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Lost, Found and Bad Timing

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Summary: Faith is all grown up and working on healing old wounds, so she tries to find her mother and gets more than she bargained for.

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Chapter 2

The next morning Faith picked up her rental car at the airport in Cascade, still stunned at how fast her friends had managed to get her packed and on a flight. They’d even arranged to have one of the Seattle coven meet her, just to make sure that this wasn’t some kind of trap and Collette Bedford, their lawyer/slayer combo was right by her side as well.

After meeting up with Tina White at a local park, the women had an early picnic style breakfast over which they discussed options on the tactics of handling this situation. Once the meal was over, a county wide map was spread over the table and the witch cast the spell to detect demonic energies.

Tina gasped with shock, “There’s nothing here!”

Collette and Faith both stared and the former then asked, “What do you mean?”

Tina was in awe, “I mean, all demonic energies, ALL hostile entities, are giving this place a wide berth. I’ve never seen such a supernatural null zone before, it’s uncanny!”

“Are you one hundred percent sure about that, Tina? ‘Cause I gotta say, seeing a huge black panther appear out of nowhere, right over there, kinda pegs my supernatural meter. And last I checked, those things just aren’t that people friendly.”Faith said, her body tight with tension.

The women with her turn to look, but see nothing.

“Are you sure, Faith,” Collette asked.

Nodding her head, “Oh yeah, I’m sure.” She then gasped and started, turning quickly to her right.

Tina asked, “What do you see now?”

Faith all but whispered, “A damn big wolf just jumped up on the table and is sniffing at your spell stuff. How can you guys not see this?”

Collette reached out to wave her hand through the air where Faith was now looking and sensed something, but didn’t get a bad feeling from it.

Eyes widening in surprise and letting out a snort of laughter, Faith relaxed and explained to her curious companions, “The wolf flopped down on the table and is all but asking for a belly rub!”

Tentatively, she reached out and tried to touch the plush fur of the comic animal before her. She too could sense something, but like Collette, decided it wasn’t evil in any way. If anything, it was giving off a playful, wistful vibe. She was almost sorry she couldn’t touch it and would have sworn she could hear a sad sigh come from the wolf before it snorted and jumped off the table to join the large cat. Both turned and walked away, only the wolf looking back before they both faded away from her sight.

“THAT was wicked cool and way too weird, all at the same time,” Faith exclaimed. She went on to explain what had just happened.

Tina looked thoughtful, “As soon as I get back to Seattle, I’m going to do some research and try to find out more about this.” She shook her head as the women cleaned up their mess and moved on to their appointment with the investigator.

While walking back to the car, Faith decided she’d start the ball rolling on the research now and called her friends.
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