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Divine Ideas From A Demonic Mind

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Summary: A series of One-shots to get rid of the over flow of ideas in my oxymoronic head. Hope you enjoy the chaos. *Mostly Xander Centered* If you feel like doing any of these feel free, just tell and credit me. I want to see these grow.

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To Touch Heaven

Warning! Warning! Warning!

This idea is not Xander-Centered, it's most likely Willow-centered. So you know, leave if that's not what you want. If not, enjoy.

Summary: They have been chosen. To be given a chance to touch the power of the gods. How far are they willing to go to get it?

Story: To Touch Heaven

Richard Wilkins, the first through third, tightened his right hand in irritation. He was mostly over it now, or so he told himself.

Near a century's worth of planning and preparation ruined by a random event. An event more powerful then himself and if it didn't ruin all of his plans he would have welcomed it. Heck, he might have thrown a parade, very festive. But now the very presence of the event was overpowering the Hellmouth and cleansing the air.

The Heaven's Feel has come to Sunnydale.

An occurrence that none knew if it was man made or gift from the gods. What they did know was that without a doubt it was powerful and sentient on a level. Roughly every sixty years the phenomenon would appear in some city or town with enough magical power to offer a prize. A single wish with the power to do anything, no strings attached.

The only catch, you have to earn it. You have to prove yourself the most worthy, the most powerful, the one with the greatest motivation. He and at least six other magi of all different sort would fight to the death, to prove themselves to be of great enough worth to touch the very heavens.

The age halted mage rose his right hand up to once again to look at the irritating symbol that marred his skin. Bright red and twisted it seemed to glow against his pale skin.

Again despite his irritation of decades of work being poured down the drain he felt a massing feeling of pride spread through his chest. Only the most accomplished, motivated, or just plain lucky individuals are chosen to compete. Oh, he knew he was powerful, but it was rather nice to be praised in such a way for it.

And then he feels it again. That annoying disruption in the Hellmouth's energy. His ritual ruined but he saw the opportunity in this.

Why become some, admittedly powerful, low level Old One when he could become something oh so much more.

A certified god!

A being that is not controlled by instinct and hunger but their own whimsical desires. To be a being of such power and not to be restrained by any rules was such a tempting thing he was willing to forgive the whole mess.

Besides who wouldn't want to meet a historical figure personified?

Willow shifted uncomfortably as Giles scrutinized the mysterious marking on the back of her hand. She honestly didn't think it was anything to be excited about, just an unusual rash on the back of her hand. That's all it was.

Or so she was trying to convince herself.

She studied enough magic at that point that she could understand it wasn't something mundane. Plus she could feel an odd pulsing feeling from the symbol.

And it really didn't help that Giles went deathly pale when he saw it.

"So what's wrong with her?" Willow suppressed a wince. She knew he was worried but did Xander have to put it so bluntly. She was freaking out enough as it was.

And the fact Giles didn't immediately say 'nothing' wasn't helping at all. He just stood up straighter and just started to polish his glasses looking completely unsure what to do.

"Giles? Is she going to be alright?" Her best friend's voice was stronger now, his tone begging for an answer.

Willow wished Oz was there. He could give Willow hugs while Xander pressed Giles for. Stupid band and their city gigs. He had boyfriend duties to attend to!

And where was Buffy! She could be dying and she went and ran away somewhere!

She knew she was being unfair but she would feel bad about it after Giles told her what was going on.

"I, I'm afraid, no, she is not."

Oh poop.

Unseen to the few occupants of the school the trophy case started to glow. Or more accurately, a single trophy started to glow as a strange symbol started in grave itself on it's base.

"Alright, Giles, spill. What's going on."

"The Heaven's bloody Feel." He answered in a tone that clearly indicated that he very much wanted, nay, needed a drink.

"That bloody part does not make me feel all that good. The Heaven and Feel parts I liked, even the The part, but not so much the bloody." The boy rambled as tried to get control of his nerves.

Giles stared blankly at him before he started to curse and mutter about Americans, "No, it is called the Heaven's Feel. It's a divine event that occurs randomly ever sixty years or so."

"Okay, that doesn't sound too bad."

Giles just snorted, "And that's exactly why so many prefer to call it by its other name, The Holy Grail War."

"And all happy feelings go flying away."

"They bloody well should. These wars are brutal and destructive." Giles started to rub his face, trying to force away the exhaustion and the whole storm of emotions that were assaulting him. Taking in one last breath he started to explain what the Heaven's Feel was and what it entailed.

Sparing no detail he told them of how at least seven, sometime more, magi were chosen to do battle for one wish. A wish that could grant any desire. And to reach it the wish giving machine would allow them the assistance of a hero of the past.

