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Divine Ideas From A Demonic Mind

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Summary: A series of One-shots to get rid of the over flow of ideas in my oxymoronic head. Hope you enjoy the chaos. *Mostly Xander Centered* If you feel like doing any of these feel free, just tell and credit me. I want to see these grow.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Ficlet Collections(Recent Donor)TheDivineDemonFR152483,450419082,22814 Nov 1122 Mar 14No

I Was Somebody

I love the game, I've played it a dozen times over and rarely see a good enough fic for it. I've seen some others try this crossover and honestly the only decent one was a oneshot by Semet.

I've seen this tried but only seen a decent one once and that was in something like this, in a series of dabbleres and one-shots by Semet.

Summary: In one world he felt so lost but in another he found a place for himself. What will he do when he is dragged back to the world where he was lost?

Story#8: I Was A Somebody There

The elf and the mage watched in open awe as they watched the clash of legends. They had seen him in action in a few small battles that they had on their way there and he was impressive then too. Creatures that would have taken them hours to defeat or just outright kill them fell to his experienced hands like they were barely a challenge to him anymore. In fact, he seemed oddly enthusiastic when the Varterral jumped down from the building.

Finn and Ariane had been knocked out of the way quickly by the creature but he was practically dancing between the creatures five legs and stubbornly followed it when it tried to run away. He was almost terrifying to watch as he fought. Purple blood staining his grey and gold Commander's armor, an ugly snarl visible on his lips as he let out a battle cry and his two masterpieces of swords making a presence all in themselves.

Starfang's alien metal practically sang as it cut through the air, a cold energy crackled with power as it followed his swipe through. It's steely blue coloring a blur as it swirled in his hands, the unique curves of the blade collecting the thick purple blood of its opponent.

In his other hand roaring with fire was his sword Vigilance. The beautiful amber colored sword was basically breathing fire with every swing the Hero of Ferelden took. The dragon bone sword actually seemed to be screaming victory every time it seared the creature's flesh.

The two completely unique and powerful blades twirled in his hand with a practiced familiarity. Thieves across the land would chop off their left nut and arm to get their remaining hand on just one of those swords, and if they were lucky they got to keep that remaining hand.

It was almost disappointing how little drama there was when the creature finally fell, no fan fare, it just collapsed from it's injuries and suffered a slow, painful death. The Warden spat to the side and tried to wipe as much blood off himself as he could, mumbling the whole time.

"C'mon." He called out to them with his strange accent when he was apparently satisfied. "Let's go."

His two companions nodded numbly as they followed him into the ancient building but for the life of him the Warden couldn't figure out what their problem was. Of course one must realize that he was used to fighting with people with near equal or greater strength and or skill than him. So to him he was wondering why they hadn't taken more swings at the monster when they had a chance.

But all stray though disappeared from his mind as they entered the building's main cavern. It was eerily similar to the room where he killed the Mother nearly a year ago. His whole body tensed as his hands went for his swords, his eyes flickering around for a Darkspawn to come crawling out from the very cracks of the floor.

"What? Do you see something?" Finn asked a bit skittishly.

The Warden shook his head "No... The place just looks way to familiar for comfort." he said as he tried to coax his body to relax, making pointed observations how the two areas differed. "C'mon, let's keep going."

The large cavern was indeed different than it counterpart, less fleshy and lacking in the skittering sound of the Children. All he could see in the new cavern so far was barren moss covered ground and dragon bones, not that was settling him at all. But it was at the end of the cavern that grabbed the groups attention.

A lone island sat on a mass of water and on it held his goal.

She was just there in front of a large mirror framed by two giant stone elves, pacing as if she was waiting for something. He had paused mid step just to stare at her, to memorize every little detail as if he was looking for pieces he had forgotten. He had almost forgotten how beautiful she was.

His admiration was broken when Finn had started to rush forward "The Eluvian!" he exclaimed as his eyes landed on the mirror "And it's... Glowing! We must," Finnn went to take another step forward but Ariane stopped him.

The Warden barely registered their byplay as he watched his goal move. Her form swaying as she walked the steps up to the base of the mirror. Her finger's grazed the purple surface, causing ripples to form as she trailed them along. The woman pause for just a moment as she looked over her shoulder, verifying that he was there.

