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Beware my power, Rainbow Brite's light!

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Summary: Halloween's gone wrong. Really Wrong. Dawn's got the Will. Xander's all the rage. Oz is the great blue hope. Need I go on? Xander/Dawn pairing

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Cartoons > Rainbow Brite
DC Universe > Justice League
CrazyDanFR21515,6451112122,14315 Nov 119 Apr 12No

NOTE: This story is rated FR21 which is above your chosen filter level. You can set your preferred maximum rating using the drop-down list in the top right corner of every page.

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Chapter 2

Disclaimer: Rainbow Brite was created by Hallmark greeting cards. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy inc. Green Lantern was created by Bill Finger and Martin Nodell, The Emotional Spectrum storyline was created by Geoff Johns. The Justice League is owned by DC comics/Warner Brothers. This is a piece of fanfiction and not written for profit.

AN: I changed the rating and some classifications when I realized that we're dealing with a bunch of recently superpowered teens all keyed to various emotional states. What do you think they're going to end up doing? I'm not a good lemon writer so I won't be really going into graphic detail.

Chapter 2:

“Ahem.” the two teens heard a voice say.

They ignored it as they continued what they were doing.

“A-Hem.” The voice repeated, a little louder this time.

“Damn it.” Dawn muttered as Xander stopped paying attention to her breasts.

“Umm.... she started it?” Xander said sheepishly as Dawn zipped her top back up.

“Technically she's twelve.” Buffy told him as a red aura formed around her.

Xander winced, but nodded. “I know, but...she's... look at her! She likes me. She really likes me!”

“She's right here.” Dawn sighed. “And Buffy's right. I'm...kind of in a weird place right now.”

“You're in a compromising position with one of my best friends, you're damn right you're in weird place.” Buffy told her. “You're a teenager. I know how you're feeling. Reign it the hell in. We need to focus on more important things than sweaty fun time.”

Both Dawn and Xander were about to say something when Buffy held up a hand. “I know, nothing is more important than that. I would agree with you, if we didn't have more pressing issues. Like how we're all walking night-lights.”

Xander and Dawn shared a look before nodding. “Sorry.” They said together.

“We can sort everything else out later. First we need to find out what happened and what the hell we are now.” Buffy ordered. “Okay?”

“Right.” Xander said. “So... we've all got the glow now. Energy constructs are possible.”

“Flying too.” Dawn told him. “But I thought the Lanterns were green. Where do the other colors come in?”

“Red is... anger.” Xander told her. “I can tell you that much. I don't think I'll be good for much outside of a fight.”

“Different colors are powered by... different emotions?” Dawn asked.

“That sounds about right.” Buffy said with a nod. “Parts of a whole. The Light.”

“The light of what?” Dawn asked.

“Everything. The light is part of everything.” Buffy told them. “Library. Let's go.”

They went.

The Library...

“And God said, 'Let there be light,' and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness.” Oz quoted from the book in front of him.

“What does the book of Genesis have to do with any of this?” Cordelia demanded.

“Everything.” Buffy said as she walked into the library followed by focused looking Xander and Dawn. “Light comes first from the darkness. Then everything else followed right?” Buffy asked Giles.

“Generally that is how the creation myths tend to go.” Giles agreed. “Why?”

“What we are... what we touched. Was something more. Something greater than just magic or color.” Willow said. “We all touched parts... of reality... of life. All parts of a whole. The White.”

“Which I carry in me.” Buffy said as a visible rainbow colored aura manifested around her before condensing into pure white light for a brief moment. “I can't hold it for long.”

“That you can at all is impressive.” A voice said from the stacks. “Most humans have to be on quite the chemical cocktail to reach that type of serenity.”

“Show yourself.” Xander growled as his red aura sprang to life. “We get enough weirdness from Angel lurking about. We don't need another weirdo in our lives.”

“What is he talking about?” Aura asked Oz.

“I have no idea.” Oz said with a shrug.

“Sorry but I had to be sure it was coming from here.” The voice said before a little blue man floated out from behind the stacks. “My name is Ganthet. I am one of the Guardians of the Universe. I helped create the Green Lantern Corps.”

“So you know what we are.” Buffy said. It was a statement. Not a question.

“You've all touched parts of the Light of Creation.” Ganthet admitted. "Each color represents different parts of life and emotion. The Rage, the Avarice, The Fear, The Will, The Hope, The Compassion and The Love.” Ganthet said as he pointed at the teens in turn. You are just as much energy as you are human now. Not one or the other, but both.”

“What was that thing with the light going into me and then back into them?” Buffy asked him.

“Think of it as a type of feedback loop. You need each other to maintain your energy levels. Otherwise you'd have to turn to external sources.” Ganthet explained. “Like a power battery or other... things.”

“So we're stuck together.” Cordelia surmised.

“If you don't want to become lost in your aspects, then yes. You are.” Ganthet told her. “Your presence around each other will help maintain inner balance in all of you.”

“How close?” Oz asked.

“Under the same roof.” Ganthet said. “The longer you are apart, the more prominent the aspects will be in each of you.”

“So our lives have been turned into a weird reality show because we dressed as cartoon characters. That's just fucking spectacular!” Xander swore. “Giles have you got any other friends you might want to tell us about? Are we going to have to deal with zombies are being turned into mutant ferrets or anything?”

“Xander.” Buffy snapped.

“Sorry.” Xander sighed. “I'm kind pissed off right now.”

“We know.” Everyone else said together.

“So... now what?” Buffy asked.

“I'll be giving you the basic manual for energy constructs.” Ganthet told them. “Each of your powers will vary. We haven't dealt with every aspect before. We know some of their potential but... we stayed with Will for a reason.”

“It's the most stable.” Dawn said. “Anyone can do it, even if they're twisted by other desires.”

“Exactly. The will to go on, to survive, is the most universal trait of them all.” Ganthet said with a smile. “I only ask that you stay discrete and in town for the next little while. The world, let alone the Universe isn't ready for you all just yet.”

“How long?” Buffy asked.

“Graduation.” Ganthet said as he held up a hand to forestall any protest. “I know it seems like a trivial date, but it will give you all enough time to truly master your powers. Patience. Please.”

“What about me?” Dawn asked. “I was twelve. Now I'm not.”

“As I said. Will.” Ganthet told her. “You're both a biological entity and an energy being. Deep down, you wanted.... this.”

Buffy glared at Ganthet before focusing on Xander.

“This wasn't my fault.” Xander told her.

“I know. I'm just mad at the situation.” Buffy sighed.

“I understand.” Ganthet said. “All of you have unintentionally touched a force beyond understanding. We in our arrogance did the same on purpose once.” He said with a far off look on his face. “We paid the price. We still are to this day.”

“So... we stay together? Where?” Oz asked.

“It's Sunnydale. I'm sure we can find an 'Old Abandoned' something.” Xander chipped in as Dawn decided to sit in his lap.

“Hands where I can see them” Buffy said.

“My hands are on the table.” Xander told her.

“I wasn't talking to you.” Buffy said as she stared at her sister, who had the decency to blush.

“Fine.” Dawn said before wrapping her arms around Xander's shoulders. “Happy?”

“I'd be happier if you were sitting over there.” Buffy said as she pointed to chair on the opposite side of the table.

“Nope.” Dawn said as she kicked her legs a little. “I like my seat just fine.”

“She's pretty good at this.” Harmony whispered to Cordelia.

“I think it's mostly instinct. Or television.” Cordelia whispered back.

“I do have to warn you all though. I am the most...understanding of the Guardians.” Ganthet said. “If you should pose a perceivable threat beyond this world. They may send the entirety of the corp after you. The Spectrum in it's entirety is an unknown to the majority of the Universe, save for Fear.”

“Sinestro.” Xander said with a nod as everyone looked at Willow.

“I picked Yellow because it was closest.” Willow sniffed.

“Fear is a powerful motivator.” Ganthet said. “One that is useful, even in the most trying of times. Still. Have faith in each other. For without it, all of you will be lost.” He smiled at them before disappearing in a flash of green light.

“Good lord.” Giles muttered. “I can't report this to the Council. They'd either have me 'retired' or all of you in chains.”

“Wait. What?” Xander asked as he glared at the Watcher.

“The Council... the things you could do to rid the world of demonkind.” Giles said. “The potential would be too great. They would use you for their own ends.”

“So lie to them.” Cordelia said with a shrug.

“She's got a point.” Oz said with a nod. “Whoever the Council is.”

“I'll give you guys a rundown later.” Buffy promised. “In the meantime. I guess we take the instruction book Ganthet left with us and go from there.”

“Let's do that.” Dawn agreed as she thumbed through the book that had been left on the table. It was green and deceptively slim.

“Ooh. Pictures.” Xander said as he looked through the pages with Dawn.

“So. Housing, followed by other stuff. Agreed?” Buffy asked.

“We're not sharing a bed like the Color Kids did are we?” Aura asked. “That would be weird.”

