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Divine Ideas From A Demonic Mind

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Summary: A series of One-shots to get rid of the over flow of ideas in my oxymoronic head. Hope you enjoy the chaos. *Mostly Xander Centered* If you feel like doing any of these feel free, just tell and credit me. I want to see these grow.

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Link of Reincarnations

Summary: The Slayer line was not born alone

Story#5: Link of Reincarnations

When humanity was young it quickly realized it was not alone, and that it was a tasty snack. But they were a cunning bunch of bastards, creating weapons and tools to fight off all those who would eat them. They were actually doing a decent job but some thought they could be doing better, especially when they knew there were bigger threats out there.

So the three wisest men of the largest village got together and discussed their options. They all agreed whatever they did they had to make sure whatever they did lasted through the ages but they disagreed on how.

The first mage of the council that would be known as the Shadow men suggested binding a powerful demon to a young girl. This way they had a powerful warrior who was impressionable and would listen to them. And when she fell in battle the power would be transferred to another young girl in their village.

The second mage shook his head and called the first a fool. They didn’t need the help of a demon when there were plenty of friendly spirits to use. He suggested sealing the power of the Divine into a blood line and letting it be passed to every child of the family.

The last mage shook his head and called the both fools. He said that they didn’t need the help of the Holy or Demonic to stay alive, that humanity was deadly enough on its own. He suggested that they took their bravest warrior and place him in a loop so that every time he died he would be reborn with the skills and knowledge of his last life.

The three would argue for a week before deciding to just go with all three ideas, it would be better to have three lines of defense after all.

The first mage had successfully bound an Old One to the soul and sprit of a young girl and her Line of Power would become infamous in the minds of demons as they cowered away from any area the name Slayer would appear.

The second mages idea had seemed to work as well, successfully even as the mages that the bloodline created were all exceedingly powerful. But the bloodline, like many bloodlines before and after it, faded away and died off.

The last mages legacy however lasted just as long as the first. In every life he would become a warrior, a crusader against darkness. Sometimes he would stand alone, other lives he would lead, some he would follow. In some lives he was a great hero, others a betrayer but in all a warrior with little equal. In each life he would gain skills in battle, magicks, and in academic. While never the best in the last two combining them with the first he damn near scared any opponent he ever faced.

As lives went by him he grew stronger every time he “woke up” in his current life and his soul so powerful it altered his current life's form.

Everyone recognized him by three continuing traits, his blue-green eyes, golden yellow hair and pointed ears.

But as with all things time has a way of making people forget things. So when the descendants of the Shadow Men, now called the Council, noticed that this man would appear near where a Slayer was activated or born or working they grew worried.

You see, the three lines were meant to follow each other. Attracted to each other since their birth due to their similar natures and creation, even when the sister line died off the Slayer and Warrior followed each other. Determined to keep the other going as long as possible.

But the Council didn’t know this. All they knew was that there was an unknown entity following their weapon. And it needed to be stopped.

They tried to fight the Warrior directly but his skills proved too much for their small teams, even when the musket came into the picture. But the Council soon noticed a pattern, their opponent wasn’t immortal.

A reborn warrior for every generation to fight, well, it seemed to fight darkness. A male version of their Slayer maybe?

After that thought spread through the inner Council and rumored in the outer the group became split into three groups. One wanted him gone, another wanted him controlled, the last said leave him alone as he did the job and they had no way to track him.

Most slowly fell into the last group as time proved them right, though the first two options were always so tempting.

The last time one was spotted was in the late seventies when a childhood friend of the Slayer Nicki came home from the war. He supposedly died in 1981.

There hasn’t been a clue of his latest awakening yet but the Council kept an eye out.


Xander Harris woke up with a start as the memories of the Vietnam Veteran slammed through his dreams again. And again he wondered why he was the only one keeping the memories of his possession. It had been more than a week and no one was acting weird anymore and Buffy was complaining about losing her easy A in French.

So why him?

Why was he plagued by nightmares of the jungle?

The next morning he brought it up Giles.

“I am not sure why you are still being affected Xander, I’m honestly not.” The man said giving the boy a piteous look as he saw the tired and drawn out expression on the boy’s face.

Xander hated the way Giles was looking at him, he wasn’t a pity project “Great. Do you at least have like a dreamless sleep spell or something?”

“Afraid not.”

“Just fucking great.” Xander said earning a slightly surprised look from Giles. Xander never swore. Whatever was going on must be affecting the boy more than he thought. So before the teen left Giles promised to look further into it.


As the days went by Xander’s mood became worse and headaches became a common occurrence for him. The girls didn’t seem to notice until one meeting where he tore into Angel for apparently no reason.

Hell, all Angel could do after being called “a pedophilic waste of rotting flesh” was blink at its abruptness.

“Xander!” Willow yelled indigently. Buffy’s voice soon followed with the red heads, her eyes practically spitting fire but it didn’t seem to faze the boy as his head wobbled up and down in a constant battle to stay conscious.

Buffy stomped over to the boy to yell at him but was stopped when a hand landed on her shoulder. Turning her glare towards the one who stopped her she found herself feeling indignant as Giles gave her a stern glance.

“But Giles! Did you hear what he said!?” Buffy yelled her mind racing with possibilities on how to hurt her obviously jealous friend. She so didn’t need this after the whole Ford thing.

“Yes, I did.” And while internally he agreed with the boy’s little rant, well most of it, he was more worried about the haggard looking boy. “Xander,” The boy’s head lolled to the side to look at him. “Maybe, you should go home and rest.”

“I’m fine.” The boy muttered in an irritated voice as he rubbed his bagged eyes.

The boy obviously wasn’t. The nightmares must have been hitting him worse than the English native thought. Damn Ethan.

“Xander, you’re no use to use if you’re dead on your feat.”

“I said I’m fine.” While the boy had a shit glare he had a very good growl. But it didn’t affect the Watcher as he let out a sigh and grabbed the boy by the arm.

“Come now, I’ll drive you home.”

As Giles guided the groggy boy out of the building he left a very confused and slightly pissed library behind.


As Xander dreamed that night he was not plagued by dreams of Jungle and the screams of his men as they were hit by a surprise attack. That night he dreamed of fighting a demon in the streets of Edo and making his way to Nagasaki to find a master vampire. But on his way there a blast of something ripped through the city with poison and fire.

He would lay a week in a make shift hospital riving in pain from his burns and the poisonous energy that was slowly destroying his body. Eventually he welcomed death for the first time in many lives.

That night he didn’t wake in a panic but in relief.


Xander felt better that morning as he walked to school. Maybe it was because he woke up feeling the relief of exiting that seemingly unending pain, it didn’t really matter. He actually managed to get a few solid hours of sleep for the first time since the whole Halloween mess.

But the fact that he didn’t dream of the streets of Los Angeles or fighting in Vietnam finally descended upon him.

Why was he now dreaming of something else?

Giles needed to be found.

But as he walked into the library he didn’t find Giles just a certain duo with red and blonde hair. “Giles here?”

Buffy glared at him obviously not forgetting his little spiel against Angel the other day but Willow who paid more attention to what happened after the rant just stared at him.

“No” was the red head’s answer as she started to take a good look at her crush in what had to be days. He looked tired and worn out, like he was dead on his feet. His eyes flickered around the room, like he didn’t trust the shadow not to jump out at him. “Xander… are you alright?”

She should have asked that sooner. Why had she stopped paying to him? When did she? She used to know his blood pressure for crying out loud!

“Fine, fine.” He said in a dismissive manner that wasn’t Xander “I just need to talk to Giles.”

She pulled out the resolve face “Xander.”

Xander looked at her blankly for a moment before something inside him snorted. That was what was supposed to intimidate him into talking? He’s seen worse.

Wait, where had he seen worse? Because he was pretty sure a week ago he would rather face a vampire’s game face than Willow’s resolve face.

Oh, god, another head ache.

Xander started to rub his head from the pain. With every pump of his heart the pain in his head got worse but he did his best just to grit his teeth and work through it.

“Xander?” Willow tried again as she saw how much pain her friend was in. Even Buffy stopped her glare and started towards him with a concerned look on her face.

“I’m fine.” He gritted out as forcibly straightened his posture “I’m fine.” He repeated again after taking a few breaths to compose himself “I just need some sugar or something”

Now Willow was pleading “Xander, please, tell me what’s going on.”

