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Divine Ideas From A Demonic Mind

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Summary: A series of One-shots to get rid of the over flow of ideas in my oxymoronic head. Hope you enjoy the chaos. *Mostly Xander Centered* If you feel like doing any of these feel free, just tell and credit me. I want to see these grow.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet Collections(Recent Donor)TheDivineDemonFR152483,450419082,24414 Nov 1122 Mar 14No


There may or may not be a slight obsession with this series.

Also is it just me or do most of my ideas lean towards dark and possibly morbid?

Summary: It is a horrible thing really. To take a man and turn him into a slave. Or so the doctor's mused as they stated the procedure on one Alexander Harris.

Title: Daddy?

Being a Cali boy Xander held a certain appreciation for the ocean. It was a bit odd though, seeing the sun rise from it instead of setting but damn was it amazing.

Almost worth the whole drive there by itself.

His road trip was becoming more fruitful and enjoyable than he ever thought. Traveling state by state, enjoying the sights, learning new things and every once in a while he killed a demon, a vampire, which in the process saved somebody.

He didn't always get a thank you but when he did it made every bruise, scrape and near death experience worth it. It made the road trip worth it, it made his life worth it.

He was really finding and coming into himself on this trip. He was so glad he had a mechanic look over his car before he left town. God only knows how far he could have gone before the car blew up and left him on the side of the road.

Xander was pretty sure that he was growing up on this trip. A pretty scary thought when all things are considered.

So he sat there, on a little far away part of the beach where he was pretty sure he was trespassing on, looking out at the rising sun. He sat there thinking about who he was and what he wanted to do with his life.

Go back to Sunnydale? Go back to a home where he was constantly fighting something, be it his parents, his friends or monsters that belonged in a horror movie?

Or go somewhere else? Set up shop in some city, get a job, live his life.

He honestly didn't know, both had their pros and cons but he just didn't know. He missed his friends and he loved making a difference but, he just didn't know.

The sound of a young girl's protest slammed him out of his thoughts. His body jerked in a confused motion. In Sunnydale he would have gone running to the screams that came so close to the night but as he learned on his road trip some kids just wanted attention and scream.

Didn't stop him from taking a look though, he didn't want to chance it after all.

Concealing his tire iron in his jacket sleeve he hoped out of his car and made his way towards the scuffling sounds.

"No, no, no! Mommy! Daddy! Help!" The young voice rang out and Xander's steps hastened. A little girl screaming something like that couldn't be good.

Racing across the sand Xander saw them at the border of the water, a little brown haired girl being forcibly dragged beyond the shores by a... thing.

At first glance Xander would have thought it was somebody in an old school diving suit, made out of leather and metal but that was only from a brief glance. At a glance that lasted for more than a second one could see the monstrous yellow glow flowing out of the metal and glass helmet.

Xander didn't know WHAT that was, even if he was guessing sea ghost haunting old equipment, but he knew he had to stop it.

With a yell and a sprint Xander was upon the creature in an instant, bring down his tire iron in a jarring THUD. His hands felt numb as his tire iron bent and rebounded off the creatures metal casing, his attack doing little more than change the color of the light from yellow to red.

"That doesn't look good." And with that he was backhanded by the creature sending him spiraling into the sand.

Xander let out a gasping curse as he hit the ground. This thing, whatever it was, gave the one of most painful blow of Xander's life and to someone of his experience that was saying something. Definitely stronger than any fledgling and maybe some master vampires. And those metal gloves? Damn, he didn't even want to think how messed up his side was.

But he had to put that aside, put all that pain aside. There was a little girl screaming her pretty little head off, she needed his help.

"Gkk." Was the sound that escaped his lips as he made to stand, tire iron in hand. He wished it was something cooler like 'Not so fast' or 'Where do you think you're going' but damn if his ribs didn't feel like powder.

The thing roared again and tackled Xander sending him spiraling away once again. Xander groaned as darkness started to ebb its way into his eyes.

"Mister! Mister! Please get up! Please!"

'I'm coming little girl, just, just give me a sec.' Xander thought to himself as he tried to push himself off the ground. He hack and coughed from exertion but he finally able to stand but at the first step he fell to his knee.