"I, I think she's waiting for you." The elf gently said, as she had an idea on how much the Warden had craved this moment. The Warden gave a nervous nod that helped steel his nerves as he walked forward. "Remember to ask her about our book." She added as he walked away, trying to remind him why she was there but she knew that it was the furthest thing from his mind at the moment.

The Warden was forced to stop at the at the bottom of the steps with one simple sentence from her "No further please." She demanded in that roundabout way of hers "One more step and I leave, for good this time." Regret and longing plain in her voice telling him just how much she didn't want to leave.

Though his lips couldn't help but quirk up in the joy of seeing her and make one of his odd little quips "Hello to you too, Morrigan"

She didn't seem even mildly amused "I assume you know what this is. I have gone to great lengths to find and activate this portal. Give me reason and I use it, and you will not be able to follow."

The Warden's eyes dropped for a moment, feeling more than a little hurt that she would leave again so easily, before coming back up to look back into her golden eyes "I didn't come here to fight you."

Her faced softened from the hardened state she was forcing it to keep "I did not think you had." She said her voice again leaking her emotions before steeling herself once again "Now, tell me why you have come."

He told her honestly "I couldn't let it end like that." He couldn't just let her walk away, to just dissappear with only a few words between them, to leave while she was pregnant. That moment when he realized she really did leave after the battle with the Archdemon had broken his heart.

Morrigan let out a snort "And you once argued with me that love is not weakness. I will never understand you. And you will never understand me."

"I'll never understand unless you help me."

Once again her face broke to her true feelings "I... I would not even know where to begin."

"Our child?" He suggested, asking for a thought that had been haunting his thoughts since she left.

"He is safe," So it was a boy, he had a son "And beyond your reach." Wait, what? "All you need know is that the child is an innocent. He knows nothing of the destiny that lies before him."

"That's not good enough." He gritted out, anger flaring for the first time since he entered the cavern.

"Because the child is yours?" She queried before nodding "I understand. I will not share my plan with you. If your trust is insufficient, then your anger will have to do"

His teeth still clenched and eyes narrowed "Plan? What are your plans for him? I want to know!" He felt slight shame when his mind started to compare her to her mother and the old woman's plans for Morrigan.

"My plan is to leave, and prepare the child for what is to come. Such preparation requires time. And power. I must have both if I am to be successful. More than this, I dare not say." She paused as she gained control of her emotions "Even to you."

Still angered over the fact she didn't want him to see his child he accused her "You just used me to get what you wanted!"

Now her face fully broke to show how hurt and angry she was over what he said "I fought with you! I put my life on the line to aid your quest! And then the battle came too soon. I had no choice but to go to you, and I did not want to see you die. And here you stand, alive. So do dare not speak to me of betrayal" He had the grace to look aside in shame knowing that what she said was true "Now let me leave you with a warning." She said, venom in her voice "'Tis Flemeth you should beware of, not me. Hunt her if you hunt anyone"

"Flemeth?" His anger fading away for shock "Flemeth is dead." He killed the old shape shifting crone to keep Morrigan safe.

"My mother has tricked her way past death and more. She is no more finished than I am." She said, anger slowly leaving her form as she gave her beloved her warning. In fact horror and fear started to worm their way through her heart as a dozen thoughts of what her mother would do to her precious Warden and child when she gained strength again "I thought I knew what Flemeth planned. I thought what she craved was immortality. And yet I was wrong. So very wrong. She is no blood mage, no abomination... She is not even truly human. The ritual was but a means to an end, a herald for what is to come."

The Warden's body tensed, his anger fading way for his own worry "What is going to come?" He asked, fully ready to do whatever he could to defend what was his and defeat whatever stood in his way. Just like he always did.

"Change" was her answer "Change is coming to the world. Many fear change and will fight it with every fiber of their being. But sometimes change is what they need most. Sometimes change is what sets them free."

"Is that what you want?" He asked, dots trying to connect themselves "To be free?"

Her face completely lost her mask as half a dozen emotions swept over her face and her voice cracked "What I want... is unimportant now."

"Yes it is Morrigan." He insisted "It's always important."

She bit her lip and shook her head, trying to banish tempting thoughts "I cannot tarry longer. The time has come for me to go." she moved to step though the portal.

On impulse and desire he stepped forward "Take me with you."