Xander was tempted to tell her about the nightmares that have been plaguing him since Halloween, about how they’ve been changing and getting worse. But he couldn’t bear to make his friend worry more than she already was. So, he lied.

“I’m fine guys, really. Just haven’t been sleeping well is all, giving me a headache.” He wondered where he learned to lie so well using the truth, it seemed like instinct “Just tell Giles me and him will work on that thing later.” Vague worked but more often than not back fired.

“Thing? Like Buffy just proved.

So you un-vague it enough to make them leave you alone “Yeah he’s helping me out with a few problems” Their mouths opened to say something “Guy problems. You guys wouldn’t understand.”

“I thought only we could use that.” Buffy said to Willow who only shrugged, honestly not wanting to know what a ‘guy problem’ was. When she tried to think of what it was images of… the male anatomy came to mind making her actually ‘eep’ out loud.

“Look guys, I’ll see you later. I’m going to get a drink.”

He left before they could say or ask more.


He grumbled to himself as he practically slammed his fingers against the key board. All he wanted to do was be home and hope for a coma inducing sleep, one hopefully without nightmares. But no! He had to do some stupid review class at 9am on a Saturday. A time in his opinion shouldn’t exist.

At least it was Ms. Calandar who doing the class. She was cool teacher but the problem was that she was a teacher. She actually made them do stuff and wouldn’t let them leave till they finished their program. To make things worse Cordelia wouldn’t shut up.

God, he was so tired.

And did Buffy have to come in like a freight train.

“Ms. Calandar… can I talk to you for a minute?”

The teacher tilted her head in worry “Something wrong?”

Buffy took in a breath and explained how Giles didn’t show up for the blood delivery the other night and when she went to see why he bailed she found him at home drinking.

“But tea, right?” Willow asked hopefully.

“No, it wasn’t tea Will.” Buffy said gravely “Have you guys noticed anything about him lately.”

Three out of four gave her a negative while the fourth through a curve ball.

“He was fine when I saw him talking to the police yesterday.” Everyone turned to stare a Cordelia “What?”

“And only chose now to mention it because?” Buffy asked aggravated.

“I didn’t think it was that important.”

Xander let out an unsympathetic snort.

Jenny took control of the conversation “What did they want with him?”

“Um, don’t tell me… Something about a homicide.”

Buffy’s back straightened and her face set as she made her way out of the computer room “That’s it, I’m calling him!?” Ms. Calandar was right behind her with the rest of the group following them at a much more subdued pace.

But by the time they reached to doors they found the sound of slamming to be enough of an incentive to hurry up. Bursting through the library doors they found Buffy holding a familiar looking man by his collar.

“I remember you!? You’re from the costume shop.” Xander found his head snapping to get a better at Buffy’s hostage. She was right it was him and Xander found himself moving over to them with a surprising unfamiliar stride.

“I’m so glad, erk.” Ethan Ryane found himself forced from the Slayer’s grip as her young friend grabbed him by the throat and slammed him against the wall. Staring into the boy’s eyes he found himself in loss of a comment.

Xander’s face was twisted into something feral and his eyes were burning. Literally if you were looking from the perspective of his victim, as Ethan watched the brown in the boy’s eye seemed to burn away to make room for a deep unnatural blue. “What did you do to me?”

His voice quaked as he spoke, almost like it cracked but instead of a deeper crescendo a dab of an unknown accent slipped through.

“Xander!” the name was called from various sources as the room finally moved into action after Xander’s sudden attack. But their voices seemed depended on Xander as his body language barely show that he even heard them.

“Answer me!”

“Nothing, I did nothing!”

“Liar” Xander barked out as he started to tighten his hands. But before he could choke the life out of the man who he blamed for his literally painful nightmares Buffy was on him pulling him away.

“Xander! Calm down!” but to Buffy’s surprise Xander moved fluidly out of her grip to punch Ethan across the face. His footing was near perfect and he hit at such an angel and spot the Chaos Mage was laid out on the ground and fully expecting a concussion when he woke up.

The room sat in a confused silence for a moment before Cordelia spoke for everyone when she asked “Okay, what the hell was the about?”

Xander said nothing as he felt uncharacteristically silent, as his breath starting to even itself he gave a grunt and sat in one of the nearby chairs.