Two hits and he was almost out? God he was pathetic. No wonder the others didn't want him cover their back.

The creature started to lumber over to him, the glow seeping through its helmet faded from red to green as it tilted its head as if it was examining him.

Xander raised his weapon and took a feeble swing. If the creature was actually where his wobbly and fading vision was there would have been at least at slight ping sound.

The thing ignored his feeble swiped and grabbed him by the scruff of his shirt, dragging him over to where the little girl was whimpering. A moment later Xander could make out her frightened form stumbling it the creature's hold from the corner of his eye.

What did it want? To eat them? Deciding that Xander would be a better main course and the little girl getting bumped to desert?

He didn't know, and he didn't care. All he could focus on was trying to stay awake.

Being dragged into the cold water helped to wake him up but it did nothing to ensure his survival odds.

As they went further and further into the water Xander started to glub on water and form the faint sound of splashing the little girl was having similar problems.

Xander swore he could briefly hear the sound of a static filled voice echoing inside the thing's helmet but then again he could have been delusional from the pain. A second after Xander though he heard the echo he found himself being hoisted onto the thing's shoulder.

The little girl squealed in fright as she was hoisted onto the shoulder opposite of him.

The thing lumbered a few more yards before coming to a stop, which for some reason resulted in a loud hissing sound. Xander didn't know what it was but he really hoped it wasn't a giant pet snake.

In fact the thought stuck with him so well he let out a frightened squawk as he was tossed into what seemed to be a round padded room. The girl was tossed in after him and the lumbering creature crawled through the door.

As the door to the "room" closed and hissed shut the girl scampered away from the thing and almost plastered herself into Xander's side. Xander didn't really mind. It meant she was closer to protect, too bad he dropped his tire iron on the beach.

There was a series of bubbling sounds followed by the feeling that they were moving and a sense vaguely like they were being smothered.

"I'm scared." the girl muttered as she pressed herself closer to her would be savior.

Xander managed to pat her head. It was the only thing he could really do right now. Just pat her head and hope it was reassuring enough for whatever this thing planned.

A couple of hours past dawn a morning jogger called the police. She had barely made it down the street when she stopped and noticed her neighbor's door was open. Not just opened but smashed in.

She had tentatively entered the house, calling out for her neighbor's but would get no response. As she ventured further into the home she saw large dent like marks on the ground, like someone took a hammer and slammed every other step. And the walls were a mess, paint scrapped off from something being dragged along and the usual decoration smashed along the ground.

She would start to wonder if she should have called the police first, and she would be proven right when she found the dead body of the man of the house. She would run across the street back to her home and finally make the needed call.

The police would arrive a short time later and quickly secure the sense, CSI and detectives following shortly after.

The detectives would quickly note that there should be three occupants to the home, not just the two corpses. There should be a little girl but she was missing, nowhere to be found. That simple fact lead them to quickly peg the scene not only as a murder but a kidnapping.

They would also notice, since only a fool wouldn't, that the back door too be smashed open and a trail of hammed like foot prints indented the ground towards the beach.

At the scene they would find blood, a bent tire iron and an abandoned car. It painted a grim picture to them.

They didn't even need to get the blood tested to prove their gut theory on what happened. Some poor smuck was at the wrong place at the wrong time and tried to do the right thing.

God rest his soul.

At least he went down fighting. Hopefully that'll be enough for his family. They knew it wouldn't but they hoped.


He could see them though the small window of the whatever they were in. He would say submarine but it was way too small for that.

That little guessing game was the only thing keeping him relatively calm. The little girl next to him had only calmed down when she had finally fallen asleep after hours of being trapped in that metal tub.

A luxury she had that he was immensely jealous of. He refused to lose his consciousness. That thing was still there after all. Just sitting there watching them, intensely, uncaring, unmoving. For all intents and purposes it was a statue.

One that could move at any moment and kill them but a statue none the less.

Xander tried to suppress a wince as the little girl snuggled into his side. He didn't know if they were cracked, fractured or broken but his ribs were something and it hurt.

But he would ignore it, for her sake as much as his. He would get them out of there.

He had to.

The 'room' shook and quaked startling the little girl awake and jarring Xander's wounds. They could feel pressure shift as the water drained and the air compressed, making things airtight before moving further into where ever. He could make out brief sights of steel and iron as their... craft was dragged further into the complex.

"Where are we?" The little one asked clinging frightfully to his arm.

"I have no idea."

After a few more minutes of travel the room finally stopped moving and the statue finally moved, unlocking the door and unleashing a mighty burst of air.

As the door opened it lumbered towards the two kidnapees and forced them out the opening and into a grand looking room that somehow made him feel... claustrophobic. Like the wall could crumble and kill them any second. Neon signs and mute statues decorated the expanding hallways but everything felt like a ruin.

The thing pushed them forward towards a set of stairs. Xander glared but cowed away as the thing glared and the light briefly blinked red.

He was in no shape for, nor did he desire, a round two.

As they walked up the stairs and down the hall the girl never relinquished her grip on his hand. He didn't mind because honestly it was helping him keep his cool.

"What do they want?"

"I don't know..." Xander jaw twitched as he tried to fine soothing little nickname, "Sweetheart, but stay quiet for now. We don't want Mr. grumpy behind us deciding we're talking too much."

She dared a glance behind her and immediately turned back nodding her head.

Through all their twist and turning the creature eventually lead them to what looked like a store front with a big blue and pink neon sign that read 'Optimized Eugenics'.

The things grabbed them by the scruff of the neck and forced them to stop where they stood, a hand firmly on each of their shoulders. Xander gave the whimpering girl's hand a squeeze, hoping that it could give her some form of strength.

The doors slid open like something out of a sci-fi movie and a man in crisp business suit came strutting out.

"Ah out guest are finally here!" The man said almost grandly as walked over to them, "I usually don't come to greet the new recruits but I found myself interested in what I saw through Beta's camera."

Okay, so this was another one of those evil human science deals. This is like what? the fifth, sixth one? Hmmm, should he count Moloch or not? He was a demon but he was revived through science.

He missed part of whatever speech the man was spieling but he quickly tuned back in and filled in the pieces. Yattah yattah, impressed by Xander's willingness to help the little girl, seems to be the perfect candidate to become a Bid Daddy...

"Uh, what?"

The man gave him a smile that the Cali native could have sworn was meant to be encouraging, "What I mean young man is that you have been chosen! Chosen to join the ranks of the Protectors of Rapture! To become a seaborn warrior like the man behind you!"

Man? Behind him?

Xander spared the creature behind him a nervous glance. That was once human? And they were going to turn him into one?

Uh, no way in hell.

In fear, panic and desperation Xander dove out of the former man's grip, scooped up the little girl and ran for all his worth. The pain in his ribs burned his sides but he ignored it, pushing it aside for the sake of survival.

A deep throaty moan of a roar echoed through the decrepit halls as a series of jack hammer like steps followed after him.

Xander ran as hard as he could, pushing his body as hard as he could but the storm of steps just kept on getting closer and closer.

The cloth of his shirt became twisted as the 'Big Daddy' gripped the material and pulled, flinging Xander back nearly the entire length he had ran.

"Mister? Mister? Are you okay." The little girl asked from atop his chest.

Xander ignored her question and groaned out a command, "Run!"

"But," She started obvious not wanting to leave him but torn with her own want to escape.


She got three steps before the man in the suit grabbed her by wrist in an obviously painful grip. "And exactly would she run to?" He asked obviously amused. "Beta, please take your future compatriot to Dr. Shu while I take this little one to Dr. Miller."

The thing let out a low groan as it started to drag Xander through the door under the blue sign. Xander barely got a glimpse of the little girl struggling while she was dragged through the door under the pink sign.

Dr. Shu was a graying Asian man with a few Caucasian features protruding from his face, such as a square jaw and high cheek bones. But in honesty that wasn't how Xander was going to remember the man, he was going to remember the 'good' doctor as an enthusiastic monster that loved his work.

Explaining to Xander in great detail what he was doing step by step. Why the man wouldn't shut up Xander would never know but he wished the older man would just shut it. He even told the man so, but he just tutted.

