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Divine Ideas From A Demonic Mind

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Summary: A series of One-shots to get rid of the over flow of ideas in my oxymoronic head. Hope you enjoy the chaos. *Mostly Xander Centered* If you feel like doing any of these feel free, just tell and credit me. I want to see these grow.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet Collections(Recent Donor)TheDivineDemonFR152483,450419082,19514 Nov 1122 Mar 14No

Broken Promises

I’m not going to lie, as much as I hate seeing it done wrong I love abusing the whole “Xander was possessed” angel. So you’ll probably see it a few times after this rough draft.

Summary: He promised Jesse he would keep her safe, he failed and now Sunnydale will feel the consequences.

Story#4: Broken Promises

“Hey, ass, get off her” Buffy yelled as she grabbed Percy by the back of his shirt and dragged him away from Willow. The jock mumbled something before stumbling away taking most of his friend with him as they jeered at him “You okay there Will?” Buffy asked eyeing her friend’s new outfit.

Willow stared at her blankly for a moment before a look of pure venom appeared on her face “You.” The red head managed to growl out.

“Me?” Buffy asked out loud as she wondered why her friend was being so hostile. She had a clue and decided to go with it “Listen Willow… About what I said earlier, I’m sorry. You know how my foot loves to live in my mouth.” Her friend was still glaring at her “I, I like your new look. Its… very extreme. With all the leather.”

“I don’t like you.” Venom, stinging poison filled with hatred lace Willow’s voice as she glared almost childishly at Buffy.

Buffy took a step back in shock “Willow, I’m sorry if what I said hurt you but there is no need to be so hostile.”

The red head just bared her teeth before turning sharply “Leaving now.”

Buffy grabbed her arm “Willow, come on…”

Willow burst from her grip with surprising speed and strength “Let go of me!”

Buffy felt numb as she watched he friend’s face shift into something horrific and yellow eyes glared at her. She stood their stunned as the red haired vampire stormed out.


Xander hummed cheerily as he walked towards the Bronze. He didn’t see a reason why he shouldn’t be in a good mood either. Buffy stopped side lining him, Cordy wasn’t mentioning his home life in her insults anymore and Willow was starting to actually talk to him again.

He still didn’t get why he and Willow did that and now that he looks back at he feels more disgust in himself. Not only because he cheated and came that much closer to being his father but because he had always thought of Willow as his little sister. So now that he thought back to the whole Fluke with all the kissing and naughty touching he felt a little sick.

Seriously, what caused that lapse of judgment? He kissed his sister!

Something twisted Hellmouth-y must have happened.

Disengaging himself from his disturbing train of thought he started to think of happier, less puke renditioning things. Like Bronzing the night away.

But as he walked towards the Bronze he heard the sound of a scuffle and instantly he was on the scene. Though as he rushed over he was cursing himself for not bring more than one stake hidden in his coat. He needed to come out more prepared.

As he came to the scene he saw something that chilled him to the bone.

A body laid listlessly on the ground with a familiar figure in an unfamiliar outfit standing above it licking her lips and fingers.

His suddenly dry lips managed to utter one word “Willow?” His voice croaked and strained under the effort to say her name.

She turned towards him, her face still shifted to that of a monster’s, yellow eyes wide with excitement and crooked fanged teeth growing into a sickly smile. “Xander!” The thing squealed excitedly as it skipped over to him “I missed you.”

Her ice cold arms slid around him as his heart beat faster and faster.

How could this happen? He just saw her earlier today. This couldn’t be happening. It couldn’t.

“I don’t like it here.” The vampire mumbled as she snuggled into Xander’s chest “Everything is so… depressing.” She started to take in a deep breath, taking in what to her was the most comforting smell in existence but was cut short as she felt something penetrate her back.

She looked up in shock at Xander for a moment before she started to turn to ash in his arms.

