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Beware my power, Rainbow Brite's light!

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Summary: Halloween's gone wrong. Really Wrong. Dawn's got the Will. Xander's all the rage. Oz is the great blue hope. Need I go on? Xander/Dawn pairing

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Cartoons > Rainbow Brite
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CrazyDanFR21515,6451112122,14315 Nov 119 Apr 12No

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Chapter One

In Blackest Day, in darkest night, fear my power Rainbow Brite!

A BTVS/Rainbow Brite/DC Universe crossover

Disclaimer: Rainbow Brite was created by Hallmark greeting cards. Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created by Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy inc. Green Lantern was created by Bill Finger and Martin Nodell, The Emotional Spectrum storyline was created by Geoff Johns. The Justice League is owned by DC comics/Warner Brothers. This is a piece of fanfiction and not written for profit.

Chapter 1:

“Well crap.” Xander muttered as he heard not only his name but several other people's names announced over the school's intercom with instructions to report to the Principal's Office.

“What did we do this time?” Buffy wondered.

“No idea. But if this is about what you did to Larry today? Manhandling the jocks can be an issue.” Xander said. “Not that I'm still bitter or anything.”

“Still bitter.” Willow said as she gathered her books “Let's see what he wants.”

Xander nodded and almost rolled his eyes as Cordelia and some of her Cordettes also got up to head for Principal Snyder's Office.

Snyder's Office....

“I have called you here for one reason. Halloween.” Snyder said as he paced behind his desk. “All of you are my trouble makers. Trouble I don't want or need.”

“Excuse me?” Cordelia asked.

“I'm well aware of who's car crashed through the library last spring Ms. Chase. I'm also aware that Harmony Kendall and Aura Smith have been implicated in the suicides of two different girls in the past month due to bullying.” Snyder said with a frown. “I understand all High Schools have their own social structures but you two have been pushing it.” He said with a glare at the two Cordettes.

“Wait... who died?” Harmony asked.

“If you don't know, then telling you wouldn't help.” Daniel Osbourne said softly. “Why am I here?'

“Attendance.” Snyder told him. “Also your hair color is against dress code.”

“Ah.” Oz nodded. “Those.”

“Hmm.” Snyder said. “So... our sister school, Sunnydale Elementary needs chaperones for tomorrow's festivities. All of you are going to be volunteering. With matching themed costumes. Something kid friendly.”

“You can't do that.” Cordelia snapped. “I've already put down a deposit on my costume at Party Town.”

“I can and I have.” Snyder countered. “Think of it this way, the cost of the costumes you'll be getting is far less than the cost of repairing the school was. Or the cost of fighting civil charges in court.”

“We'll do it.” Harmony blurted.

“Excellent.” Snyder grinned. “All of you will be here tomorrow afternoon at four. In costume.”

“A new costume shop opened near my mom's gallery. We could try there.” Buffy offered.

“After school.” Snyder told them. “Now then, get back to class. Now.”

They did.

Ethan's..... that afternoon....

“Why are we including the brat?” Harmony asked Cordelia.

“The brat is Buffy's sister. Trust me, you don't want to get on her bad side.” Cordelia told Harmony.

“The brat or Buffy's?” Aura asked.

“Both.” Xander told them as he walked past them.

“Guys, I think I found something.” Oz called from a rack near the back of the shop.

“What did you... no way!” Willow exclaimed. “This is... kind of slutty but perfect!”

“Ooh! What's slutty?” Xander asked as he practically ran to where Willow and Oz were standing. “Hmm.. I dunno. Wasn't that show kind of girly?”

“It was about rainbows.” Oz said with a raised brow. “It also had a disproportionate number of female characters.”

“Kind of like now?” Xander asked. “Dibs on the red guy.”

“My hair is already blue.” Oz agreed with a nod.

“Green's mine!” Dawn called as she grabbed a costume.

“I got the rainbow one!” Buffy yelled as she snatched it from Harmony's hands.

“Yellow!” Willow called as she grabbed the closest one she could.

“Orange.” Harmony pouted as she grabbed one close to her natural hair coloring, even though it came with a brown wig.

“Indigo.” Aura said as she grabbed hers.

“I guess that makes me Violet.” Cordelia sighed as she picked up the costume. “It's alright. Part trashy, part librarian.”

“So... I take it we have a sale?” Ethan, the store's proprietor asked.

“Ring us up.” Cordelia said as she got out her credit card.

Ethan's smile was only out shined by the hologram on Cordelia's platinum card.

