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The Modern-Day Cinderella

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Summary: Sequel to mmooch's The Jacka** Revelation. Read that first. Penny/Career

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Television > Big Bang Theory(Recent Donor)ConstanceTruggleFR131665181,81414 Nov 1114 Nov 11Yes
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A/N: This is a follow-up sequel to mmooch's The Jacka** Revelation. Read that first or this really won't make much sense. This is what happens when you write good stuff that ends too early, mmooch! And yeah, she knows about it. You can find her story here: The Jacka** Revelation

A Modern-Day Cinderella

Screw Prince Charming…this Cinderella was saving herself!

Penny and Kevin ended up as nothing more than friends with benefits. She was okay with this as she was more focused on her career and getting it started than dealing with a relationship, anyway. She spent less and less time across the hall, Sheldon coming to visit her more often than not these days. She still saw them all on Tuesdays at the Cheesecake Factory, but not much beyond that and the occasional Halo night. Auditions were more plentiful since she opened up her options. She could fight, shoot and whoop ass with the best of them and she was finally showing Hollywood that she was their kind of girl. Her first job was as an extra on Stargate Universe. This led to a small speaking role on Doctor Who. More and more opportunities were opening up to her now. She worked more as an actress than a waitress these days.

Penny burst into 4A, a huge smile on her face. All the guys were there, but she beelined for Sheldon. Between Raj not being able to talk to her without alcohol, Howard's pervert-ism and Leonard's dismissing her self-worth like so much dog crap on his shoes, well. She didn't deal with them that much anymore. Didn't have time to pander to them.

“Sheldon!!! Guess what??? You'll never guess, so I'll tell you!” she started, only to be cut off.

“That's unfair, Penny. You have asked me to ascertain what it is that has you so excited, so please allow me to attempt to do so before you inform me of whatever it is,” Sheldon calmly stated.

Penny nodded, bouncing on her toes in incredulous excitement, all four men watching her.

“From the smile on your face and your nervous energy, as well as you having a call-back this afternoon, I am going to assume that you, as you say, 'landed a part'. From how you are acting now compared to other times this has happened, I am going to say that it is a rather large part. Am I correct?” he hypothesized.

“Yeah, but you'll never guess which part I landed,” she smirked as she said this. As she never told him what roles she was going for, and especially wasn't going to mention this one if she didn't get it, she was pretty certain he wouldn't get it.

“Is it the new Star Trek movie? I saw it was in pre-production–”

“Nope! Seriously, you are never going to guess! Please let me just tell you,” she said, too excited to share this news with her friend. She was honestly surprised that the others weren't trying to throw suggestions in, but they must know by now not to interrupt a Sheldon-turn in any game, guessing or not.

He sighed lightly and nodded. With a look at Nosy Parkers One, Two and Three, she smirked and pulled out her phone. With a few taps of her fingers, she sent the answer to Sheldon. He was the one who gave a shit after Leonard pulled that crap on her almost eight months prior about it all being for sex. He was the one who helped her build her CV properly to include the new information. He came to see her and have spaghetti with hot dogs when she was too furious with Leonard to go over. In fact, it was very much like when she and Leonard had first broken up. And Amy not withstanding, Sheldon was her bestie. So she wanted him to know first.

His phone beeped and he flicked to the message before looking at her with wide eyes. “Congratulations, Penny! I look forward to seeing you portray Selina Kyle very much!”

Amid congratulations from the others, Penny couldn't get that look on Sheldon's face out of her mind. One of the few things she despaired of ever seeing there: Pride.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Modern-Day Cinderella". This story is complete.

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