Xander just stood there with a blank expression on his face, one hand holding a stake, the other filled with ash.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. This wasn’t how it was suppose to end.

He felt tears brimming in his eyes before he ruthlessly killed them. He wouldn’t cry. There was no time for tears. The one who turned Willow was going to pay. And it wasn’t going to be a slow death either.

Problem was he had no power… at the moment. He was now desperate and pissed off enough to do something her promised himself he wouldn’t do.

He didn’t like breaking his promises but he already broke an even more important one to Jesse. He promised what happened to him wouldn’t happen to her. That was his promise and he failed.

Compared to breaking that promise nothing else mattered.

He looked at the pile of ash in his hand.

The last remnants of Willow.

It wasn’t much, but it was her. The only thing left for him to grieve over. So, shoving his stake behind his back, he cleaned out his jacket pocket as best he could before depositing her remains inside.

He’d pick up a zip lock bag on the way to his destination. It would be a temporary thing until he found something better to carry her in.

Taking a shaky breath Xander made another promise, this time having no doubt what so ever that he’d keep it.

“Don’t worry Willow. I’ll get the bastards that did this.”


She felt him before she saw or smelt him.

Her freedom.

Her strength.

And though some would highly doubt it her mind. Her higher thinking.

Together the two of them were great but they were denied each other by his… friends.

But now he was back at the time when the sun was gone and no humans came. He stood there in front of her prison with a look on his face.

Devastation? Determination? Or maybe he was just hungry.

She still didn’t understand the turnings of a human face so she wasn’t sure.

The other members of her forced upon her pack started to laugh and giggle with excitement as they remembered the last time the boy visited. They wanted the same as her but one swift bark from her stopped them in their tracks.

She was the matriarch. She made the decisions. So they backed down as she made her way to the front of the prison looking up, waiting for him.

“I never wanted to come here again” He barked in that strange way human’s do, she didn’t understand what he was saying but she sat down and stared at him. Still waiting for it to happen “But I have no choice.” He clutched the side of his fake fur “They took her from me. They need to pay. They all need to pay.” His eyes were still looking at the ground as his barks began to quiver “But I’m not strong enough on my own… I need you.”

Finally his eyes looked up to meet hers and she grabbed her chance.

Her spirit flung from her body with a laugh.

Freedom was in her grasp. Only to be denied to her as her spirit and his soul met.

Her boy, her human had changed. There was another spirit in there, fading but waiting for intruders. The spirit of blood and gunpowder dragged himself to the front of the boy’s mind to face her. A tug of war of dominance and the human spirit was winning despite his ailing ways.

But she would not give up. She grabbed onto the animal she saw in the boy and tried to pull herself in. But again there was something, another predator, another spirit not even fully grown was there waiting. A mindless creature that lashed out at her with its mighty jaw but she easily swatted it away, it was just another broken spirit after all.

But when the human spirit grabbed onto that animal one they were no longer weak broken spirits. Just one killing machine of a spirit.

She was viciously thrown back to her body where she would whine at the loss.

The boy who betrayed her groaned as he stood from where he stumbled to his back. She could tell he was one with the other spirit now, that spirit took her place. But as he looked up she still felt their connection and not only that she felt strong.


Xander shook his head groggily as new knowledge and senses slammed into him. Merging with the hyena failed but he now had something else apparently. Maybe it was a good thing since he still felt mostly himself.

Standing up and looking up at the hyena and the painfully expression on her face. He could still feel that thread of something that connected them, that thing that kept him the hell away from the zoo for the past two years. He lived in fear of it so long but now that he used it he just felt bad for her.

She was laying on the ground in the hole of a cage looking up at him with only could be described as betrayal. He could understand it as clearly as if she was crying and screaming at him.

Deciding on a course of action Xander leaned himself over the railing with his arms held open wide. He didn’t know why he was doing this. It wasn’t like she could jump that high but still she looked up at him with her ears perked.