“As a warning, I've been told I'm a spooner.” Oz admitted. “And a bit of a drooler.”

“A little TMI but probably not.” Buffy said with a nod. “So... abandoned warehouse, amusement park or... mansion?”

“Mansion.” Everyone agreed.

“Well. That was easy.” Xander said with a grin. “Let's go house hunting shall we?”

Crawford Street.....

“I've said it before and I'll say it again.” Xander said as he and the others looked around. “Well, that was easy.”

“The water's still on, there are no holes in the roof and very little wear and tear to the exterior. If we get the power hooked up and some cable, we're golden.” Oz said as he floated down from the roof.

“And food.” Buffy chipped in. “We may be energy whatevers now but we still need to eat.”

“You guys want to try that power up thing again?” Harmony asked. “That felt really good.”

“Circle time.” Cordelia ordered. “Form up in order. ROYGBIV Everyone touching the person to your right and everyone touching Buffy in the center.”

Xander stood shoulder to shoulder with Cordelia and Harmony and the others lined up accordingly. They all focused on their power and it quickly began to cycle through all of them, then into Buffy and back into them again.

“Does that make anyone else really horny?” Harmony asked after they had started to recover from the rush of energy.

Oz and Xander raised their hands.

Harmony looked at Oz who just shrugged. The two quickly went upstairs.

Cordelia and Aura frowned a little before following.

Dawn looked at Buffy expectantly.

“Don't go past third base.” Buffy sighed.

Dawn quickly encased herself in a green aura and tossed Xander over her shoulder in a fireman's carry before running off to find some privacy.

“Ummm... Buffy?” Willow said nervously. “This one time at Band Camp....” She began

“Say no more.” Buffy said “I went to cheerleading camp. But can't we just snuggle?” Buffy asked as Willow gave her 'the look'.

“No. And I really don't want to do any sharing right now either.” Willow said softly.

“Fine. But we're all going to have to talk about this afterward. If we do this regularly, we're never going to get anything done.” Buffy said sternly.

“Does Dawn even know what the bases are?” Willow asked Buffy as they went down one of the halls to a more secluded room.

“God I hope so.” Buffy muttered as both moans and screams started to fill the house.

After today, the neighbors would start to claim that the place was haunted. Again.


“I hope.” Oz gasped as he glowed a deep blue. “I truly hope, I get to do that again.”

“I really want you to. I want to feel that way again.” Harmony said as she practically sparked with an orange corona of energy.

“I'd love for that to happen.” Cordelia said as she brushed her hair to get it back into place with a brightly glowing energy construct shaped like a hairbrush.

“Hhmmm.”Aura said contentedly as she basked in the energy coming off of the others, adding some of their surplus to her own as she felt much like all of them did.

Elsewhere in the house...

“What's third base?” Dawn asked Xander.

“We were only supposed to go to Third Base?” Xander asked as he started to panic. “Buffy's gonna kill me!”

“What did we do?” Dawn asked him.

“First through fourth, a little of left field and that last time I think we knocked the cover off the ball as we hit it out of the park.

“Oh. I guess I got carried away.” Dawn said with a laugh.

“No, you carried me away.” Xander said as he poked her with a finger, causing her to wiggle in a good way.

“Extra innings?” Dawn asked him.

“You know it.” Xander grinned.

Again elsewhere in the house.....

“How did you even do that?” Buffy demanded after she regained the both the ability to think as well as breathe.

“I was afraid I'd finish first.” Willow said as she moved some hair away from her face. “I guess I didn't.”

“Don't make me wipe that smirk off your face.” Buffy warned.

“I'd like to see you try.” Willow said with a grin.

“We really aren't going to get anything done today are we?” Buffy asked.

“We're getting some exercise. That's for sure.” Willow told her.

Buffy rolled her eyes. “Can our day get any weirder?”

“Buffy? What's going on?” Angel asked as he poked his head into the room.

“Out.” Buffy said as she closed her eyes. She could feel the headache forming.

Things had been going so well too.

“But.. you with Willow... what?” Angel babbled.

“Out.” Buffy said. “I don't even want to know why you're here. This is our place now.”

The moment Buffy said that, Angel was flung out of the residence by one of the Old Rules.

Outside the Mansion....

“She cheated on me. With Willow.” Angel said in shock. “What in the Hellmouth's name is going on?”


2nd AN: Buffy strayed from Boy's town in Season 8 so while way off base from regular canon... it's still slightly plausible. Slightly.
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