That night....
“This is going to be fun!” Dawn said as she grabbed Xander's hand.

“I guess.” Xander grinned while he tried not to stare at Buffy's ass as she walked with Willow in front of them. Her skirt was short enough and had the right amount of bounce so he could get a glimpse of it every now and then.

Dawn smacked his arm.

“Sorry.” Xander told her.

“No you're not.” Dawn shook her head. “I wish I was older.”

“Don't.” Xander told her. “You've got so much stuff you can still get away with at your age.” He said as he tilted his head to one side.

Dawn smacked his arm again.

“Sorry.” Xander grinned at her.

“Liar. Keep it up and you'll get a crick in your neck.” Dawn laughed. “Think your principal will hate the costumes?”

“Definitely.” Xander told her. “Come on Patty O'Green.”

“Sure, Red Butler.” Dawn said as they started running. Tonight was going to be special . She could feel it.

Years later....when they looked back on this evening everyone was very glad that no one had found the Murky Dismal costume that had been shoved into a corner in Ethan's shop.

That night....

“That was... intense.” Xander said as he regained his bearings. “I didn't know the color kids could gather and project their colors like that.”

“They didn't.” Willow said with a frown. “Though... we were Color Teens. That might be.... What's the phrase....”

“A whole other kettle of fish.” Oz supplied. “Brian growing up forced the Color Kids to adapt to their human friend. That changed... everything.”

“Who's up for repressing as much of this as possible?” Harmony asked as she raised her hand.

Everyone except Dawn raised their hands.

“What? That was awesome!” Dawn shouted as she jumped up and started dancing around.

“Did she already start digging into her candy?” Cordelia asked Buffy.

“I think she was snacking the whole time.” Buffy said as she shook her head. “Mom's gonna kill me if she bounces off the walls like this when we get home. Still... I didn't even know vampires could explode when you hit them with rainbows. That was really neat.”

“Yeah. Spike being killed like that... that's going to be one for the unofficial history books.” Xander grinned fondly. “All right. Let's make like leaves and get the hell out of here.”

After they saw to it that their charges had been rounded up and escorted to the drop off point, everyone went about their own ways home.

The Harris Household....

While Xander fumbled with his keys to his house, the front door opened.

“I told you we don't have any god damned candy!” Tony Harris nearly shouted before recognizing that his 'visitor' was his son. “What the hell are you wearing? Did you lose a bet?”

Grimacing, Xander replied. “No. I didn't. We had to act as chaperones with themed costumes or I'd be stuck in detention until after Christmas.”

“How the hell do you get in so much trouble? You're still a wimp.” Tony asked him.

Xander clenched his hands into fists as his eyes flashed red for a brief moment. “Don't. Just don't. I'm going to bed.” He said before heading to his room.

He had problems getting to sleep as his costume choice managed to start another argument between his parents. Had he been paying attention, he would have noticed a small red aura surrounding him as he finally drifted off to sleep.

Elsewhere in town, similar auras were surrounding seven others as they slept. All were colors consistent with their costumes save for one, one that cycled through all the colors of the rainbow before shining white for a brief moment.

Oa... home of the Green Lantern Corps....

Ganthet looked up from his contemplation of the Central Power Battery. “Something... has changed. But where?”

“Do you feel it too?” Another Guardian asked as he drifted towards the power battery. “Something is different. We need to investigate.”

“If this is remotely related to... the rest of the spectrum... one of us will have to go.” Ganthet said solemnly.

“Are you volunteering?” The other Guardian asked.

“No. But I will go.” Ganthet said softly. “We need to see if other parts of the Light have been accessed. The Corp cannot know what we've left out of The Book of Oa.”

“Agreed.” The other Guardian nodded.


“What the hell!” Buffy said as she walked into the upstairs bathroom.

“Buffy! It's not what it looks like!” Dawn shouted as she tried to cover herself.

“Why are you taller than me?” Buffy demanded. “Also... how? How was I shorted in the boob department?”

“I don't know.” Dawn said with a shrug. “But something happened last night. I'm older and my hair is green.”

“I noticed.” Buffy said as she stared at her sister's emerald green locks.

“All of my hair.” Dawn muttered.

“Oh! I am so not explaining this to Mom!” Buffy said as she unintentionally saw something she didn't want or need to. “We need to talk to Giles.”

“Duh.” Dawn muttered. “What the hell am I going to wear? I know your bras won't fit.”

Buffy felt a headache coming on. “Just hurry up. I want to shower.” She said.

“I'll be out in a minute.” Dawn told her.

“You'll be out faster if you quit playing with them.” Buffy said as she shut the door to the bathroom.

“Wait until Xander gets a load of these!” Dawn whispered to herself.

“I heard that!” Buffy yelled. “You'd better not molest him! There are laws you know!”

The Library...

“Well... you're all looking exceptionally colorful this morning.” Giles said as he cleaned his glasses.

“Can it.” Xander growled. “What the hell happened? We turned into our costumes last night but the spell was broken right?” He asked as he glowed red briefly. “How is this happening?”

Willow had a yellow aura flicker around her as Xander stewed in anger.

Harmony said “I can do that too!” before glowing orange.

Aura started glowing indigo as Cordelia started glowing violet

Dawn shone with a brilliant green aura as Oz started glowing blue.

Buffy cycled through all of the colors of the rainbow before a white aura formed around her.

For a brief moment everyone else's auras blurred together in a rainbow colored flash of light that crashed into Buffy before bursting forth and sinking back into the other teens.

“Oh dear.” Giles muttered as he tired to blink the spots out of his eyes.

“What a rush!” Dawn exclaimed as her green aura increased in intensity. “That was so cool!”

“What does this mean Giles?” Willow asked fearfully as her yellow aura increased in intensity.

“I... I honestly don't know.” Giles told her. “I haven't seen visible aura manipulation like this outside of the news.”

“You mean like Green Lantern?” Xander asked as he focused on his aura. After a few frustrating moments he had a glowing red war hammer in his hands. “Oh yeah.” He grinned.

Dawn laughed before her clothes transformed into a form fitting spandex costume featuring a Green star on the center of her chest. “This is gonna be awesome!”

Harmony frowned as she took in Dawn's costume. Her aura flashed before her clothes formed into something more revealing that also enhanced her cleavage. She smirked at Dawn.

Dawn just stuck her tongue out at her.

Oz blinked before his clothes shifted to all blue in color.

Everyone turned to look at him.

“What? They're already comfy.” Oz said with a small shrug.

“We still need to find a way to turn Dawn back to her real age.” Buffy said.

“Why?” Dawn asked. “I like being taller than you.”

“If all of you are capable of accessing this... energy than changing her back may be more complicated than just finding the right spell Buffy.” Giles told her. “We'll have to determine to what extent the changes are and work our way from there.”

“But what about our mom?” Buffy asked. “How are we going to explain Dawn aging five years overnight?”

“I suppose we'll have to tell her the truth.” Giles said with a sigh.

“In the meantime, I call dibs on Xander.” Dawn said.

“What?” Xander said as he looked up from his ever changing energy construct. He'd been shifting it between copies of the weapons Giles had in the book cage and various sci-fi themed blasters.

“You can't do that!” Willow blurted.

“What? I can't call dibs on him?” Dawn asked. “Why not? I've been crushing on him since I got here. My feelings for him haven't changed. I'm just old enough to act on them.”

“I'm... gonna go now.” Xander said as he started to head for the exit.

“Smart.” Oz muttered as he began to head for another exit before a possible catfight started. While he wouldn't mind seeing one, with everyone suddenly having superpowers.... it wouldn't end well.

Dawn flew after Xander, leaving a green energy trail behind her.

“We can fly?” Cordelia asked. “Oh, I can so work with this.”

“Oh dear.” Giles sighed as he pictured the lengthy report he'd have to write for the Council. This would be a lengthy one.

Damn Ethan. This was all his fault.

The Janitor's Closet... down the hall.

“Phew. I should be safe in here.” Xander muttered as he closed and locked the door. He was more than a little torn. He'd known Dawn had a crush on him... but she was his age now! What was he supposed to do? It's not like there was handbook for this! Damn his hormones.

The door unlocked and then opened. “There you are.” Dawn said with a grin. “Come to momma!” She said as tendrils of green energy reached out to him.

“Oh boy.” Xander muttered right before Dawn's lips crashed into his. After a few moments he gave in and kissed her back. He might be going to hell, but he was going to earn it!


AN: Long story, but as you might guess I've been watching Rainbow Brite lately. Also.. several years down the road... In my eyes, Dawn is the hotter sister at this point.

Sorry. I tried watching SMG's latest vehicle. Key word being tried. There a lot of things I can watch. I even watched 'Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned' but I can't watch whatever that show is called.
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