She paused, eyes wide as she turned to look at him " You.. cannot know what you ask. T'would be better if you stayed. For you, for me, for us both" Temptation and heart break mixed in her answer, her voice cracking as she tried to force herself to stick to her plan.

In her daze she never noticed him clearing the steps between them and slipping her slender hand into his metal covered one. "I want to be there for you, for our son, no matter what."

One sentence had crumbled what little resolve she had left as her fingers started to lace themselves with his "Then come, my love, let us face the future together." An earnest smile swept over her face as she finished her new vow by sealing it with a kiss. She knew her damn romantic Warden was mentally comparing this to a wedding, a duo of vows sealed with a kiss, but she would not be bound in such mundane ways... Without alot of coaxing.

A dopy smile was plastered to his face as her fingers lingered against his armored chest. She let a satisfied look spread over her face at his expression before turning around once again towards the portal. A small thrill spread through her as she felt him walk next to her, maybe should could have what she wanted. Maybe she could have a family, to live happily with the man she loved and her child. Maybe it could be more than a foolish daydream.

She watched with amusement as he tentatively put his hand flat on the Eluvian's surface and watched the surface ripple like water. When he was done playing with it he stepped back and gave her a smile. An expression she returned as she took the first step forward through the portal with him following shortly after her.

Most would think that a portal instantly lead place to place, from one destination to another but the truth was there was a short path one must walk before getting to the other side. in truth it was rarely more than five strides from one end to another but those five steps could be disorienting in the colorful void that it presented itself in.

In that void between worlds beyond their own and the fade the reunited lovers walked, only to be torn from each other once again.

Unnatural stands of deep red sprang from the colored voided and wound themselves around the Warden. He dug his feet into the ground and called out to Morrigan. The witch paused in sheer terror as she watched the red tendrils of energy try to claim her love. But she wouldn't let it end like that as she tossed spell after spell against the seemingly invincible red energy that was dragging her love away from her.

In a desperate attempt she grabbed onto his out stretched hand and tried to pull his bulk towards the end of the portal. But in the end she failed as the unnatural red energy forcibly pulled him away, leaving both of them yelling for the other.

"Morrigan!" He yelled, his hand clawing at the air and for her.

"Alexander!" Her voice shrill as it called out for him and her magic did a desperate tug of war with whatever was pulling her love away. The void gave silent shakes as she struggled against the force but she had eventually lost and was forced to watch her Warden disappear into the myriad of colors. Leaving her to her tears and rage.

Alexander landed hard upon the ground, his armor loudly clanging with the impact and rattling him to the bones. Groaning he took a look around his surroundings and found himself with little to no clue as to where he was. The only obvious clue he had was that he was at ground zero for a recently burned down building, other than that he had no idea.

Shakily he stood and stared around trying to take everything in, looking for a hint of Morrigan. He knew he wouldn't find any trace of her after he was pulled away by whatever it was. With all the engrained caution he had gained over the years he drew Starfang and made his way away from his landing zone.

There was something familiar about the wreckage but he just couldn't put his finger on it. Eventually he found his answer when he left the wreckage and saw the rest of the town. Uniform buildings, artificial sidings and light a dominant feature in all but in back of his memory he recognized them and knew where he was. "I'm home?"

Five, even three years ago that fact would have filled him joy but now, after he had built a life for himself in Fereldan he felt lost, angry. "No, no, no, no." He growled out as his eyes battled whether or not they wanted to narrow in anger or widen in shock. What would happen to his men, his people? No, he trusted his lieutenants, they could handle Warden's Keep. His real problem was if Morrigan would wait for him now? Would he ever get to see his son?

He let out a howl of rage that jarred through the night, scaring away and attracting the various predators of his home town. He needed to get back, he had to get back. He was just with her, he was about to have what he always wanted but it was stolen from him, someway, somehow, it was stolen from him.

He was getting back, back to Morrigan if nothing else. He would do it, no matter what it took.

The only problem was that this was a problem embedded in magic and he was no mage. He needed help, and he had an idea on who to ask but there were a few problems with that idea.

The first and foremost in his mind was that it's been roughly five years. Things change, people move on. There was a chance they weren't even in Sunnydale anymore. Willow probably at some big name university with OZ, Buffy trying for the picket fenced life somewhere while killing monsters on the side, and Giles... he didn't know , went back to England maybe. He could try Mrs. Summers but there came his second problem, he didn't remember Sunnydale.