She laughed excitedly and jumped, shocking him and probably her she nearly made it to his arms. Though she failed her first try she was not discouraged as she jumped again and again until finally Xander had a firm grip of her in his arms.

With a weight no lighter than a new born Xander pulled her over the railing and set her gently on the ground. She laughed again, jumping up and licked on his face. “Um, good girl.” He said as he gently petted her head.

While not what he was hoping for he could work this “Okay girl, you want to come with me? There are some ground rules”


She sat in strange thing her human used to get around as he smashed open the door to some store front.

She understood some of things he barked at her and could get the general idea of what was going on. Someone killed a member of his pack and now he wanted to hunt them down. She could understand that and would whole heartedly help him.

Besides that he freed her and gave her strength. She owed him.

Even if he did keep on calling her Lucy.


Xander walked determinedly with Lucy next to him as he opened the door the Willy’s Alibi Room. Most conversation stopped as he walked in, Lucy looking ominous behind him as she sniffed and giggled.

He didn’t even bother going up to Willy. He just stated what he wanted “I want the one who turned Willow Rosenberg.”

The room was silent for a moment before one of the local vamps asked who was dumb enough to turn one of the Slayer’s friends and a few others mumbling about how dumb the boy was.

Xander being more than impatient in his angered and grieving state walked over to the nearest vampire and put the muzzle of his hidden shot gun to its head. “I asked you all a question.” His finger twitched closer to the trigger “I’m not that particular with which blood sucking bastard I kill but I think it’s in your best interest to tell me a name.”

One of the vampires buddies took objection to the boy’s actions but before he could do anything the boy yelled something “Lucy.”

The large dog that went momentarily forgotten jumped forward with great speed and ripped out the transgressor’s throat. As the vampire was grasping for unneeded air the hyena dug into his ribs and chest. Eventually the pain turned him to dust, making Lucy laugh in entertainment.

“A name or I swear to paint this place in blood and ash.” The boy’s voice went gruff as he made the threat sending chills down many of their spines, the fact that his dog was laughing and licking its bloody chops didn’t help.

“I got an idea Harris.” Willy said cautiously from behind the bar. He did not want to see if the boy could back up his words or not. “I’m not sure if it’s the guy you want but he has the balls.”

The room stated to whisper. Many in the room didn’t know who the boy was but a few heard of him in rumor. The Slayer’s lap dog Harris, her little lackey that did little more than get a lucky shot in every now and then. This was not what they were expecting to see when they finally met the boy.

“Talk.” Was all he said, never taking his eyes off his nervous target.

“His names Ricky. Got turned during the twenties. Gots the whole mafia thing goin’. He hangs around at the docks.” Willy stormed out, hoping to get the boy out as quick as possible.

Xander was quite for a moment. “Thanks.” Was all he said as he pulled the trigger and pointed the gun at the rest of his hostaged table. “Lucy, vampire.” And again he pulled the trigger.

Systematically Xander went through the room injuring demons and dusting vampires. Some tried to sneak up behind him but he seemed to always know they were there and place a stake in their hearts.

They tried to get a hold on him but he was moving to fast, almost a blur in action. His image wavering as he weaved through the crowd. And to make matters worse, whenever they thought they pinned him his dog would show up.

That dog was a monster! And coming from a group of demons that was saying something.

It was fast, not as fast as the boy but quick enough. Though its real strength was its sheer power. It was bull dozing through vampires like they were rabbits and tearing through flesh with a sickening glee.

Again, that’s coming from demons.

When the boy finally stopped moving he wasn’t even out of breath as he gave an ultimatum “You might want to tell vampires it open season on them. The rest of you might want to stay out of my way.”

Xander had no problems with demons, just a majority of them. According to Giles books some are actually friendly but if he saw one of any species eating a human baby, well, he would be charged with genocide.