He didn’t respond to any of the question thrown at him. He just focused his attention on the unconscious man on the ground as if he was considering something.

After realizing they weren’t getting anything out of their friend Buffy started to issue orders for the other woman to restrain Ethan while she went to call Giles. Though she didn’t get through her argument… conversation with Giles before the door slammed open to reveal what can only be described as a rotting body.

“Ethan!?” It called out mockingly “Come out to play!” the corpse looked around for a moment before spotting an unconscious Ethan.

“Oh good, your gift wrapped.” The decaying man moved forward to get his prize but a fist met his face and to everyone’s surprise, or at this point lack of surprise, it wasn’t Buffy’s fist. In a smooth motion Xander was up from his chair and gave a right cross worthy of Muhammad Ali, following it up with an impressive chop to the neck and an over head throw tossing the corpse into a book case.

Eyghon the Dream Walker shook its borrowed head as he tried to reorient itself. Not that it had time as a knee met its host face or when a hand grabbed the back of its head and slammed it into the ground. Over and over again.

Xander didn’t know what he was doing, his body was just moving on its own. Movements not his own taking over and flowing throw his being as if they were natural. He actually found himself liking the experience. Too bad Buffy had to ruin his experience.

“Xan! Calm down!” Buffy yelled as she gave him a bear hug from behind to restrain him. A little voice in the back of his head instantly gave him three methods to get out of her hold despite her strength. But he was able to force himself not to use them and calmed down enough for Buffy to loosen her grip and shrug her off.

“Fine.” At least the headaches were gone. No one noticed as the brown in his eyes started to take over the blue again.

“What is up with you?” Buffy demanded, ignoring the new pile of green goo on the ground or how it seemed to slither towards the unconscious Ethan.

He was tempted to say nothing but he was getting a stern glance from everyone in the room. It didn’t really matter anymore anyway, the target of his aggression was in the room and he was going to answer some questions. But oddly he didn’t feel like talking all that much so he gave a one word answer “Halloween.”

Now most of the Scoobies could easily be said to have above average intelligence so when they added the word Halloween with the way their friend had been acting lately combined with how he reacted to seeing the costume shop owner they got the picture. So a series of realizing sounds were made along with demands on why he didn’t say anything.

“I told Giles.”

Apparently the magical timing of the Hellmouth had a rather ragged looking Giles come rushing through the library doors asking if everyone was alright. Unfortunately he found himself meeting two very intense glares from Willow and Buffy and two looks of curiosity from Jenny and Cordelia. At first he had thought Ethan had ratted him out before he could explain himself but a quick glance showed a still unconscious man tied to a chair.

“Um… what?” was his elegant response before being pelted by questions. What he managed to piece together from the simultaneous babble and demands was something about Xander and Halloween so he was able to come up with a half way decent answer “It was his business.”

That seemed to be the right thing to say as the girls turned their glare towards the boy. Giles Ignored all that as he moved towards his one time friend with a renewed passion.

But as soon as he was in front of Ethan a familiar voice cooed out of the other man’s lips “Well, well. I never thought it would be this easy Ripper. My last target coming to me? Such a gift.”

Giles face lost all color as one word left his mouth “No.”

Ethan’s eyes snapped open to show glowing yellow eyes “Yes!” The now possessed Chaos Mage yelled as it ripped free of its binds and went for the stunned Brit but the local Computer teacher managed to push him out of the way take a clipping for herself.



Eyghon would have continued its assault while the librarian looked after his girl friend but the fact that the Slayer was in the room did halt it. So did the presence of the boy who if it was who he was thought he was would be trouble. So the Dream Walker made a quick escape through the nearby window, planning to buy his time as it grew in a live body.


Xander didn’t like Giles explanation. Not at all, summoning the help of a demon to get a high? That wasn’t just wrong but sick.

Not that it mattered now. Now they had to catch the demon, kill the demon and for good measure burn the corpse. Old friend of Giles or not.

“Um, Xander? What are you doing?” Buffy asked from behind him as he rummaged through the weapons cage looking for something that would suit his needs.

“Suiting up.” He pulled out a sword, examined it for a moment before giving a nod of approval. He wasn’t sure what he approved of but it looked like it would serve his purpose.

“Xander… maybe you should stay here. You said yourself… well kinda, that you weren’t feeling well.”