For the life of him he couldn't remember anybody lived, even his own childhood home.

So he quickly came up with a new plan. Find who might know, ask them, if they don't answer beat them up, if that doesn't work kill their friends and ask again. It's worked before.

And it would work again.

If he remembered right there should be something that knew was in one of the many cemeteries that littered the town.

Buffy Summers was doing one of her usual wide patrols of the town. Summers were slow and honestly required little Slaying. Giles said it was the vampire's adverse reaction to the heat, whatever that means, and the few night hours. It was a nice little break before things got difficult again.

So her interest was piqued when a vampire, still in its game face, came stumbling out of one the cemeteries with frost and ash on its clothing. So naturally Buffy stopped him "And where do you think you're going?"

The vampire panicked when he saw who was holding him by his collar. He never saw her face to face before but her description was spread throughout Sunnydale. Blonde, blue eyes, short and could lift you like you were a house cat. When you see all those things in one girl you ran, hell it was the reason why vampires rarely went after blonde's anymore. They did not want to be killed by Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

"I swear I didn't tell him anything."

Buffy blinked "Tell who what?"

"The dude in the armor!" The vampire yelled, seeing an out to possibly surviving "He's tearing through graveyards asking about you and your friends. But I didn't tell him anything!" Mostly because he really didn't know anything... and he started to run away as fast as he could when one of his swords went on fire.

Buffy's eyes narrowed as she took in that little bit of information. Somebody was looking into the Scoobies? Did that mean a new Big Bad was in town? Already?

With a new line of determination Buffy staked the terrified vampire before heading into the cemetery. She could already hear screams when she entered the area and when she entered she could see the reason for the screams.

There were only two vampires left, one as pinned into the found by a steel blue sword screaming in pain as a light amount of frost spread around the wound and the other was sweating and scampering back from an armored figure with a flaming sword in hand. She of course focused on the last figure and how whatever he was set off her Slaydar something fierce.

"You will tell me what I want to know." He growled, advancing a step and placing it an inch away from the vampires nose.

"I'm telling you man! I don't Know anything!" It begged "It's best just to avoid them you know?"

"Then you're useless." He barely had to thrust his shoulder forward as the flames of his blade quickly ate away at the undead creature. The figure then let out a "Tch" sound as he looked down at the pile of ash before moving on to the Vampire still pinned to the ground "So are you going to tell me what I want to know?"

When the vampire let out a whimper of pain Buffy moved. She didn't like it when people drew out kills, sure she made a quip in just about every fight she was in but she tried to keep it quick. Especially after her little bitch episode after the Master's defeat.

"Hey, tin man, looking for little ol' me?" She practically yelled as she made her entrance, gaining the armored figures attention. And when she did have it she paused for just a second to take in just how frightening the guy looked. Sure she dealt with vampires and demons all the time but there was just something off putting about a man in a full set of armor with his face shadowed by his helmet. Not to mention the two obviously enchanted swords in his hands.

"Buffy?" He asked, almost absently killing his weakened opponent as he stood.

"That's me." she said, wishing she had something better than a stake to fight with "Buffy the Vampire Slayer. How would you like your ass kicked today?"

The man seemed confused and even a little worried "But... you can't be. You look so young."

"Hey! I'm 18 asshole." Buffy cried indignantly, she was not a kid.

His hand tightened around his swords as his voice became an emotional growl "This can't be right."

Buffy almost jumped as her fight or flight instincts sky rocketed up. This guy was pissed about something but he still seemed to want to talk and not trying to kill her with his swords.

"How long has it been since graduation?"

The Slayer's head tilted to the side in confusion "Uh, I don't know... Four months?"

"No." it was almost whispered at first so she had barely caught it with her enhanced hearing but after he repeated it a few more times she could hear it clear as day. His body started to shake as the information processed to the point Buffy started worry. "I need to see Giles."

But not that much "Uh, I'm thinking no." Like hell was she letting something so wiggy near Giles, or anyone else for that matter.

"Buffy! Please! I forgot where he lives! I just want to get back!" he plead sincerely and confusing Buffy.

"You know Giles?"