"Now we can't have that. Hmmm, I suppose the voice box modification will have to be first. The notes say to save it for the end but they're techniques, while genius and on several level of break though, are antiquated." The bastard flagged over one those things he was going to turn him into.

"Delta, please bring the recruit to the room at the end of the hall. And do be more gentle than Beta would you? It is already going to take a few moments to patch him up. It slows things up. Not by much but enough to get one my nerves."

The thing groaned as it picked Xander up and carried him down the surprisingly well maintained and clean hallway. He was quickly pushed into the last room, again better maintained than the rest of the place from what he's seen so far, and strapped standing in front of some sort of bladed egg beater like thing.

He struggled to escape of course but found it was like trying to beat Buffy in arm wrestling. There was no way to win.

"Oh, hold still." The doctor chided before stabbing something into Xander's side and injected something into his side.

"What the hell!?"

"Ribs feeling better now? I can see the scrapes and bruises starting fade but without x-rays or unstrapping you I cannot tell." Xander didn't answer him because they were feeling better and he didn't want to give the guy any feeling of accomplishment, "Oh, fine, don't answer. I'll find out later anyway."

And without another word he pressed a button on the wall and Xander knew pain. The bladed egg beater tore into his throat, rearrange vocal cords, damaging his voice box and doing something to it. He couldn't tell, the pain and unfamiliar sensation too much for him.

When it finally did end he was left weak and gasping. The Delta thing had no problem taking him to the next room.

"There isn't that better?" The man said as flopped on the table in front of actual human attendants and striped of his clothing. One of them injected something into his arm that made him feel relatively numb quick, "Now, here comes the fun part!" Xander could just imagine him rubbing his hands together, "In the old days, before this place was a ruin, they would have just dumped you into a vat and let things soak in but these days we are a little bit more clinical and effective."

The table he was being strapped to had no real back, just a hole with conveniently placed stapes of metal to keep him from falling through.

A needle penetrated deeply into his arm and he could swear he felt it penetrate his bone, "For one, we now inject the 'Plasmid' powers via bone marrow injection and absorption. Oh my, you don't know what those are do you? Well... have you ever read those Xmen comics? You look like a boy that has. Well anyway, down here we have been able to develop Tonics and Plasmids to give a similar effect to those powers."

"For example, the one just injected into your right Ulna is a little power we like to call Incinerate," another needle went equally as deep, "In the right Radius in Electro bolt." Another "Left Ulna, Winters Breath." And another "And last, telekinesis. I'm sure all the names are self explanatory. Anyway, we do this for a more... hmmm, well, stable use of power."

The attendant gave him another small shout that made his mind and thoughts even groggier than before.

"Next we are going to do a relatively new surgery, Gregory watch carefully as you'll be doing this on the next recruit." Xander felt the table rotate as he was spun to face the doctor.

"Now recently we have discovered that the appendix does serve a purpose but we simply grow out of it." Xander felt a tugging on his abdomen as the doctor cut into him, nothing more. Just a cut and a light amount of blood spilling over the edge. "Eric, suction. There we are. Now as I was saying, the appendix functions as an added immunal defense and producer in our young but as we get older we need it less and less. "

"Now this leaves us with a fairly interesting opportunity, especially to our Xenobiologist. I'll admit I'm only a bit of a dabbler but our local experts gave me enough information to perform the procedure. Now within the sea slugs that produce the ever important ADAM we believe we found the organs responsible for the creation of the substance." Xander let out a moan of protest as the man start to shift through Xander's organs .

"Now while in the early stage we have had some success with converting and combing the outdated organ with material from the slug to have a human, besides a Little Sister, to produce ADAM. A crude and small amount per day but a promising step. A promising step we've decided to use for out protectors."

The doctor started to cut open Xander's appendix and prepare for the Xenotransplant, explaining to both his patient and his apparent students what he was doing. Xander was pretty sure he blacked out a few times but he was awake enough to know what they were doing to him.

He wanted to fight, to scream, but he felt so numb, so tired.

They were messing with him, tearing into him, changing him. Turning him. Like a vampire.