A personification of a legend, of history. The closest thing to meeting a god most people would ever get.

And than those seven heroes would do battle with the full weight of their history behind them. Clashing till only one team was left, till only could achieve a wish impossible.

Giles could see his words were doing nothing to comfort the teens. Good, this wasn't a pleasant situation and they needed to know what was going to happen.

Willow seemed to almost faint as Giles explained what he knew in the best detail he could. But she was stronger than that now. She could handle it, she was a Slayerette, a Scooby. She could handle this. She could.

She hoped.

Rack completely ignored the sounds of ecstasy that circled the room as he studied his hand. Angling it above his head to get a real clear look at it.

He heard rumors of it but never actually thought it real or that it could happen to him.

The chance for true power, unlimited power, was just a fingertip's distance away.

A crooked smile appeared on his face.

He really couldn't wait to play.

"She's not doing this." Xander was in full big brother mode now and it was kind of impressive to watch. His shoulder's squared, head held high, his body actually blocking Willow from the older man's view as if it could stop something horrible from happening to her.

"She had no choice." Giles said in all seriousness and minus the stutter "If she does not participate than all she is a target. The Grail has chosen her, she has to fight or quite frankly, die."

Xander's muscles seemed to tense and then slacked. He looked completely lost, "What can we do?"

"Support her... and pray that she gets dealt the best possible card."

Ethan suppressed a laugh as he stared down at his hand, clearly enjoying the very idea of what was to come.

He had no wish but the sheer prospect of what chaos the war would bring made him giddy and excited.

Sunnydale was proving to be a more interesting town than he thought.

Mouth of Hell withstanding.

Xander and Giles started to carefully draw a pattern on the floor while Willow shifted uncomfortably nearby, her hand gripping on a stake.

They were making her magic circle for her, she tried to make it herself already but she kept on messing up due to nerves.

She wasn't suppose to the one fighting, that was Buffy's job. How was she suppose to do this? How could she fight a real honest to all WAR?

Giles and Xander said they'd be there for her but she was still nervous. That's why she was using the stake. Crafted by Xander, used by Buffy. If she was going to have a catalyst to summon her partner, the hero who would fight besides her, that stake would be it.

"Alright , I think that's it." Xander said as he stood, giving a brief glance to Giles and received a nod.

"You remember the chant correct?' Giles hinted as he waved towards the drying array of symbols.

Willow gave a shaky nod as she stepped forward and took a breath, building up all she was worth to cast this one spell right.

Her breath hitched as she let the first syllable escape but she managed to power through as she raised the stake to be recognized as the catalyst. Many of lines didn't make sense to her. Shut what? Fill what? And who was this great ancestor?

But one thing was undeniable, the pressure that increasingly filled the room with every word she spoke. A greater pressure than even the attempted soul curse, either time.

The power kept on building, right up to the last word. And with that last word the room was filled with a blinding light that forced the three of them to shield their eyes.

As the light faded they slowly opened their eye and allowed them to adjust to the now dim light. And at the sight before them they couldn't help but gasp at the figure before them wrapped in smoke and mist.

(Option 1)

She was beautiful, a petite little blonde covered head to toe in an elegant set chain mail. Her sea blue eyes gazed at each one of them before landing on Willow and gave her a smile that almost whispered that everything was going to be alright.

"I ask of you," French bells, that was the only way to describe her voice. Beautiful French Bells, "Are you my Master?"

And while Xander and Willow were staring at the hero in wonder and marvel Giles started to rapidly curse in his head. Not only did Willow summon a FRENCH hero, she summoned the most famous, or maybe it should be infamous, Slayer in history.

(Option 2)

They couldn't help it, they were all slacked jawed at the sight of the figure before them. He was tall and wore a sharp olden styled suit, but what really caught their eye and gave away his identity in a second was his hat.

A almost comically tall top hat that rested above his thickly bearded face.

"Servant Hunter reporting ma'am."

Xander was the first one out of his daze, "Only you Willow. Only you. Out of all the heroes in history to pick from you summon a President."

She didn't even want to try to justify or deny that.


Not really as fleshed out as the other ideas you've seen but I hoped you enjoyed this embarrassingly short idea.

And in case you couldn't tell the two possible servants they are, the Servant Saber Joan of Arc and the Servant Hunter Abraham Lincoln. Both bring interesting back stories to the table, the noble but rebellious Slayer or the man who prevented the rise of a vampire empire.

Also if you have any suggestions on the other two magi, or any of the Servants, to enter please feel free to suggest.

Type Moon Buffy Crossover with a possible addition of Abraham Lincoln the Vampire Hunter. (I own none)

As always tell me what you think.
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