The man sheathed his swords, which calmed Buffy's nerves to settle just a little, and took off his helmet "Of course I know Giles." The face was familiar and so was the voice now that she thought about it. Both seeming older she was used to and features she didn't recognize, like a slight accent or a scar on his chin, appeared. But it was still enough for her to realize who it was.


The group sat in a very uncomfortable silence with the only clear sound filling the room being the echoes of the shower. The Scoobies should honestly be used to this having dealt with two similar situations in the past, one where Angel returned from a hell dimension and another where a vampire version of Willow wanted to return home.

But this was different, this wasn't some vampire copy trying to get home or a... friend? triumphantly, to some, returning. This was a friend returning home from wherever and wanting to go back. Or at least that's what most of them have heard. They had just arrived to Giles apartment and gained a brief summary of what was going on.

And not all of them were taking it well.

"But why would he want to go back?" Willow asked feeling a bit hysterical. She may have been on some rocky terms with her childhood friend when he left but that didn't mean she didn't want to mend their friendship. But if he went back she would never have the chance to do that.

"Willow, please remember it's been much longer for him than it has been for us." Giles gently reminded "Things change over time, people grow and build lives for themselves. God only knows what he left behind."

"But look what he brought with him!" Buffy said as she held up a curvy blue sword "So shiny!" She would have grabbed the brass colored one but she was pretty sure it growled at her.

"Buffy..." Giles said rubbing his forehead in exasperation "Please don't swing unknown magical swords around my apartment."

"Aw." Buffy whined as she placed the sword next to the rest of Xander's things on the coffee table, giving the swords a lingering a glance before turning her attention back to the conversation.

"Can we do it?" Willow asked, before amending the sentence "Do we want to do it?"

"I... am unsure" Giles said "The time with the Vampiric Willow was because of a time loop that Willow had accidentally created. We had the caster and could easily track back where she belonged. But what added us last time will be a hindrance this time. People are attracted, or bound, to the dimension of their birth. They are drawn to it naturally, and the stronger the magical connection the more it pulls."

"Is that how Angel came back?"

Giles reframed his scowl. As much as Buffy forgave the ensouled vampire Giles never could. He was tortured by the vampire when he lost his soul and then the Englishman lost the woman he loved. He could stand him as an ally, barely, but he would never like him. And in honestly, soul or no soul, Giles wish the son of a bitch stayed in hell "Perhaps."

"But we can?" Oz asked getting them back on track.

"It would be difficult. We'd have to pinpoint which reality Xander arrived from... a better question in my mind is if it would be worth it. We have already seen signs of the time difference in Xander and with how long this may take us it could be years before we could return him."

"So he doesn't go back?" Willow asked with poorly disguised hope.

"We could still try, we should still try." Giles said, remembering how desperate the boy... no, man wanted to return.

Willow pouted and looked away, making it obvious she wasn't in support of the plan.

"I'm still not convinced it is Xander." After receiving looks from Willow and Oz she explained that he was setting off her Slaydar. "He said it was probably because of the order he joined. The Gray somethings." Giles interrupted with a simple 'Warden'
"Whatever. Said they drank blood to track their enemies, which is eww. So its kinda like when that demon bled on me, but he drank, which is again, ew. But can we trust that."

"Seeing as how he didn't try to kill you when you saw each other? For now, yes."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence Giles." a familiar but deeper voice said as it entered the room. Willow scanned her childhood friends form, comparing and contrasting the him she knew from the him now. His skin was darker, hair longer, back a bit and his shoulders broader. All these thing could be considered normal in both shape and form but the made Xander not so Xander shaped anymore. And she wanted to know where the hell that scar on his chin came from and who was going to get a flying pencil to the eye.

But those things, along with the bit of stubble and water clinging to him, gave him that hot older guy look that she knew Buffy was appreciating too.

"So when can you send me back?"

Xander wanted to kill something. He really wanted to kill something.

Giles had explained to him what was going on and what they were trying to do. He said that they would try but it would be difficult and would take time. Time that didn't synch with his new homelands. Days in Sunnydale could be weeks there and there was nothing he could do about it besides bite his lip and wait.

But over the last few years he had grown into a restless man. He always needed to do something, be somewhere. He could always find some menial quest or chore to do to occupy his time. But in the here in now of Sunnydale he didn't have that. He had modern connivances that were now just novel luxuries to him. Things he remembered taking for granted but could live without now if needed.