The next day Sunnydale high was filled with gossip of a stolen hyena, the local gun store being robbed and a large fire down at the docks. But none of that was heard by a grim Buffy Summers as she sat in the library waiting for the others to gather.

She had told Giles the news last night but she couldn’t find Xander, Cordelia or Faith to tell them the news. The horrible reality the world was now in.

Giles sat across from her with a pained but sympathetic look on his face, the cup of tea he prepared for her laid cold on the table. He didn’t wish for her to go through this pain again, not since her old friend from the year prior. He could see it ripping into her, hurting her more than any physical beating.

“Why is everyone so mopey?” a familiar voice that startled the both of them out of their funk. Standing there in the door way practically bathing in the sunlight was Willow.

Buffy worked her jaw at the image she was seeing. She saw Willow the vampire the night before, she knew what she saw. But now Willow was standing in sunlight not being set on fire.

Apparently Giles was more coherent than her as he placed a cross on Willow’s face none too gently. “Ow, Giles.” The girl complained under the force and from the lack of smoking and sizzling that seemed to be the only problem.

Buffy immediately shot up and hugged her friend leaving the red head confused. “Okay what’s going on?”

After explaining things to the young witch her face seemed to brighten in realization “So that’s why everyone kept on talking about what I wore yesterday.”

“So I wasn’t being delusional?” Buffy asked, much to her own relief.

“Apparently not.” Giles comment as he thought events over “It would seem we have a look alike, maybe even a doppelganger.” The man mumbled to himself as he disappeared into the stacks leaving both girls staring at him confused.


He should be in school, he knew she would want him to be there. But he couldn’t. He was too angry.

And firebombing crypts was kind of fun during the day. Watching the vampires decide if they wanted to burn inside or outside was very entertaining. And if Lucy’s giggling was anything to go by she enjoyed the show too.


After updating the rest of the gang of resent proceedings after school Giles and Wesley went head first into research mode.

“So everyone talking about “Rosenberg’s new look” was talking about your copy?” Cordelia asked with mild interest, after receiving a nod she snorted “Should have figured. You don’t have the guts to work leather like everyone said you were.”

“Hey!” Willow exclaimed mildly offended “I could “work” leather!” why did everyone have to think she was such a goody goody!

“Sorry Red. I just can’t see it.” Faith said mildly, taking notes of everything going on to tell the Mayor later.

Willow puffed out her cheeks, feeling more and more irritated as her two most hated people started ribbing her.

As the research party went on Cordelia pointed out something they all missed “So where’s the dweeb, out getting doughnuts again?”

Willow and Buffy looked horrified at each other. “Have you seen Xander today?” Willow asked, her face twisted in fear.

“I was too freaked to notice! Giles!” Buffy yelled out, making the former Watcher to jump up from his book “I’m going to find Xander, he doesn’t know about evil Willow!”

“That’s just sounds creepy” the red head mumbled to herself while Cordelia said something about how it wasn’t much of a change.

“While that is a good idea Buffy,” Giles started “Where are you going to look? Especially if you haven’t seen him all day?” He hated playing the role but it seemed to be his to do so.

Apparently Buffy hated his role too. She paused, thought and came up with a few stops. “His house, the Bronze, and if not we head to Willy’s to see if he has a clue.”

Faith stood up “Hold up B. I’ll come with you.” It was obvious there was nothing new going on, besides the Willow clone, besides it might be entertaining to tail with the Golden Girl for a while.


Willy flinched as the door opened. Hoping beyond hope that it wasn’t who he thought it was. And when he saw the two Slayers walk in he sagged where he stood in relief.

“Not the reaction I was expecting” Buffy said slightly annoyed which fueled her on going bad mood. Xander wasn’t at the Bronze or his house and she got yelled by Xander’s drunken father. Something she was going to have to talk to him about.

Willy started to look worried as he remembered who the two girls were “Look Slayer, I’m sorry about your friend but there is no need for violence.”

