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The Flame of Athena

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This story is No. 1 in the series "rebirth". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A commonwealth AI and an escaped prisoner fight the Borg in deep space.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Television > Andromeda
buffaloFR1822,9852249,18914 Nov 1114 Nov 11Yes

chapter two

They universe is old, older then imagining. But one thing is older still, will. The will to stand up is buried deep within each of us, for some so deep almost nothing can reach it, for others the smallest scratching at the surface and you will be incinerated. Warriors have always existed, their numbers ebb and flow but they never truly die out. It is once more the time of warriors, gods help us all.

Thena stands in front of a mirror looking at her naked body. She is of small build, only a little over five feet, her features are heavily from an Asian, though her hair is platinum blond. She hadn't realized how much she had been changed by her Borg captors. Her skin is now actual flesh instead of the synthetic tissue which once covered her, she can feel internal organs, she doesn't know what she is anymore but she isn't an android.

Alexander leans against the bulkhead of one of the hallways. He is sitting on the floor considering the past few days. He pulls out the force lance that Thena gave him, it is a good weapon, a good heft in his hand. A hologram of the ships AI appears before him. She looks different from her physical counterpart, her hair a Conservative brown in a military style.

"I want to thank you for saving us."

"I was saving myself."

"Be that as it may, we had given up hope of ever escaping, and they were close to a permanent override of my systems."

"You keep saying us, you talk like a headcase."

"In a way I, we, are. I am a core personality split into three identities, we were all one once, but the more time passes since our separation, the more our separate experiences divide our points of view."

"And they called me crazy" he says with a grin.

"Aren't we all?"

Thena steppes out from her quarters wearing a fresh uniform, she smooths the red leather, treating it like it will serve as a shield against her past.

She walks through the halls of her ship, the lingering traces of the Borg raising the hairs on the back of her neck. Thena steppes into command to find her strange rescuer sitting under one of the consoles looking out the view port, seeming to study the space around them.

"Enjoying the view?"

"This is the first time I've been in space. My people, they've barley made it to the moon. Never thought I'd make it out here."

"All I've ever known is space" says Thena sitting down next to Alexander. She leans into his side.

"I was a convict, I was going to die so I didn't see the harm in volunteering to go a bit sooner."

"What did you do?"

"Nothing. A man killed my friends and layed the blame on me."

"What happened to the man" asks Thena, Alexander grins and turns to her.

"He chocked on his own blood, it wasn't quick."


They float through space. Alexander and Thena sit in the observation deck looking out at the stars. Thena leans back into Alexander.

"We could go anywhere, the choice is yours."

"I never was the one who said when or were, I was built as a warship. I have always had a captain, orders, a mission."

"Well it's you're choice now, pick a mission, a destination, wherever, ain't like I have any ideas."

"The Borg. I want them to pay for my time with them."

"They won't go easily."

"You don't have to come" she says turning to pace him.

"Hell girl, I'm yours till the bitter bloody end" he says leaning closer, they pause for a moment looking into each. Others eyes. They kiss. Alexander pulls her closer deepening the kiss. They finally break apart gasping for air.

"Wanted to do that since we first met."

"Well" says Thena pulling Alexander down to the floor "I've wanted to do this since we first met." They didn't get much sleep that night.

The next morning Alexander wakes to see the naked body of Thena asleep next to him. He props his head up with his arm and simply watches as she sleeps. He traces his hand over her arm feeling the perfect smoothness of her skin. She awakes, turning to look at Alexander. She smiles sitting up and stretching, not seeming to notice as the blankets fall away to reveal her nakedness.

"Morning" she says through a yawn.

"Good morning" he says getting up and giving her a kiss.

"Today's the day."

"We go to war."

Later Alexander is walking through the hallways of the Athena when her Hologram appears next to him.

"Hello Athena" says Alexander.

"Alexander. I want you to know, I am a war ship, and I do not take to being hurt."

"Stands to reason."

"If you hurt her I will kill you."

"I never doubted it for a moment."

"Just so as we're clear. I like you Alexander, I think you are a good first officer, don't make me change my mind." Athena's' hologram disappears.

"Wait, first officer?"

So begins the day that will mark the beginning of the end for the Borg. They didn't know what to make at first of the small ship which kept biting at their heels, but the damage was little so they didn't pay it much mind. What they didn't realize was that the Flame of Athena had been testing their strength and defenses. After three months of barley denting the Borg fleet, she truly attacked. They seemed to float there, the five Borg ships, space is so vast that all movement is relative, and even vast speeds seem minimal at a distance. Thena watches from her command seat seeing her enemy on their last great day. She turns and looks at Alexander, he is at fire control awaiting her order to attack. She truly doesn't know what to make of this man anymore, her friend, her lover, she hopes even her first officer. She turns back to the forward screen.

"Attack" she says, and the world changes. The Borg for all their advancements, really weren't that power full. They ruled more through fear and numbers, and this version of the Borg, caught centuries before the time of the Enterprise, hadn't integrated half the civilizations it would have in the intervening years, these Borg were weak, unready for a true attack.

The Flame of Athena fires missiles at the the ships, dozens of nuclear warheads which simple Pound at the enemies Shields. But this is just the decoy, for as the missiles distract the Borg, she beams a nuke into each ships engine room, or at least the Borg analogue of such. Seconds after materialization, the warheads go off. The Borg don't even have the time to register pain they are vaporized by the explosion as their antimatter containment is breached, and they cease to exist.

The flame of Athena sits there for a moment looking over the destruction before she disappears into hyperspace.

That is how much of the following months progress, tracking down the Borg fleet and destroying them. Then they found her, the Creator of the Borg.

It had started as a simple two ship op. They figured they could jump in and out of the system before the Borg even knew what hit them. Life us never that simple. Before they knew it they were surrounded, something cutting them off from hyperspace. Then the world-ship appeared, it was a vast ship, unimaginably vast. There was no escape, they are completely surrounded.

"Can we destroy them" asks Alexander as they look at the massive ship. They both know that they will not survive no matter how this day ends, but if they are to die, let them drag as many of the enemy into afterlife in their wake as is possible.

"If I overload the hyper-drive generator, the explosion would destroy them. It goes unspoken that they could not escape the detonation themselves.

"Hell, I knew it would be an interesting day this morning." Thena can't help but grin, at times Alexander reminds her of a Nietzscheans, he loved nothing more then a good fight.

"Let's do it" he says. Thena setts the hyper-drive, ejecting it into space, setting her ships cannons to fire upon the Borg fleet as a distraction, she turns to Alexander pulling him into a kiss, and they wait to die. Then she gets an idea.

"Hell, we might just have a way out" she says running back to the controls. Her slipstream drive was destroyed, but she can still create a slip portal.

"We're gonna live" asks Alexander coming to look over her shoulder.

"If I can open a slip point a just the right time, the explosion will send us through. I can't navigate but we'd live."

"I love you" says Alexander, the words hover between them for a moment.

"Love you too" says Thena kissing him as she enters the command to open a slip portal.

The explosion that day was vast, tearing apart the entire solar system, lucky it was uninhabited. That day was the end of the Borg, for a time at least, because though their fleet was destroyed, their Creator survived, for she wasn't of flesh and bone, and she would one day have her revenge.

The Flame of Athena, survived the destruction, riding the slipstream to safety. After she knew they were far enough away, Thena dropped the ship back into regular space. They had no idea were they were, but they had survived.

To be continued.

i am going to let you decide were they turn up next. leave a review stating what fandom you want them to appear in. I'll chose from your answers.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Flame of Athena". This story is complete.

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