Now a television couldn't occupy his mind, not when a feeling not unlike the approach of Darkspawn crawled through his mind. He could feel them, scampering underneath the ground, like he was in the Dwarven city of Ozammar again. He could ignore it easily if he wished but he was angry and bored.

So with Starfang and Vigilance in hand he left the guest room of Giles' apartment and began to show Sunnydale how a Gray Warden fought. Diving into the sewer system and spending hours hunting and fighting whatever jumped out at him. He'd give vampires one thing, they were faster than many things that he had grown used to fighting but rarely were they as strong. And they didn't even try to swarm him, he knew they were mostly solo hunters but they could honestly do better.

It was good stress relief though.

He didn't know if he should feel bad about feeling so grateful about Buffy and Willow leaving him alone so they could go to college.

They kept on treating him like he was still Xander the class clown and recent graduate of Sunnydale High. He wasn't, he was a man of many title but those were not in his top ten. He had lead men to their deaths and glory as they defended their homes and country. He had killed things that would make even Buffy flinch and even puke at the sight of. Hell he probably had more kills than Buffy at that point.

He gained the respect of a nation, of kingdoms but in Sunnydale most of the time he didn't seem to live up to more than a joke.

He loved them, he honestly did. While he was trapped in Fereldan he missed them something fierce, they were the family he could never reach or touch again. But now that he was here he wanted nothing more than to leave. He wanted more than what he had in Sunnydale, what he was going to have before he was dragged away.


"What!" He snapped and regretted a second later when he saw Giles shocked face "Sorry... What do you need?"

"I was just wondering what you would like for dinner." The older man said gently before pausing to force out his question "May I ask what's wrong?"

Xander opened his mouth and closed it as his mind gave a quick internal debate. He honestly didn't want to dump more on them but this has been weighing on his mind "I have a kid Giles." he explained as he twirled the wooden ring on his finger "A son. I was about to see him for the first time, ever when I was dragged back here."

The bed shifted as Giles slumped down, Xander didn't look at him, he just kept on twirling his ring "Why was that going to be the first time you saw him? Were you at war?" Giles asked thinking about the separation war caused, especially in the mid-evil settings that Xander's armor displayed.

While Giles thought that Xander almost let out a snort. He supposed part of his lack of respect problem was because he didn't share enough of his life in Fereldan with his old friends. "No, we were before and that's why he was born."


"We weren't at war with any ol' nation Giles." Xander explained, seemingly avoiding the conversation of his child "We were fighting Darkspawn, think the missing link between zombies and vampires. They usually stay quite underground until an old god is infected with their taint. That's when they all start to rally together to make everyone elses life miserable."

"Dear lord! A god?"

"Looked more like a dragon than anything but that was our big problem. They are a pain in the ass to kill and if you did kill the thing would just go into the nearest thing with the taint and re-grow. That's why the Warden's are needed, why we take in the taint, so that when we kill the 'Arch-demon' we absorb that old god soul and we die taking it with us. But... Morrigan had other plans."

"Morrigan?" Giles asked, a little dazed even by the limited information Xander was giving him.

"My... Lover" Yeah, that was the best term for her "She's a witch, the best damn one you'll ever meet." He bragged "Had a similar issue with Amy with her mother, except Flemeth had been doing it for centuries. We stopped the bitch from using her though. Anyway, the original reason why she joined my group was to do this ritual that would save my life, but in the beginning she didn't care about that. She just wanted the old god's soul. You know how witches are, they want to preserve everything."

"What does she want with the child?" Giles asked suspiciously and earned himself a heavy glare from Xander, even if the other man wondered that himself a hundred times over.

"She... wants to support change and support it as far away from her mother, who refuses to have the good grace to stay dead." Xander growled out "I hate her for leaving, for leaving before I could support her or see my child but... I still love her. We've been through too much for me not to."

Giles was silent but offered his silent and a bit confused support by patting the man's shoulder.

Xander wanted to growl as Buffy and Willow took him to the Bronze. He didn't want to be there, to be in that loud room filled with kids, kids who knew nothing about war and horror. Why couldn't he just got o a bar and get a nice stiff drink.

Oh, that's right, because the Xander they knew would never drink and because they wanted everything to go back to normal. Like Xander was 19 and not 24. He honestly couldn't take it and got up to leave.

"Xander? Where are you going?" Willow asked as she took her eyes off of Oz and his band.

"Back to Giles'" He said easily enough, wishing that guy Giles found would just hurry up and sell some of his golden sovereigns so he could have his own place. A little home at the edge of town, where he could visit but still have his space. Away from all the noise of the modern world.

"C'mon, Xander stay just a bit longer." she begged, reaching out to take his hand but he moved away.

"No, I just want to go back." He said, already planning to do maintenance on his armor and swords. "Have fun. Later"

Willow watched sadly as her friend walked away. She felt like she didn't even know him anymore. He was so quite now, sure he asked questions but they were almost all to the point, trying to delve deeper to find what he wanted. It actually made her want to cry sometimes. It was like he wasn't even Xander anymore.

"Hey Wills." Buffy greeted as she came up to the table "Where's Xan?"

"He went home." She said with a pout.

"Again?" Buffy asked feeling slightly annoyed. Xander kept on leaving whenever they wanted to hang out. Sure he sat down to eat dinner with her and her mom when she invited him and watched movies with a glee that was a little creepy but when they went to the bronze he always ended up disappearing. "We'll check on him later alright? But right now we deserve to have some fun without it being dampened by mister grumpy."

Willow hesitated but eventually gave a nod "Yeah!"

Back at Giles apartment Xander was polishing Vigilance's blade in the living room, enjoying the unheard purr from the blade. It was mindless and distracting work that he took some joy out of, especially when a well maintained kept him alive in the field. Putting the dragon bone sword to the side Xander picked up Starfang to start its maintenance.

So wrapped in his work he didn't notice someone pounding on Giles' door nor did he notice when Giles opened the door but he did notice when someone barged into the home. "Now see here!" Giles called after the woman who forced her way into his home. "You can't just..."

"Yes, yes. I'm a terrible person." The woman said flippantly as she strolled into the room. The sound of her voice snapped Xander's head up from his up from his sword to stare up her with wide eyes "I've just come for what is mine."

Despite his shock Xander couldn't help but remark "So you can claim ownership over me but I can't over you?" Giles blinked at the familiarity in Xander's voice, even with the broken tempo that it held.

"And that is why you where the ring and I do not" She said with a smirk, her eyes softened as she saw his eyes roam from hers to the squirming mass in her arms. She crossed the room to reach her frozen love and took a seat next to him. "This is Aedan." She said gently, introducing Xander to the child "Aedan, this is Alexander, your father."

The toddler reaching the age of 2 stared up at the new man with his golden eyes, his head tilted to the side slightly in confusion as he reached up and touched the man's cheek. The man's rough and callused hand reached up and gently held onto that tiny hand "Hey little guy. Its great to finally meet you." The baby made a meaningless word as he gripped onto one of the man's fingers, tugging on it playfully.

"Oh look, the mighty Warden Commander is crying." Morrigan said with an amused but affectionate snort.

"Oh, be quite woman" Xander said with a smile as he looked up at her. Joy flushing over his face as he looked up at her and the feeling of his child tugging on his digit. "How?"

"The Eluvian was just... additional research to what I was already working on." She said, her free hand reaching out and cupping his cheek, which he leaned into "A project I have found more than rewarding."

Giles shifted uncomfortably as he watched the reunion, feeling truly out of place. And a bit of fear when he realized just how powerful of a witch she had to be to traverse the dimensional walls and find Xander by herself.

Well, that and how Buffy and Willow would react when they saw this scene.

... Can I just say I'm surprised I wrote this, because it only took two days to write and everything else seems to be on pause... for now.

Anyway, this is a crossover with Dragon Age Origins. Xander got sent there near the beginning of his road trip when he couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to stop a group of mages from making a sacrifice so they could go to the "Mage's Holyland" aka the Tevinter Imperium. Xander spent his first year there both working on how to get home and living off the jobs from the Chantry Board. After that he was recruited by Duncan and basically did the game and its DLCs.

He's a combo of a rouge and a warrior from the game. Learning what he could from fellow squad members and what he could pick up around Fereldan. So far I figure he'd be a Templar, a Berserker, a Bard and an Assassin... and I'd like a little bit of Reaver in there.

The story could go a few ways but I'm kind of liking the idea of Morrigan having to get used to the modern world and how The Warden and The Witch effect S4.
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