Buffy was over at him in an instant “What happened to Xander!?” Buffy demanded completely forgetting about the doppelganger walking around.

Willy started panicking “Besides going crazy? I have no idea!!”


“He came in here last night demanded to know who killed your other side kick and then killed every vampire in the room when he got an answer. HE did a repeat performance a little while ago.” His words were rushed in a mixture of fear of his current predicament and terror of the one earlier.

“And I’m suppose to believe that!?!” The blonde demanded holding him with one hand and raising her other to give him a Slayer level slap.

“Uh, B” Faith called from behind her trying to get her attention Buffy turned to demand what only to receive Willy’s answer at the same time.

“We still haven’t cleaned up his mess yet.”

How could she not have noticed all the ash, blood and bullet holes the riddled the area? How empty and flinch-y the room was. Could her Xander really have done this? Was he even capable of this?


When Faith and Buffy returned to the library they found everyone there including Angle as he was giving a report about recent super natural activities. Something about a fire but that didn’t matter to her at the moment.

“Guys, we found something out you’re not going to believe.” It took less than three minutes for her to tell what she knew but it stunned everyone silent.

“Are we sure this information is correct?” Wesley asked unsurely while Angle said, “So that’s what he meant.” at the same time. And as usual Wesley was ignored as everyone honed in on Angel’s statement.

“And I said that out loud.” The vampire bemoaned as he noticed all the stares.

“You.” Buffy demanded as she pointed at him “Spill.”

Angle did his best not to fidget under all the stares “When Angleus was free last year he went to visit you at the hospital” He said truthfully, doing his best to ignore the flinching and looks of horror “And Xander was there waiting for him. Angleus taunted him and asked how Xander was going to stop him. He said that he was like me, just a cage holding back something worse. The scary part was that Angleus believed him and seeing how just about every well known vampire hang out and crypt has been attacked I’d say he was telling the truth.”

The library went into silence as they thought about what was said.


Xander moved from his hand gun to a machete with frightening ease, the type of ease that should only come to someone who had years of practice. And at this point he wasn’t sure that he didn’t. It didn’t matter though, as long as one more blood sucker was dead.

He felt the world differently now. He could feel when something was coming at him, from any direction, he knew they were coming but through his strange connection with Lucy he knew he didn’t need to turn around to get the one sneaking up on him.

He was stronger now, not as strong as before but stronger than normal Xander and he sure as hell moved faster than ever before. It wasn’t like super speed or anything, more like… he moved faster. His reflexes and responses put his body in a blur as he put deadly training to use.

It was a handy skill to help clear out a new base of operation.


While the rest of the Scoobies went home a bundle of nerves worrying about Xadner and the possibility of an Evil Willow look alike Faith went to her new boss to report.

“… So apparently X went off the deep end.” She said sitting at the edge of his desk as she finished off her report.

The mayor hummed to himself as he thought about of the latest news. He had been wondering who was killing off all the vampires in town, he already killed maybe fifty in roughly two days. Now that was impressive. The sign of a real go getter.

He wondered if the boy wanted a job.


This is a crossover of just about every Shooter game and Crow (I own none). The shooter games are what I base Xander’s abilities on with bullet time, radar, slight super strength, a slight healing factor and near unbelievable skill. Crow for his relationship with Lucy, as long as both live they both have their abilities, one dies, bye bye powers.

I think that if I do any of these stories fully I would either do this one or Just a Bite.

Oh and nothing against the Willow/Xander pairing, I actually have a fic or two for that but… well its just how I saw them till the fluke.

And with the modified Xander Angelues conversation I think Joss should have done it like this “I’m not sure I could but whatever is in me could. I’ve been possessed twice hair gel and neither really went away. I’m to it what Angle was to you. A thin little line keeping the monster from the rest of the world. Now back off before I decide to let it out.” Even if it was a bluff it would have been a hell of a reason for Angleus to leave.

Anyway tell me what you think.

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