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"Like, You're At My Level?"

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Summary: He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named meets That-Which-Cannot-Be-Named. And it isn't pretty.

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Harry Potter > Other BtVS/AtS CharactersWonderlandJudasFR1816891112,25315 Nov 1115 Nov 11Yes
A/N: Okay, I know I haven't posted anything for my other story, which people seem to like. (Thank you, all!: D) I've been so busy with homework and classes and such! However, this idea bugged me and bugged me until I wrote it! (Half way through writing a paper, no less!)

Hope you like it!

Disclaimed: Ha! No. I wish I owned BtVS and HP. But I don't. :'(

It was a lovely home, Glory mused, as she looked at her perfectly manicured nails. Her many possessions could totally fit here! And the main room could double as bedroom, as well as a closet. And she could put a large mirror on the side over there, so she could properly view her glorious image.

Glory giggled at the pun.

“-And that is why you must die!” The idiotic man growled. The woman's demon followers chuckled as he said this.

Glory looked at him, giving him the full glare of an annoyed Hell God. “Excuse me?” She asked, rolling her eyes. “You know, for a creepy snake-person you have a very large mouth. Allow me to close it for you!”

“You think you could touch me, muggle?” Voldemort sneered. His followers all had their wands out and stood against the human woman.

“Oh, what did you call me?” Glory growled, as she walked toward him, the hem her red dress brushing across her knees. “First, I ruin my new Jimmy Choo's from the sorry state you keep this place in, and now you're insulting me? Like you're at my level?”

One of his followers raised his wand. “Reducto!” He sneered.

A red light appeared, hit Glory and bounced right off, hitting the wall in front of her. The spell made a gigantic hole; the stone cracked and crumbled.

Glory yawned, once again inspecting her nails. Maybe she'd try 'firecracker red' next time. “Was that supposed to do something?”

The Death Eaters were agape. Never in the history of the Wizarding world had something like that every happened. Spells did not simply bounce off of muggles! Bellatrix looked around the room, nervously eying the demonic creatures the insane blonde kept near her. Lucius and a few others could not keep her eyes off of her, looking at her with surprise and fear.

Glory reveled in the attention. It was so nice to be noticed.

Voldemort was shocked. How could a mere muggle survive? He hissed. “You have ten seconds to tell me how you did that or-”

“You'll do what?” Glory sneered. “Hiss at me? Um, no.” She put her hand on her hip. “Let me tell you what's really going to happen. You are going to get yourself and your little psychotic playmates out of my new summer home, pronto. Like now. Understood?”

“Avada Kedavra!” Voldemort exclaimed angrily, raising his wand. He smiled as the green light struck the woman. That ought to take care of that loud mouthed-

“You ruined my dress!” Glory screeched. The green light had hurt her, alright. It hurt her right where it hurt the most: her clothes. “Do you know how much vintage Chanel costs!?”

In a terrifying display of speed, the woman ran to Lord Voldemort and grabbed him by the robes. “You ruined my dress, stupid snake-man!” She screamed. “For that, I'm going to ruin you!”

Quickly, she snapped both his arms and and both his legs. Lord Voldemort screamed in pain. She threw him on the floor. The gigantic snake that entwined itself around his throne reared back and attacked. Glory grabbed it as well and ripped it in two, throwing the two pieces of large snake at the stupid man's followers.

“I'm going to do the same to you!” She yelled at the now-broken man. "I might also make myself a nice pair of snake-skin boots." The snake-man's playmates stared at her in shock and horror, pieces of snake meat now dripping off a select few. Glory turned to her minions. “Kill them all!” She hissed. “Oh, and do it away from this room; I don't want any nasty human blood on my new floor!”

One man, with snake blood and venom dripping from his annoyingly bright platinum hair, stared at her. “What are you?” He asked, shocked, as a demon manhandled him away.

Glory shrugged and sat in her new throne, propping her beautiful feet on the head of the screaming snake-man. “I'm a God.”

The End

You have reached the end of ""Like, You're At My Level?"". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking