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The Flame of Athena

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This story is No. 1 in the series "rebirth". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: A commonwealth AI and an escaped prisoner fight the Borg in deep space.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered
Television > Andromeda
buffaloFR1822,9852249,18914 Nov 1114 Nov 11Yes

Chapter One

I do not own BtVS, Andromeda, Stargate, Star Trek, or any other fandom used here. Thena is mine.
also this isn't exactly the Xander Harris from Buffy. first he has spent a long time on death row, and no one would be the same after that. second this is an AU Buffyverse where gangs on PCP wasn't just a codeword.
about the Stargate angle yes they WILL have better methods of teleportation but this experiment was performed before the start of the Stargate program, also to explain the date experience I moved the start of the series to a later date. yes there is little content of Stargate in this story, the next story however will detail how the Stargate program becomes the start of the commonwealth.

Thena and Xander illustration

What is a man? Is it a being made up of organic tissues or is it something more then that, an unquantifiable substance. Is it a soul that makes a man?

With the creation of the first Tru AIs' this question rose more and more in the public mind.
Many try to dismiss these beings created of man through electronics and quantum processors as simple machines, but anyone who spends a length of time in the company of an AI could tell you different. They were never programed for emotion but somehow they feel.

It was at the end of the fall of the commonwealth that the difference between man and machine would all but disappear, it starts with a lone ship swallowed into the slipstream.

She was the Flame of Athena, one of the last surviving Orion class vessels, her crew was dead as were the Nietzscheans who had killed them.

She wandered lost through the slipstream for centuries, her Avatar the closest thing she had left to crew. When she finally dropped out of slipstream she found herself in a completely foreign sector of space.

It wasn't long before she stumbled across what was left of the inhabitants of this area. They called themselves the Borg, they captured her. They quickly began assimilating her into the collective. But the Flame of Athena is a warship and acts as one. She fought tooth and nail against them, but she was still badly damaged from her last battle. The Borg overwhelmed her, beaming drones aboard, soon even her Avatar was in pieces.

But then they began rebuilding her. They took an almost perverse interest in her avatar, altering her, grafting genetic material into her. The things she found in their archives.

The Borg were created from a peaceful people, they had no desire for war or conquest, then she came. A being from deepest space, with lies of enlightenment and eternal life, she twisted them into their current state.
Soon they were not satisfied with their own world, they reached their deformed hands out to the stars and began to assimilate.

Earth 2012.

Alexander steppes into the accelerator, this is the accumulation of ten years of work by the scientists at Area 52. They had revers engineered alien tech to create the first operational Teleporter. In a few moments the Teseract generator would shift Alexander into a sub-dimension transporting him to the Accelerators' sister station a few miles away.

Alexander Harris wasn't ready to die. To say he was a reluctant subject was an understatement. He was a convicted killer, he was innocent, but the real killer had left such damming evidence that he had no chance of ever being exonerated. He had resigned himself to the needle when the air force officers had come to him offering him a deal, be a test subject and avoid the death penalty. He didn't have anything left to lose.

A shiver runs up his spine as he hears the machine start to warm up. He watches the countdown as it ticks to zero. The last thing he sees is a flash of blue light.
That day would mark the end of Teseract experimentation, Alexander never reappears in the sister station, it is assumed that the unstable fields tore him apart. The next week the Stargate reopens, and this failed experiment is forgotten, lost in a dark corner of a military database.

Borg space.

Date unknown.

Then the avatar of the Flame of Athena struggles against the bonds which hold her to the wall of her own ship. She hadn't accepted the Borgs' offer so they decided to take her by force. They seemed to find the notion of a fully artificial being fascinating, the experiments they had performed on her were horrible, she didn't even know what changes they had effected on her anymore.

She pulls against the bonds once more before collapsing, she hangs from the wrist restrains her cloths in tatters, her last measure of resistance starting to leave her. She is about to give up when a bright blue light starts flashing in front of her. The disturbance fades to reveal a naked man crouching on all fours.

"Hell" he says looking himself over,
"I'm alive" he says rising to his feet seeming unaware of his nudity.

"Who are you" asks Thena, a glimmer of hope reigniting it's self in her heart.

"Name's Alexander, 340567" he says automatically reciting his inmate designation.

"Well Alexander, I am Thena avatar of this ship, would you mind releasing me?"

"Sure" he says getting to his feet at releasing the bindings on her hands
"didn't suppose there are any clothes around here" he says looking around the room.

"In that crate over there" she says pointing. He quickly opens it and after a moment selects a black High-guard uniform. He tosses a female uniform to Thena before getting dressed himself.

"This could be an odd question, but were am I?"

"You're aboard the Orion class battle cruiser Flame of Athena."


"I've been captured by the enemy, I can't fight them alone and if they find you here they will assimilate you."


"Rape you of your identity, shape you into their image. Will you help me?"

"Why not" he says turning to reveal himself fully dressed as a High-guard officer.

"In that case" says Then crosses the room and opening a hidden panel containing force lances.

"Welcome to the High-guard Alexander."

It doesn't take long for the fight to join between the two new found allies and the Borg. Luckily for Thena and Alexander, the Borg personal Shields are fairly ineffective against plasma fire, they are instead designed to combat laser and phaser fire, by the time the Borg realize their mistake and fix it the ship is already free of Borg drones.
The Borg had been attempting to override the ships AI for years, and she let them think they had succeeded, all the while silently releasing a hoard of nasty bugs into their systems. Now with the moment of her liberation at hand she sends a signal activating them all. it throws the Borg ship into chaos, bursting relays and almost decompressing the whole cube.
at this time Alexander has found himself alone surrounded by Borg drones. With a smirk he extends his force lance.
"alright pretty-boys, let's dance." the Borg rush him, but years fighting for his life in prison had molded him into a vastly different man from the klutzy image of his past. almost without thought he slices through the Borg, in the space of a breath he is surrounded by the dead bodies of ten of their number.
Within an hour the Flame of Athena was free, she waists no time making her getaway, leaving behind a Nuclear device as a gift to her captors. after she has cleared the blast zone it detonates, all that is left of the cube is stardust.

After their escape they wander. The Flame of Athena's' slipstream core had been destroyed by the Borg, a technology they had no use for was considered useless to them. the integration to the collective robs them of the ability to navigate the slipstreams decision points. But Athena finds buried deep within her archives plans for a different type of engine. A hyperspace drive.
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