The only shield he found in the case was a bit small and made of subpar material but it would do for now. “I’m fine for this.”

Buffy bit her lip in worry as her friend almost casually jerry rigged his green hoody to carry the sword and shield. Whatever Ethan did to her friend on Halloween it had changed him and she wasn’t sure she liked it.

Xander didn’t pay her any mind as he turned his attention to the only couple in the room “Giles, does that tattoo work both ways?”


Eyghon was pleased with how well of a host Ethan was. Not only because he was alive and one of his designated targets but because of the magical energies he had at his disposal because of the Chaos Mages frequent use. The pool of magic made it an easier transition for the Dream Walker to enter the mortal plane, a much quicker transition.

Soon it would have a full body and power, all it needed to do was kill Rupert Giles. And as luck would have it the of so noble man was making his way towards him. No doubt with the Slayer and boy in tow. They would prove a challenge, even in the state it was in now it couldn’t be sure it could take one either alone and win.

Maybe, just maybe, it could when at full strength but that meant killing Rupert as soon as possible. That was no fun but survival came before pleasure.


“You sure that Egyptiongon is around here?” Buffy asked as she twisted her head to look around docks seeing nothing but the dust pile of an over eager vamp.

“Eyghon.” Giles corrected her absently but kept his eyes open “And yes, he’s around here somewhere.” His tattoo was pounding like a bloody jack hammer.

Xander let his gaze take in everything it could, flickering to every slight movement it could find. Unfortunately that wasn’t enough to see the movement on the roof top as a blue skinned demon jumped down landing behind Giles with its arm held high. On some sort of jerky instinct he retrieved the sword and shield from his back but it wasn’t quick enough to do anything as the claw came down towards Giles head.

But while Xander wasn’t quick enough Buffy was. For a second time that night Giles was pushed out of the way for someone else to take the hit for him. But this time it wasn’t a clip or a scratch but a long bloody gash across her torso. Buffy let out a cry of pain as she crumpled to the ground clutching onto her injured chest.

Giles mouth opened and closed as he looked on in horror at the sight of his charges blood pooling out of her body. He sat there frozen on the ground finding himself unable to move. Eyghon on the other hand had no problems, seeing it only as one problem out of the way.

But soon, like Giles, it found itself unable to move as it felt waves of magic roll through the area. It wasn’t to say powerful but incredibly dense and old, frighteningly so.

Turning it’s gaze towards the source it felt its eyes widen as they landed on the boy. Eyghon had its suspicions on what the boy was but hoped that it was wrong. Seeing this though viciously killed that hope.

In a process that probably took all of two second stretched for an eternity for Eyghon as it watched brown hair bleed away for blonde, brown eyes burned away for blue and his ears stretching themselves to a point. The boy’s body language changed from a restrained and clumsy fury to a smooth and confident posture.

When the transformation was over Xander stared at Eyghon with an uncanny intensity, enough to make the demon take a step back. “You will pay.” Even the boy’s voice had changed to an accent that could be best described as a mixture of a Spanish and Middle Eastern accent.

Xander took a step forward, pivoting on the front foot and holding his sword diagonal as his body took up momentum to become a hurricane of force. A battle cry ripped from his lips, one that he became intimently familiar with over the centuries and let it ring through the air.



While this idea takes a medley of ideas from Legend of Zelda, Avatar the last Air Bender and Soul Caliber’s Zasalamel with a dab of Super Saiyian its mostly a crossover with the web cartoon Legend of Zelda Unknown Origins.

The basic idea is that there is a warrior that is constantly reincarnated and at a certain point in a new incantations life the past lives “wake up” giving the current host all the memories and skills of lives before. Life time upon life time of fighting and different types of training, from Spartans to Samurai to Vikings to a bomb maker from China, all is remembered. With that much experience, skills and time to perfect said skills you have a warrior with near no equal. And when Ethan did his little spell he woke Xander up sooner than he should have been, even if there had been twelve year olds who awakened.

I’m Also Thinking about having the Slayer essence in Kendra act differently around Xander than… Whatever is in Buffy… I never got that. I’m also thinking of doing something with Midna, maybe have her as a shadow nymph that follows the Warrior as a constant friend and/or lover.

Tell me what you think.
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