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Battles and History

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Hunter knight". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: the Relative peace Of the SGC is interrupted by Ba'al. Hunter must once again fight the creatures who made him what he is.

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Hunter awakes to find himself hanging from the ceiling. He is encapsulated in some form of fleshy cocoon. He tries to move, to grab a knife and cut himself out, but the actions prove fruitless. Whatever the cocoon is made of it has him completely immobilized. That's when he hears the voice.

"You smell of us human" says the voice. It is that all so familiar scratching at his mind, those words without word. He looks up to see a queen, her crested head thrusting to the sky, countless eggs surrounding her. She again speaks, no bot speaks, for she doesn't have lips or even vocal chords for that matter, she sends the words directly into his mind.

"So strange, if I could not see you with my own eyes I would swear you were of the hive, not mine perhaps but one of us."

"I'm not like you, I hunt your kind, kill you."

"Yes you do, do that, and quite well to. My numbers a half that of yesterday."

"You will never leave this planet."

"Nor will you, John Casey. You have been among my kind before, I can taste a queen on your mind, she left protections against the next to try to gain entry, but even she can not protect you completely. i can taste your fears, you can change you name, but you will always be that scared little boy."

"I will kill you."

"Perhaps, tell me boy why do you have such hated, hatred not for me and mine, no for yourself, you hide it even from yourself but I see, you were among my kind to long. You tell them that it was hell, that you are glad to be rid of that place, but that's not the truth."

"I am glad."

"No you haven't told them, not even that girl. You didn't hate that world, you loved it there, among those like you."

"No, stop."

"Among killers, among monsters. You miss the hunt the satisfaction of seeing blood poring out from your kill."


"You want to go home boy."

"Stop" screams Hunter triggering the wrist blasters. They tear through the cocoon. He falls to the ground absorbing the impact on all fours. Without pause he triggers the hidden blades to pop out from the bracers on his arms, twin blades both close to three feet long seem to sprout from his wrists. He charges the queen, hacking through the drones which seem to appear from nowhere. He reaches the bloated creature and sinks his blades into it. It doesn't take long for him to feel her die.
Hunter stands looking down at the quickly cooling corpse. He falls to his knees. He has tried to hide his feelings for the past months.
At times he wishes he never left that world, he is a killer now and he doesn't know how to reconcile that with what he once was. The day he met Rashan he knew he could never go back, but then he did.

Hunter makes his way back to the surface. He is surprised to find Adria and SG-1 already there looking for him.
They head back to the SGC, O'Neil will be wanting to yell at him.

A few weeks later.

Hunter had been surprised to learn what had happened in Sunnydale, a whole town falling into the earth. He learned that his parents had made it out before the disaster.

Hunter looks at the house before him, he knows that he is stalling but can't help himself. Hunter looks over to Adria.

"Guess I can't hold off any longer."

"I'll be right next to you."

"Let's go." They step out of the car and walk up to the door. Hunter pauses for a moment then knocks. The seconds seem like years as they wait. He can hear footsteps coming to the door. It slowly opens to reveal a woman in her late forties or early fifties.


"Hi mom" says Hunter with a nervous smile.

The End

You have reached the end of "Battles and History". This story is complete.

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