Rage boiled in him and he struggles renewed once again, ignoring the fact that his stomach was opened for the world to see. He only paused when blinding pain and spasms. He felt... something skim by his fingertips as he raged on.

"Oh? You are still able to struggle? I would have thought the Big Daddy indoctrination drug would have gained more of an effect by now. We were trying to see how effective it was doping you up gradually would be. It seemed to be working rather well... oh well." He let out a disappointed sigh, "Up the dosage."

Several more needles were placed into various veins, His head went groggy then clear but he couldn't think. It was like he knew was going on but that was all he could process, just the moment.

Fingers snapped in front of his face but he couldn't really process it. "Alright, I think the drug is starting to kick him. Let's stitch him up and get him ready for the deep tissue tonic injections. And someone prep the pheromone room please."

Emily didn't like it there. It was dark, it was damp, and they did things to her. Injected her with things and put something wiggly in her belly.

In just a week her usual caramel colored skin had turned a dark gray color and when she saw her reflection in the mirror her eyes glowed dark eerie yellow.

They said it was necessary, that they had a job to do. To collect the ADAM from the sleeping Angels. They said the city needed it... and that it would taste good when she got it.

They let her try some, it was really really good.

They said soon she would get a new Daddy, one that would protect her no matter what.

She didn't care. She just wanted to go home.

She wished that nice man would come back for her. Rescue her like those knights and heroes from her favorite cartoons and stories.

"Oh, little one." One of the watchers of the Little Sister Orphanage called out from the entrance of the room. "You're new Daddy is here to pick you up."

Emily hesitantly left her room, grabbing along a stuffed penguin and the Needle they gave her. She followed the strange lady out of the room and towards the main foyer where the man in the suit and one of those things waited for her.

"Ah! Little one! How are you fitting in" She didn't say anything, she just held her penguin tighter to her chest and held her new needle at the ready in case he tried anything. "Ah, a shy one. How cute. But here I have a surprise for you. Subject Theta, take up your helmet if you would."

The thing didn't say anything. It just obliged as it twisted off the air tight helmet and allowed the girl to see his face.

It had changed just like hers, paler and his eyes almost glowed a slight amber. But despite the changes she knew it was him, the man who tried to save her. "Mister!" She yelled, running up and hugging his leg, hoping that this was the moment the hero came to save the princess.

But he didn't react like he did before. He didn't scoop her up and try to run away, he didn't try to hit the bad men who hurt her, the only thing he did was smile and pat her on the head.

Which was nice... and he smelled good too but he wasn't the same.

"He's not exactly the same anymore," The man said almost reading her mind, "But he's in there and he'll protect you when you go out into the city. Theta."

The new Big Daddy put the helmet back on his head and held out his hand for her to take.

She hesitated, she was scared but this was the mister who tried to help her before and he smelled so good now. She knew she would be safe with him so she took the hand.

"Hurry up Daddy!" Emily yelled to large armored man behind her. Her Daddy may not be the biggest over the last few months he had proved himself the best.

He was fast, he was strong, and he destroyed anything that threatened her or made her cry. He took care of her, played with her, he was the best.

He even found tvs and video tapes that actually worked for her! But it was almost always some old man talking. No fun at all.

Emily slid across the floor as she entered the room and slid the recording into place. She bounced excitedly as she waited for the screen flickered to life, but that quickly died down and her face contorted into pout.

It was that stupid old man again.

"Stupid old man." She said out loud before stomping away."Let's go Daddy."

But for once the Big Daddy Theta didn't immediately follow. He stared at the screen as the old man boldly proclaimed something, something that started to clear the fog that occupied his mind.

"A Man Chooses, A Slave Obeys."


This was one of those ideas that took only a day to write so if its crap my bad but it just kept flowing. I wish my actual stories could work like this though.

Anyway, this is a crossover with the ever awesome game BioShock, which I wish I could even a bit of the brilliance used to make it.

Rapture is being rebuilt by the descendant of one of the escapees, I have an idea who but I'll keep that to myself until I decide, or someone else decides, to continue this. Though it feels off because of how disconnected it would be from Buffy verse till Xander, and his little one, escapes.

Anyway, tell me what you think and peace.
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