the robot’s neck.

“That tooth is organic,” ‘Andria’ spoke up for the first time since Zoe began to work on Andy’s neck.

“Doesn’t look like a dog’s tooth either,” Zoe agreed, “since we’re talking about organics. Dr. Navarra, did you see anything before you blanked out?”

“Well, I thought I saw some movement in the trees as I was taking samples of the soil,” Dr. Navarra confessed, “but I cannot be too sure. This is Eureka; after all, there is always plenty of movement around, and with this madness over space travel, well-“

“If you don’t like the current trend, feel free to contact Dr. Erasmus and Ramona,” ‘Andria’ nodded passionlessly. “They’ve started a petition of sorts that aims to moderate the whole space travel thing.”

“Really? Hmm,” Dr. Navarra said thoughtfully. “That would probably stick a bug up senator Wen’s skirt for sure. I’m in!”

“Splendid!” Zoe replied cheerfully. “Now if you don’t mind, we need to examine the scene of the incident!”

It was then that sheriff Andy sprung to life, his internal repairs already been completed. He opened his mouth and said-

“...What was that?” ‘Andria’ blinked. “That’s not English! Did he know any other languages before?”

“Yes, I believe so,” Dr. Navarra admitted suddenly. “I’m not fully familiar with software, but-“

“He can you please help Andy get to the repair station?” Zoe said brightly. “We would be so grateful!”

“Of course,” Dr. Navarra replied cheerfully. “Come along, Andy!”

Andy nodded and said-

* * *

“Do you have any idea what that language was?” ‘Andria’ asked Zoe. “Because I couldn’t decide if it was Japanese or gibberish.”

“No,” Zoe admitted even as she looked back at the tooth. Not much bigger than a tooth of a particularly large cat, it still looked scary. “Beverly, you think that we can handle it? I mean, yes, you outfought a dinosaur, and-“

“My name is Andria Korshe,” the older woman said in a voice that was very, very scary in its own right, “and speaking of the dinosaurs? This tooth reminds me of them for some reason. That said, right now I’m more curious as to why the crows are avoiding that birch.”

“What birch?” Zoe asked, curiously.

“That one. See, there are two of them? The crows are literally going the extra mile avoiding the one on the right. I’m curious, why is that?”

“Interesting question,” Zoe agreed. “Do you know how to climb trees, though?”

“Not too well,” ‘Andria’ agreed, “but I have an alternative idea.”

* * *

“That’s your idea? It’s really alternative!” Zoe admitted a brief while later, as ‘Andria’ grabbed the tree and began to pull it down instead, using her superior strength to accomplish it. The tree was relatively young, thin and pliable, and therefore ‘Andria’ was able to do that without too much damage. “Maybe you should learn to climb trees in the future, though.”

“Yes, I should,” the older woman admitted, as she finally bent the tree almost parallel to the ground. “Do you see anything suspicious there?”

“Yes! A nest...with really weird eggs...and one of them is hatching... Andria!”

Something swooped from out of the trees: not a crow, but a slightly bigger creature, looking like some sort of a tiny dragon of all things, its beak-like jaws full of sharp teeth.

“Andria!” Zoe yelled again, as the creature was attacking her first, since she was closer. “Help!”

And the older woman complied, by releasing the tree. It straightened up abruptly, catching the flying mini-monster and sending it flying far, far away, followed by its nest and eggs.

“Whoa!” Zoe turned to ‘Andria’, “simply whoa! Wow too, I suppose.”

“Yes, you’re welcome,” the older woman nodded solemnly, “now let’s go and check out on Andy, shall we?”

And the two women left, still relatively quiet, but no longer so uncomfortable with each other.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Slaying (and saving) in Eureka" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Nov 11.

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