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Divine Ideas From A Demonic Mind

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Summary: A series of One-shots to get rid of the over flow of ideas in my oxymoronic head. Hope you enjoy the chaos. *Mostly Xander Centered* If you feel like doing any of these feel free, just tell and credit me. I want to see these grow.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet Collections(Recent Donor)TheDivineDemonFR152483,450419082,73314 Nov 1122 Mar 14No

Please Stop Me

Summary: Xander has a destiny and he sends out a desperate plea for Buffy to stop him.

Story#3: Please Stop Me

Rupert Giles looked worriedly at the reports in front of him.

Something strange and most obviously dangerous was happening in Sunnydale and its gotten to the point that the government both state and national had taken an interest in what was happening. FBI agents and state troopers were coming in to investigate and he didn’t know whether that was good or not.

Maybe it was a… mundane thing. A human occurrence but something told him it wasn’t. He felt that it was something more.

Unexplainable suicides.

Legitimate gang wars that took the lives of innocent bystanders started with seemingly no provocation.

Diseases not seen for centuries appeared and started to mutate quickly.

And impossible accidents have become a common occurrence.

The authorities thought it was the work of some terrorist group from the Middle East. But he wasn’t as convinced. It was his job… well not anymore, now it was his duty not to take the “rational explination”.

And what was more worrying was that in the four days that all of this has started there has already been over a hundred deaths with a dozen times more suffering someway somehow.

“Any clues Giles?” Buffy asked sullenly near him. One of her class mates had been one of the unexplainable suicides, they weren’t that close but it was still something that shocked you and told you how close to home this was hitting.

“No, I’m afraid not Buffy. Whatever this is there is no record of it in my books. No prophecy that I can find, no species or group of demons. Nothing.” In all honesty it was frustrating him beyond all belief. There should be something anything “

“Are we even sure it’s something supernatural? Maybe it’s like the news thinks, maybe its terrorist.” Willow tentatively suggested. They all knew, even she knew, she was trying to be hopefully optimistic but falling very short of her target. And despite this knowledge Buffy couldn’t help but to make a quip.

“On the Hellmouth? On the scale of unlikely to impossible? I’m going with impossible.”

The three of them sat in a frustrated silence as they started to flip through Giles books in a desperate and probably vain attempt to find something. But soon their silent research solace was broken by the sound of Giles’ phone ringing.

Picking it up the British native instantly finding himself having to calm down a frantic woman. “Joyce,” he tried once gaining the two girls attention “Joyce, Joyce! Calm down. What is wrong?” he listened for a few seconds “Joyce, you’re making no sense… alright we’ll be over in a moment.” Hanging up the phone he turned to the girls. “I’m unsure what is going on. All I could really make out was something about Xander. She insists we need to get over there now.”

Both girls immediately nodded, now extremely worried about their friend. Sure they were estranged at the moment but they were still friend. And when he didn’t’ show up for the Scooby meeting they should have known something was up. What if he was caught up in one of those accidents or being the stupid man that he was got in the middle of one of the gang wars.

That last thought made them hurry all the more.


When the three came into the house they found a confuse and frazzled Joyce sitting on her coach nursing a glass of alcohol.

“Mom?” Buffy asked unsurely as she hadn’t seen her mother in such in a very long time. Not since she was ousted as being a Slayer. “Mom, are you alright?”

“And where is Xander?” Willow added immediately after. Sure she cared about Joyce but Xander was her Xander.

Joyce didn’t answer just pointed towards the answering machine. The other three looked at curiously noticing the red ‘1’ laying there almost ominously in their minds.

Pressing the button the three were greeted to a robotic voice tell them the date and time the message had arrived “That’s two days ago?” Willow said absently while trying to think of the last time they saw their friend.

Soon they heard someone rasping on the other end of the phone followed by a familiar stained voice “Bu-Buffy. You have to stop me.” Buffy opened her mouth and managed to mouth the word ‘what’ before the message continued “Something, inside me. It’s taking over. The seals are broken. They, we, are looking for the fifth. Stop them from getting anymore Buffy. Stop us, please. I don’t want to end the world.” There was the sound of crying on the other end, Xander never cried “God, Buffy it hurts. Please kill me, kill what’s going to wear my face. Please. I don’t want to do this. Please Buffy. Please.” There was silence for a moment “I don’t think I can last much longer. I guess, bye guys.”

Soon the sound of a dial tone came and left all the occupants silent and pale.


“You sure it’s here?”

“Yes, the fifth is in the forsaken town somewhere.”

“Should we ask our brother? He grew up here after all.”

“Give him time. He’s still adjusting. He was more attached to his human self than we were.”

The three men then turned to their brother who was sitting at the edge of the clearing staring up at the open sky.

Three scents spiraled around his nose as he started to become use to his own scent. Steel, gun powder and blood. The three things that now seemed to be all that he was made of. A walking weapon of destruction, what he was born to be, designed to be. He accepted this now.

Feeling a warm muzzle rub against his face he smiled and started to pet the horse. “Hey girl.” He greeted his new found friend in the form of a large red horse.

He accepted what he became. War, the very personification of the thing. Higher than any god or demon, he was a force of pure nature. He felt the passion that started it and the cheer that ended it but most of all he felt the dread, anger and sorrow that became of it.

He was the passion, he was the devastation, he was Xander Harris.

He was the second horseman.

And he had a job to do, one that he needed to do.

He just didn’t want to do it.


This is kind of a response to all the overly super Xander stories and how he makes things perfect with his obviously bigger than Buffy’s destiny. In all honesty those stories kind of piss me off if they aren’t done right, mostly because they are pure bash fics. So the response is to give Xander a destiny that is counterproductive to Buffy’s

This one is more of a teaser because like the other’s I have no idea where I’m going with this one. I put it in mid fourth season because of the whole 2000 thing and I wanted to see/force the Scoobies to actually work with the Initiative and maybe call Angel in. Plus imagine Walsh’s face when you tell her she’s facing the Four Horsemen.

If I do do this fic it would probably take place in the points of view of the three main Scoobies minus Xander and how they deal with their friend who is starting a very public apocalypse.

Slight crossover with Darksiders (don't own) and (I’m not really sure I should even say this) the Book of Revelations from the Bible.
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